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News and Opinion

Coverage of pipelines since February 23, 2024.

Covered Bridge Potato Chips in Hartland, New Brunswick destroyed by fire

"...Premier Blaine Higgs, Minister of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries Margaret Johnson, and Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Minister Greg Turner, who is also minister responsible for Opportunities New Brunswick, released a joint statement on the fire on Saturday..."


Canadian Natural Resources hits record oil production amid rising U.S. demand

"...TheCalgary-based company churned out 1. 42 million barrels of oil equivalent per day in the fourth quarter, up nearly 10 per cent year over year to break its all-time quarterly production record. It also achieved record quarterly natural gas production with 2..."


Algeria is in the spotlight as leaders of gas producing countries convene for summit

"...Algeria has made preliminary moves to invest in renewable energy, specifically green hydrogen power, but continues to be heavily invested in fossil fuels. Oil and gas revenue accounted 38% of the country's budget from 2016 to 2021, according to World Bank figures..."


Climate change, cost and competition for water drive settlement over tribal rights to Colorado River

"...Negotiating terms outlined late Wednesday include water rights not only for the Navajo Nation but the neighboring Hopi and San Juan Southern Paiute tribes in the northeastern corner of the state. The water would come from a mix of sources: the Colorado River that serves seven western states, the Little Colorado River, and aquifers and washes on tribal lands..."


Trans Mountain project's latest cost estimate climbs 10%, regulatory filing shows

"...That's according to a regulatory filing Trans Mountain Corp. provided to the Canada Energy Regulator on Monday. It represents the latest in a series of cost increases for the high-profile project, which in 2017 was estimated to cost just $7..."


Trans Mountain's latest cost estimate climbs 10 per cent, regulatory filing shows

"...Trans Mountain Corp. provided the estimate in a filing on Monday to the Canada Energy Regulator, but said it is subject to the receipt of final costs and expenses once the pipeline project is complete..."


New Brunswicks natural gas opportunityseparating fact from fiction : op-ed

"...Recent news of a merger between Southwestern Energy, which holds shale gas exploration licences in New Brunswick, and energy giant Chesapeake have rekindled a long-standing debate about natural gas in the province. In fact, the topic was a focal point in Premier Higgs recent State of the Province address. Natural gas development often relies on hydraulic fracturing (fracking), which was banned by the Gallant government in 2014..."


CAPP projects slight increase in Canadian oil and gas capital spending in 2024

"...The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers is forecasting capital expenditures for the upstream oil and natural gas sector will reach $40. 6 billion this year, a small increase from the $39 billion invested by companies in 2023..."


Crude-by-rail shipments jumped in last half of 2023 as Alberta's oil output grows

"...The increase came as oilsands companies have been ramping up to prepare for the opening of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, which will add an additional 590,000 barrels per day of export capacity for this country's energy industry..."


UN states meet to tackle the world's environmental crises

"...At the gathering, member states discuss a raft of draft resolutions on a range of issues that the assembly adopts upon consensus. If a proposal is adopted, it sets the stage for countries to implement what’s been agreed on. “None of us live on an island..."


CHFCA is delighted to welcome ATCO Gas and Pipelines as a new Executive Member

"...“As a new member of the CHFCA, ATCO is excited to collaborate with partners and experts nationwide who are committed to advancing an affordable and sustainable energy future. We believe that hydrogen will play a crucial role in decarbonizing Canada's economy. We are eager to engage with fellow CHFCA members to exchange ideas, learn about innovative solutions, and work together towards achieving our shared goals of a prosperous and low-carbon future..."


Recommended Reading

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Jobs in pipelines

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Intermediate to Senior Civil Engineer - Water Resources

"...surface water diversions, water control structures, water intakes, pump stations, surface water outlets to rivers, pipelines and mining infrastructure;..."

related opportunities

Lead Engineer, Facilities

"...Understanding of the regulations plus the adopted codes and industry standards that govern facilities and pipelines in Alberta and British Columbia (e..."

related opportunities

DevOps Engineer

"...Ability to code in bash/shell and has done coding for the CI/CD pipelines on Jenkins core platform..."

related opportunities

Indigenous Opportunities (Canada)

"...Our network of natural gas pipelines supplies more than 25 per cent of the clean-burning natural gas consumed daily across North America to heat homes..."

