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Coverage of pipelines since June 24, 2024.

Referendum set for South Dakota voters on controversial carbon dioxide pipeline law

"...The pipeline is seen as crucial for a potential future aviation fuel market for the Midwest-based ethanol industry, which buys roughly one-third of the nation's corn crop. In opposing the pipeline, some landowners question the forced use of their property and raise the danger of ruptures that could release hazardous CO2 gas. They also are critical of lucrative federal tax credits for carbon capture projects..."


Group sues federal government, claims it ignores harms of idle offshore oil and gas infrastructure

"...The lawsuit includes the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, which oversees offshore safety and environmental regulations, and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, which manages oil and gas development in federal waters..."


Turkmenistan and Iran sign deal to supply gas to Iraq. Iran will build pipeline to aid delivery

"...The former Soviet republic of Turkmenistan relies heavily on the export of its vast natural gas reserves. China is the country's main customer for gas and Turkmenistan also is working on a pipeline to supply gas to Afghanistan, Pakistan and India..."


Calgary lifts indoor water restrictions, outdoor ban remains after water main break

"...The city and surrounding municipalities have been under the water restrictions since a water main that supplies 60 per cent of the drinking water ruptured on June 5..."


Contractor Aecon settles dispute with Coastal GasLink over pipeline construction

"...TORONTO Shares of Aecon Group Inc. fell more than 10 per cent after the infrastructure company announced $237 million in one-time charges related to its work on the Coastal GasLink pipeline project and three other large fixed-price legacy projects nearing completion..."


Whitecap sells stake in infrastructure assets, signs partnership with Pembina

"...CALGARY Whitecap Resources Inc. has signed a deal to sell a 50 per cent stake in its Kaybob complex natural gas processing facility to Pembina Gas Infrastructure for $420 million..."


Environmentalists appeal Michigan regulators' approval of pipeline tunnel project

"...Environmentalists are challenging Michigan regulators' decision to approve encasing part of an aging Enbridge Energy oil pipeline that runs beneath a channel connecting two Great Lakes, arguing that they failed to properly consider alternatives that would minimize climate impacts..."


Development Banks Can Catalyze the Clean Energy Transition, Starting in South and Southeast Asia

"...3) Work with Governments to Enable Country-level Energy TransitionsAs in most regions, some countries in South and Southeast Asia lack policies that can support the clean energy transition by giving markets clear signals about the future of renewables. Persistent fossil fuel subsidies create strong disincentives in many countries for energy users to switch to renewables; this is the case with Bangladesh's subsidies for kerosene. Some countries offer no tax rebates for renewable energy projects..."


Canadas new greenwashing ban rattles fossil fuel industry

"...A coalition of environmental and health organizations celebrated the bill, describing it as a potential watershed moment in dealing with the systemic problem of making spurious environmental claims. False green claims, or greenwashing, not only deceive consumers but also contribute to pollution and environmental degradation, with serious implications for human health, said Leah Temper, with the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE), an organization that has been pushing to ban fossil fuel advertising altogether in Canada. In addition, "it skews the competitive landscape, impairs sustainable consumption decisions, harms consumer trust and undermines companies incentives to invest in green innovation," noted Tanya Jemec, a lawyer at Ecojustice..."


'Always a risk': Lethbridge taking stock of water infrastructure in light of Calgary main break

"...Each day, nearly 70 million litres of water flow from the water treatment plant through transmission lines to six reservoirs across the city..."


Midwestern carbon dioxide pipeline project gets approval in Iowa, but still has a long way to go

"...Whether you think its smart or silly, the worlds largest airlines want to decarbonize their fuel. Carbon capture and sequestration gets Iowa ethanol into that market, potentially providing a generational boost to Iowas economy,” Iowa Renewable Fuels Association Executive Director Monte Shaw said in a statement..."


Alberta oil and gas sector exceeded flaring limit in 2023, data shows

"...Natural gas is a byproduct that comes to the surface when companies drill oil wells. If the volumes of gas are small, and there are no pipelines nearby to transport the gas, companies often choose for economic reasons to dispose of it through flaring..."


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Jobs in pipelines

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Junior to Intermediate Hydrotechnical Engineer - Pipelines (2024071131)

"...As our Hydrotechnical Engineer, you will work on varied projects and develop your skills with guidance and mentorship from our senior team..."

