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Coverage of renewable resources since February 28, 2023.

Latin America

"...Beyond tackling CO2 emissions, major producers in the region can reduce methane emissions from oil and gas operations by nearly 80 per cent at low cost, and around 40 per cent with no net costs, supporting the Global Methane Pledge that most countries have signed. Based on announced pledges, emissions from land use and agriculture, which account for half of economy-wide greenhouse gas emissions in the region today, are cut by the end of the decade and reach net zero. About 85 per cent of forests in the region are in countries that are part of the Glasgow Pledge, which aims to stop deforestation by 2030..."


Q&A: What the ‘underwhelming’ Three Basins Summit means for tropical forests

"...Between them, these three river basins are home to two-thirds of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity and are rich in both fossil and renewable resources..."


Saskatchewan sees drop in projected surplus, still aims to cut debt

"...A decrease in the the non-renewable resources revenue forecast was considered the culprit, with the province saying there was a $528. 9-million decrease which was largely due to lower potash and oil prices and forecasted sales. It said this decrease was offset due to increased revenues in other areas like taxation to the tune of $405..."


Two decades later, record wildfires in Kelowna, B.C. are dwarfed by current season

"...As British Columbia grapples with a record-breaking wildfire season, the 20-year anniversary of Kelowna's firestorm brings mixed emotions for those who lived through it, and offers lessons for the present. At the time, the 2003 season was unprecedented in scale, but it has been dwarfed this year by fires that have burned six times more area so far..."


B.C. electricity demand record set for August

"...Cooling with a heat pump: Because BC Hydro generates 98 per cent of its electricity from clean, renewable resources that are mostly powered by water, using a heat pump to cool in the summer and heat in the winter is more environmentally friendly than a system powered by gas. It is also more energy efficient than using multiple portable AC units. BC Hydro offers up to $3,000 in rebates for switching from a fossil fuel-based system, which can be combined with provincial and federal rebates for a total savings of up to $11,000 on cost and installation with some municipalities adding additional rebates on top of that..."


COLUMN: B.C. wildfire crisis deepens amid decades of environmental defunding

"...After the Filmon report was delivered, wildfire, floods, climate change and drought have steadily worsened, but action has been consistently placed on the back burner. If 2003 was a wake-up call, British Columbia’s leaders have been hitting the snooze button like some perverse game of Whack-a-Mole..."


BCWF Feedback to the Grizzly Bear Stewardship Framework Public Engagement B.C. Wildlife Federation

"...The BCWF is committed to working with First Nations to restore the Grizzly bear hunt in B. C. , governed by science-based management..."


Oil prices drop, Alberta remains optimistic due to surplus from 2022-23 budget year

"...Revenues came in at $76. 1 billion, which is $13. 5 billion more than expected, due to non-renewable resource and tax revenues..."


UCP leader warns voters against re-electing Rachel Notley and NDP at Calgary rally

"...She also linked Notley with Trudeau over her support for both Ottawa's goal of requiring electrical grids to be net-zero by 2035 and pending federal legislation, dubbed "just transition,'' which is billed as helping Canadian workers adapt to the global move toward renewable energy..."


Testimony: Addressing Corporate Concentration in West Coast Fisheries

"...I have spent 27 years supporting fish harvesters and fishing communities, and I believe fisheries, as a renewable resource, can be well managed for environmental, social, cultural, and economic objectives. And licence policy is one of the things that affect our ability to realize this..."


Recommended Reading

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about renewable resources.

How We Can Save Plastic (w/Bob Masterson, President/CEO of Chemistry Industry Association of Canada)

"...Bob Masterson, the President and CEO of the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada says, “The overwhelming majority of plastic products last for decades because they were designed that way. ” He also says, “Far too much plastic waste ends up in landfills and as litter and in water – and the industry is committed to reducing that waste. ”..."


Biofuel instead of coal and oil - How promising are these renewable resources? | DW Documentary

"...Can our petroleum-based market economy make the switch to renewable resources? According to scientists, politicians and industrial leaders, a "biobased economy" is a sustainable alternative..."


Sustainable Forest Management in B.C.

" recognized as a global leader in sustainable forest management, meeting the environmental, social and economic needs of current and future generations..."


Whose Lookin' After My Forests And Howse It Goin'? (1993)

"...Charlie learns how modern forestry practices work with an eye to the future of this renewable resource while meeting all the needs of today..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about renewable resources relevant to the latest news.

Sustainable development by carbon emission reduction and its quantification: an overview of current methods and best practices

"...This review paper examines a range of strategies and methodologies, including green building rating systems, sustainable materials and renewable energy, smart building management systems, carbon capture and storage, life cycle assessments, and greenhouse protocols, that can facilitate sustainable development by reducing and quantifying carbon emissions..."


Strategic Planning of Biorefineries for the Use of Residual Biomass for the Benefit of Regions with Low Human Development Index

"...To deal with this situation, biomass has been incorporated as a renewable resource that gives rise to the production of high value-added products in biorefineries such as special chemicals, biofuels and electricity..."


Role of microalgae in circular bioeconomy: from waste treatment to biofuel production

"...Hence, this review article highlights the application of microalgae to carry out waste treatment and produce biofuels and biofertilizers within the circular bioeconomy concept..."


The Challenges and Solutions in Sustainable Buildings

"...As a result, to reduce the adverse environmental effects and save energy consumption, the composition of renewable resource technology and sustainable buildings is considered a suitable solution and will be investigated in this section..."


Functionalized Carbon and Its Derivatives Dedicated to Supercapacitors in Industrial Applications

"...The rise in industrialization in all sectors of day-to-day life has drastically increased the demand for energy consumption, resulted in environmental pollution and depletion of natural fossil fuels..."


Green and renewable resources: an assessment of sustainable energy solution for Far North Queensland, Australia

"...In this study, an extensive literature review has been conducted focussing on renewable resources for Australia and Far North Queensland, different hybrid energy systems including energy storage, and finally highlights the alternative clean and renewable energy options for Far North Queensland (FNQ) remote communities..."


Polyhydroxybutyrate biosynthesis from different waste materials, degradation, and analytic methods: a short review

"...Such environment-centric thinking has reduced the volume of solid waste generated by consumers every year, together with reuse and recycling..."


Biomethanol production from renewable resources: a sustainable approach

"...The abundant availability of various kinds of biomass and their use as feedstock for the production of gaseous and liquid biofuels has been considered a viable, eco-friendly, and sustainable mode of energy generation..."


Evaluation of sustainable energy planning scenarios with a new approach based on FCM, WASPAS and impact effort matrix

"...The ability to forecast energy demands, energy obtained from renewable resources and their impacts on the environment and society is extremely important for an effective energy planning and policy making..."


Process Integration Tools for Optimal Allocation of Palm Biomass

"...graphical pinch diagram and mathematical programming model, are presented to determine the optimal allocation of palm biomass for bioenergy production..."


Developing a Vibrant Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Qatar: A Sustainable Pathway Toward the Knowledge-Based Economy?

"...For countries that depend on nonrenewable resources such as oil and gas, economic diversification is vital to ensure sustainable and resilient economic development..."