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Coverage of poaching since May 11, 2023.

Memo spills beans on promised walk-in clinic, which could open without doctors

"...Official Opposition has concerns physicians will be poached from their own practice to staff clinic Dana HatherlyNov. 18, 2023 7:30 a. m..."


Humans As Drivers of Evolution

"...[p]ollution, eutrophication, urbanization, habitat fragmentation, climate change, domestication/agriculture, hunting/harvesting (including fishing), invasion/extinction, medicine and emerging/disappearing diseases..."


Burlington filmmaker's documentary on rhino poaching set to premiere tonight

"...“Rhinos are such an iconic species, right? They've been around since the dawn of time. And to now be in a scenario where the poaching has gotten to the point where rhinos could be extinct by 2040, if not earlier, that is such a huge impact on our world, and on a whole biodiversity. It will affect everything..."


Jasper park wardens investigate suspected poaching after two bighorn found headless

"...Park wardens at Jasper National Park are looking for information about a suspected poaching incident earlier this week..."


Man fined $5,100 for poaching Roosevelt elk near Chemainus

"...People are urged to report poaching incidents to the Report All Poachers and Polluters hotline at 1-877-952-7277..."


Galapagos Giant Tortoises Prove Their Worth as Ecosystem Engineers Hakai Magazine

"...In the late 19th century, whalers, settlers, and pirates changed the ecology of the Galapagos Islands by poaching some native species—like Galapagos giant tortoises—and introducing others, like goats and rats. The latter species became pests and severely destabilized the island ecosystems. Goats overgrazed the fruits and plants the tortoises ate while rats preyed on their eggs..."


‘Fitting in well': Rescued moose calf in good shape at northern B.C. wildlife centre

"...The update comes from the Rimrock Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre near Dawson Creek, a certified facility that took her in from the B. C. Conservation Officer Service (COS) on June 7..."


Saanich researcher spends council leave fighting maritime crime

"...Unusual partnerships on the high seas off Africa appear to be curbing illegal fisheries Christine van ReeuwykJul. 10, 2023 5:10 a. m..."


Westmount backyard caves into next-door infill site after heavy rain, highlighting tricky nature of infill construction

"...Last week's heavy rainfall is to blame for collapsing part of a Westmount resident's backyard, an infill builder says. The Lalonde family's fence began to fall into the excavation next door the evening of June 15. That day, which followed two days of lighter precipitation, saw 40 millimetres of rain, according to Environment and Climate Change Canada's Blatchford weather station..."


Highway 4 on Vancouver Island reopens after wildfire closure

"...A major artery connecting people to Vancouver Island’s west coast communities reopened at 3 p. m. Friday, more than two weeks since it was shut down because of a wildfire..."


Earls sets launch date for new Birdies banner

"...“We see an opportunity in the market for a casual, fun concept with high-quality, addictive food and drinks at an inviting price point. ”..."


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Recent episodes that mention poaching.

Understanding Poaching with Gabi Fleury

Duration: 37:10

"...Source: Into The Wild..."


#173 Science Shorts: Dr Richard Thomas. Global wildlife trade. Conservation / poaching / pangolin / tigers / elephants

Duration: 50:59

"...Dr Richard Thomas is the director of communications for Traffic, a non-governmental organisation focused on the sustainable use of wild resources through international trade..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about poaching.

Elephants Saved from Poaching Learn to Trust Again | Planet Earth III Behind The Scenes | BBC Earth

"...Elephants are now thriving in Zakouma National Park thanks to a ban on poaching..."


How Elephants Are Surviving Against All Odds

"...However, they have been poached for centuries and their role in their ecosystem is at risk..."


How Not Growing Tusks Saved Elephants' Lives

"...With a surprising consequence: 51% of the surviving female elephants in Gorongosa had no more tusks after the civil war, escaping the poacher’s target..."


Is this an Asian or an African Elephant? 🐘 How to Differentiate Them!

"...Elephants play a pivotal role in biodiversity and culture in Africa and Asia, acting as crucial ecosystem engineers..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about poaching relevant to the latest news.

Are the Sundarbans mangrove forest management policies adequate to conserve wildlife species?

"...This study attempted to evaluate the existing legislation of Bangladesh to conserve wildlife in the Sundarbans mangrove forest (SMF), which is threatened by deforestation, land grabbing, agriculture, shrimp culture, pollution, power plant construction, hunting and poaching, illicit wildlife trade (IWT), human?wildlife conflict (HWC), legal and institutional inefficacy, climate change, sea level rise, salinity and other factors..."


Assessing habitat selection of the vulnerable Asian small-clawed otters in an anthropized riparian forest of eastern Bangladesh

"...We encourage further research to gain a better understanding of the factors that could impact otter habitat preference, such as food abundance, undergrowth vegetation, human-induced forest fires, and fishing or poaching pressure..."


Inland capture fisheries, dam reservoirs, and protected areas for wildlife conservation in India: conflicts and ways forward

"...Inland capture fisheries in rivers, wetlands, lakes, tanks, and dam reservoirs support millions of marginalized people in countries like India..."


Effect of local climate anomalies on giraffe survival

"...With the rapid pace of global warming, there is an urgent need to understand survival responses to climate, particularly for large mammals that are already experiencing population declines associated with anthropogenic pressures such as poaching and habitat loss..."


Appraisal of domestic and international legal institutions for promoting wildlife conservation in Bangladesh

"...This study finds that a great variety of wild animals and species is now under threat in Bangladesh due to factors like forest land grabbing, habitat destruction, human activities near the forests, human-animal interactions, illegal poaching and trafficking, excluding local communities in conservation process, socio-economic and political issues, and external problems like the refugee crisis and trans-border animal migration..."


Anthropogenic activities affect forest structure and arthropod abundance in a Kenyan biodiversity hotspot

"...Understanding the drivers of forest degradation and its effects on biodiversity is pivotal for formulating impactful forest management and monitoring protocols, but such knowledge is lacking for many biodiversity hotspots, such as the Taita Hills in southeast Kenya..."


Construction of Blame and Offending

"...In terms of the offender, there are those that might be considered ?blameless? due to the circumstances under which they illegally poach or harvest wildlife..."


Seed Dispersal of Date Palm Phoenix dactylifera by Asiatic Black Bear in Southeastern Iran

"...We concluded that the black bear, which is currently under threat because of poaching, live trapping of cubs and feral donkeys, can play a vital role in the dispersal of seeds of wild and threatened plant species in the mountain areas of Marz Protected Area..."


Are protected areas working for endangered frogs in the Peruvian Andes?

"...Protected areas are unlikely to be effective without better management of the trade-offs between cultural activities and biodiversity conservation..."


The Critically Endangered Hainan Gibbon (Nomascus hainanus) Population Increases but not at the Maximum Possible Rate

"...The gibbon?s recovery demonstrates that establishing a nature reserve with regular patrols, banning logging, curbing poaching, and environmental education have been effective..."


Blood parasites of passerines in the Brazilian Pampas and their implications for a potential population supplementation program

"...The Yellow Cardinal (Gubernatrix cristata) is a flagship species of this ecosystem, but it is classified as ?critically endangered? in Brazil due to habitat loss and poaching for the illegal trade..."