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Coverage of rare earth elements since January 16, 2023.

Moroccan Society of Alberta supporting victims of deadly earthquake

"...The Moroccan Society of Alberta opened on Sunday for anyone who wanted to show solidarity for the victims and their families. “A lot of folks are still waiting for help. Still cut off contact we don't even know if they're alive or not, but there's also a lot of pride in seeing how Moroccans are taking care of each other,” said Mina Elmadi..."


Japan Might Have an Answer to Chinese Rare Earth Threats

"...Over a decade later, worries about Chinese dominance of critical minerals and green technology have only grown. Rare earths are more important than ever, with magnets vital for electric vehicles and wind turbines being made using neodymium, praseodymium, dysprosium, and terbium. Yet only one company has succeeded in making even a slight dent in China’s effective dominance—Lynas Rare Earths, an Australian firm..."


Why Canada has ‘no choice' but to move away from China on critical minerals

"...As Canada is investing in gigafactories for electric vehicle batteries in Ontario, experts are warning that critical minerals essential to a clean economy are so far still largely in China's control..."


Supply of rare earth magnets won’t keep with demand by 2040: report

"...A recent report by Adamas Intelligence predicts that from 2023 through 2040 global demand for NdFeB magnets will increase at a compound annual growth rate of 7. 5%, bolstered by double-digit growth from electric vehicle and wind power sectors..."


Minding Tourism's Communication Gap

"...As Greenland turns down further opportunities to extract coveted oil and rare earth minerals, citing environmental concerns, they are cautiously turning towards tourism to stimulate their economy. The country has invested in building infrastructure and airport terminals to support frigid thrill-seekers and their wallets. But, as a New York Times travel dispatch by Gabriel Leigh from the island briefly noted, “With jet travel a major contributor to global warming, a destination famous for its ice and snow”—such as Greenland—“will have to strike a difficult balance” of drawing just the right amount of visitors from afar (if such a possibility exists)..."


Construction of Saskatoon rare earths processing plant put on pause

"..."There is no economic imperative to complete this demonstration project at the current time; however the Saskatoon processing facility can provide valuable intermediate processing capacity for a downstream rare earth hub in Saskatchewan," Crookes said in the news release..."


Federal budget could have big implications for Manitoba mining industry

"...Lithium – the rare earth material that is a critical component in electric car batteries – can be found here in Manitoba..."


Ottawa’s Policies Defeat Its Critical Minerals Push

"...Protests, community or political opposition, and blockades involving sabotage and violent intimidation, have bedevilled construction of both the Coastal Gaslink pipeline and the TransMountain Pipeline expansion. This is taking longer and costing more money, imperilling commercial viability. The proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway oil pipeline to the Pacific Coast, and Line 3 and Energy East proposed pipelines, were ‘killed’ by political opposition – largely from Quebec..."


Shaping Saskatchewan: Mike Crabtree

"...He’s recognized around the world for his extensive background in oil and gas, renewable energy, and environmental sectors. Now, as president and CEO of the Saskatchewan Research Council, Mike Crabtree is leading a team in the development of essential rare earth elements used in everything from LED screens to cellphones to F-35 fighter jets..."


Trudeau visits rare earth elements processing plant in Saskatoon

"...Justin Trudeau pressed Saskatchewan’s government on its record for clean energy projects after Premier Scott Moe expressed disappointment he was not made aware of the prime minister’s visit to a rare earth elements processing plant..."


Sask. Premier Scott Moe critical that Trudeau leaves him off invite list

"...Rare earth metals are used in products like electric cars, wind turbines, phones, high-efficiency air conditioners, high-efficiency elevators and other electric products..."


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Recent episodes that mention rare earth elements.

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Rachel Mills exploring the sea floor

Duration: 27:47

"...Professor Rachel Mills is a marine geochemist who studies the sea floor and hydrothermal vents, where water erupts from the earth's crust at 360 degrees..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about rare earth elements.

Tourism in times of climate change | DW Documentary

"...The consequences are especially visible in the wake of climate change: extreme drought and water shortages are putting a strain on the Balearic island, where resources are already scarce..."


