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Coverage of pollutants since December 6, 2023.

Contamination from copper smelting plant in Que. town could extend beyond buffer zone

"...Contamination from pollutants emitted by the Horne smelter could reach areas larger than the expropriation perimeter, according to the group Mres au front, which presented the results of a new study on Friday in Montreal..."


Alberta oilsands pollutant release vastly higher than official estimates: study

"...Liggio adds that air quality downwind of the oilsands remains within Canadian andAlbertaguidelines. There are thousands of different kinds of carbon-based molecules released from energy production and all are highly reactive. “All of these different hydrocarbons in the atmosphere react,” Liggio said..."


Study suggests oilsands pollutant release vastly higher than official estimates

"...Liggio's study suggests volatile organic compounds are being released from the oilsands at rates that are anywhere from 20 to 63 times higher than the figures in the national pollutant inventory. The paper suggests those emissions from the oilsands are roughly equal to the entire output of such chemicals from everywhere else in Canada..."


Lawsuit seeks to protect dolphins by limiting use of flood-control spillway near New Orleans

"...JACKSON, Miss. (AP) Opening a spillway as a flood-control measure in 2019 sent polluted fresh water from the Mississippi River into the Gulf of Mexico and killed bottlenose dolphins that live in saltwater, according to a new lawsuit..."


Regina will soon have 7 battery-electric buses as part of its transit fleet

"...The company says its vehicle, known as the LFSe+ long-range electric bus improves air quality by eliminating all emission of pollutants and greenhouse gases..."


Ottawa says it isnt regulating wood oven emissions

"...Some media outlets reported a branch of Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), called the National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI), had contacted some restaurants in Montreal that use wood-fired ovens to determine if they meet emission-reporting thresholds for pollutants. On Monday, Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre seized the news, accusing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of launching a crusade against pizza ovens. Dont worry about your 100 per cent rent increase or the fact you cant feed yourself, Poilievre said, speaking in a Vancouver pizza restaurant, Justin Trudeau is spending your money going after pizza ovens here and everywhere and he will not stop until this crisis is resolved..."


Air pollution and politics pose cross-border challenges in South Asia CityNews Kitchener

"...Theres a recognition among the technical and scientific community that air pollution doesnt need a visa to travel across borders, said Pakistani analyst Abid Suleri, from the nonprofit Sustainable Development Policy Institute. The culprits and problems are the same on both sides of the India-Pakistan border, he said, so it makes no sense for one province to implement measures if a neighboring province across the border isnt adopting the same practices..."


A year on a regenerative kelp farm in northern BC

"...And there you have it, a small glimpse of what its like to operate a regenerative ocean farm for a year. You might notice we have a few months off, and that it doesnt seem like a full-time job, which is the beauty of the model. When Metlakatla First Nations aquaculture crew and Ecotrust Canadas Food Systems team arent tending to the kelp, theyre performing regular maintenance of the farm site infrastructure or tending to the shellfish (more on what farming those tasty bivalves to come in another blog)..."


Air pollution could send Americans indoors 142 more days per year by 2100: Ontario study

"...Air quality alerts result when the Air Quality Index gets too high. As part of the study, researchers examined a centurys worth of air quality alerts, focusing on outdoor fine particulate matter, the most harmful pollutant. The study focused on outdoor fine particulate matter and found that by the year 2100, Americans would be asked to stay inside for an additional 142 days a year to avoid additional health risks caused by air pollution..."


'Hypocritical' disinformation campaign on natural gas

"...Modelled on the B. C. standard for low-carbon building, Burnaby's rules are among B..."


Editorial Roundup: West Virginia CityNews Halifax

"...A little more than two years later, Southern would be sentenced to 30 days in federal prison and fined $20,000 after pleading guilty to negligently discharging a pollutant, unlawfully discharging refuse matter and negligently violating the companys environmental permit because Freedom Industries didnt have a pollution prevention plan..."


5 Reasons EPAs New Methane Rule Is a Big Deal for US Climate Action and the World

"...Experts note that reducing methane pollution is one of the most important near-term actions we can collectively take to achieve the international climate targets set under the Paris Agreement, while simultaneously buying time to accelerate efforts to decarbonize the global economy..."


