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Coverage of rare earth elements since January 23, 2024.

Demand for rare elements used in clean energy could help clean up abandoned coal mines in Appalachia

"...The project is one of the leading efforts by the federal government as it injects more money than ever into recovering rare earth elements to expand renewable energies and fight climate change by reducing planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions..."


Chinese premier and Australian prime minister meet at Australia's Parliament House

"...Li planned to underscore Chinas interest in buying a bigger stake in Australias critical minerals sector, which is essential to the global transition to renewable energy sources, by visiting a Chinese-controlled lithium processing plant in Western Australia state Tuesday..."


Like it or not, Canadian resources are exactly what the free world needs

"...Its not that the government hasnt been thinking about the minerals it could sell to its allies. Natural Resources Canada actually has a strategy document listing the critical minerals and rare earths Canada has in abundance and how they could be a part of new global supply chains. Many of these are minerals Canadas allies either dont have at all or have in short supplyincluding aluminum, copper, nickel, potash, tin, lithium, and zinc..."


What the Heck Is Seaweed Mining? Hakai Magazine

"...Several years ago, Scott Edmundson, at the US Department of Energys Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) in Washington State, began digging into whether seaweed could store valuable minerals. Hed come across a paper describing how rare earth elements were accumulating in seaweed in polluted areas along Moroccos Atlantic coast and was struck by the potential..."


Electronic waste is on the rise, UN warns, as recycling expected to drop

"...They said some of the discarded electronic devices contained hazardous elements like mercury, as well as rare Earth metals coveted by tech industry manufacturers. Currently, only one per cent of the demand for the 17 minerals that make up the rare metals is met through recycling. About half of all e-waste is generated in Asia, where few countries have laws on e-waste or collection targets, according to the report..."


Recycling not keeping pace with E-waste from trashed electronics: UN

"...U. N. agencies have warned that waste from electronics is piling up worldwide while recycling rates remain low and are likely to fall even further..."


UN says e-waste from trashed electric devices is piling up and recycling isn't keeping pace

"...NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) U. N. agencies have warned that electrical and electronic waste is piling up worldwide while recycling rates remain low and are likely to fall even further..."


Federal government pitches $6M for Sask. rare earth processing facility

"...The federal government is making another major investment in the rare earth processing industry in Saskatchewan..."


Canadian government invests more money into Saskatchewan's rare earth element production

"...“Saskatchewan's leadership in this sector will help establish a domestic rare earth supply chain that adds value to our economy and creates good jobs for Canadians,” Vandal said. “This funding will allow SRC to optimize two important processes in the rare earth supply chain, producing more REE and at the same time doing it quicker, safer and with less demand on manual labour, Saskatchewan Research Council President and CEOMike Crabtree said..."


Federal government should face factsthe EV transition is failing: op-ed

"...A series of recent headlines in the Wall Street Journal reveal the extent to which government plans in Canada and the United States, to transition surface transportation from internal combustion to battery-electric power, are already showing signs of failure. Ford Cuts Lightning Output in Latest Sign of EV Downshift, reads one article while the editorial page says The EV Backlash Builds: Companies cut output amid flagging demand and The Electric Vehicle Push Runs Out of Power. And theres evidence the electric vehicle (EV) transition is also stalling in other countries..."


How a rare earth facility in Canada wants to clean up the dirty side of green energy

"...At some point this year, in an unprepossessing 120,000-square-foot box on the outskirts of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, technicians will flip the switch in a plant that promises to do something no one else is doing in North America at the moment: transform minerals containing rare earth elements (REE) into specialized metal alloys that can be used to make the kinds of permanent magnets found in smartphones, hard drives, wind turbines and electric vehicle motors..."


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Recent episodes that mention rare earth elements.

Daniel Kammen: The Perils of Deep-Sea Mining

Duration: 29:00

"...Most of us have never been there but according to a quick Google search, some of the things you might see at the bottom of the ocean include sea spiders, tube worms, and something called a blob sculpin..."