Copper, the Critical Material for Transportation Electrification

"...Lithium, cobalt, nickel and rare-earth elements have been studied extensively, as have the supply bottlenecks and predicted production shortages that have driven battery prices higher in electric vehicles..."


The race for the Arctic is ramping up. Here’s why.

"...Will countries continue their race for economic and militaristic advantages or will they finally work together to solve the global problem of climate change? ..."


Life Cycle Assessment. Optimising raw materials for renewables

"...Life Cycle Assessment is becoming a vital component in the design and planning stages of any new raw material acquisition project..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about rare earth elements relevant to the latest news.

A mini-review of phytomining

"...Therefore, phytomining technology is expected to be environmentally and economic benefits technology to solve the increasingly scarce metal resources because it can harvest metal and recover biomass energy..."


Challenges and opportunities for sustainable valorization of rare earth metals from anthropogenic waste

"...Progressively and projected integration of rare earth metals (REMs) in modern technologies, especially in the clean energy, consumer electronics, aerospace, automotive, and defense sectors, place REMs as critical raw materials in the supply chain and strategic metal from the fourth industrial revolution perspective..."


Pretreatment of carbon steel with silane film modified with a mixture of garlic and cocoa

"...The inhibitors obtained from nature (green inhibitors) replace synthetic inhibitors and even rare earth elements (harmful to the environment)..."


Spreading rate, opening time, and kinematic history of the Ayu Trough

"...However, the geochemical signatures of the rock samples from the Ayu Trough do not exhibit the unique characteristics of ultraslow-spreading ridges, including the enriched mid-ocean ridge basalts (E-MORB) with high rare earth element (REE) concentrations and abundant light rare earth elements (LREE)..."


Metal Oxide and Hydroxide-Based Functionalized Nanomaterials as Supercapacitors and Their Environmental Impact

"...Because of the widespread use of chemical and solar energy, energy storage and conversion for multiple uses has increased globally..."


General Nature of Serration Effect in Crystals and Other Materials Under Indentation

"...The nature of the manifestation of the ?serration effect? (SE) during nano-microindentation of materials of various types was studied in this work: ionic and covalent crystals (LiF, MgO, Si), coated systems (CSs) of the film/substrate type, metals (Cu, austenitic steel AISI 316L) and laser phosphate glasses doped with rare earth elements (SP-R)..."


Influence of rare earth Ce on hot deformation behavior of as-cast Mn18Cr18N high nitrogen austenitic stainless steel

"...Under the synergistic effect of Ce-containing inclusions and Ce segregation, although the hot deformation resistance and hot deformation activation energy are improved, DRX is more likely to occur and the size of DRX grains is significantly refined, and the problem of hot deformation cracking can be alleviated..."


Destruction of the lower crust beneath the North China Craton recorded by granulite and pyroxenite xenoliths

"...Compositional and geochronological variations of granulite and pyroxenite xenoliths provided insights into the nature of the lower crust before and after the craton destruction..."


Comprehensive treatment strategy for diesel truck exhaust

"...Diesel vehicles, especially diesel trucks, have become the top priority of motor vehicle pollution control..."


Combined application of sewage sludge, bagasse, and molybdenum tailings ameliorates rare earth mining wasteland soil

"...The goal of this study was to explore the remediation effect on rare earth mining wasteland soil with the combined application of sewage sludge compost (SSC), bagasse, and modified molybdenum tailings (MMT)..."


Construction of bimetallic co-doped ordered mesoporous MxCey/(TiO2)z@SiO2 aerogel composite material and its photocatalytic per

"...Dye (such as Rhodamine B) is an organic pollutant, which has become a serious environmental pollution problem due to its pollution of soil, groundwater, aquatic ecosystem and biological health..."


The role of industrial actors in the circular economy for critical raw materials: a framework with case studies across a range

"..., material recycling, product reuse, and product or component lifetime extension) in specific applications of CRMs from the perspectives of specific industrial actors..."