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News and Opinion

Coverage of pollutants since July 16, 2021.

Researchers report link between exposure to wildfire smoke, increased COVID-19 cases

"...Researchers from the Desert Research Institute in Reno, Nev. published their findings on July 13 in the Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology. The team measured the presence of PM2..."

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UFV research project teaches personal trainers about air pollution risks

"...Instead, it comes down to managing your own exposure to pollutants and heat, and knowing more about air pollution in the first place, says Dr. Luisa Giles. So she is arming kinesiologists, personal trainers and other health practitioners with the tools to research ever-changing air pollution situations, so they can support their clients better..."

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B.C. Ferries hopes for whale-free weekend to handle expected crush of traffic

"...The southern residents have been affected by a lack of chinook salmon, pollutants and disturbance from large vessels..."

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Wildfire smoke: Doctors, air pollution experts forecast worsening health effects

"...“The same reasons we want to quickly move to a low-carbon economy to decrease impacts from fossil fuel-related air pollution are reasons for us to worry about wildfire-related pollution we're now seeing enhanced as a result of climate change. ”..."

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Doctors, air pollution experts forecast worsening health effects of wildfire smoke

"...“The same reasons we want to quickly move to a low-carbon economy to decrease impacts from fossil fuel-related air pollution are reasons for us to worry about wildfire-related pollution we’re now seeing enhanced as a result of climate change. ”..."

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Harmful pollutants in wildfire smoke pose severe health risks

"...Wildfire smoke is made up of harmful gases, soot and pollutants. While it mildly irritates many, some people can experience severe health reactions. Jackie Wilson reports..."

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Smoke Pollution from Prescribed Burns vs. Wildfires JSTOR Daily

"...Each year, wildfires in the United States become more frequent and intense, due to centuries of fire suppression and climate change. Of course, with fire comes smoke, which can affect ecosystems, people, and air quality, in both the short and long terms. Because smoke adds both coarse and fine particulate matter to the air, it is considered a pollutant..."

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Quebec rejects $14B LNG project over environmental concerns

"...Environment Minister Benoit Charette said the province was not convinced the LNG plant would lower greenhouse gas emissions. “The promoter has not succeeded in demonstrating this, on the contrary,” he told reporters, adding the government is worried it would discourage natural gas buyers elsewhere from moving to cleaner energy sources. “This is a project that has more disadvantages than advantages,” he said..."

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Mobility restrictions can have unexpected impacts on air quality

"...An international collaborative study led by University of Helsinki has conducted a holistic study to investigate the effects of COVID-19 restrictions on several air quality pollutants for the Po Valley region in northern Italy. The area is well known to have one of the worst air quality standards in Europe and is highly influenced by anthropogenic (human-led) activities. The study was done between research groups in Finland, Italy and Switzerland and the results were published in the journal Environmental Science: Atmospheres..."

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Wildfire smoke having an impact on Saskatoon events

"...Leading by example, they also shared the cancellation of COVID-19 mobile clinics due to the risk of smoke inhalation. In a Tweet Friday, the health authority said, “Due to the heat and the smoke in the air, we are cancelling the health bus vaccine clinic planned for George Ward Pool today (July 16) to keep our staff and patients safe. ”⚠️ SASKATOON/MARTENSVILLE: Due to the heat and the smoke in the air, we are cancelling the health bus vaccine clinic planned for George Ward Pool today (July 16) to keep our staff and patients safe..."

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Federal watchdog urged to investigate Canada’s ‘longstanding failure’ to stop B.C. Elk Valley coal mine pollution The Na

"...“We submit that no issue of sustainable development could be more significant than the government's longstanding failure to use the Fisheries Act and other federal powers to address catastrophic coal mine pollution in the Elk Valley,” the report says..."

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Crowdfunded monitors provide insight on air quality in Revelstoke

"...From this reading, an AQHI (Air Quality Health Index) Value is determined. AQHI is a value from 1 to 10+, designed to help people make informed decisions in different levels of air pollution. It advises when it’s safe to conduct physical activities outdoors, or when it’s best to avoid exposure to poor air..."

