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Coverage of organic farming since August 5, 2021.

Small farmers hit by extreme weather could get assistance from proposed insurance program

"...The flooding affected nearly 28,000 acres of farmland in Vermont, causing over $16 million in losses and damage, Welchs office said. That came after the May frost that caused $10 million in losses, particularly to apple and grape growers..."


Fostering Food Security Through Local Cultures

"...The focus of this project has been to explore how people face issues regarding food security. These issues include, but are not limited to: climate extremes as a result of climate change (such as drought, for example), the role of conventional and organic farming, Saskatchewans position in the global food market, and the impact COVID-19 has had on peoples worlds of food from personal practices, like canning and family dinners, to local practices, like farmers markets and community dinners. We have been interested in what ways intangible cultural heritage (refresher here!) may shape and/or be shaped by issues in food security..."


Family farmer dress-up at Lake Country Museum over Family Day weekend

"...There will also be various activities to teach kids and adults alike about seed planting, organic farming, and water conservation..."


BIZ BEAT: Local food products available at more than farmers markets

"...Wesco Foods is an organic food store, carrying local food produced in the Alberni Valley or as close to the valley as possible, says Rollin..."


New research confirms that GM corn is safe for beneficial insects

"...Growing genetically modified (GM) corn has virtually no impact on the abundance or ecological function of beneficial insects, according to an extensive review of existing research..."


Summerland winery joins international industry climate action group

"...“Once this is complete, we will commit to annual reductions in greenhouse gas emissions achieving a 33% reduction by 2030 and net-zero by 2050,” said OCP’s CEO, Darryl Brooker..."


Organic food during a famine? Montreal Economic Institute

"...Keep in mind that there is scant evidence of noticeable health benefits from organic foods compared to conventional foods, despite 75% of organic consumers believing the contrary. Organic farming has been shown to be land hungry and consistently results in lower yields than conventional farmingsomething that needs to be considered broadly against the geopolitical context of the Russian war on Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine are both large exporters of key agricultural products, like wheat and corn, which have now been disrupted..."


Choose the Correct Cover Crop

"...In organic farming, any strategy to preserve soil fertility is particularly important. When animal husbandry is not included in the farming system, green manure is crucial to preserve or increase soil organic matter content, writes Anna Lenzi, who led a team that analyzed different cover crops to determine how they well support soil health and increase tomato yield..."


Government of Canada supports organics industry

"...Organic farming methods can improve soil health, promote biodiversity and boost farm resilience in the face of climate change..."


Port Alberni farmers to give talk on biodynamic gardening at Char's Landing on March 9

"...Swann said anyone from urban farmers to backyard gardeners will benefit from their talk on biodynamic gardening. “It’s going to be better for global warming if we can grow more food here” to offset trucking in goods from hundreds of miles away. Other influences such as the war happening between Russian and Ukraine are also of concern, especially given the rising cost of fuel, he noted..."


Alberta Open Farm Days Goes This Weekend

"...This year's Open Farm Days gives people the opportunity to visit traditional and organic farming operations, brewing companies and wineries, visit vegetable producers and bee operators..."


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Recent episodes that mention organic farming.

Profitable Practices: Brett Israel and 3Gen Organics

Duration: 7:08

"...Working together towards a common vision is the driving force behind 3Gen Organics, one of the country's biggest and most progressive family-run organic farming operations..."


Rebuilding Rural Economies with Ancient Grain and Regenerative Practices with Bob Quinn

Duration: 01:06:46

"...John sits down with Bob Quinn, a Montana-based expert in organic farming practices & founder of the Montana-based Kamut International, an organization devoted to high quality Khorasan wheat and sustainable agricultural practices. ..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about organic farming.

Food For Thought

"...Organic food, non-GMO, sustainable farming, ethically raised animals, carbon, the environment and of course nutrition..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about organic farming relevant to the latest news.

Global influence of synthetic fertilizers on climate change

"...Climate change includes increased atmospheric concentrations of N2O, a powerful GHG, increased surface water acidification and eutrophication, and increased concentrations of phosphate in lakes and rivers that lead to algal blooms and other effects..."


Aspects of traditional agricultural landscapes: potential alternative development paths for sustainable agriculture?A review

"...Concepts such as traditional agricultural landscapes (TALs), high nature value farmlands (HNV farmlands), organic farming, and agricultural heritage systems are associated with the maintenance or sustainable development of ecological agricultural systems, with an emphasis on providing ecosystem services, biodiversity conservation, and heritage protection..."


Sustainability transition to organic agriculture through the lens of the multi-level perspective: case of Egypt

"...The deterioration of the socio-economic and environmental indicators is an increasing pressure on the Egyptian agri-food system to move towards sustainability..."


Organic agriculture in a low-emission world: exploring combined measures to deliver sustainable food system in Sweden

"...In this study, we developed two scenarios to evaluate the role of organic farming in the broader context of Swedish food systems: (i) baseline trend scenario (Base), and (ii) sustainable food system scenario (Sust)..."


The art of Buddhist connectivity: Organic rice farming in Thailand

"...The results show that Buddhist socio-economic imaginaries have informed the way in which Thai organic rice farmers reconnect to their arable land through an organic farming method, enabling them to live meaningfully and mindfully..."


What future for organic farming? Foresight for a smallholder Mediterranean agricultural system

"...The results estimate an upward trend for organic farming area and sales, which would contribute to a greener and more sustainable economy in the region, a slight drop in organic versus conventional food prices, the entrance of large operators and a ?dualisation? of the models of production and consumption of organic food..."


Degrowing alternative agriculture: institutions and aspirations as sustainability metrics for small farmers in Bosnia and India

"...Much sustainable development in agri-food systems is predicated upon increasing the production of agricultural commodities amid changing climates, political organization, and markets..."


Concepts, Principles, and Application of Biodynamic Farming: a Review

"...Different search engines were used in search of documents using keywords like biodynamic agriculture, organic farming, sustainable development, ecology, soil quality, and health..."


Emerging Obstacles of Vegetable Production Due to Climate Change and Mitigation Strategies

"...Besides, adoption of suitable cultural practices, diversified cropping systems, mulches, precision farming and organic farming may be the adaptation and mitigation strategies that may be adopted to combat climate change..."


The reflection of principles and values in worldwide organic agricultural research viewed through a crop diversification lens.

"...It is currently unclear how research on organic food/agriculture is structured, whether it embraces these principles, or how key crop diversification, driving sustainability, are addressed..."