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Coverage of rainfall since July 10, 2024.

Were in for a scorcher in Windsor this weekend

"...Weve got some extremely hot weather on tap for this weekend in Windsor, with a heat warning in effect for the region..."


Rescuers in Nepal search for 2 buses with more than 50 people on board that was swept into a river

"...KATHMANDU, Nepal (AP) Searchers scoured a mountain river and surrounding areas Saturday for two buses carrying more than 50 people that were swept away by a landslide a day earlier..."


No swimming advisory continues for two Ottawa beaches

"...OPH says excessive rainfall is to blame for the high levels of E. coli bacteria at both Britannia Beach and Petrie River Beach. As of Thursday, Ottawa received a total of 44..."


Wildfire season close to 10-year average heading into the peak summer months

"...OTTAWA Federal officials say rainfall from the remnants of Hurricane Beryl that has caused flash floods in the Maritimes is also lowering the risk of wildfires in eastern Canada..."


Increasingly popular

"...But Flores co-op has a unique insurance policy: a Luxembourg-based company working with a local Philippines-based insurer pays policyholders based solely on the amount of rainfall and wind speed in a defined area, as measured by satellites. The policies are designed to protect against flooding, drought and typhoons, as well as heat waves..."


Vermonters pummeled by floods exactly 1 year apart begin another cleanup

"...Remnants of Hurricane Beryl dumped heavy rain on Vermont, destroying and damaging homes, knocking out bridges, cutting off towns and retraumatizing a state where some people are still awaiting federal assistance checks from the last catastrophic floods that hit a year ago to the day..."


66 people believed missing after 2 buses swept by landslide on Nepal highway into swollen river

"...Monsoon season that begins in June and ends in September bring heavy rainfall to Nepal usually triggering landslides in the Himalayan country that is mostly covered by mountains..."


Remnants of Beryl hit Moncton

"...The heavy rain remnants of what was Hurricane Beryl hit the Greater Moncton area just before noon Thursday and with it came cooler temperatures, which was a far cry from Wednesday when it felt like 37 C with the Humidex..."


Beryl brings record breaking amount of rain to Waterloo Region

"...Environment Canada recorded a total of 55. 3 mm of rain at the Region of Waterloo International Airport..."


China Briefing 11 July: Wartime flooding emergency; EU tariff impact; Record-low coal share

"...WARTIME EMERGENCY: Extreme weather events continued over the past two weeks. Dongting lake Chinas second-biggest freshwater lake in southern Chinas Hunan province experienced a wide dyke breach on 6 July, the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported. The newspaper found the flooding in Hunan was the most severe flooding seen in 70 years, with local authorities declaring a wartime emergency..."


South Africa's Cape Town is hit by more storms, with 4,500 people displaced by floods and damage

"...The provincial disaster management services had ordered evacuations of some people in the agricultural area of Citrusdal and parts of the wine-growing region around Stellenbosch, which is around 30 miles (48 kilometers) inland from Cape Town, because of flooding..."


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Jobs in rainfall

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Faculty of Social Sciences (Geography) Canada Research Chair, Tier II

"...A heavy rainfall season in the fall was capped by a severe atmospheric river event in November, which resulted in historic flooding in the lower..."

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Water Resources Project Analyst

"...This may include providing information on flow and rainfall monitoring, sewer networks, background information, sewer performance, and model development..."

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Technical Sales Specialist

"...cleantech Startup focused on hydrologic, flow, and rainfall data analytics for quality and expert insights in water capacity management..."

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Project Analyst

"...This may include providing information on flow and rainfall monitoring, sewer networks, background..."

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Recent episodes that mention rainfall.

RealAg Radio: Conservation easements, spring rainfall, and switching corn hybrids, May 13, 2024

Duration: 53:43

"...Thanks for tuning into this Agronomic Monday edition of RealAg Radio! On this episode, host Shaun Haney is joined by RealAgriculture's in-house agronomist, Peter Johnson to discuss the moisture situation, switching corn hybrids in Ontario, gene-editing, and much more! We will also hear a discussion with Ralph Thrall III on why the McIntyre Ranch signed. ..."


