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Coverage of sewage since March 26, 2021.

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Reliably measuring whether rivers or lakes run out of air

"...Using the conventional measurement method, water samples are mixed with the chemicals permanganate or dichromate. These are especially reactive and break down all organic substances in a short time. The quantity of consumed permanganates or dichromates can then be used to determine how much organic substance was contained in the water sample..."

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Green algae bloom in Cootes Paradise

"...The shoreline at Princess Point in Cootes Paradise is covered in what looks eerily similar to untreated sewage and wastewater. A viewer called CHCH news concerned about the quality of the water at the popular recreation spot. Adam Atkinson looked into the complaint and learned that what is floating in the water isn't actually raw sewage..."

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Warm weather, low water levels mean early arrival of algae in Cootes Paradise

"...Coincidentally, Grice says the emergence of algae is happening at the same time that city consultants are working in nearby Chedoke Creek. He says the consultants are working to comply with provincial cleanup orders related to the spill of 24 billion litres of sewage and untreated water into the creek through a partially-open gate to a combined sewage overflow tank between 2014 and 2018. Grice says the consultants are “pinpointing” locations for a required dredging of the material..."

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LETTER: Langley student calls on public to take action to stop pollution

"...As you can see, our home might become a whole mess during the incident with pollution. There is air pollution that can lead to global warming. There is water pollution which is making animal extinction get worse..."

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Road salts and other human sources are threatening world's freshwater supplies

"...Previous studies by Kaushal and his team showed that added salts in the environment can interact with soils and infrastructure to release a cocktail of metals, dissolved solids and radioactive particles. Kaushal and his team named these cascading effects of introduced salts Freshwater Salinization Syndrome, and it can poison drinking water and cause negative effects on human health, agriculture, infrastructure, wildlife and the stability of ecosystems..."

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Researchers looking for clues to the COVID-19 pandemic in city sewers

"...When Ottawa Public Health officials are trying to decide whether restrictions in the city need to tighten up, they look to the normal markers like positive tests, patients in hospital, and outbreaks. But they are also among the few in the country that take cues from the city's sewers. Using municipal wastewater to look for evidence of the virus behind COVID-19 is part of a rapidly expanding body of science..."

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Brenda Eaton is new chair of B.C. Ferries board of directors

"...At this time, Eaton is chair of Westland Insurance, and serves on the boards of LifeLabs, RBC’s Global Asset Management independent review committee, Victoria’s sewage treatment project board, the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, Canadian Red Cross and the Vancouver Foundation..."

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Mission’s sanitary improvement project gets funding boost BC Gov News

"...New provincial support will help communities around Mission benefit from an expanded and modernized sanitary system that will also help protect the Fraser River ecosystem. “The environmental and community impacts of old wastewater and sewage treatment systems can create real challenges, not only for the local governments but for the people and businesses that rely on this critical infrastructure,” said Pam Alexis, MLA for Abbotsford-Mission. “By supporting this project, we are showing our commitment to reduce the environmental risks to the Fraser River while also bringing vital services to people in our community..."

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City of Williams Lake awaiting engineer reports on new slide in the river valley

"...Discovered Monday, March 29, the slide severed a stormwater line below Frizzi Road Monica Lamb-YorskiMar. 31, 2021 1:50 p. m..."

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Groundwater discharge affects water quality in coastal waters

"...Water quality management in the ocean often targets visible pollution sources such as sewage, rivers or ships. A new global study, led by researchers at the University of Gothenburg, reveals that invisible groundwater discharges may be just as important driving nitrogen into coastal waters..."

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University of Windsor residence building's wastewater sample tests positive for COVID-19

"...Wastewater testing for COVID-19 is part of an initiative led by Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research (GLIER) executive director Mike McKay. Wastewater samples from across the region and in other areas of Ontario have been collected and tested since the beginning of the pandemic and is now part of a network of labs monitoring sewage for early virus detection, the release says..."

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What is building as a system, and why is it important? ECO Canada

"...Before the introduction of the systems approach, building components and parts were looked at in isolation[2]. This led to issues with buildings becoming too hot, too cold, having high condensation levels, noise complaints from occupants or flooding where the building’s connection to municipal sewage systems was not taken into consideration[3]..."

