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Coverage of rainfall since February 27, 2024.

Weakening wind but more snow after massive blizzard in the Sierra Nevada

"...The National Weather Service said conditions would improve as winds weakened Sunday, but precipitation would quickly return, with heavy snow in some areas and rainfall in others. That wasnt much of a break after a multiday storm that one meteorologist called as bad as it gets closed a key east-west freeway in northern California, shut down ski resorts and left thousands of homes and businesses without power..."


Sussex, N.B., residents cleaning up after Thursday morning flooding

"...Many residents and business owners in Sussex, N. B. , are cleaning up their main floors and basements after they were flooded by heavy rainfall..."


‘Devastating' floods leads to evacuations, street closures in Sussex, N.B.

"...In an update released early on Thursday, the town was said to have activated the highest level of its community disaster plan and were suggesting people to avoid travel in the area due to flooded roadways. “We have evacuated 12 people as of 4:00 AM. Most impacted residents are requested to shelter in place,” a social media post from the town read, adding that about 190 millimetres of rainfall was measured at the Town's Works Garage on Leonard Drive..."


Farmers rally around Welsh capital in latest protest over proposed environmental rules

"...Protesters held signs reading, No Farmers, No Food, and We Will Not Be Mooooved! as leaders said some 5,500 farmworkers would lose their livelihoods if regulations are passed that would require them to plant trees on 10% of their land and create wildlife habitat on another 10%..."


Recent snow in Alberta not enough to fully help wildfires

"...Just on its own, this snowfall isnt enough to make a significant difference in how we are preparing for the next wildfire season. But, it all adds up so if we continue to receive snow, and we get a lot of rain in the spring as well then it can really change the outcome of the wildfire season in the Spring. But if we dont get much more then we continue to be at a deficit because drought conditions have been present in most parts of the province for a few years now..."


From heavy rain to flash freezing, weather alerts in all 10 provinces and 2 territories

"...A full list of current weather warnings is available on Environment Canada's website..."


Senegal dialogue panel proposes June elections after court rejects president's 10 month delay

"...It promises to be a nasty weather day today in HRM and across most of the Maritimes. Environment Canada has issued rainfall and wind warnings for the region in advance of a storm expected to hit the..."


Weather warnings issued in Maritimes for strong wind, heavy rain Wednesday into Thursday

"...A low-pressure system moving through the Great Lakes area will strengthen along the boundary of unseasonably warm air in place in the Midwestern U. S. /southern Ontario and frigid air in place across Hudson Bay and northern Quebec..."


After a warm winter, Canada may see more drought, wildfires in the spring

"...In Saskatchewan, their main water supply from Regina's Lake Diefenbaker is metres below average already for this time of year. In other places in Canada the groundwater is depleted, which means people have to pump water from farther down. Richardson said while many in Canadas biggest cities may not notice the drought right away with tap water still flowing, they might see some other effects..."


Special weather statements issued in parts of N.S., N.B.

"...Environment Canada has issued special weather statements across most of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick ahead of a mid-week storm..."


‘Significant rainfall' expected in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, with risk of flooding

"...“Similar storms in the past have caused travel delays and hazardous driving conditions, and road shoulder erosion and washouts. Significant snowmelt and runoff may occur,” Environment Canada said. “Be sure to clear storm drains and gutters of ice and other debris..."


Special weather statement issued for Nova Scotia ahead of Wednesday's storm

"...Much like this past weekend, Environment Canada says with the ground still frozen in many areas, its ability to absorb rain is diminished, which could lead to localized flooding in some areas..."


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Jobs in rainfall

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Faculty of Social Sciences (Geography) Canada Research Chair, Tier II

"...A heavy rainfall season in the fall was capped by a severe atmospheric river event in November, which resulted in historic flooding in the lower..."

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Water Resources Project Analyst

"...This may include providing information on flow and rainfall monitoring, sewer networks, background information, sewer performance, and model development..."

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Technical Sales Specialist

"...cleantech Startup focused on hydrologic, flow, and rainfall data analytics for quality and expert insights in water capacity management..."

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Project Analyst

"...This may include providing information on flow and rainfall monitoring, sewer networks, background..."

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Recent episodes that mention rainfall.

Edible Bean School: Root rots and white mould learning from a challenging season

Duration: 7:23

"...When the year starts early and starts dry, producers and researchers alike get pretty excited about the year ahead for edible beans..."