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Jobs in pollutants

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

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Environmental Protection Technician - City of Vancouver (Vancouver, BC)

"...Supports environmental policy, program development and planning work, including conducting research and best practices reviews to prevent environmental impacts and improve ecological health. ..."

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Summer Student - Fugitives

"...fugitive emissions assessments under Directive 060 and engine testing under the Multi-Sector Air Pollutants Regulation (MSAPR)..."

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Recent episodes that mention pollutants.

Towards an optimised strategy for cleaner air - Professor Urs Baltensperger (Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland)

Duration: 51:00

"...The Earth's atmosphere is contaminated by many pollutants, all of which are harmful to life and the environment..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about pollutants.

What are the indicators of pollution in the Arctic? | Ask a Scientist

"...Magali Houde studies the effects of pollution on the aquatic ecosystem..."

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How Catalytic Converters Reduce Pollution

"...While three-way catalytic converters are more efficient at removing pollutants, their effectiveness is highly sensitive to the air-fuel mixture ratio..."

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The Commonwealth Marine Economies Programme - The Pacific

"...Her research has been focused on fate and consequence of pollutants in the freshwater, coastal and offshore marine waters, and establishing links between the freshwater zone and marine system and coastal zone management with extensive experience of designing, implementing and evaluating monitoring programs to assess environmental impacts of human activity on the marine and coastal zone..."

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What is Air Pollution and How Does it Harm Us?

"...This video will take a closer look at the types of air pollution in our world, what exactly the pollutants are, and how exposure to these pollutants affect our health over time..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about pollutants relevant to the latest news.

Real-Time and Predictive Analytics of Air Quality with IoT System: A Review

"...Continuous monitoring of the air quality is hence essential to ensure early precaution or preventive measure can be taken in eliminating potential health risk which may be done via Smart Environmental Monitoring system with the Internet of Things (IoT), which is cost-effective and efficient way to control air pollution and curb climate change, IoT applications along with Machine Learning(ML) can make the data prediction in real-time..."

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A scientometric review of biochar preparation research from 2006 to 2019

"...It is mainly used in soil improvement, water pollutant adsorption, carbon sequestration and emission reduction, and energy storage materials, etc..."

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Implementation of Speculate Modules and Performance Evaluation of Data Mining Clustering Techniques on Air Quality Index and He

"...This technique is used to group the assorted air pollution monitoring stations of a metropolitan city based on air quality index (AQI) and health index..."

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Spray drying absorption for desulphurization: a review of recent developments

"...Alternative sorbents and additives are continuously being explored for simultaneous removal of pollutant gases from flue gas..."

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SOCAIRE: Forecasting and monitoring urban air quality in Madrid

"...It focuses on modeling available components which affect air quality: past concentrations of pollutants, human activity, and numerical pollution and weather predictions..."

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A review on recent advancements in photocatalytic remediation for harmful inorganic and organic gases

"...Several ultraviolet and visible light active photocatalysts were tested in air pollutant treatment and thereby, the number of reports was increased in the past few years..."

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Ambient air quality assessment using ensemble techniques

"...Apart from diseases pollution also influence dangerous climate, weather conditions and may cause acid rain, global warming, ozone layer depletion, rainfall declines, etc..."

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Processes and separation technologies for the production of fuel-grade bioethanol: a review

"...Moreover, bioethanol is a biofuel that has similar energy content to gasoline, but emits less toxic pollutants compared to fossil fuels..."

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Nanofibers for Sustainable Filtration: A Waste to Energy Approach

"...Air, a crucial requirement of human life, has been increasingly polluted day by day with rapid growth of industries, especially fossil fuel-driven ones, deforestation and urbanization..."

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Nature-Based Treatment Systems for Reclaimed Water Use in Agriculture in Mediterranean Countries

"...The use of reclaimed water (RW) in agriculture is a way to reduce water scarcity, alleviate pressures on groundwater and other freshwater resources, and improve irrigated crop productivity and environmental sustainability..."

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