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Coverage of nuclear power since September 25, 2023.

Uranium sector ‘scrambling’ to fill supply gap

"...The price of yellowcake, also known as triuranium octoxide or U3O8, has increased more than 50% this year. The green energy transition is gathering pace as governments from California to Europe ease aversion to nuclear power more than a decade after the Fukushima disaster. They also want reliable and independent backups to wind and solar energy grids after the war in Ukraine showed the pitfall of relying on Russian natural gas..."


Climate politics heating up in British Columbia

"...He says the Conservatives, if elected next year, will eliminate the province's carbon tax, roll back climate-friendly building codes and consider nuclear power as an energy option. Rustad's comments come a day after Opposition BC United Leader Kevin Falcon called the NDP's CleanBC climate plan destructive and promised to replace it with common sense measures that fight climate change without hurting taxpayers. Falcon says BC United will ramp up liquefied natural gas export plant production in B..."


‘Not a crisis': B.C. Conservatives promise to scrap climate taxes, programs

"...A Conservative government would also reduce British Columbia’s reliance on imports of food and refined fuel by “dramatically” increasing domestic food production and developing domestic refining capacities. Rustad also promised to have a conversation with British Columbians about using nuclear power..."


SaskPower announces partnership to develop small modular nuclear reactors

"...“Today's announcement is about so much more than a partnership agreement,” said SaskPower CEO Rupen Pandya on Monday. “Not only does it mark another milestone for our small modular reactor development project, but it also marks the leading role our provinces are poised to play in nuclear power development in Canada and around the world. ”Dustin Duncan, the Saskatchewan minister responsible for SaskPower, said the “master services agreement” is a five-year plan and that all three partners are committing to building a clean energy future to help streamline small modular reactors (SMR) development in the province..."


DeBriefed 17 November 2023: Countries fail 1.5C test; US and China agree on renewables; Why runners care about climate change

"...WRI REPORT: The World Resources Institute’s “state of climate action 2023” report found that “​​countries are falling behind on almost every policy required to cut greenhouse gas emissions”. The Guardian reported that, of the 42 indicators assessed, electric vehicle sales is the only one that is progressing on track. To limit global warming to 1..."


Napanee, Ont. council defers decision on gas plant expansion

"...“We'll make the decision with respect to the power generation on the 28th of November. ”The proposal is not without its critics. Climate activists and people in the community say Ontario is going backwards when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions..."


Cameco buys US$2.2B share in Westinghouse Electric Company

"...Cameco brings over 35 years of experience in uranium mining and nuclear fuel production, while Brookfield, known for its expertise in clean energy, is expected to complement the venture. This collaboration aims to fortify Westinghouse's position in providing nuclear plant technologies, products and services, as well as fostering strategic growth in the nuclear sector. Veronica Baker, Cameco's external communications manager, says the acquisition marks a pivotal moment for the company..."


Propensity for Activism Rises in Some Instances in British Columbia

"...Perceptions are more nuanced on four other establishments that could be located within three blocks of a respondent’s home. Practically half would take no action against a low-income housing project (49%, -9), while fewer feel the same way about a composting site (38%, -5), a homeless shelter (36%, -7) or a sewage or wastewater treatment plant (28%, -3)..."


Hydrogen: Ontario can make it or break it

"...H2GO Canada today releases a new report, Forecasting Low-Carbon Hydrogen Market Characteristics in Ontario to 2050. This report introduces a new hydrogen ecosystem model that simulates the dynamics of future hydrogen market scenarios, generating estimates of job growth, greenhouse gas emissions, capital and operating expenditures, and total cost of hydrogen delivered to end-users. This model can be used by stakeholders from all sectors of society as a tool to plan investments in low-carbon hydrogen facilities and infrastructure..."


High interest rates threaten to delay the energy transition

"...High interest rates are trashing share prices for clean energy companies, a situation that is threatening to delay the transition to the low-carbon economy..."


