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News and Opinion

Coverage of pollution since November 19, 2021.

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The impact of B.C.'s flooding on local waterways

"...Ken Ashley, Director of the Rivers Institute at BCIT, discusses how flooding can carry pollutants into rivers and other waterways, and the potential long-term implications..."

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Liberals say environment must be the issue at the ballot box in 2022 Quebec election

"..."Not only must the fight against climate change, centred on the development of the green hydrogen sector, become the central element of the PLQ's program, but it must above all be the key element of the next election campaign, the one that will determine which of the parties will form the next government," said Anglade..."

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UBC’s Kevin Kung and Vidyut Mohan find solution for New Delhi’s pollution

"...Many farmers burn their crop residue, which has devastating effects on climate and human health through smoke pollution or by providing fuel to feed catastrophic wildfires. Using MiniTorr to transform the waste at the local level into fertilizer means farmers can improve their crop yields and invest the money into their daily operations—all while cutting down on carbon emission, improving air quality and reducing wildfire risk..."

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Ford government is harming endangered species, boosting industry through environment ministry: audit The Narwhal

"...In a series of blistering reports Monday, Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk outlined a broad range of failures by Ford’s Progressive Conservatives. The environment ministry is “deliberately ignoring” public transparency rules, billing taxpayers for hazardous waste spills instead of charging companies that pollute, allowing industry to avoid recycling as landfills reach capacity and rubber-stamping permits to destroy endangered species habitat, she found..."

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How Edmonton could ban plastic bags, straws and styrofoam by 2023

"..."There are environmental, social, and economic impacts from the production, consumption and disposal of SUI, such as greenhouse gas emissions, consumption of natural resources, and water pollution. "..."

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Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) Upcoming Event: Toxic Neighbour

"...Eugene Bourgeois had no concerns about nuclear energy in 1974 when he located his farm next door to the world's largest nuclear facility – Bruce Nuclear Station in Kincardine, Ontario..."

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E-Tips: Reducing the Use of Plastics

"...Plastic packaging accounts for 47 per cent of plastic waste discarded, and most single use plastics are used for packaging. In 2019 alone, 340,000 tons of plastic waste was thrown out in B. C..."

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Putting out the fire: How to cleanly heat a cold country that’s hooked on natural gas Corporate Knights

"...Purcell and others believe one near-term fix is for governments to mandate that gas companies increase the use of renewable natural gas (RNG), created using methane emissions from water treatment plants, landfills or agricultural waste. In B. C..."

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Renewable electrosynthesis: Closing the carbon loop

"...Koenig’s research focuses on the design and development of new catalysts for carbon dioxide conversion. Closing the carbon loop can be described as taking the emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels, for example, and capturing this CO2, performing a conversion type of experiment harnessing this CO2 electrochemically or photochemically. The carbon dioxide is converted back into some sort of a chemical feedstock, or fuel, at which point it can be stored and used as an alternative type of fuel —basically, the same way you would treat fossil fuels to be stored and used for energy purposes..."

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FOREST INK: Air current burners are environment friendly wood waste disposal systems

"...Biochar, as a porous carbon substance that retains water, makes nutrients more available thereby strengthening plants in agriculture, gardening and woodlands. It is produced naturally by forest fires (especially large burn piles) and agricultural field burning but relatively little biochar is produced and a lot of smoke pollution also results..."

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Quebec Solidaire members meet to adopt platform for next year's election

"...Already, at the opening of the convention, QS announced its intention to ban "ultra-polluting" advertising, i. e. on fossil fuels and gasoline-powered sport utility vehicles (SUVs), as of 2022..."

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LETTER: Leaf blowers should be banned

"...I have observed on many occasions, people using gasoline-powered devices chasing a few leaves from the pavement when a million more leaves are still on the trees. They are not only noisy, but smelly and add to air pollution. Get rid of them, please..."

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Jobs in pollution

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Mechanical Technologist

"...Water Pollution Control Plant where our firm was retained as the prime consultant for a 5M upgrade to the WWTP, known today as one of the most significant municipal projects in the city’s history..."

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Associate Faculty, MA in Environment and Management

"...You’ll examine many topics related to sustainability, from climate pollution and biodiversity loss, to reconciliation and social and community innovations..."

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Environmental Health and Safety Manager

"...chemical labeling, waste management, spill prevention and storm water pollution prevention through written reports and recommendations..."

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Aluminium Industry- Environmental Process Consultant

"...Environmental Process Consultant will be very familiar with the design, construction and operation of pollution control facilities for aluminium smelters such as:..."