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Recent episodes that mention pipelines.

The Agronomists, Ep 89: Jeanette Gaultier and Rob Bahry on clever chemistry mixes

Duration: 56:51

"...When it comes to weed control, we cant always wait for the next thing in the pipeline, we need to manage what we have..."


Formulation innovation drives ADAMA Canada product development

Duration: 2:49

"...When it comes to new herbicides the product pipeline is not exactly bursting with new chemistry..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about pipelines.

Real Canadian Stories: Dawson Creek business-owner champions natural gas

" a proud advocate of oil and natural gas in Canada..."


COP27 | How to Build a Pipeline of Climate-Smart Public-Private Partnerships

"...The pathway to net zero requires a significant increase in global investments across infrastructure sectors and beyond, not just to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, but also to build resilience to the climate change impact and loss already seen around the globe..."


Hot Trends in Engineering for 2023

"...Energy, defense and transportation will be hot segments in a softening global economy..."


Why the EU Energy Crisis Fuels Severe Logging, even in the US

"...Biomass makes up roughly 60% of the EUs renewable energy, supported by large subsidies worth 13bn in 2020..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about pipelines relevant to the latest news.

Land for Clean Energy Projects: For Community Energy

"...Once community engagement is explored through the lens of energy justice, solutions emerge to solve this barrier by including communities in the energy planning process as opposed to further down the pipeline in project implementation; restoring and rehabilitating affected community lands and environments impacted by renewable energy projects, through recognising indigenous community connections to their lands; and funding the UNFCCC loss and damage fund to bring up renewable energy projects..."


"...The results of predicting the safety factor for a typical welded part of a main gas pipeline with postulated surface cracks during the transportation of gas-hydrogen blends of various compositions showed that the most susceptible to brittle fracture are the weld metal and heat-affected zone..."


A comparison of the bio-syngas production costs from biomass using gas post-treatment of water scrubber and Selexol

"...We assumed that bio-syngas was applied to natural gas pipeline, our analysis showed that the application of bio-syngas (2 to 10% content) to natural gas had little impact on natural gas properties: combustion value and price..."



"..., Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean oil pipeline), which are difficult to monitor..."


Nanomaterials: paving the way for the hydrogen energy frontier

"...Additionally, the article investigates the utilization of nanomaterials to enhance hydrogen production, emphasizing their role as efficient nanocatalysts in boosting hydrogen fuel cell efficiency..."


AI-enabled Underground Water Pipe non

"...For this reason, locating and repairing water leaks as well as the maintenance of water pipelines is extremely important for the optimization and rationalization of water resources..."


Overview of Rural Domestic Sewage Treatment Technology

"...Various factors such as local population distribution, sewage quantity, economic development level, environmental characteristics, climatic conditions, topography, local drainage system, and current status of drainage pipeline network should be comprehensively considered before selecting a sewage collection mode..."


Fine-Kinney method based on fuzzy logic for natural gas pipeline project risk assessment

"...The proposed integrated method provides a novel decision support model for the natural gas pipeline project (NGPP) risk assessment..."


Measurement of Ice-Binding Protein Inhibition of Non-ice Crystal Growth

"...The kinetic hydrate inhibitor (KHI) was developed to prevent the formation of undesirable gas hydrate crystals in natural gas pipelines..."


Rigid Offshore Pipelines

"...Also, recommendations related to the selection of the metallic material for the line pipes itself and the pipeline components are included..."


A Simulation Model of Resilience Evaluation for Natural Gas Pipeline Network Systems

"...Resilience is a key component of system safety evaluation and optimization, and research on natural gas pipeline network system (NGPNS) resilience indices and corresponding evaluation is still in early stages..."