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Rachel Mills exploring the sea floor

Duration: 27:47

"...Professor Rachel Mills is a marine geochemist who studies the sea floor and hydrothermal vents, where water erupts from the earth's crust at 360 degrees..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about rare earth elements.

A rare 4.8-magnitude earthquake in New York goes viral

"...A rare earthquake rattled buildings and people across parts of the U. S..."


Breakthrough Plastic Battery Requires NO Mining, is Cheaper & Lasts Longer!

"...Talking about batteries always brings up their environmental impact, and need for rare earth metals..."


Copper, the Critical Material for Transportation Electrification

"...Lithium, cobalt, nickel and rare-earth elements have been studied extensively, as have the supply bottlenecks and predicted production shortages that have driven battery prices higher in electric vehicles..."


The Q6 E-Tron Is Audi's Most Important Electric Car Yet!

"...The Audi Q6 E-tron is quite possibly the first electric vehicle from Audi that has made us stop in our tracks and take notice as, whilst Audi aren't new to the world of Electric Vehicles, this is the first one they've put on a brand spanking new EV platform - the PPE (Premium Platform Electric)..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about rare earth elements relevant to the latest news.

EU-Focused Circular Economy Modelling of Rare Earth Element Waste in Mobile Phone Touch Screens by a System Dynamics Approach

"...This progression underscores the role of effective REE waste management policies in facilitating the transition to circular economy, augmenting recycling profit, and fostering sustainable development..."


Effect of F Doping on CO2 Electrocatalytic Performance of Zinc-Based Rare Earth Layered Double Hydroxides

"...These findings contribute to the development of efficient catalysts for CO2 electrochemical reduction and hold promise for advancing the field of CO2 utilization and renewable energy conversion..."


Energy-Related Rare Earth Element Sources

"...Next-most REE-enriched among coal-related materials are solid waste products of coal mining and wastes from coal preparation, both of which are REE-enriched relative to coal itself..."


Exploring Rare Earth Element Doped Nanocomposites as Promising Photocatalysts for Dyes Degradation in Water

"...Recent advancements in the field of photocatalysis have highlighted the significance of utilizing rare earth elements (REEs)-doped nanocomposites (NCs) for enhanced dye degradation in wastewater treatment..."


Source rock characterisation and petroleum system modelling: a review of marginal marine deposit in the Permo-Triassic Sydney B

"...The economic potentials of the marginal marine environment are great, with enormous information in the literature that deals with the development of these deposits..."


Contribution of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre to the ?Metals Journey of India?

"...BARC is providing materials related support not only for Indian nuclear power reactors but also for heavy water plants, Indian Rare Earths Limited (IREL), Uranium Corporation of India Ltd (UCIL) and various other plants of Department of Atomic Energy (DAE)..."


The Mongolian Raw Materials Industry

"...But Mongolia also has molybdenum, tungsten, zinc, uranium, and rare earths elements, in the extraction of which China has so far had a monopoly..."


Recycling NdFeB Magnets and Rare Earth Fluorescent Materials from Electronic Waste

"...Rare earth is a crucial mineral resource that has significant applications in the electronic device industry..."


Comparison of microbial communities in unleached and leached ionic rare earth mines

"...The leaching of ionic rare earth elements has caused serious environmental pollution and ecological damage..."


Wastewater treatment with sustainable bionanocomposites: a comprehensive review

"...This study highlights the significance of bionanocomposites in addressing wastewater treatment challenges and underscores their potential for sustainable water management practices..."


Multidimensional regulation of Ti-Zr-Cr-Mn hydrogen storage alloys via Y partial substitution

"...High density and safe storage of hydrogen are the preconditions for the large-scale application of hydrogen energy..."


Effect of sulfur defects on the photoelectric and magnetic properties of metal-doped CrS2: first-principles study

"...On the basis of first principles, the effect of sulfur (S) defects on the photoelectric and magnetic properties of transition metal, alkali metal, and rare earth element doped CrS2 systems is studied..."