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Coverage of salmon farming since March 30, 2024.

William Shatner dives into salmon farm debate in profanity-laden campaign

"...Canadian actor William Shatner has put together a public service announcement on open net pen salmon farms — and he isn't holding back on how he's feeling..."


William Shatner dives into salmon farm debate with profanity-laden campaign

"...The B. C. Salmon Farmers Association has said about 4,700 jobs and more than $1 billion in annual economic activity will be lost if open-pen licences can't be renewed..."


Minister wants B.C. to be model for aquaculture as it moves to containment

"...VANCOUVER Federal Fisheries Minister Diane Lebouthillier says the country's “strict rules” on banning open-net salmon farming are necessary, since the goal is to make British Columbia “a model” in global aquaculture..."


Federal government decision expected on controversial B.C. fish farms

"...Murray said then that wild salmon face multiple threats, including climate change, habitat degradation and overfishing, and the decision was meant to reduce the challenges for wild salmon that swim past the farms..."


BC Salmon Farmers Assoc. surprised by industry transition rumours

"...The federal government will reportedly stop open-net salmon farming and give the industry five years to transition, with an announcement expected as soon as Wednesday..."


BCWF supports international call to remove salmon farms from B.C. coastal waters B.C. Wildlife Federation

"...Following a whistleblower tip about a suspected mass die-off event, the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans confirmed on Wednesday to Watershed Watch elevated levels of farm fish deaths in the Nootka region of Vancouver Island. Grieg Seafood owns several Atlantic salmon farms in the area..."


Federal Court rejects bid to review not renewing licences of B.C. fish farms

"...The application for judicial review into the decision not to renew licences was launched by the Wei Wai Kum and We Wai Kai nations in the areas of Quadra Island and Campbell, some 200 kilometres northwest of Vancouver, as well as salmon farm operators including Grieg Seafood..."


The importance of ending open-net pen salmon farms in BC

"...1 of 1 2 of 1 Earlier this month, I joined with leaders representing over 120 First Nations, commercial fishers, tourism operators, business leaders, recreational fishers, scientists, and environmental NGOs at a press conference to send a clear message to Prime Minister Trudeau: we expect him to keep his promise to transition open-net pen salmon farms out of BC waters by 2025. Its a rare thing to get such a diverse spread of often diametrically opposed organizations together in one room, standing up for one cause. It speaks to the issues critical importance to the vast majority of British Columbians..."


B.C. First Nation to reactivate judicial review of DFO's salmon farm virus policy

"...VICTORIA A British Columbia First Nation says it is reluctantly preparing to take legal action to challenge Fisheries Department salmon farm policy as it loses faith in federal plans to remove the open net-pen fish farms by next year..."


Rescue effort to save stranded B.C. orca calf could occur next week, says chief

"...ZEBALLOS, B. C. Ehattesaht First Nation Chief Simon John says a highly orchestrated attempt to rescue a killer whale calf stranded in a Vancouver Island lagoon could happen as early as next week..."


Survival clock ticks for trapped B.C. orca calf, as gear arrives for complex rescue

"...The complicated move could involve a crane, a specially outfitted truck and a landing craft or boat. A previous plan to airlift the whale with a helicopter is now taking a back seat, although it remains an option, said Paul Cottrell, a marine mammal co-ordinator with the Fisheries Department..."


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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about salmon farming.

Can fish be farmed on land? (w/ Tony Pantages, CEO of Octaform)

"...In February 2023, federal Fisheries Minister Joyce Murray announced that licenses for 15 open-net Atlantic salmon farms around British Columbia's Discovery Island will not be renewed a planned cancellation that has now been delayed in large part due to concerns raised by indigenous leaders, who point to problems associated with moving fish farms on shore..."


Salmon Health and Salmon Farms (w/ Dr. Andrew Bateman) - Salmon Matter

"...Andrew Bateman, on the latest research on open-net-pen aquaculture (at 25 minutes) and next steps for this landmark research initiative..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about salmon farming relevant to the latest news.

Chilean salmon farming vulnerability to external stressors: The COVID 19 as a case to test and build resilience

"...The largest risk reduction is achieved when production biomass is divided in a more equitable manner among concession areas, suggesting the need for strategic improvements in spatial planning of the activity in the marine environment according to ecosystem carrying capacity and better practices..."


Development and Evaluation of DNA Vaccine Against Salmonid Alphavirus

"...Despite vaccination, pancreas disease (PD) caused by salmonid alphavirus (SAV) has been the economically most important virus disease in salmon farming in Ireland, Scotland, and Norway..."


The global ecological niche of lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus) and predicted range shifts under climate change

"...Lumpfish are a commercially significant marine fish that are harvested in roe fisheries and used as cleaner fish in salmon farming, however, little is known of the environmental factors shaping the ecological niche of the species at global scale..."


Marginal damage cost functions for particulate organic carbon loading from open-net pen salmon farms in British Columbia, Canada

"...Increasing production of salmon open-net pen culture has raised concerns about the negative impact of this aquaculture technology on the marine environment..."


Salmon processing discards: a potential source of bioactive peptides ? a review

"...Therefore, it is essential to implement robust, standardized, and cost-effective processing techniques that can easily be transferrable and scale up for industrial applications in view of circular economy and upcycling concept..."


Multi-commodity price risk hedging in the Atlantic salmon farming industry

"...Cost management has received limited attention in the aquaculture industry due to historically high profit margins..."


Novel use of nanofiltered hyposaline water to control sea lice (Lepeophtheirus salmonis and Caligus elongatus) and amoebic gill

"...Infestations by the salmon louse (Lepeophtheirus salmonis) and amoebic gill disease (AGD) are currently significant disease concerns facing the Atlantic salmon aquaculture industry in Ireland..."


Effects of fish farm activities on the sponge Weberella bursa, and its associated microbiota

"...In this study, we aimed to initiate addressing this knowledge gap by assessing the response of the sponge Weberella bursa (Polymastidea) to salmon aquaculture..."


Exploratory analysis on Canadian consumer perceptions, habits, and opinions on salmon consumption and production in Canada

"...Given the growth and change in Canadian salmon aquaculture in the last several years, there is a need to understand consumer habits on salmon consumption and knowledge and perception of salmon production in Canada..."


Analysis of the economic performance of salmon farming in submerged and surface cages in the Black Sea

"...Therefore, this study was conducted for comparative evaluation of economic performance of submerged and surface cages, by analyzing structural costs and returns for Turkish salmon farming in the Black Sea..."


Anthropogenic Vector Ecology and Management to Combat Disease Spread in Aquaculture

"...Preventing or interrupting pathogen transfers associated with movements of these vectors is key to ensuring productivity and profitability of aquaculture operations..."