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News and Opinion

Coverage of pollution since April 14, 2021.

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Monique Keiran: Sustaining emissions drop from pandemic will require drastic action

"...The drop in traffic din and other noise pollution was immediate and obvious, noticeable even to Great Two-legged Galoots like Nature Boy. It was the first summer in decades when he was able to sleep without earplugs when the window was open..."

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Coal consultation terms of reference called 'staggering betrayal of public's trust'

"...The AWA said if the consultation committee follows the terms of reference the upcoming consultations will focus only on matters related to coal, that are under the energy minister's jurisdiction. That means the consultation won't include subjects like water quality or allocation, selenium pollution, species at risk, land use or recreational impacts..."

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Should you switch to battery-powered lawn tools? Expert provides advice

"...“Battery powered tools reduce air pollution, but they can also reduce the noise pollution you might encounter in a typical suburban neighborhood, so your neighbors might thank you, too,” Hope said..."

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The Anthropocene Is Overrated

"...There is every reason to be alarmed about anthropogenic climate change, pollution, and biodiversity loss, all of which have been accelerating in recent decades and do pose existential threats. Warming trends could cause the collapse of Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets that would dramatically increase sea levels by dozens of feet by the end of this century. If that happens, say goodbye to New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, Mumbai, London, Istanbul, Dubai, St..."

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Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) Expanding the Greenbelt for Nature and People

"...Anastasia's presentation is available here: Expand the Greenbelt for Nature and People (CELA presentation)..."

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Sustainability Award at the BUS2BUS exhibition. Solaris, Iveco and many more awarded

"...Of course, the Crossway and Crossway Low Entry Natural Power buses also help to save natural resources, as they are 100% compatible with biomethane, produced from organic waste. The vehicles thus have an excellent carbon balance and make a concrete contribution to the energy transition in local public transport. The environmental benefit is a reduction in greenhouse gas production of up to 95%..."

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Google Earth adds time-lapse video to depict climate change

"...The yearly imagery will vividly illustrate how climate change has affected glaciers, beaches, forests and other places worldwide Associated PressApr. 15, 2021 5:53 p. m..."

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Canadian Taxpayers Association slams federal conservative carbon tax plan

"...The so-called “personal low carbon savings account” is a signature policy of the party’s plan to tackle climate change, which was unveiled Thursday..."

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Launching a new report on transforming home energy retrofit programs across British Columbia

"...Our newest report now turns to the topic of income-qualified energy efficiency programs, in particular, the Energy Conservation Assistance Program (ECAP) administered by utilities including BC Hydro and FortisBC, through a lens of equity-based program design. We considered the customer experience in depth, including a process of “journey mapping” the path of a participant through all stages of ECAP. Our research also looked at better practices and program examples from several other jurisdictions including Ontario, Nova Scotia, California, and Vermont..."

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From smoky skies to a green horizon: Scientists convert fire-risk wood waste into biofuel

"...In a study led by Barcelos and Sundstrom, the scientists used non-toxic chemicals, commercially available enzymes, and a specially engineered strain of yeast to convert wood into ethanol in a single reactor, or "pot. " Furthermore, a subsequent technological and economic analysis helped the team identify the necessary improvements required to reach ethanol production at $3 per gasoline gallon equivalent (GGE) via this conversion pathway. The work is the first-ever end-to-end process for ethanol production from woody biomass featuring both high conversion efficiency and a simple one-pot configuration..."

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How the humble woodchip is cleaning up water worldwide

"..."Nitrogen pollution from farms is relevant around the world, from corn and bean farms here in Illinois to sugarcane and pineapple farms in Australia to diverse farms bordered by ditches in Belgium. We're all dealing with this issue. It's really exciting that bioreactors are bringing us together around a potential solution," says Laura Christianson, assistant professor in the Department of Crop Sciences at the University of Illinois and lead author on a new synthesis article accepted for publication in Transactions of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE)..."

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AI pinpoints local pollution hotspots using satellite images

"..."Before now, researchers trying to measure the distribution of air pollutants throughout a city would either try to use the limited number of existing monitors or drive sensors around a city in vehicles," said Mike Bergin, professor of civil and environmental engineering at Duke. "But setting up sensor networks is time-consuming and costly, and the only thing that driving a sensor around really tells you is that roads are big sources of pollutants. Being able to find local hotspots of air pollution using satellite images is hugely advantageous..."

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Jobs in pollution

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

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Wastewater Operator - 2nd Shift

"...Responsibilities include the overall operation and upkeep of the facility's wastewater system based on applicable local or national pollution ordinances; mixing the chemical..."

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InnServices - Utilities Operator - Water

"...InnServices owns and operates two water pollution control plants, one surface water treatment plant, municipal wells, and the..."

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Project Scientist

"...Development of work plans and budgets for contaminated sites investigation or..."

