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Coverage of power reactors since June 24, 2020.

SaskPower announces partnership to develop small modular nuclear reactors

"...“Today's announcement is about so much more than a partnership agreement,” said SaskPower CEO Rupen Pandya on Monday. “Not only does it mark another milestone for our small modular reactor development project, but it also marks the leading role our provinces are poised to play in nuclear power development in Canada and around the world. ”Dustin Duncan, the Saskatchewan minister responsible for SaskPower, said the “master services agreement” is a five-year plan and that all three partners are committing to building a clean energy future to help streamline small modular reactors (SMR) development in the province..."


Time running out for Ontario to formally request Pickering nuclear power station extension

"...The need for PickeringBy the Ford government's own admission, Ontario will become a power-hungry province over the course of this decade as new electric vehicle battery manufacturing plants, electrification of transportation networks and increased population growth contribute to the demand. “We're going to need a lot more electricity,” Smith said at a news conference on May 25. At the same time, the province has been facing an impending cliff with the scheduled decommissioning of the Pickering site at the end of 2024 and the refurbishment of Darlington nuclear power station..."


Will SMRs seed a nuclear renaissance? Corporate Knights

"...Corporate Knights does not consider new nuclear power projects to be “green” in its Sustainable Economy Taxonomy. In July, the European Union overturned a draft proposal and included nuclear in its taxonomy for the purposes of green investing, though that controversial decision is being challenged in court by Austria, backed by several environmental groups..."


Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) Bait-and-Switch? A Look at CELA’s Intervention Opposing Canada’s first ever SM

"...CELA and Durham Nuclear Awareness (DNA) are jointly intervening in Ontario Power Generation (OPG)’s request for a renewal of its nuclear power reactor site preparation licence in Darlington, Ontario. Canada’s nuclear safety regulator, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission’s (CNSC) will hold a public hearing on June 9 – 11, 2021. The public is invited to watch..."


Moe hints at coming developments for small modular reactors and carbon capture

"...Moe concluded, “So, many opportunities ahead on both fronts, the small modular nuclear power reactors, as well as the potential for really taking the next step in carbon capture and storage and moving it, not only to bumping the yield, and taking carbon out of every fourth barrel of oil that we produce in the enhanced oil recovery process, but really moving this on to the next conversation around hydrogen production and some of the opportunities that we’re being informed about, quite frankly, by private industry there. ”..."


Ontario Power Generation resumes planning for new nuclear reactor at Darlington site

"...CLARINGTON, Ont. — Ontario Power Generation says it's resuming planning activities for a new nuclear power reactor at its Darlington site. OPG says the small modular reactor is scheduled to be completed by 2028..."


Agreement signed to advance Lutetium-177 isotope production to meet global demand for critical cancer-fighting therapies

"...ITM Medical Isotopes GmbH and Isogen have signed a formal supply arrangement to provide a reliable supply of Lutetium-177 to the world’s health-care system using Bruce Power reactors as a key supply source. ITM Medical Isotopes GmbH, based in Munich, is a subsidiary of the biotechnology and radiopharmaceutical group of companies Isotopen Technologien München AG (ITM), and Isogen is a joint venture between nuclear companies Framatome and Kinectrics. The arrangement was made possible through Isogen’s partnership with Bruce Power, Canada’s only private-sector nuclear energy generator, in combination with ITM’s know-how in the development of medical isotopes, and will ensure reliable, consistent supply of medical isotopes for use in targeted therapies for cancer patients around the world for the next 15 years..."


Typhoon pummels South Korea with flooding, damaging winds

"...Four nuclear power reactors near Busan automatically shut down because of electricity supply issues, but no leak of radioactive materials was detected, South Korea’s Ministry of the Interior and Safety said..."


Record Floods Threaten Nuclear Power Site in Bangladesh

"...In 2017, Bangladesh, with help from Russia, began building a nuclear power plant near the Padma River. Upon its planned completion in 2024, the two-unit nuclear power plant is intended to help meet growing energy demands and improve grid reliability. A 2011 agreement was made with Rosatom, a Russian State Nuclear Energy Corporation, to facilitate the build of two nuclear reactors and establish a legal basis for nuclear cooperation between the two countries..."


