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Coverage of rewilding since December 6, 2022.

Freshkills North Park by Field Operations opens

"...The opening on October 15 celebrated the completion of the project’s first phase of North Park, a 21-acre site where New Yorkers can partake in recreational activities while surrounded by nature.   The opening was 22 years in the making: The masterplan to convert the 2,200 landfill into public space was completed in 2001, when the Freshkills Landfill was closed..."


The war on water-sucking lawns

"...Canadian cities are running drier this summer. In Calgary, the Bow River is the lowest it’s been since 1911. According to the Canadian Drought Monitor, in July, a stretch of Alberta about 200 kilometres long faced exceptional drought expected to occur once in 50 years..."


Rewilding farms is storing carbon and growing hope

"...But Tree and Burrell have helped nature reestablish its course at Knepp since then, in a process known as rewilding. Reintroducing white storks (Ciconia ciconia) is merely the icing on the cake. Fencing has been ripped down, large mammals introduced, drains smashed, even a river rewiggled..."


LETTER: Parks strategy money better spent on restoration projects

"...I write to oppose the proposed People, Pets, and Parks strategy. My main opposition is to the amount of public funds proposed to be spent on this project, as well as to the restrictive nature of the bylaw, which does not address the main threats to natural areas in Saanich parks (invasive species, braiding of trails by people (not just dogs) and the need for more concerted efforts in ecosystem restoration. Following are some alternative ways in which this $5-7 million could be spent..."


Autonomous Sinixt to reveal new mural, host rewilding event

"...“Portrayed are threatened and endangered species who depend on the health of the entire ecosystem to thrive,” said project coordinator Alexandra Pronovost. “Our work here is to protect the integrity of the area not just for the white grizzly, but for all species. ”..."


The May 2023 issue of The Architect’s Newspaper is out today

"...The May 2023 issue of The Architect’s Newspaper is out today. In addition to architecture news and reviews from across North America, the issue includes features about ecology and a Focus section on facades. The following Editor’s Note from AN’s Executive Editor Jack Murphy introduces the issue with a reflection on the recent symposium The World Around..."


Want to sequester carbon? Save the wild things

"...“Ecological science has had a long history of overlooking the role of animals as an important driver of the biogeochemistry of ecosystems,” Oswald Schmitz, an ecologist at the Yale School for the Environment and an author of the study, told Grist. “What we say is that we know animals can change the vegetation makeup of ecosystems, and a lot of ecosystem ecologists say vegetation is important for ecosystem function and carbon cycling, then surely the animals must be important, too. ” According to the study, keeping global warming below 1..."


Rewilding grizzlies: New documentary filmed in Smithers airs tonight (March 3)

"...Writer and director Brad Quenville of Grizzly Rewild. (John Marriott photo)..."


Rewilding grizzlies: New documentary filmed in Northwest B.C. airs tonight (March 3)

"...Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter part of a study on survival of rewilded grizzly bears Marisca BakkerMar. 3, 2023 2:14 p. m..."


Vancouver-based theatre company gives climate crisis a starring role, wins $3K in inaugural awards

"...The Only Animal Theatre Society has received two inaugural awards this month – the Rewilding Arts Prize from the David Suzuki Foundation and Rewilding Magazine, as well as the Green Award from the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres – in recognition of the company’s efforts to strengthen the bond between humans and nature through art..."


PARK(ing) embraces the urban wilds of Detroit

"...Detroit has become synonymous with a form of naturally occurring rewilding—not the prescribed restoration efforts orchestrated by teams of ecological consultants but rather the gradual colonization of the city by renegade plants. Large-scale commercial and industrial abandonment has produced the ideal conditions for the emergence of novel urban ecosystems, making the city, in the words of Harvard horticulturist Peter Del Tredici, writing in Places Journal, a “paradise for spontaneous vegetation. ”..."


Seven ways leaders can save biodiversity at COP15 Corporate Knights

"...Recognizing the critical role of Indigenous land stewardship and developing more Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas is an essential beginning. Private landowners also have a role to play. What if all landowners with more than 1,000 acres were required to submit an annual report on their impact on nature? Those impacts could include deforestation, tree planting, the use of chemical pesticides, the protection of endangered species, rewilding, native species restoration and more..."


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Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about rewilding.

Why Rewilding is a Great Christmas Gift!

"...As such we work with one mission in mind, to restore wild ecosystems, support wildlife and biodiversity and help fight climate change..."


The Tropical Giant on the Brink of Extinction

"...That's far easier said than done though, with threats ranging from habitat degradation and overharvesting to invasive species and disease..."


We’re Bringing Back Iceland’s Forgotten Forests

"...We are helping reforest Iceland with our latest rewilding project! This is a special place to plant trees as they help fight against desertification and help with the much-needed habitat creation..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about rewilding relevant to the latest news.

Economic assessment of rewilding versus agri-environmental nature management

"...restoring natural processes in self-sustaining biodiverse ecosystems, has been proposed as an alternative and is hypothesized to be a more cost-efficient approach to promote biodiversity conservation..."


Effects of experimental rewilding on butterflies, bumblebees and grasshoppers

"...Implications for insect conservation Rewilding with horses may offset current biodiversity declines by maintaining important functional links between plants and pollinators in grassland ecosystems..."


Experimental rewilding may restore abandoned wood-pastures if policy allows

"...Thus, rewilding could be a potential avenue for wood-pasture restoration and biodiversity conservation..."


Ecosystem restoration, regeneration and rewilding

"...To support global goals to protect and restore nature, BMC Ecology and Evolution has launched a new article collection to encourage contributions from the multifaceted ecosystem restoration community..."


The policy consequences of defining rewilding

"...More than 30 years after it was first proposed as a biodiversity conservation strategy, rewilding remains a controversial concept..."


Legislative hurdles to using traditional domestic livestock in rewilding programmes in Europe

"...Livestock rewilding (LR) is a form of rewilding-lite, that uses livestock landraces as keystone species in the restoration of herbivory (the functional integrity of ecosystems) offering ecosystem services, such as ecotourism and the sale of livestock population surpluses, that can mitigate the economic and social effects of rural depopulation..."


Foraging pit location provides valuable insights into critical habitat requirements of soil engineers

"...Land restoration programs that aim to restore degraded habitat and ecosystem functions must be cognisant of the idiosyncratic effects of different reintroduced engineers, and the makeup of different patch elements within the target restoration area..."


Rewilding Risks for Peatland Permafrost

"...Optimal use of wildlife management to mitigate global warming will thus require tuning herbivore densities to different ecosystem types across high northern landscapes..."


Understanding conflicting views in conservation: An analysis of England

"...Nature conservation is being challenged to address a global biodiversity crisis yet, despite areas of consensus, there remain disagreements over issues including natural capital approaches and rewilding..."


Hardware Stories. DIY Practices as More-than-Human Material Activism

"...In relation to an understanding of the symbiotic nature of living organisms, the project ?Hardware Stories? is presented as a counternarrative to modernist hygienist standardization..."


Welcoming, Wild Animals, and Obligations to Assist

"...Therefore, we do not usually have a duty to intervene in nature to alleviate wild animal suffering..."