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News and Opinion

Coverage of recycling since July 21, 2021.

Letter to the Editor: Use Caution at Recycling Depot

"...'My wife suffered painful injuries to her hip and dominant hand resulting from a fall off a yellow, metal stool at the recycling depot. ' Aug. 3, 2021 12:00 a..."

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The carts are coming, the carts are coming!

"...The new standardized recycling and organics carts will be delivered to your home. Beginning late August, crews will be deploying the two new carts, along with program material and a “kitchen buddy” to help with food collection indoors. Over 6,500 single-family households will receive new carts over the course of a few weeks, prior to the collection starting the week of September 13th..."

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A bin breakdown answering Edmontonians burning questions about the city’s new waste program

"...Edmonton's new bin program has been a hot topic, to say the least. Pickups are running smoother after a steep learning curve but a lot of Edmontonians still have questions about the new bins, composting, recycling and what goes where. The City of Edmonton’s Erika Droessler provides a full walk-through breakdown with Global’s Lisa MacGregor..."

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Construction at Comox Valley landfill to cause drop-off delays

"...“We are asking residents to please minimize all non-essential trips to the landfill during this time, as this construction is expected to increase wait times up to 30 minutes during peak hours,” manager of solid waste services Jesse Lee said. “The recycling depot, located outside of the scale, should not be affected by the construction project. ”..."

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CMHA Continues to Offer Free Programs & Services to Community

"..."One of the programs that we offer is our Vocational Work program that provides people with some structure in their day as well as a teamwork environment where they are all working there together," shared Tasha Collins, Program Director for CMHA Weyburn. "In the wintertime, we do snow removal, in the spring and in the fall we do yard cleanups where we offer raking and bagging services for people, and in the summertime, we do a lot of lawn mowing. We also provide landfill services where we go and pick up items for people and then drop them off at the landfill..."

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Communitas in Abbotsford announces closure of Enterprises job program

"...“In recent years, shredding and recycling technology has changed significantly. The future of these businesses lies in greater automation and reduced manual labour. Sadly, this changing landscape means the continuation of our services no longer fits the social mission of our organization,” he said..."

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Construction of new waste diversion facility starts in Saskatoon

"...Officials said the new site is designed to improve recycling options at the landfill and provide space to develop future diversion opportunities..."

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Ridge Meadows Recycling hit with yellow bag shortage

"...“We are currently doing a campaign to ask residents who mix their recycling together in a clear or blue plastic bag to use our boxes and bags and sort out their recycling into the different categories. Our workers pick up recycling at thousands of homes each day and it makes it much easier for them to be efficient,” said Day..."

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Five forms of eco-friendly plastic that break down fast

"...The battle against plastic pollution is one being fought on many fronts, but a particularly critical one centers on the material's capacity to persist in the environment for a long time, even centuries in some cases. By tweaking the process by which plastic is made, scientists hope to offer functional forms of it that safely and naturally degrade in just a fraction of the time. And recent breakthroughs suggest such a future mightn't be all that far away..."

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Residents at Youbou's Woodlands Shores complain about sewage odours

"...The odours coming from the CVRD’s Bald Mountain Waste Treatment Plant have raised complaints from its neighbours. (Submitted photo)..."

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South Okanagan to reduce oil waste

"...The containers are used for the recycling of used oil, a valuable resource if properly recycled. It can be re-refined into new lubricating oil or sold as raw material. Parts of oil filters also contain mental, which can be repurposed into many varieties of metal products..."

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Global approach is needed on battery regulation

"...According to a team of scientists and researchers writing in Science, the new regulations, due to come into force from January 2022, have the potential to unify policy on approaches such as recycling, use of recycled raw materials, and creating a circular economy..."

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Jobs in recycling

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Waste and Recycling Centre/MRF Coordinator

"...solid waste, recycling, waste diversion and environmental subjects We are looking for a results-oriented team member who demonstrates professionalism and is committed to providing exemplary..."

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Sr. Sales Manager - Solid Waste & Recycling Equipment

"...solid waste and recycling equipment location: innisfil, ontario position type: full time ndash; MONDAY..."

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Project Coordinator

"...We do our part to ensure we make the world a better place! We are a dynamic, fast-paced, fun, collaborative environment where we..."

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Account Executive (Sales), Roll-Off & Compactor Sales

"...organics, and recycling collection and disposal within the Commercial, Multi-Family Residential, Municipal, Industrial, and Construction market segments..."

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Recent episodes that mention recycling.

