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Population Growth

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News and Opinion

Coverage of population growth since March 18, 2021.

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A new guide for communicating plant science

"...Take the food supply, for starters. Climate change and population growth will continue to pose challenges in the future, and crop production will require innovation and progress by plant scientists in order to keep pace. It isn't an overstatement to say that populations around the world will go hungry if plant science stagnates, said Gustavo MacIntosh, a professor in the Roy J..."

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US intelligence warns of dire climate consequences that biotech could ease

"...The 156-page “Global Trends 2040: A More Contested World” report, produced by the National Intelligence Council (NIC), predicts there will be more extreme storms, droughts and floods, as well as melting glaciers and ice caps. Rising sea levels will also accompany rising temperatures. The impact will disproportionately fall on the developing world and poorer regions and intersect with environmental degradation to create new vulnerabilities and exacerbate existing risks to economic prosperity, food, water, health and energy security..."

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Roadside invader: The higher the traffic, the easier the invasive common ragweed disperses

"...Surprisingly, high-traffic road cells displayed a consistently high population growth rate even in shaded and less disturbed road sections - meaning that shading alone would not be enough to control ragweed invasions in these sections. Population growth proceeded even on roadsides with less suitable habitat conditions - but only along high-traffic roads, and declined with reduced traffic intensity. This indicates that seed dispersal by vehicles and by road maintenance can compensate, at least partly, for less favorable habitat conditions..."

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Local environmental groups speak out against proposed highway

"...The ministry studies cited expected significant population growth in the region. An environmental assessment was conducted in 1997 and the project received approval in 2002.  ..."

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City staff looking to increase Hamilton's urban boundary size to accommodate population growth

"...City staff want to increase the size of Hamilton's urban boundary to accommodate population growth to the year 2051..."

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The race is on, but cooling industry needs to accelerate net zero efforts

"...Paris, Nairobi, London, 29 March 2021 - Five major cooling suppliers are racing to net zero but they represent fewer than ten per cent of the 54 suppliers assessed in a new report, meaning the industry has a lot of work to do to catch up on climate action and reduce pollution from the sector, currently estimated at 7% of global greenhouse gas emissions..."

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Jordan's worsening water crisis a warning for the world

"...Jordan's deepening water crisis offers a glimpse of challenges that loom elsewhere as a result of climate change, population growth, intensifying water use, demographic shocks and heightened competition for water across boundaries, said study co-author and Stanford hydrologist Steve Gorelick, who directs the Global Freshwater Initiative at Stanford's Woods Institute for the Environment. The World Health Organization estimates half of humanity may live in water-stressed areas by 2025, and the United Nations anticipates water scarcity could displace 700 million people by 2030..."

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‘Daylighting' lost rivers helps combat climate change, say Okanagan experts

"...The presentation was co-sponsored by the OBWB and UBC Okanagan Institute for Biodiversity, Reslience and Ecosystem Services..."

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Letter: Alberta isn't growing in population unlike what premier says

"...As reported in the Advocate on March 18, Jason Kenney told the Rural Municipalities of Alberta that “Alberta is leading the nation’s provinces in population growth” and “the growth in population is amazing…”..."

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Short-lived plant species are more climate-sensitive

"...Climate change is considered to be one of the greatest threats to plant species diversity. To set the right priorities in nature conservation policy, it is crucial to know which regions of the world and which types of species are particularly threatened by climate change..."

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Strengthening water resources planning in East Africa

"...East Africa is the world's fastest growing region outside of Asia, with an estimated growth of 5% and above over the last decade. Part of this success can likely be attributed to the East Africa Vision 2050, which was launched in 2015 by the Heads of States of the East African Community (EAC) - an intergovernmental organization composed of six countries in the African Great Lakes region in eastern Africa. If the region's rapid development were to continue in a sustainable manner, it will have beneficial impacts for the entire African continent..."

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Recent episodes that mention population growth.