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Jobs in pollutants

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

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Sessional Instructors - Department of Biology - Faculty of Science (Winter 2024)

"...Environmental effects on biota and methods of detection of environmental pollutants will be examined using endpoints at multiple levels of..."

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District Engineer (2)

"...water supply, pollution control, solid and liquid waste management ⢠You can identify sources and types of water, air and solid pollutants from complex sources ⢠You can review engineering..."

related opportunities

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Georgina Pioneer Village Education & Community Programs Instructor

"...long periods; ability to work in an environment that may contain air pollutants (pollens, dust, wood smoke);Public transportation is unavailable, Applicants must have a means of transportation;..."

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Air Quality Technician

"...You will monitor, assess, and report on ambient air quality in both urban and rural areas..."

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Recent episodes that mention pollutants.

Towards an optimised strategy for cleaner air - Professor Urs Baltensperger (Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland)

Duration: 51:00

"...The Earth's atmosphere is contaminated by many pollutants, all of which are harmful to life and the environment..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about pollutants.

What are cumulative effects?

"...Pollutants from urban runoff, like oil and gas, that might have spilled or dripped on the road..."


How is Canada's air quality? | Ask A Scientist

"...Let's start with one of the most common air pollutants: it's called particulate matter, or PM for short, and includes all the tiny particles that float in the air around us..."


How Catalytic Converters Reduce Pollution

"...While three-way catalytic converters are more efficient at removing pollutants, their effectiveness is highly sensitive to the air-fuel mixture ratio..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about pollutants relevant to the latest news.

Meteorological AQI and pollutants concentration-based AQI predictor

"...Forecasting the value of air pollutants and predicting the Air Quality Index (AQI) are crucial in improving the control measures for tackling air pollution..."


Wastewater-Grown Algal Biomass as Carbon-neutral, Renewable, and Low Water Footprint Feedstock for Clean Energy and Bioplastics

"...Summary Although wastewater-grown biomass has acceptability issues, it offers certain environmental benefits, including atmospheric carbon capture, phycoremediation of pollutants, and water recycling..."


Biotechnological advances in biomass pretreatment for bio-renewable production through nanotechnological intervention

"...Globally, the fossil fuel reserves are depleting rapidly and the escalating fuel prices as well as plethora of the pollutants released from the emission of burning fossil fuels cause global warming that massively disturb the ecological balance..."


Hybridization of rough set?wrapper method with regularized combinational LSTM for seasonal air quality index prediction

"...In general, air quality is measured using the air quality index, which records the pollutants level in the air..."


Sustainable planning: the case study of the Strait of Messina ports

"...Starting from the socio-economic and environmental analysis of the territorial context managed by AdSP, the DEASP analyses all the activities carried out inside port areas and reports the energy consumptions of the concessionaries, in the way to calculate the carbon footprint and develop an environmental sustainable strategy to reduce pollutant emissions..."


A wavelet enhanced approach with ensemble based deep learning approach to detect air pollution

"...Considering the serious impact of air pollution on human health and life, air pollutant concentration forecast has been drawn great attention because it can provide people with information of air quality..."


Synergistic effect of combating air pollutants and carbon emissions in the Yangtze River Delta of China: spatial and temporal d

"...Synergizing the reduction of air pollutants and carbon emissions (APCE) has become a critical tactic alternative to address the issue of climate change..."


Multi-Objective Optimization Based on Life Cycle Assessment for Hybrid Solar and Biomass Combined Cooling, Heating and Power Sy

"...The complementary of biomass and solar energy in combined cooling, heating and power (CCHP) system provides an efficient solution to address the energy crisis and environmental pollutants..."


Simulating the effects of planning strategies on urban heat island and air pollution mitigation in an urban renewal area

"...Although some strategies were found to be useful for mitigating air pollution or urban heat island, the simultaneous effects were rarely discussed in the past studies..."


Purification Efficiency of Two Ecotypes of Wetland Plants on Subtropical Eutrophic Lakes in China

"...In general, the purification capacity of Phragmites australis is slightly higher than that of Zizania caduciflora and precipitation had positive effects on the pollutants concentration of wetland water..."