RealAg Radio, June 2: Cyber-attack aftermath, the upcoming UN Food Systems Summit, and record breaking recycling

Duration: 55:21

"...Welcome to the mid-week edition of RealAg Radio, thanks for tuning in! On today’s show you’ll hear: Greg Henderson, editor of Drovers, on the poorly-timed situation of JBS being cyber-attacked and the outcomes; Rick White, president and CEO of the Canadian Canola Growers Association, talks about the upcoming UN Food Systems Summit; Barry Friesen, executive. ..."

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Sustainability Trends: Top 3 Picks for May 2021

Duration: 17:46

"...Join Shari and Denise for the new and improved Sustainability Trends: Top 3 Picks for May 2021.  They start off by checking in on where we are regarding global GHG emissions and what groups like IEA and the UN have to say..."

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E065: Lithium Age is Here: Are you Ready?

Duration: 45:14

"...Jukka Jarvinen, a matrix entrepreneur of batteries, talks about the dawn of a new era, where energy storage brings the biggest paradigm shift in the energy sector..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about recycling.

Moving towards a circular economy

"...The EU adopted new initiatives to increase the level of recycling and moving towards a circular economy..."

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New York: How The Circular Economy Allows Us To "Think Outside Of The Box"

"...Bridget Anderson, the Deputy Commissioner of Recycling and Sustainability at the New York City Department of Sanitation discusses how the city is taking a collaborative approach to introducing a circular economy..."

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Mr. Bruce Knight: Catalyzing a National Ecosystem Services Market

"...Knight explains the history of the Ecosystem Services Market Consortium (ESMC) and details how ecosystem service markets can add incentives to motivate farmers and ranchers to improve soil health..."

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Lithium Recycling FINALLY goes global!

"...Lithium recycling wasn't considered important ten years ago when fewer than 60,000 electric vehicles were sold worldwide..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about recycling relevant to the latest news.

Potentials and Limitations of the Bioconversion of Animal Manure Using Fly Larvae

"...This review provides an overview of the limitations and potentials of bioconversion process of cattle, swine, and chicken manure using fly larvae, focusing on nutrient recycling, environmental impacts, direct greenhouse gas emissions, heavy metals, antibiotics, and pathogenic organisms..."

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Development of a Methodological Framework for the Evaluation of the Material and Energy Recovery Potential of Municipal Solid W

"...Methodology The methodology for the development and implementation of the decision support tool concerned the registration of treatment facilities, the estimation of recyclables and residues derived from them, the calculation of maximum volume or residues for achieving the recycling targets and the circular economy objective, the assessment of quality composition of residues, and the assessment of energy recovery potential..."

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Research on Automatic Garbage Sorting System Based on Artificial Intelligence

"...On the other hand, it can promote the residents? awareness of waste classification, improve the recycling rate of waste, avoid the occurrence of secondary pollution, and provide an efficient information management means for the government to solve the problem of waste treatment and build a green circular economy..."

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Analysis on the legal regulation of mountainous plant protection and agricultural waste resources based on the concept of circu

"...However, with the development of current technology, problems such as the lack of the concept of circular economy and the understanding of the main body of agricultural waste recycling, the incomplete service system, and the lagging of supporting policies and measures have emerged..."

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Spray drying absorption for desulphurization: a review of recent developments

"...Alternative sorbents and additives are continuously being explored for simultaneous removal of pollutant gases from flue gas..."

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Mechanistic aspects of poly(ethylene terephthalate) recycling?toward enabling high quality sustainability decisions in waste ma

"...Since plastic waste pollution is a severe environmental concern in modern life, the demand for recycling poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET) has increased due to its versatile applications..."

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Progress in sustainable technologies of leather wastes valorization as solutions for the circular economy

"...These processes can recover a number of secondary feedstocks such as chromium, nutrients, collagen hydrolysate, fat, biogas, and anaerobic digestate, which can be used in other industrial processes..."

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COVID-19 effects on municipality waste collection services for households: statistical modelling of perspectives from Guyana an

"...The novel COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the functioning of solid waste management globally as households experience an increase in their waste and a change in waste collection services..."

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SVM-based compliance discrepancies detection using remote sensing for organic farms

"...Organic farming includes the usage of low pesticides, maintains low nitrate leaching in groundwater as well as surface water, uses animal wastes, and minimizes soil erosion..."

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Material Efficiency and 3R Objectives forSustainable Industry Applications

"...Smart materials can be divided into two areas: load-bearing materials that ensure the rigidity and strength of the structure and at the same time impact protection, and materials providing certain active functions, especially process control, information transfer, servo drive, efficient conversion, energy storage, and so on..."

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