Edible Bean School: Root rots and white mould learning from a challenging season

Duration: 7:23

"...When the year starts early and starts dry, producers and researchers alike get pretty excited about the year ahead for edible beans..."


Wheat School: Do T3 fungicides pay in a dry year?

Duration: 6:34

"...It's been a dry spring in Ontario and many growers are asking whether it makes sense to invest in a T3 fungicide for winter wheat..."


Manitoba taking it day-by-day and field-by-field

Duration: 11:32

"...Manitoba farmers are finally able to start getting seed in the ground following a string of spring storms that had some areas of the province receiving over 260 per cent of normal annual rainfall..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about rainfall.

The Sahara Desert Used to Look Like ThisAnd May Again

"...Periodic drought, deforestation, and unsustainable agricultural practices have reduced the productivity of the Sahel, causing desertification..."


Will the Chesapeake Become a Dead Zone?

"...In the 45,000 square mile Chesapeake Bay, the countrys largest estuary, nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater treatment plants, and urban and agricultural run-off is continuously suffocating marine life..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about rainfall relevant to the latest news.

Integrating Machine Learning Models with Comprehensive Data Strategies and Optimization Techniques to Enhance Flood Prediction

"...The occurrence of natural disasters, accelerated by climate change, has become a continuous menace to the environment and consequently impacts the socioeconomic well-being of people..."


DLCD: Deep learning-based change detection approach to monitor deforestation

"...In addition to decreasing soil fertility and rainfall, deforestation increases the likelihood of floods and droughts and has a major effect on global warming..."


Estimating the potential impact of climate change on energy crop productivity in Thailand: an empirical study of sugarcane, cas

"...In recent years, biofuels have played an important role in the economic development of Thailand as a clean and environmentally-friendly source of energy that can be produced in the agricultural sector..."


Flood risk mapping under changing climate in Lower Tapi river basin, India

"...The flood risk contributing factors are included in this study are Elevation, Distance from river, Average annual rainfall, Drainage density, Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, Slope, Clay percentage, Topographic Wetness Index, Population density, Average Crop production, Land use Land cover, and Road River intersection..."


Determinants of smallholder farmers? adaptation to the effects of climate extremes: evidence from Legambo district in northcent

"...In Ethiopia's drought-prone regions, vulnerable smallholder rural communities' farming systems are seriously threatened by climate change and extreme weather events..."


Perspectives of nature-based tourism-dependent communities on climate change in the Okavango Delta, Botswana

"...Economic sectors such as nature-based tourism become more vulnerable because of their reliance on climate and natural capital as key resources..."


Spatio-temporal analysis of precipitation in eastern India for last three decades

"...Climate change emerges as a significant factor influencing rainfall variability, as it results in changes in annual or seasonal rainfall patterns along with precipitation intensity..."


A Novel Coupled Model for Monthly Rainfall Prediction Based on ESMD-EWT-SVD-LSTM

"...Precise predicting of rainfall is paramount for effective water resource management, ecological conservation, and the prevention of droughts and floods..."


Gamma amino butyric acid (GABA) application modulated the morpho-physiological and yield traits of fragrant rice under well-wat

"...Background Changing climate is causing erratic rainfall and prolonged drought periods, thus posing serious threats to crop productivity..."


Optimising landslide initiation modelling with high-resolution saturation prediction based on soil moisture monitoring data

"...It has been widely recognised that the degree of soil wetness before precipitation events can be decisive for whether or not shallow rainfall-induced landslides occur..."


Association of Mesoscale Features With Tropical Cyclone Tauktae

"...The convective parameters used for the study of cyclonic activity are rainfall (RF), cloud top temperature (CTT), lifted index (LI), total precipitable water (TPW), convective available potential energy (CAPE), convective inhibition (CIN), sea level pressure (SLP), sea surface temperature (SST), geo potential height (GPH), Storm Relative Helicity (SRLH), composite reflectivity (COMP_ref) and divergence..."