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Coverage of public health (COVID-19) since September 8, 2023.

During COVID-19 Lockdowns, Fish Hit the Park Hakai Magazine

"...Scores of tropical fish, a substantial shark population, and colorful corals draw thousands of tourists to Mexico’s Cabo Pulmo National Park each month. That is, except from March through August 2020, when restrictions aimed at stemming the spread of COVID-19 barred people from visiting the protected area in the Gulf of California. As it did around the world, the sudden shortfall in tourism dollars hit the local economy hard..."


DeBriefed 17 November 2023: Countries fail 1.5C test; US and China agree on renewables; Why runners care about climate change

"...WRI REPORT: The World Resources Institute’s “state of climate action 2023” report found that “​​countries are falling behind on almost every policy required to cut greenhouse gas emissions”. The Guardian reported that, of the 42 indicators assessed, electric vehicle sales is the only one that is progressing on track. To limit global warming to 1..."


Dal researchers tested the water in a local lake for viruses. Here's what they found

"..."As we continue to optimize, we could in the long run help improve the information we provide to public health agencies. And this could be useful for many sources in addition to freshwater, like groundwater systems and untreated water supplies. It's exciting..."


Ford wedding guests received as many zoning orders as Liberals issued over 15 years: NDP

"...The zoning order was granted to a development group called Argo, which the NDP's research shows is associated with Nico Fidani-Diker, who sat at Table 1 during Ford's daughter's wedding. Other MZOs that have raised eyebrows include a warehouse in Caledon bordering Ontario's Greenbelt, a development in an area of Whitchurch-Stouffville with a flood hazard and a separate warehouse on farmland in Vaughan. The Ford government has, so far, resisted criticism of its reliance on the zoning orders..."


Climate change, post-harvest losses and food wastage mar World Food Day celebrations

"...While the Russia-Ukraine war has been blamed for putting the brakes on global food distribution networks, analysts note that beyond wastage, climate change remains a major challenge in food production. “The return of El Niño this year will exacerbate extreme weather events and lead to record-high global temperatures in some geographies, impacting crop yields in the 2023-24 growing season,” said Tanya Bahita, research analyst at the Economist Intelligence Unit. “Climate change continues to pose long-term threats to food security with significant potential impact on crop productivity..."


Africa making strides in promoting sustainable and resilient cities

"...“Notwithstanding, several cities in the region still grapple with challenges such as climate change [flash floods, food shortages due to droughts, extreme temperatures], poor sanitation, poverty, inadequate housing, inequality, and rapid urbanization, which will put more people at risk of air pollution, which is a major threat to health and is associated with nearly seven million premature deaths annually. ”..."


“Extraordinary growth” in clean energy is keeping the

"...Fossil fuel demand falls 25% by 2030, fossil sector methane emissions drop by three-quarters, energy efficiency adoption doubles, global renewable energy capacity triples, and annual clean energy investment rises from US$1. 8 trillion in 2023 to $4. 5 trillion by the early 2030s in the latest net-zero roadmap published this morning by the International Energy Agency..."


Climate change cost B.C. tourism ‘$100s of millions, never to be recovered’

"...Provincial, regional tourism leaders are calling for quick, immediate relief after wildfire season Wolf DepnerSep. 19, 2023 6:30 a. m..."


Fostering Food Security Through Local Cultures

"...The focus of this project has been to explore how people face issues regarding food security. These issues include, but are not limited to: climate extremes as a result of climate change (such as drought, for example), the role of conventional and organic farming, Saskatchewan’s position in the global food market, and the impact COVID-19 has had on people’s worlds of food from personal practices, like canning and family dinners, to local practices, like farmers markets and community dinners. We have been interested in what ways intangible cultural heritage (refresher here!) may shape and/or be shaped by issues in food security..."


Northwest Food Systems Initiative: Lessons Learned

"...Based in Prince Rupert, the NWFSI set out with the aim to strengthen food systems through three interconnected activities — a demonstration urban farm (Kaien Island Urban Farm), regenerative ocean farming, and a regional food trade network (Northwest Food Network). By weaving on-the-ground urban agriculture, mariculture, and regional sea- and agri-food supply chain development, the NWFSI worked to demonstrate how localized food production and procurement can act as a driver for economic development and community well-being in the Northwest while informing policymakers of local and regional opportunities to alleviate food insecurity..."


Geopolitics a higher risk to BC Hydro than climate change: FOI documents

"...“Ongoing geopolitical and macroeconomic conditions including the war in Ukraine, shifting global trade alliances, energy security, COVID-19 recovery, global inflation, etc. are driving uncertainty resulting in broad range of impacts to our business and our customers,” reads the document..."


Climate Change Could Drown China’s Food Security

"...China is reeling from a record-breaking summer of rainfall and flooding that submerged furrows and destroyed crops, offering a window into how climate change-fueled extreme weather will complicate Beijing’s long-standing quest for food security..."


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Jobs in public health (COVID-19)

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Labourer 1 - Solid Waste and Recycling - City of Burnaby (Burnaby, BC)

"...With this in mind, we hire people who share the same passion, those with the drive and determination to grow with and contribute to our already exceptional team..."

