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Coverage of plastic bags since June 30, 2023.

Central Okanagan Regional District to use AI to identify materials that can't be recycled

"...“The AI is trained to recognize problematic items, including plastic bags, garbage, yard waste and Styrofoam, all materials that do not belong in the recycling cart. By scanning the material collected, it finds items that are not supposed to be in the recycling cart and reports them for further action. ” Story continues below advertisement..."


Whitehorse recycling centre drops services, hopes to incentivize governments to step up

"...Raven ReCentre is no longer accepting soft plastics. The centre, seen on Oct. 12, is making more changes to make way for governments to take the lead on recycling in Whitehorse..."


Conservation Starts in the Classroom: How Aldergrove Students Are Supporting Salmon Habitat

"...“With the heat dome, increasing forest fires, and atmospheric rivers, the kids find that it has negatively impacted their families and the things they can do (camping, travelling, etc. )… They understand that climate change and human activities are having a detrimental affect on salmon habitat. ” recalled Davidson, “A lot of kids are saddened by what we are doing to the environment and can’t understand why we do what we do..."


2 injured from wasps nests put in compost bins, sparking reminder in Chilliwack

"...Two employees with Emterra Environmental in Chilliwack received multiple wasp stings when emptying a green cart, which contained live wasps and their nest. Green carts are intended for combined food waste, food-soiled paper and yard waste..."


Burning Man flooding strands tens of thousands at Nevada site; authorities are investigating 1 death

"...Organizers closed vehicular access to the counterculture festival and attendees trudged through mud, many barefoot or wearing plastic bags on their feet. The revellers were urged to shelter in place and conserve food, water and other supplies. Most remained hunkered down hoping roads open as early as Monday, though a few managed to walk several miles to the nearest town or catch a ride there..."


From our archives - June 2012, Clearwater Secondary Grads receive significant scholarships from TRU

"...WILDFIRES: 4,500 on evacuation order as Okanagan becomes B. C. ’s ground zero From our archives – June 2012, Clearwater Secondary Grads receive significant scholarships from TRU Join us for an evening of Wells Gray Lively Arts music at the DCLC field on Thursdays New Clearwater Community Food Hub helps those in need..."


How restaurants can turbo charge Canada's war on plastic pollution

"...Indeed, the ability for compostable and biodegradable food wares to be accepted in a municipal composting facility is entirely dependent on the waste management cycle of that municipality, which can differ greatly between neighbouring cities..."


Cariboo Chilcotin Waste Wise is sifting through your bins for your benefit

"...Glass, plastic bags and styrofoam have to be recycled at a recycling depot like the Frizzi Road Station, Wildwood transfer station or the 150 Mile transfer station because they are dealt with in a completely separate system and glass poses obvious hazards for sorting. Curbside bins are emptied into trucks which take the materials to a facility off of the Mackenzie Avenue connector, where it is baled and shipped out..."


Crows and magpies are using anti-bird spikes to build nests

"...A magpie with some more traditional nest material in its beak. Photo by hedera. baltica from Wrocław, Poland/ Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 2..."


Chief wades through flooded lot to show need for new Peterborough police station

"...On his social media accounts on Thursday morning, Betts showed himself in uniform but with his pants legs rolled up to his knees and footwear removed as he waded through the flooded police cruiser parking lot after a heavy rainfall overnight. The water was halfway up his shins as the sound of water pumps could be heard in the background. READ MORE: ‘We’re just bursting at the seams’ — Peterborough police chief says new station dire“That noise you hear behind me are the water pumps that pump out our parking lot each and every time we have a heavy rain,” Betts said during an Instagram live video..."


The fungi startups behind a booming mushroom economy

"...Four years ago, she and her partner, Leo Gillis, moved from Ontario to rural Newfoundland with the intention of starting their own mushroom farm to provide fresh local produce to food-insecure communities. The two experimented with using grow bags – plastic bags with air patches that can help plants germinate and root quickly – for the mushrooms. But it wasn’t working..."


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"...The Better Packaging Company does just what you think it should: makes plastic packaging that?s compostable in your own backyard. ..."


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"...Source: WIRED Science: Space, Health, Biotech, and More..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about plastic bags.

Fixation How to have stuff without breaking the planet, with Sandra Goldmark

"...Marc is an Advocate for the SDGs, member of the World Economic Forum Expert Network, and award-winning Global Food Reformist..."


In Space, Every Poop Is a Floater: Why the New ISS Toilet Costs $23 Million

"...The space toilets today are a bit more advanced—similar to a toilet you’d find on Earth with some added function and a funnel to suck up any liquid waste, but solid waste is still deposited into plastic bags that are bundled with other trash before it is all shot back toward Earth to ultimately burn up in our atmosphere..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about plastic bags relevant to the latest news.

Recycling and management practices of plastic packaging waste towards a circular economy in South Korea

"...Approximately, 3 million ton of plastic packaging waste from household waste streams in 2017 in South Korea was generated and treated by energy recovery with solid refuse fuels and heat recovery, incineration without energy recovery, material recycling, and landfilling..."


Fate of Biodegradable Polymers Under Industrial Conditions for Anaerobic Digestion and Aerobic Composting of Food Waste

"...The aim of this study was to simulate the organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW) treatment in laboratory-scale and to assess the biodegradation of poly(lactic acid) (PLA) water bottles and starch-based bags under real industrial conditions of anaerobic digestion and aerobic composting..."


Anthropogenic litter in freshwater bodies and their estuaries: an empirical analysis in Lesvos, Greece

"...It is therefore important to improve the waste management system at (inter)national (change in production and packaging policy) and local scale (introducing sustainable solutions to refugee camp design) by promoting recycling and circular economy projects to diminish AL pollution..."


Plastic bag consumption habits in the Northern Philippines

"...Results suggest that age, municipality, dumping solid waste in public areas compared to dropping it off at designated locations, and composting solid waste compared to dropping it off at designated locations are all predictors of weekly plastic bag consumption..."


Comparative analysis of carbon emission from products of virgin plastics and recycled plastics and their environmental benefits

"...This study aims to investigate the fundamental requirements for technical advancement in order to reduce the impact of Carbon Emissions during plastic production and to properly utilize plastic waste through recycling..."


The Current State of Law on Plastic Pollution in Mexico and a View Toward the Future

"...Like many nations, Mexico is reviewing its waste management laws and policies in the face of growing evidence of the ubiquity, longevity, and negative effects of plastic waste in the environment, particularly in aquatic habitats..."


Variability in the Compressive Strength of Paving Blocks Using Waste Plastic

"...In this scenario, the researchers have tried for the effective use of this material in an economical way..."


Sources of Microplastic in the Environment

"...Primary sources of environmental MPs include plastic pellets, personal care products containing microbeads, paint, washing wastewater, sewage sludge, plastic running tracks in schools, artificial turf, rubber road in cities, and vehicle tire wear..."


Clean plasma modification for recycling waste plastic bags: From improving interfacial adhesion with wood towards fabricating fo

"...As further supported by nanoindentation, the adhesion energy of plasma-modified plastic bag and poplar cell wall was elevated by 19..."