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News and Opinion

Coverage of phytoremediation since August 9, 2020.

Dangerous landfill pollutants ranked in order of toxicity by MU researchers

"..."In the past, we have mostly targeted the most common pollutants, such as herbicides and contaminants from crude oil," Zalesny Jr. said. "Using this prioritization tool, we could now go to basically any contaminated site, identify the top contaminants and match those contaminants with our trees to create a sustainable, long-term solution for cleaning up pollution..."

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Plant as superhero during nuclear power plant accidents

"...Recently, plant biologist Dr. Abidur Rahman's group from Iwate University, Japan in a collaboration with Dr. Keitaro Tanoi from the University of Tokyo and Dr..."

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In Phytoremediation, Plants Extract Toxins from Soils JSTOR Daily

"...Bioremediation, the microbiologist Carol Litchfield wrote in BioScience, is “any use of living organisms to degrade wastes. ” Phytoremediation, the use of plants for these purposes, is a part of the larger field of bioremediation. In a sense, people have been using the technique through all of human history, but bioremediation first became a field of scientific study in the 1970s..."

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Wheat and couch grass can extract toxic metals from contaminated soils

"...At present, ecologists often use phytoremediation method for soil decontamination and wastewater treatment. It is a complex of remedial measures in which the key role is played by green plants. Phytoextraction is one of the directions of this method, which makes it possible to remove certain toxic trace elements from contaminated soils using plants-hyperaccumulators..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about phytoremediation relevant to the latest news.

Some Effective Methods for Treatment of Wastewater from Cu Production

"...For this reason, there is a significant need for advanced wastewater treatment methods and technologies in order to ensure optimal water quality, eliminate heavy metals and other pollutants from water, and suggest appropriate industrial technology for the treatment of wastewater..."

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Newly isolated Bacillus sp. PS-6 assisted phytoremediation of heavy metals using Phragmites communis: Potential application in w

"...PS-6 assisted phytoremediation of metals from pulp and paper industry wastewater as a novel green technique for the removal of metals of wastewater..."

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Biotechnology and nanotechnology for remediation of chlorinated volatile organic compounds: current perspectives

"...Chlorinated volatile organic compounds (CVOCs) are persistent organic pollutants which are harmful to public health and the environment..."

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Biosorption of methylene blue from water by live Lemna minor

"...A number of green treatment technologies have been used for textile wastewater treatment, among which phytoremediation is a low cost, effective, and promising alternative — to conventional treatment techniques..."

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Phytoremediation Potential of E. camaldulensis and M. alba for Copper, Cadmium, and Lead Absorption in Urban Areas of Faisalaba

"...Soil pollution by heavy metals from industrial and anthropogenic activities is prevalent and a serious threat to ecosystems and humans..."

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Efficient simultaneous removal of heavy metals and polychlorobiphenyls from a polluted industrial site by washing the soil with

"...We showed that washing a highly polluted soil with HA solution not only is an effective and rapid soil remediation technique but also simultaneously removes both HM and persistent organic pollutants (POP)..."

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Duckweed-lemna minor as green route for removal of chromium (VI) from aqueous solution

"...This model suggests the ability to remove inorganic pollutants from wastewater according to unique hydrogen bonding and high total dipole moment..."

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Involvement of Synergistic Interactions Between Plant and Rhizospheric Microbes for the Removal of Toxic/Hazardous Contaminants

"...Phytoremediation is an advanced and efficient plant-based treatment technology that takes advantage of the remarkable ability of the plants to tolerate and grow at higher concentration of pollutants/contaminants..."

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Concepts and Application of Plant?Microbe Interaction in Remediation of Heavy Metals

"...Phytoremediation is considered as one of the promising methods for the removal of such chemicals from the soil..."

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Electroanalytical Techniques for the Remediation of Heavy Metals from Wastewater

"...This book chapter summarizes the sources of heavy metals in water, treatment of wastewater, and diseases caused by polluted water due to heavy metals..."

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