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Coverage of nuclear reactors since July 19, 2023.

IEA report warns oil and gas companies against banking on carbon capture

"...In a report released Thursday, the Paris-based IEA said oil and gas companies need to start “letting go of the illusion” that “implausibly large” amounts of carbon capture are the solution to the global climate crisis. Carbon capture and storage refers to the use of technology to sequester harmful greenhouse gas emissions from industrial processes and store them safely underground. In Canada, carbon capture and storage has become a key pillar of the oil and gas sector's decarbonization goals..."


N.B. premier's pitch to offset emissions globally rather than locally not new, researcher says

"...“When you shift to gas you have a benefit compared to coal but to what degree does that prevent jurisdictions from investing in other low-carbon alternatives such as biomass, such as wind and solar, or even newer technologies such as tidal or small modular reactors?”Higgs applauded the federal government's decision to pause the price of carbon on oil home heating fuel for three years, but says that it shows the entire system is flawed and should be scrapped. He argues that the impact on the economy and the cost of living is too great and the impact on emissions too small. Higgs has also joined the premiers of Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia in calling for a meeting with the federal government to discuss removing carbon pricing from all home heating sources..."


Countries have to double their power grid renewal to meet climate targets

"...At present, grid renewal is “not keeping pace with the rapid growth of key clean energy technologies such as solar, wind, electric cars and heat pumps,” the IEA says in a release. “Without greater policy attention and investment, shortfalls in the reach and quality of grid infrastructure could put the goal of limiting global warming to 1. 5 °C out of reach and undermine energy security..."


N.B. and N.S. meet with feds, agree on

"...Photo courtesy Powering Ontario's Growth/Ministry of Energy..."


Small modular reactor developer unveils early procurement schedule

"...At the same time, they also submitted an environmental impact assessment registration to the province. Environment Minister Gary Crossman later announced that the application will undergo a comprehensive environmental impact assessment..."


Input sought for proposed small modular nuclear reactor project

"...The environment minister recently announced that the proposed project would undergo a comprehensive environmental impact assessment..."


Indigenous group in N.B. signs deal with companies behind proposed nuclear reactor

"...The North Shore Mi’kmaq Tribal Council issued a joint statement today with Moltex Energy Canada Inc. and ARC Clean Technology Inc. , saying the council's seven First Nations are making financial investments in both Saint John-based companies..."


Don't let climate grief and despair defeat climate solutions Corporate Knights

"...Like a wastewater energy transfer system that cuts a hospital’s energy for heating and cooling by 90% and its climate pollution by 250,000 tonnes—so that the idea will only show up in a big-picture emissions reduction scenario when it’s been repeated and adapted in dozens or hundreds of other local projects..."


Small modular reactors in Saskatchewan met with questions, concerns

"...Another issue is the levels of nuclear waste that are produced during the reaction process. SMRs utilize the same nuclear reactions as large-scale nuclear reactors. Uranium is the main ingredient for SMR fuel..."


$74 million announced for small nuclear reactor project in Saskatchewan

"...“We are investing in non-emitting nuclear technologies to power us forward — a future that leverages Saskatchewan's world-leading production of uranium to create jobs and help create non-emitting, reliable and affordable power to Saskatchewanians across this province,” Wilkinson said during a press conference at the University of Saskatchewan. No one from the Saskatchewan government attended the Saturday announcement. The money is to go towards the possible construction of a small nuclear reactor (SMR) to support decarbonization..."


Q&A: How China is using nuclear power to reduce its carbon emissions

"...China recently approved the construction of six more nuclear reactors, cementing its status as the world’s fastest-growing nuclear power producer..."


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Recent episodes that mention nuclear reactors.

Alberta joins MOU to develop small nuclear reactors

Duration: 20:00

"...Guest: Brian Livingston, Fellow at The School of Public Policy ..."


New evidence of nuclear reactor explosion

Duration: 34:46

"...An isotopic fingerprint is reported of a nuclear explosion in Russia last month..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about nuclear reactors.

The weird forgotten nuclear reactor from the 60s #shorts

"...#shorts #planeta #thorium #nuclearenergy #oppenheimer ..."


The Discovery and Uses of Nuclear Energy | Wondrium Perspectives

"...In this episode of Perspectives, four experts delve into the fascinating world of nuclear reactions, the workings of nuclear power plants, and the benefits and risks of nuclear energy..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about nuclear reactors relevant to the latest news.

Basic Nuclear Science and Engineering

"...The process of nuclear fission as the fundamental step of nuclear energy generation is also described along with its implications in nuclear waste generation..."


Treatment of Dependency and Correlation in Multiunit PSA Considering Seismic as External Event

"...In the wake of Fukushima accident, throughout the world there is a concern about the safety of the nuclear reactor sites from external events such as seismic, flood, tsunami etc..."


Generation of Nuclear Waste from Nuclear Power

"...Operation of nuclear power plants and the activities related to nuclear fuel preparation and handling of the associated waste represent the most significant source of nuclear waste generation..."


The dynamic relationships between nuclear energy consumption, nuclear reactors and load capacity factor: time and frequency dom

"...The environmental effects of nuclear energy encompass a complex interplay of factors, ranging from managing radioactive waste to the potential for accidents, emissions, and resource depletion, necessitating a thorough examination of its impact on our planet..."


Parallel optimization of method of characteristics based on Sunway Bluelight II supercomputer

"...With the development of nuclear energy technology, reactor physical calculations have higher requirements for calculation accuracy and speed, and it has become an inevitable trend to use high-performance computers for reactor simulation calculations..."


An Intelligent Optimized Gain Scheduling for Reaktor Bolshoy Moshchnosti Kanalny's Nuclear Reactor System

"...Nuclear energy-based electricity generation has increased in recent times due to the vast expanse of carbon-free electricity demand..."


Potential bacterial alteration of nuclear fuel debris: a preliminary study using simulants in powder and pellet forms

"...Remnant nuclear fuel debris in the damaged nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (FDNPP) has contacted the groundwater containing microorganisms for over ten years..."


Multicomponent gas mixture parametric CFD study of condensation heat transfer in small modular reactor system safety

"...The requirements for the safety margin for advanced small modular reactor (SMR) systems are targeted even higher than the conventional commercial large-scale nuclear reactors incorporating the passive and inherent safety systems..."


General Aspects of Laws and Regulations Relating to Nuclear Energy in Japan

"...Based on the universal principles, it is the responsibility of each country to establish safety regulations for the peaceful use of nuclear energy, and, in Japan..."


The effect of TRISO particle size on its failure probabilities for UN and U3Si2 fuel materials

"...In order to improve the security and increase the discharge burnup of the reactor, nuclear materials UN and U3Si2 have been considered for their higher densities and breeding ratios compared with uranium dioxide..."