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Plastic Bags

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News and Opinion

Coverage of plastic bags since March 14, 2021.

Time to recycle your batteries The Oshawa Express

"...Since the first battery collection in November 2012, Durham residents have diverted more than 286 tonnes (286,000 kilograms) of household batteries from the waste stream..."

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Plastic-bag bylaw back in effect in Victoria

"...Enforcement of the bylaw, initially adopted in 2018, was suspended in the early days of the pandemic when health officials recommended grocery stores and food retailers not allow customers to use their own bags amid fears that reusable bags could contribute to the spread of the virus..."

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Victoria's bylaw banning plastic bags back in effect

"...“Reducing the distribution of single-use plastic items in Victoria is helping to keep plastic waste out of our landfill, save tax dollars and protect the environment,” said Mayor Lisa Helps, in a press release..."

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LETTER: Sorting our waste

"...Mattress Recycling at 1064 Fourth Avenue. Electric appliances, crinkly cellophane, wrappers, bags, plastic bags, metal, foam packing..."

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Microplastics’ contribution to melting snow: A global crisis

"...Many researchers have focused on the role of black carbon – particles formed through the combustion of fossil fuels, biofuel, and biomass – in the acceleration of melting snow but have disregarded the contribution of microplastics..."

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The effects of single-use plastic on the environment

"...Did you know that an estimated 3. 3 million tonnes per year of plastic waste is produced in Canada, but only nine per cent is returned for recycling? You might be surprised, but billions of items of plastic waste are entering our lands, oceans and rivers. Plastic pollution is a real issue..."

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Rossland adopts plastic bag ban

"...A shopper leaves a store carrying his groceries in plastic bags. Photo: Canadian Press..."

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Saint John Passes Plastic Bag Ban Bylaw

"...The plastic bag ban does not apply to certain items, including bags used to package loose bulk items or wrap frozen foods, meat, poultry or fish, among other things..."

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Watch what is being recycled: Dawson Creek recycling depot

"...DAWSON CREEK, B. C – Dawson Creek Campbell Recycling reminds residents about what items should be placed in recycling bins. Recycle-It Resource Recovery Fort St..."

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Invasive Zebra Mussels Found On Aquarium Moss Balls

"...“They multiply extremely quickly, taking over areas to the point that they damage infrastructure, clog water intake pipes, endanger native freshwater mussel species, drastically alter ecosystem functioning, and make recreational areas like beaches unusable,” the New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia invasive species councils said in a joint news release..."

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Waste plastic could be spun into eco-friendly clothing

"...MIT engineers have found a new use for a common plastic, managing to spin polyethylene into fabric that can passively cool the wearer by allowing heat through and moisture to evaporate. The discovery could see waste plastic bags being turned into sportswear. Due to its structure, fabric spun from polyethylene could keep a wearer cool by allowing heat to escape, but it's been largely dismissed by the scientific community as a fabric candidate due to its less-than-desirable trait of tapping moisture in..."

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Could we recycle plastic bags into fabrics of the future?

"...The team's dry-coloring process contributes to the relatively small ecological footprint that polyethylene would have if it were used to make textiles, the researchers say. The team calculated this footprint by using a life cycle assessment tool commonly used by the textile industry. Taking into account polyethylene's physical properties and the processes required to make and color the fabrics, the researchers found it would require less energy to produce polyethylene textiles, compared to polyester and cotton..."

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Recent episodes that mention plastic bags.

Replace the plastic bag with a better bag! Kate Bezar, The Better Packaging Company

Duration: 31:37

"...The Better Packaging Company does just what you think it should: makes plastic packaging that?s compostable in your own backyard. ..."

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You Don't Need Single-Use Plastic Bags. You Need a Mask

Duration: 09:40

"...Source: WIRED Science: Space, Health, Biotech, and More..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about plastic bags.

In Space, Every Poop Is a Floater: Why the New ISS Toilet Costs $23 Million

"...The space toilets today are a bit more advanced—similar to a toilet you’d find on Earth with some added function and a funnel to suck up any liquid waste, but solid waste is still deposited into plastic bags that are bundled with other trash before it is all shot back toward Earth to ultimately burn up in our atmosphere..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about plastic bags relevant to the latest news.

Recycling and management practices of plastic packaging waste towards a circular economy in South Korea

"...Approximately, 3 million ton of plastic packaging waste from household waste streams in 2017 in South Korea was generated and treated by energy recovery with solid refuse fuels and heat recovery, incineration without energy recovery, material recycling, and landfilling..."

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Sources of Microplastic in the Environment

"...Primary sources of environmental MPs include plastic pellets, personal care products containing microbeads, paint, washing wastewater, sewage sludge, plastic running tracks in schools, artificial turf, rubber road in cities, and vehicle tire wear..."

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Clean plasma modification for recycling waste plastic bags: From improving interfacial adhesion with wood towards fabricating fo

"...As further supported by nanoindentation, the adhesion energy of plasma-modified plastic bag and poplar cell wall was elevated by 19..."

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Fate of Biodegradable Polymers Under Industrial Conditions for Anaerobic Digestion and Aerobic Composting of Food Waste

"...The aim of this study was to simulate the organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW) treatment in laboratory-scale and to assess the biodegradation of poly(lactic acid) (PLA) water bottles and starch-based bags under real industrial conditions of anaerobic digestion and aerobic composting..."

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Taxing Twenty-First Century Sins

"...Each one allegedly creates tax-justifying externalities: meat harms the environment and health; plastic bags have a negative environmental impact; automation?whether through artificial intelligence or robots?displaces workers; carbon feeds climate change..."

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Valorisation of shrimp and rice straw waste into food packaging applications

"...The use of a local (shrimp and rice straw) waste as the source for biodegradable bags, turns food waste problem to being part of the solution of synthetic plastic waste..."

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Plastic bag consumption habits in the Northern Philippines

"...Results suggest that age, municipality, dumping solid waste in public areas compared to dropping it off at designated locations, and composting solid waste compared to dropping it off at designated locations are all predictors of weekly plastic bag consumption..."

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Persistence in soil of microplastic films from ultra-thin compostable plastic bags and implications on soil Aspergillus flavus p

"...This study investigated the formation and persistence of compostable film microplastic particles (CFMPs) from ultra-thin compostable carrier bags in soil under laboratory conditions, and the potential impact of CFMPs on Aspergillus flavus populations in the soil..."

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Conclusion: Don?t Tax Sin, Forgive It

"...Far too often, experts and other paternalists make the case for taxing things like soda, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, meat, plastic bags, and more on the basis of exaggerated claims and weak social science..."

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Field effectiveness of improved hermetic storage technologies on maize grain quality in Central Mexico

"...Maize is the main crop cultivated by small scale farmers (SSF) in Mexico, and its production represents an important goal for local food security..."

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