Lose weight of fusion reactor component

"...A superconducting coil is essential to realize a magnetic fusion power reactor, in which plasma is required to be confined by a strong magnetic field. The superconducting coil is made of a superconducting conductor wound several hundred times and the coil generates a strong magnetic field by passing a large current flow of about 100 kiloamperes. An electromagnetic force is generated when a magnetic field acts on a coil in which an electric current flows..."


Sask. nuclear office to oversee development of small reactors

"...Small modular reactors are nuclear power reactors that produce between 50 to 300 megawatts of energy. Current nuclear power plants production ranges between 600 and 1,600 megawatts..."


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Jobs in power reactors

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Duty Outage Manager

"...Power, we offer many exciting careers that provide you the opportunity to have the small-town lifestyle..."

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Tooling Specialist - FIN Team in Kincardine , Ontario

"...Since the time this position was originally posted, the Power Business Unit has been acquired by CriticalPoint Capital and is now an independent Company and is no longer..."

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Junior Control Systems Engineer

"...The purpose of this program is to perform a mid-life refurbishment of the Unit 6 reactor to extend its..."

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Tooling Lead (Mechanical Eng) - Shoreline JV

"...Shoreline Power Group will be completing the Fuel Channel and Feeder Replacement (FCFR) project..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about power reactors.

Three Simple Concepts to Understand Fusion

"...The science of nuclear fusion is very complex..."


Portable Nuclear Power

"...In fact, a single gram of fissile nuclear fuel, in theory, contains as much free energy as the gasoline contained within a small fuel tanker truck..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about power reactors relevant to the latest news.

Numerical Modeling of Point Defect Formation Processes During the Nuclear Power Plants Operation

"...This paper considers the defects? influence on the nuclear power reactor operation when the uranium fuel environment..."


Selecting significant contextual factors and estimating their effects on operator reliability in computer-based control rooms

"...In this study, we statistically modeled the reliability of nuclear power plant operators under various contexts using data from fully computerized control rooms..."


Determination of 135Cs concentration and 135Cs/137Cs ratio in waste samples from nuclear decommissioning by chemical separation

"...The developed method was validated by analysis of standard reference materials (IAEA-375) and successfully applied for analysis of zirconium alloy, steel, ion exchange filter paper and spent ion exchange resin from nuclear power reactors..."


Risk reduction design alternatives for low-power and shutdown operation of a 1500-MW advanced power reactor with a passive auxil

"...Its full power risk, or core damage frequency (CDF), was determined to be significantly lower than that of the Advanced Power Reactor 1400 (APR1400) used in Units 3 and 4 of the Shin-Kori Nuclear Power Plant..."


Contribution of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre to the ?Metals Journey of India?

"...BARC is providing materials related support not only for Indian nuclear power reactors but also for heavy water plants, Indian Rare Earths Limited (IREL), Uranium Corporation of India Ltd (UCIL) and various other plants of Department of Atomic Energy (DAE)..."


Experimental Study of Thermal Contact Conductance for Selected Interstitial Materials

"...Enhancement of thermal contact conductance (TCC) has found numerous scopes in a variety of thermal systems such as nuclear power reactor, microelectronics, heat exchangers, dry sliding contacts, etc..."


Improvement of solidification model and analysis of 3D channel blockage with MPS method

"...In a severe accident of a nuclear power reactor, coolant channel blockage by solidified molten core debris may significantly influence the core degradations that follow..."


3D Numerical Investigation on the Performance of the Raft Supported by the Composite, Ordinary and Geosynthetic Encased Columns

"...Reducing the total, differential settlement and increasing adequate bearing capacity are the two basic requirements for the construction of high-rise buildings, bridges, nuclear power reactors and offshore rigs on soft soil..."


Test and Research Reactors in Japan

"...Test and research reactors are nuclear reactors that are designed to conduct education and research using radiation, such as neutrons, differing from light-water reactors that are designed to generate electricity..."


Design and analysis of a free-piston stirling engine for space nuclear power reactor

"...In this paper, a 20-kW FPSE is proposed by analyzing the requirements of space nuclear power reactor..."


Wall Effects on Terminal Velocity of Test Fuel Bundle in the Fuel Test Loop of High Flux Research Reactor

"...Fuel Test Loop (FTL) is a self-contained independent experimental loop which is designed for testing of nuclear fuel materials under simulated power reactor conditions in the High Flux Research Reactor being developed at BARC..."