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Jobs in sewage

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Mechanical Technologist/Designer

"...Travel to project sites is usually limited but is occasionally..."

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Operational and Maintenance Team Lead

"...sewage treatment facility operation, sewage collection system operations, the cleaning of such systems utilizing heavy equipment, ability to perform CCTV evaluations and the ability to schedule and..."

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Engineer 4 (Regional Engineer)

"...Reviewing the design and sometimes leads the design of on-site sewage disposal systems, assessments of land suitability for subdivision development and for..."

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Environmental Engineer

"...septic treatment and disposal systems at all project camps are properly maintained and operated, and meet regulatory requirements..."

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Recent episodes that mention sewage.

Rivers: Pollution, pesticides and poop

Duration: 34:10

"...With untreated sewage, fertiliser nutrients, agriculture chemicals and ALL SORTS ending up in our rivers in the UK through a variety of ways, we turn our attention to some of our beautiful freshwater habitats. ..."

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From the vault: The rebirth of a lagoon and ducks cold feet

Duration: 23:52

"...This episode begins with a remarkable story about vision, persistence and, sewage..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about sewage.

Lake Victoria - A Man-Made Ecological Disaster | Giving Nature A Voice | Free Documentary Nature

"...300 native fish species have been wiped out by invasive species and overfishing..."

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If you can’t get out to nature, try bringing it indoors instead

"...Using inexpensive lights and other household objects, he brings shadows, reflections and calming patterns of nature into the house..."

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The Physics of How Water Flows Through Pipes

"...Specifically, water and sewage pipes are unseen heroes that allow modern infrastructure to function easily..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about sewage relevant to the latest news.

Ecological condition, biodiversity and major environmental challenges in a tropical river network in the Bago District in South-

"...The dominant pressures on rivers were urban land use, inputs of untreated sewage, in-stream and riparian garbage littering, run-off from agricultural fields and plantations, as well as physical habitat degradation..."

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Metatranscriptomic characterization of the bacterial community of a contaminated mangrove from the Caribbean

"...Mangroves are considered biodiversity hotspots threatened by various anthropogenic tensors such as pollution, which affect the taxonomic and functional diversity of microorganisms and therefore the stability of the ecosystem..."

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Metformin environmental exposure: A systematic review

"...Metformin reportedly occurs in different environmental matrices, as measurable concentrations of metformin are found in sewage (urban and hospital), influent/sludge/effluent from wastewater treatment plants, surface water (rivers, lakes, estuaries, oceans, and non-specific sources), tap/drinking water, and sediment (lake and recipient seawaters)..."

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Quantification of methane emissions from UK biogas plants

"...9% of the total methane emissions in the UK excluding the sewage sludge biogas plants..."

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Occurrence of Human Enteric Viruses in Water Sources and Shellfish: A Focus on Africa

"...These studies highlight the need for more research into the prevalence, molecular epidemiology and circulation of these viruses in Africa, as well as for development and application of innovative wastewater treatment approaches to reduce environmental pollution and its impact on human health on the continent..."

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Correlating the chemical properties and bioavailability of dissolved organic matter released from hydrochar of walnut shells

"...This study demonstrates that hydrochar obtained under optimized conditions can be a potential carbon source of wastewater treatment plants..."

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Predicting mass loadings of sulfamonomethoxine, sulfamethoxazole, and lincomycin discharged into surface waters in Japanese rive

"...To aid control of their sources, we developed a model for predicting annual loads of antibiotics discharged into surface waters as effluent from livestock farms, sewage treatment plants, and households, using population, usage, excretion, removal, and fraction of livestock waste treated as wastewater..."

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Endocrine disruptors in teleosts: Evaluating environmental risks and biomarkers

"...A wide range of structurally diverse EDs such as, sex-steroid hormone mimics, pesticides and fertilizers, prevail in the environment originating from waste of industries, pharmaceutics, sewage treatment plants and agriculture..."

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