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Recent episodes that mention pollution.

63: Light pollution! What’s up with bulbs, brightness and blinding nature?

Duration: 40:46

"...Source: For What It's Earth..."

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An interactive map to track (and end) pollution in China | Ma Jun

Duration: 11:51

"...Source: TED Talks Daily..."

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Air Pollution Rules Buckle Under Brutal Heat Waves

Duration: 12:41

"...Extreme heat waves are breaking out all across the country, and some environmental activists are questioning whether this unprecedented summer is making the EPA's air pollution regulations obsolete. ..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about pollution.

Water Purifcation Systems for Hiking, Biking & More, Plus Magnetic Declination and Compass Choice

"...01:26 Is there a water purification system that is suitable for self-propelled journeys such as bike-packing and back-packing, that will deal with viruses, bacteria, pollutants, etc? ..."

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Transforming cities with technology | The Economist

"...Cities consume three-quarters of the world’s energy each year and are responsible for around 50% of greenhouse gas emissions..."

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Impactful Health R&D – Founder Series

"...Wasted produce ends up in landfills that create methane which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions..."

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Protecting the Himalayan Glaciers: Climate Change, Black Carbon, and Regional Resilience

"...Climate change and air pollution are speeding up the melting of the Himalayan glaciers, jeopardizing the lives and livelihoods of 750 million people who rely on the water from these glaciers and snows..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about pollution relevant to the latest news.

Thermochemical Conversion of Biomass Waste to Amorphous Phase Carbon for Treating Industrial Waste Water

"...The first part of the chapter overviews the recent advances in thermochemical processes; used to produce functionalized lingo-cellulosic fiber, biochar and activated carbon for water treatmentwhich can strengthen sustainable circular economy..."

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Climate Change Mitigation Through Smart Environmental Monitoring of the Urban Ecosystem in Insular Touristic Cities: Experience

"...Cities, and general urban areas, contribute critically to climate change because of the GHGs related to traffic congestion, fossil fuel consumption, noise and air pollution..."

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Environmental Issues in Serbia: Pollution and Nature Conservation

"...It is facing the serious air pollution in the major cities (category III), low level of the wastewater from utility and industrial sources (that less than 15%), an inadequate waste management with a small percentage of recycling, as well as the degradation and pollution of the quality soil which is one of the key natural resources in Serbia..."

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Soil Acidification Patterns Due to Long-Term Sulphur and Nitrogen Deposition and How They Affect Changes in Vegetation Composit

"...Mountain forests and high mountain grasslands developed on shallow soils exhibit the highest levels of sensitivity to acidic pollutants and climate change in Eastern Serbia..."

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Emerging Nano-Structured Metal Oxides for Detoxification of Organic Pollutants Towards Environmental Remediation: Overview and

"...Detoxification of water pollutant using cost-effective, environmentally benign and sustainable approach is an effective way to deal with waste water treatment, to accomplish pure and healthy drinking water..."

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Implications of a Natural Ventilation Retrofit of an Office Building

"...The US Environmental Protection Agency exposed that indoor levels of air pollutants may be as much as five times as high as outdoor levels..."

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Urban areas, human health and technosols for the green deal

"...A healthy soil is the one which maintains the capacity to support ecosystem services, so it can provide numerous benefits to human health and well-being (carbon sequestration, protection against flooding, retention and immobilization of pollutants and a growth media for vegetation and food production)..."

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Emission of Hazardous Air Pollution in the Composite Production

"...Composite production contributes to air pollution by releasing hazardous pollutants into the atmosphere..."

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Application of Surface-Modified Electrode Materials in Wastewater Treatment

"...Photo-active metal oxides (PMOs) have outstanding physical and chemical properties which are ideal to disintegrate wastewater pollutants..."

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Zeolite for Treatment of Distillery Wastewater in Fluidized Bed Systems

"...Distillery wastewater is among the most polluting industrial effluent because it contains high organic load and significant amount of inorganic pollutants such as phosphates, sulphates, nitrates, chloride, calcium and potassium..."

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Biologia Futura: can co-management protect Saint Martin?s corals of Bangladesh?

"...The incremental chemical pollutants emanating from agricultural and tourism sources are threatening the existence of the corals..."

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Assessment of rural ecological environment development in China?s moderately developed areas: a case study of Xinxiang, Henan p

"...Due to the backward production technology and pollution control technology, many township enterprises discharge excessive pollutants, and excessive application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in agricultural production causes serious agricultural non-point source pollution..."

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