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Mid Level Engineer - Odor Control, and Industrial Ventilation in Whitby , Ontario

"...air quality practice and air quality engineering are strong and well diversified services providing technical support studies, odour control systems design, air pollution control systems engineering..."

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Recent episodes that mention pollution.

RealAg LIVE! with Todd Lewis and Marla Orenstein on what's next for the carbon tax

Duration: 35:04

"...The federal government has the right to impose a national price on pollution, says the Supreme Court of Canada..."

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Texas Freeze Led to Pollution, But Likely No Fines

Duration: 14:14

"...Industrial sites in Texas spewed much more air pollution than normal as a result of the frigid temperatures there last month and the ensuing infrastructure failures. ..."

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Anthropogenic Noise! (Human sound pollution)

Duration: 36:26

"...HELLO? CAN YOU HEAR US? We're looking at the problem of anthropogenic noise, or human sound pollution. ..."

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PPE and Plastic Pollution

Duration: 57:37

"...Pandemic PPE is just the tip of the iceberg, says OceanAsia's Dr..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about pollution.

We're One Step Closer To Solving The Ocean Plastic Crisis, Here's How | The Swim

"...Ben's core mission is to raise awareness for ocean health issues, so we’ll investigate key topics such as pollution and plastics as he swims closer to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, discover potential consequences from climate change, and examine how factors like ocean currents can impact his progress along the way..."

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The Commonwealth Marine Economies Programme - The Pacific

"...Her research has been focused on fate and consequence of pollutants in the freshwater, coastal and offshore marine waters, and establishing links between the freshwater zone and marine system and coastal zone management with extensive experience of designing, implementing and evaluating monitoring programs to assess environmental impacts of human activity on the marine and coastal zone..."

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How Catalytic Converters Reduce Pollution

"...While three-way catalytic converters are more efficient at removing pollutants, their effectiveness is highly sensitive to the air-fuel mixture ratio..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about pollution relevant to the latest news.

Fifty years of EPA science for air quality management and control

"...Many of the advances in air pollutant measurement, monitoring, modeling, and control were developed by EPA researchers or supported by EPA programs..."

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Impacts of noise barriers on near-viaduct air quality in a city: A case study in Xi'an

"...Lower traffic-related air pollutant concentrations were observed on the lee side of the noise barrier than at the non-barrier site section..."

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Enhancing anaerobic digestion process with addition of conductive materials

"...Results regarding activities of microorganisms and morphology and properties of sludge were described and commented, and future research needs were also proposed which included better understanding of the roles of DIET in each step of anaerobic digestion, mechanisms of metabolism of pollutants in DIET-established systems and inhibition of excessive dosage of conductive materials..."

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Effects of sunshields on vehicular pollutant dispersion and indoor air quality: Comparison between isothermal and nonisothermal

"...The effects of horizontal sunshields on the vehicular pollutant dispersion and indoor air quality of single-sided ventilation windward rooms along a street canyon is investigated in this study under both isothermal and nonisothermal conditions..."

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Design, Development, and Technological Advancements in Gas Burners for Domestic Cook Stoves: A Review

"...Though the use of gaseous fuels lowers the household air pollution, early domestic gas burners were low in thermal performance with efficiency value of around 40%..."

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Water Quality Analysis of the Yangtze and the Rhine River: A Comparative Study Based on Monitoring Data from 2007 to 2018

"...Monitoring water environmental quality of large rivers is the basis of river evaluation and local environmental protection worldwide..."

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Assembly of fungal mycelium-carbon nanotube composites and their application in pyrene removal

"...The versatility of this assembly approach was also confirmed by adding different nanomaterials and using them to remove different pollutants..."

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Multiple Strategies to Enhance Degradation of Antibiotic by K 2?x Mn 8 O 16 Nanowire Hydrogels for Activating Peroxymonosulfate

"...Tetracycline (TC), as a typical micro-pollutant in natural environment, has attracted much attention..."

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Changes in Intestinal Microbiota Due to the Expanded Polystyrene Diet of Mealworms ( Tenebrio molitor )

"...Expanded polystyrene (EPS), which is difficult to decompose, is usually buried or incinerated, causing the natural environment to be contaminated with microplastics and environmental hormones..."

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Compound-specific radiocarbon reveals sources and land–sea transport of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in an urban estuary

"...In the JRE, fluvial erosions and anthropogenic emissions affected the 14C signature of perylene (Δ14Cperylene, -535 ± 5‰) with contributions of > 38% and < 62%, respectively..."

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Preparation of highly stable and easily regenerated sulfuretted nZVI via one-pot fast pyrolysis method for the removal of diclof

"...To overcome these limitations, one-pot fast pyrolysis of FeSO4-loaded lignocellulosic biomass was proposed to obtain highly stable biochar-supported S-nZVI (S-nZVI/BC) nanoparticles..."

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