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Coverage of population growth since January 22, 2024.

BLOG: Free-spending Nova Scotia budget gets failing grade

"...The Houston government on Thursday tabled its budget for 2024/25, and the plan is straightforwardspend, spend, spend. The government has doubled down on what was already a free-spending approach to provincial finances by promising a deficit this coming year, deficits to at least 2027/28, rapidly rising debt, and no plan for a return to budget balance. Specifically, the government projects a deficit of $467..."


Spending restraint in Ottawa could help reduce inflation : op-ed

"...Over the past two years, Canadians have felt the sting of rising interest rates and high inflation. The Bank of Canadas short-term policy interest rate jumped from essentially zero in 2021 to 5 per cent by mid-2023, which in turn pushed up market-determined interest rates such as those for mortgages. Meanwhile, inflation climbed from less than 2 per cent in 2020 to an annual average of 6..."


BLOG: Ontarios housing woesa supply-side problem

"...Housing prices in Ontario, like in much of the rest of Canada, have soared because of several factors including supply constraints combined with rising demand fuelled by robust population growth. The most recent installment in this ongoing saga is the federal governments move to cap international student visas to which Ontario has announced measures requiring universities and colleges to guarantee student housingthough how this is to be done is a good question. These short term reactive regulatory actions at both the federal and provincial level will ultimately do little to solve the problem of scarce and expensive housing because they do not address the root of the problemthe supply side, particularly the high cost of building new homes, which results in meagre efforts to build new housing stock..."


Canada's housing supply can't keep up with demand: expert CityNews Winnipeg

"...Douglas Porter, chief economist and managing director at BMO Financial Group tells CityNews it's impossible to keep up with the demand caused by the recent population growth..."


Langley asks province to fund school expansion

"...The City of Langley wants the province to provide funding for a school expansion to address overcrowding caused by rapid population growth..."


BC Hydro prepares for drop in water supply at biggest reservoirs

"...But the lack of new generating capacityhas also raised concerns among some experts. A 2022 study from researchers at the University of British Columbia warned that the province'sreservoirswon't be able tokeep upwith population growthandthe added load of a full-scale societal switch to electric vehicles and heating..."


Hudson's Hope all-candidates forum held ahead of by-election

"...Topics discussed at the forum included addressing economic issues in the district, providing clean water, and driving population growth. Other issues brought up included maintaining health care services and infrastructure..."


Is Alberta ready for population growth?

"...But is Alberta ready for population growth?Through the first three quarters of 2023, more than 45,000 people moved to Alberta from within Canada. Economic experts say there are several reasons for this, including the fact that major centres in the province can grow with the population, unlike other metropolitan areas in the country. One of the biggest motivators however is lower prices..."


Dont look to the BoC to solve Canadas housing and economic woes, governon says

"...Macklem also warned in his speech that interest rates cant fuel economic growth in the long run, noting that can only be accomplished through population growth or productivity growth..."


Vacancy rate remains the same despite record building in Halifax: CMHC

"...Findings also show vacancy rates continue to hover around one per cent, which is among the lowest in the country. That's because building growth has coincided with record population growth..."


Carson Binda: Vancouver spends hundreds of millions outside of core mandate

"...City operating costs have risen 29 per cent above the consumer price index in the past decade, largely due to increased spending on public safety and utilities. But those costs have far outpaced inflation and population growth, according to the taskforce..."


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Recent episodes that mention population growth.

RealAg Radio: Population growth, ag manufacturer deals, and global logistic problems, Dec 22, 2023

Duration: 54:38

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RealAg Radio, April 2: A Beef Market Update, neonics, rural growth, and farm succession on the issues panel

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about population growth.

The 100 Year Journey to Proxima Centauri B (Sci-Fi Documentary)

"...This is a sci-fi documentary, looking at the 100 years it will take a nuclear fusion spacecraft to travel to Proxima Centauri b..."


Why Overpopulation Isnt the Problem You Think It Is

"...These populations typically lack the technology and wealth that result in high energy expenditure, increased industrialization, and pollution..."


When food becomes scarce ? high-tech farms of the future | DW Documentary

"...Food production will become increasingly difficult in the face of growing challenges like rapid population growth, climate change and soil exhaustion..."


Exploring Ecosystems: Coastal Food Webs | California Academy of Sciences

"...How will a change in an ecosystem affect energy flow, nutrient cycling, population growth, or community structure? ..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about population growth relevant to the latest news.

The role of technological innovation, economic policy uncertainty, and poverty reduction in attaining environmental sustainabil

"...Notably, the demesne of energy and environmental literature has not recently undertaken an inclusive investigation of the complications of economic policy uncertainty with combating poverty policies on ecological footprint..."


Environmental impacts of a sprawling rural city on drinking water supply and quality in view of population growth prognostics a

"...In recent years, the water supply has become problematic given the rapid population growth, lower annual precipitation rates due to climate change, and mismanagement of the water supply?demand strategy for near and future perspectives..."


The race between global economic growth and carbon emissions: based on a comparative study of developed and developing countrie

"...(2) Economic growth predominantly contributed to increased carbon emissions, with a lesser impact from population growth..."


Community-centred scenarios development for water?energy?food security on Zanzibar

"...Major drivers of land use and land cover change affecting water?energy?food security were identified; these include population growth, development and climate change..."


A system dynamics simulation-based strategic analysis of integrated water resources utilization and management in Shenzhen city

"...To tackle this challenge, several effective measures should be implemented, including enhancing water conservation capabilities, developing seawater resources, promoting water reuse, optimizing the economic structure, and managing population growth..."


Implications of Population Growth on Food Security in Saudi Arabia

"...Food security is currently an important priority for Saudi Arabia, especially since the country imports about 70?80% of its basic food commodity needs, constituting a threat to strategic food security and financial situation, considering the steady decline in oil prices..."


The Effect of Farmers' Livelihood Capital on Non-agricultural Income Based on the Regulatory Effect of Returning Farmland

"...Natural resources such as arable land and forest land are the natural capital that farmers depend on for survival, and the foundation must be protected..."


Mapping of population growth influence on land use transformation from 1994 to 2015 in Madaba Governorate, Jordan

"...Its evolving landscape, marked by changes in land use, presents environmental and socio-economic challenges that necessitate sustainable urban planning and land management practices..."


Rapid urban expansion and potential disaster risk on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau in the 21st century

"...Context Cities are still expanding in many parts of the world in the 21st century, especially in developing regions, where socioeconomic transition has triggered urbanization..."


A survey of smart dustbin systems using the IoT and deep learning

"...Conventional solid waste management systems have proved to be increasingly harmful in densely populated areas like smart cities..."


A circular economy approach to design a citrus supply chain network

"...In the past decade, the implementation of the circular economy has emerged as a compelling alternative to the linear model, proving effective in addressing critical global challenges such as climate change, population growth, and the depletion of non-renewable resources..."


Private Landowners? Perspectives on Feral Swine and Regulation?Evidence from Arkansas, Louisiana, and East Texas

"...Feral swine (FS) (Sus scrofa) are an invasive species that has spread widely across the southern United States, including the West Gulf region..."