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Planner 2 (Urban Design Planner) - City of Burnaby (Burnaby, BC)

"...An incumbent supervises and participates in the collection and analysis of a wide variety of data required for the completion of major planning projects; conducts independent studies to supplement existing sources of research data; coordinates findings and makes recommendations; reviews and prepares complex development proposals related to residential, commercial and industrial rezoning applications; leads neighbourhood planning processes and the preparation of neighbourhood land use plans; prepares and reviews development and design guidelines for specific projects and answers a variety of questions related thereto; consults with applicants and advisers; liaises with other departments, citizens' groups and standing committees; prepares final reports for submission to Council; participates in the work of professional and technical staff engaged in major master planning projects; prepares comprehensive planning reports for submission to superiors, boards and commissions, and the Municipal Council..."

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Weighmaster (Transfer & Landfill) - City of Vancouver (Vancouver, BC)

"...Cover letters should express interest and highlight additional information relevant to the position and resumes should include a tailored summary of skills and experience related to the position..."

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Labourer 3 - Forestry - City of Burnaby (Burnaby, BC)

"...Considerable knowledge of the practices, methods, tools, materials and safety precautions used in forestry work; of the functions of the division concerned, established procedures governing the work of the division and the relationship between the various applicable divisions of the civic service..."

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Recent episodes that mention public health (COVID-19).

Concerned consumers dramatically shifting asks of grocery retail

Duration: 5:16

"...The past three years have been a rollercoaster ride for the grocery retail business..."


The end of COVID restrictions, failed trade policy, and a little John Wayne: A conversation with Wiesemeyer

Duration: 13:15

"...As always, there are plenty of things to talk about when it comes to the going-ons of the world — especially in geopolitics..."


We can make COVID-19 the last pandemic | Bill Gates

Duration: 14:46

"...Source: TED Talks Daily..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about public health (COVID-19).

Did COVID-19 travel restrictions improve air quality? | Ask a Scientist

"...Elisabeth Galarneau, Research Scientist at Environment and Climate Change Canada, answers a question about the effects of reduced air travel on air quality during COVID-19..."


Food Systems in Crisis: A Roadmap for Action | Davos | #WEF22

"...The Ukraine-Russia war has piled pressure on global food systems in addition to the impact of climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic on food supply chains..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about public health (COVID-19) relevant to the latest news.

Why Small-Scale Circular Agriculture Is Central to Food Security and Environmental Sustainability in Sub-Saharan Africa? The Ca

"...Employing ethnographic methods?comprising field observations, in-depth interviews, and focus group discussions?the research assesses the ecological and economic advantages of five circular agriculture systems (mixed cropping, mixed livestock-crop farming, agroforestry, crop rotation, and cover cropping) across five communities in Ghana?s Ashanti Region..."


The Promethean Fate of Economy: Will Hydrogen Really Be Prometheus III?s New Gift to Humanity?

"...This gift, thanks to the fact that green hydrogen is an easily storable raw material, a clean fuel, a vector and a means for accumulation of energy, can contribute, as already pointed out by Jeremy Rifkin, to overcome, at European level, the problems of exhaustion of non-renewable energy resources, of pollution, of climate change, of security and independence of energy supplies, of economic recovery after covid-19 pandemic and Ukrainian war, of lack of democracy in energy generation..."


Nuts and berries from agroforestry systems in temperate regions can form the foundation for a healthier human diet and improved

"...Agroforestry is a specific type of agroecosystem that includes trees and shrubs with the potential to yield nutrient-rich products that contribute to human health..."


Challenges for the food industry in controlling the transmission of SARS-CoV-2

"...This article aims to present an updated discussion about the relevant aspects of SARS-CoV-2 transmission in food systems and challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic for food industries..."


Umami Taste as a Component of Healthy Diets

"...The effects of climate change on food production, together with the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, have challenged the true resilience of current global food systems, which has been further constrained with the escalation of global conflicts..."


Using random forest to find the discontinuity points for carbon efficiency during COVID-19

"...As there is a constant trade-off between carbon dioxide emissions against economic growth for every government, carbon efficiency is a key indicator to guide sustainable development..."


Lessons from the Criticality of the Spanish High Capacity Road Network on Direct, Representative Democracies and Technocracies

"...The impacts of disruptive events that could affect each road section will be analyzed using the criticality of the high capacity road network in Spain under different policymaking scenarios, such as direct democracy based on pure provincial decentralization (federal or cantonal vision), representative democracy in which decisions are taken by the National Parliament, and the governance based on technocracy stimulated by ?what matters is what works? (Southern Local Economy, 16(4), 264-271, 2001) using an Evidence-Based Policy Making (EBPM) case study based on a Data Envelopment Analysis applied to four accessibility indicators..."


Assessing fiscal multipliers in times of crisis: evidence from selected CEE countries

"...The COVID-19 pandemic proved to be an unprecedented socio-economic crisis in the last decades..."


Inclusive (Healthy and Eco-City) City Planning Prepares for Future Urban Challenges in a Post-pandemic Asian Society

"...? In light of the post-pandemic situation, future cities must strive to be more inclusive, with eco-friendly development practices and a design that prioritises ecosystem services to coexist with nature..."


The resilience and viability of farmers markets in the United States as an alternative food network: case studies from Michigan

"...This paper examines the resilience of farmers markets in Michigan to the system shock of the global COVID-19 pandemic, questioning how the response fits into market goals of food sovereignty..."


Evolution of India?s Policy Response to Hunger, Nutrition, and Food Security Since Independence

"...The Indian government?s policy response then naturally laid priority on increasing aggregate food production by launching the green revolution in the late 1960s..."