CHFCA is pleased to welcome Bruce Power as a new Executive Member

"...Andrew Thiele, Sr. Strategist for Business Strategy at Bruce Power, spoke about nuclear power's potential in clean hydrogen production and joining the association: “Bruce Power, and the potential for future hydrogen production from nuclear power, was recognized in Ontario's Low-Carbon Hydrogen Strategy. Non-emitting nuclear generation provides a significant competitive advantage for the Province of Ontario in developing a low-carbon hydrogen economy..."


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Recent episodes that mention nuclear power.

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"..., our panelists look at the benefits and risks of nuclear power, attempting to find where the balance should lie between necessary safety precautions and overburdensome regulations..."


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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about nuclear power.

The History Of Nuclear Power | The Atom & Us | Spark

"...century – nuclear power – as told by those who experienced it first-hand..."


273. Nukes or No Nukes - What is the role of nuclear in getting to a low carbon economy?

"...Is nuclear power the only we we can reach net-zero emissions or is it a threat to civilization and a distraction from other low carbon sources of energy such as solar and wind? Green Energy Futures teams up with the Energy vs Climate Podcast..."


Is Germany's nuclear exit a mistake?

"...The country had to fire up old coal plants to secure energy supply in the past year, while other countries continued to build more nuclear power plants..."


Green energy: Which sources are the most sustainable? | The Economist

"...How can energy be produced and used more sustainably to meet climate targets? We answer your questions..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about nuclear power relevant to the latest news.

Wind energy and sustainable electricity generation: evidence from Germany

"...The study recommended that policies such as granting of tax credit for wind energy technology, reduction in property taxes for wind power facilities, and allocation of fund for research and development (R&D) in wind energy technology are recommended to promote the use of wind energy in the economy..."


Numerical Modeling of Point Defect Formation Processes During the Nuclear Power Plants Operation

"...This paper considers the defects? influence on the nuclear power reactor operation when the uranium fuel environment..."


Insights from Poland on the long-run effect of energy productivity on environmental degradation: a Fourier ARDL-based approach

"...Among the options available to Polish policymakers are (i) liberalizing domestic energy markets to offer an opportunity for electricity consumers to switch companies and (ii) continuing to pursue a policy of decarbonizing energy supply by investing heavily in renewable energy, nuclear power, e-mobility, and energy productivity..."


The Promise and Reality of Sustainable Fuels

"...The exploration and production of more diverse energy sources like natural gas, nuclear power, and biofuels help to sustain a diverse and secure energy supply..."


Nuclear Disaster: Assessing the Compliance of Global Nuclear Safety Regime in Bangladesh

"...As a rapid growing economy, currently Bangladesh has huge demand of electricity, while the present government is trying to increase the production quickly through nuclear energy and decrease the dependence on gas and other fossils..."


Ultrasonic tomography imaging enhancement approach based on deep convolutional neural networks

"...The structural health monitoring of the CLP is critical to ensure the safety of nuclear power plants..."


Coupled neutronics?thermal-hydraulics analyses of unprotected transients in LBE-cooled Compact High-Temperature Reactor

"...The 100kWth Compact High-Temperature Reactor (CHTR) is envisaged as a technology demonstrator for the Indian high-temperature reactor programme enabling process heat applications of nuclear energy such as thermochemical splitting of water for hydrogen..."


Potential bacterial alteration of nuclear fuel debris: a preliminary study using simulants in powder and pellet forms

"...Remnant nuclear fuel debris in the damaged nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (FDNPP) has contacted the groundwater containing microorganisms for over ten years..."


Contribution of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre to the ?Metals Journey of India?

"...BARC is providing materials related support not only for Indian nuclear power reactors but also for heavy water plants, Indian Rare Earths Limited (IREL), Uranium Corporation of India Ltd (UCIL) and various other plants of Department of Atomic Energy (DAE)..."