Wheat School: Do T3 fungicides pay in a dry year?

Duration: 6:34

"...It's been a dry spring in Ontario and many growers are asking whether it makes sense to invest in a T3 fungicide for winter wheat..."


Manitoba taking it day-by-day and field-by-field

Duration: 11:32

"...Manitoba farmers are finally able to start getting seed in the ground following a string of spring storms that had some areas of the province receiving over 260 per cent of normal annual rainfall..."


The Storm Season Has Just Begun. Here's What to Expect Next.

Duration: 21:25

"...Projections are showing even more intense rainfall coming our way..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about rainfall.

Fear and Wonder: how species are responding to climate change

"...Further listening:Fear and Wonder podcast: how climate action can create a more liveable future for allFear and Wonder podcast: how climate change is affecting rainfall, droughts and floodsFrom radiation to water pollution to cities, humans are now a driver of evolution in the natural world ..."


The Sahara Desert Used to Look Like ThisAnd May Again

"...Periodic drought, deforestation, and unsustainable agricultural practices have reduced the productivity of the Sahel, causing desertification..."


What are cumulative effects?

"...Pollutants from urban runoff, like oil and gas, that might have spilled or dripped on the road..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about rainfall relevant to the latest news.

Aquifer depletion exacerbates agricultural drought losses in the US High Plains

"...Aquifer depletion poses a major threat to the ability of farmers, food supply chains and rural economies globally to use groundwater as a means of adapting to climate variability and change..."


Flood susceptibility mapping through geoinformatics and ensemble learning methods, with an emphasis on the AdaBoost-Decision Tr

"...The analytical framework incorporated a spectrum of influential parameters, encompassing Elevation, Slope, Aspect, Rainfall, land use, Vegetation Differentiation Index (NDVI), Soil Hydrology Groups, Proximity to the River, Distance from Landslides, Topographic Wetness Index (TWI), Stream Power Index (SPI), and Sediment Transport Index (STI) for spatial modeling..."


Assessment of rainfall and climate change patterns via machine learning tools and impact on forecasting in the City of Kigali

"...In most parts of the country, the rainfall pattern has changed over the last decades resulting in both enhanced flooding and water shortage/scarcity in much of the country, especially in the Capital City of Kigali and peripheries which is the main economic hub of the country with strong links to the East African region..."


Is it because of climate change? Social-ecological system analysis of wetland protected area in Vietnamese Mekong Delta

"...With the complexity of the research tasks, a social-ecological system (SES) approach was applied with three main elements: the resource system (vegetation covers), external related ecosystems (climate change), and governance system (wetland management) and their interactions through ecological performance (outcome)..."


Multivariate Modeling of Precipitation-Induced Home Insurance Risks Using Data Depth

"...While political debates on climate change become increasingly heated, our houses and city infrastructure continue to suffer from an increasing trend of damages due to adverse atmospheric events, from heavier-than-usual rainfalls to heat waves, droughts, and floods..."


Tilapia venturing into high-salinity environments: A cause for concern?

"...Our findings highlight the potential for a typically freshwater invader to spread through marine ecosystems, raising concerns regarding the licensing of aquaculture projects within rivers and estuaries, as tilapia may significantly affect native Brazilian biota..."


Impact of climatic changes on surface water in Middle East, Northern Iraq

"...This study aims to evaluate the impact of the climatic changes on the availability of surface water resources in the basins of the Tigris, Great Zab, and Khazir Rivers in Iraq by applying the general circulation model HadCM3 under two climate change scenarios (SRES-A2 and SRES-B2)..."


SWAT based analysis of multiple GCM models for predicting the long-term effects on various hydrometeorological components of a

"...This study explored how the water balance components of the Middle Tapi Basin (MTB) might alter between 2010 and 2100 as an outcome of climate change..."


Geospatial modeling and analysis of groundwater stress-prone areas using GIS-based TOPSIS, VIKOR, and EDAS techniques in Murshi

"...First, groundwater level data and rainfall data were collected from 135 dug well (1996 to 2018) and 12 gridded rainfall stations (1986 to 2020), respectively, and the data were measured by detecting spatiotemporal trends using classical Mann?Kendall (MK), or modified Mann?Kendall (mMK), and the magnitude of the slope was identified by Sen?s slope estimator..."