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Junior to Intermediate Hydrotechnical Engineer - Pipelines (2024061731)

" permitting requirements and construction practices..."

related opportunities

Senior Hydrotechnical (Water Resources) Engineer

"...surface water diversions, water control structures, water intakes, pump stations, surface water outlets to rivers, pipelines and mining infrastructure..."

related opportunities

Water Resources Engineer - Hydrotechnical

"...surface water diversions, water control structures, water intakes, surface water outlets to rivers, pipelines and mining infrastructure..."

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Recent episodes that mention pipelines.

The Agronomists, Ep 89: Jeanette Gaultier and Rob Bahry on clever chemistry mixes

Duration: 56:51

"...When it comes to weed control, we cant always wait for the next thing in the pipeline, we need to manage what we have..."


Formulation innovation drives ADAMA Canada product development

Duration: 2:49

"...When it comes to new herbicides the product pipeline is not exactly bursting with new chemistry..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about pipelines.

Real Canadian Stories: Dawson Creek business-owner champions natural gas

" a proud advocate of oil and natural gas in Canada..."


COP27 | How to Build a Pipeline of Climate-Smart Public-Private Partnerships

"...The pathway to net zero requires a significant increase in global investments across infrastructure sectors and beyond, not just to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, but also to build resilience to the climate change impact and loss already seen around the globe..."


Hot Trends in Engineering for 2023

"...Energy, defense and transportation will be hot segments in a softening global economy..."


Why the EU Energy Crisis Fuels Severe Logging, even in the US

"...Biomass makes up roughly 60% of the EUs renewable energy, supported by large subsidies worth 13bn in 2020..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about pipelines relevant to the latest news.

Intelligent Fisheries: Cognitive Solutions for Improving Aquaculture Commercial Efficiency Through Enhanced Biomass Estimation

"...With the burgeoning global demand for seafood, potential solutions like aquaculture are increasingly significant, provided they address issues like pollution and food security challenges in a sustainable manner..."


A universal parallel simulation framework for energy pipeline networks on high-performance computers

"...A non-pipe model of an energy supply network is optimized, and the input and output of the network model in the proposed framework are modified, which can reduce the development burden during the numerical computations of the pipeline network and weaken the computational correlation between different simulated components..."


A comparison of the bio-syngas production costs from biomass using gas post-treatment of water scrubber and Selexol

"...We assumed that bio-syngas was applied to natural gas pipeline, our analysis showed that the application of bio-syngas (2 to 10% content) to natural gas had little impact on natural gas properties: combustion value and price..."


Computer vision application for industrial Li-ion battery module disassembly

"...Automated robot-assisted disassembly is essential for the flexible disassembly of Li-ion battery modules for economic and safety reasons..."


A Multi-objective Optimization Method for Simulating the Operation of Natural Gas Transport System

"...The optimization of gas pipeline networks plays a pivotal role in ensuring the efficient and economically viable transportation of natural gas..."


A highly efficient adaptive geomagnetic signal filtering approach using CEEMDAN and salp swarm algorithm

"...Convenient and helpful defect information within the magnetic field signals of an energy pipeline is often disrupted by external random noises due to its weak nature..."


How Corroded Pipelines Fail and How Are They Modeled?

"...Corrosion represents a reduction of the effective wall thickness designed to support the operating conditions of the pipeline..."


Improving deep learning protein monomer and complex structure prediction using DeepMSA2 with huge metagenomics data

"...Leveraging iterative alignment search through genomic and metagenome sequence databases, we report the DeepMSA2 pipeline for uniform protein single- and multichain multiple-sequence alignment (MSA) construction..."



"...Chapter three of the book describes the methodological framework laying out the system?s architecture and the data processing pipeline from acquisition to analysis..."


Nanomaterials: paving the way for the hydrogen energy frontier

"...Additionally, the article investigates the utilization of nanomaterials to enhance hydrogen production, emphasizing their role as efficient nanocatalysts in boosting hydrogen fuel cell efficiency..."


AI-enabled Underground Water Pipe non

"...For this reason, locating and repairing water leaks as well as the maintenance of water pipelines is extremely important for the optimization and rationalization of water resources..."


Water quantities for public and private use in Pompeii

"...Aqueduct water was distributed in three main water pipelines..."