RealAg Radio, April 2: A Beef Market Update, neonics, rural growth, and farm succession on the issues panel

Duration: 55:11

"...On today’s  edition of RealAg Radio, you’ll hear a Beef Market Update with Anne Wasko, of Gateway Livestock Exchange..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about population growth.

Population Growth. Is it out of control?

"...Population growth tends to invoke quite an emotional response in many people..."

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Why Overpopulation Isn’t the Problem You Think It Is

"...These populations typically lack the technology and wealth that result in high energy expenditure, increased industrialization, and pollution..."

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Exploring Ecosystems: Coastal Food Webs | California Academy of Sciences

"...How will a change in an ecosystem affect energy flow, nutrient cycling, population growth, or community structure? ..."

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Population Ecology: The Texas Mosquito Mystery - Crash Course Ecology #2

"...Population ecology is the study of groups within a species that interact mostly with each other, and it examines how they live together in one geographic area to understand why these populations are different in one time and place than they are in another..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about population growth relevant to the latest news.

Vulnerability assessment, transport modeling and simulation of nitrate in groundwater using SI method and modflow-MT3DMS softwa

"...On the other hand, the region has suffered from inefficient usage and mismanagement of water resource due to appropriate legal, political, and economic frameworks to take into consideration the regional vulnerability to climate change and population growth..."

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Wastewater reclamation and reuse potentials in agriculture: towards environmental sustainability

"...In relation to reclamation, conventional wastewater treatment plants are designed to remove organic matter, total solids, and nutrients but fail to remove the emerging micropollutants..."

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Impacts of Climatic Change and Database Information Design on the Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Water-Scarce Regions

"...These impacts can trickle down to affect other links in the nexus such as the energy and food supply as well as Tanfeedh plans for economic diversification in agriculture and fisheries proposed by the central government..."

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Modelling the network economy: A population ecology perspective on network dynamics

"...We furthermore offer a simulation based on this framework, which supports the thesis that the density of a symbiotic organizational population and a competitive organizational population increases rapidly in the initial stage of organizational population growth, while, at the same time, the platform-based organizational population increases gradually..."

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Nature-Based Solutions and Circularity in Cities

"...Cities worldwide are facing a number of serious challenges including population growth, resource depletion, climate change, and degradation of ecosystems..."

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Tropical Wetland Persistence through the Anthropocene: Multiproxy reconstruction of environmental change in a Maya agroecosystem

"...We demonstrate the complexity and scale of human engineering and modification of soil and water resources, provide a new chronology for ancient wetland use, and present new evidence for the farming of economic plants as well as the succession of tropical wetlands after intensive anthropogenic manipulation ceased..."

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A succinct review and analysis of drivers and impacts of agricultural land transformations in Asia

"...Intensive farming practices have put pressure on ecosystems leading to declining total factor productivity, land degradation, soil erosion, loss of soil fertility, and GHG emissions..."

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Impact of urbanization on hydrogeochemistry and trace metal distribution on five major ponds in the holy city of Gaya, India

"...Gaya, a prominent city of Bihar (India) with rich cultural and religious significance has been susceptible to massive urbanization, population growth and pollution which have huge impact on its surface water bodies..."

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Transitions in land use and cover and their dynamic mechanisms in the Haihe River Basin, China

"...In this study, 1-km gridded land use maps from 1980, 1990, 1995, 2000, 2005, 2010, and 2015 were used to analyze transitions in the spatial distribution and land use/cover in the Haihe River Basin (HRB) of China..."

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Riverbank erosion and migration inter-linkage: with special focus on Assam, India

"...However, it can be interpret that farmers mostly affected due to riverbank erosion and migrate more, because most of the inhabitants of the floodplain areas are the farmers..."

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Development of System Dynamics for Holistic Conceptualization of Water Resources Problems Using Grounded Theory: A Case Study o

"...Moreover, the main problems in socioeconomic system of Zayandehrud basin, which have been less studied in previous researches, include: population growth, immigration, rising per capita water consumption, growth of the industrial and agricultural sector, improper development of pressurized irrigation systems, changing the water allocation to an unfair pattern, and rising unemployment..."

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