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Coverage of sewage treatment since August 21, 2023.

Second pump installed as Winnipeg crews work to stop sewage leak

"...The fecal fiasco started to unfold in November, when during a routine inspection crews found problems with two pipes that carry sewage to the South End Sewage Treatment Plant..."


'Anything you can do to reduce': 90K Winnipeggers asked to cut back on water use to combat pipe leak

"...The system was brought in to stand in for the permanent pipes that are in the process of being replaced. They direct sewage from the southwest part of Winnipeg to the South End Sewage Treatment Plant. While the bypass has technically been running since Saturday, it is not fully complete yet..."


Winnipeggers in handful of neighbourhoods asked to use cottage rules to cut down on water use

"...The pipes, built in 1970, direct sewage from the southwest part of Winnipeg to the South End Sewage Treatment Plant..."


City stops pipe leak that caused millions of litres of raw sewage to spill into Red River

"...Both pipes were installed in 1970, the city said, and were used to direct sewage flow from southwest Winnipeg to the South End Sewage Treatment Plant..."


Pipe leak causes spill of over 135M litres of sewage into Red River

"...The city went on to explain that both pipes were installed in 1970 and are used to direct sewage flow from southwest Winnipeg to the South End Sewage Treatment Plant..."


Metro Vancouver examining officials devices amid North Shore sewage plant legal battle

"...Top Metro Vancouver officials turned over their devices before Christmas as part of the ongoing North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant legal battle..."


Updates needed on Charlie Lakes sewer system

"...McElhanney was hired by the Peace River Regional District to evaluate the existing sewer system, collection system, lift station and wastewater treatment plant and draft a capital improvement plan, including recommendations. ..."


Team effort needed to tackle Manitoba lake pollution, experts say

"...More and more blue-green sludge has washed up on the banks of Lake Winnipeg in recent years, threatening the health of both the lakes aquatic species population and the water supply. Lake Winnipegs watershed spans one million square kilometres with various sources polluting it, including contaminants from the Red River, the Saskatchewan River, the Dauphin River, municipal wastewater treatment plants, urban lawns and gardens, and agricultural runoff. Inoka Amarakoon, assistant professor in the department of soil science at the University of Manitoba, said better nutrient management is the only way to control and prevent increased blooms..."


Wastewater workers in Langley, around Metro Vancouver, on strike

"...Members of the Greater Vancouver Regional District Employees Union are picketing at the Northwest Langley Wastewater Treatment plant as of Monday, Oct. 16. The union, which operates five plants across Metro Vancouver, has been without a contract for almost two years..."


Algae bloom leaves experts worried about the state of Lake Winnipeg

"...Regulating how sewage treatment plants can operate, she said, would reduce the flow of the nutrient into the lake. Kanu noted that at the city's North End sewage treatment plant, the limit of production of phosphorous has not been met with the limit sitting at one milligram per litre. Global News has reached out to the City of Winnipeg about the facility's compliance..."


Village meeting

"...During the meeting, council discussed and decided Cut Point Fluid Management Ltd. will be awarded with the Lagoon Sludge Removal contract as part of the Sewage Treatment Facility Improvement project to remove sludge from the lagoons as the first step of improvements for one of the 2023 goals and objectives of the village..."


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Jobs in sewage treatment

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

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Building Operations Superintendent-Wastewater Research Facility - Metro Vancouver (Burnaby, BC)

"...A selected candidate must confirm their willingness to take and successfully complete this training, as a condition of employment..."

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Operator I, II or III Wastewater Treatment Plant - City of Kimberley (Kimberley, BC)

"...Maintain pumps, valves, flow meters, safety equipment, aeration blowers, bar screen and other related equipment..."

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Sewage Treatment Plant Operator (Level I, II or III) - Comox Valley Regional District (Courtenay, BC)

"...What we value â Respect, Integrity, Trust, and Social Responsibility - coupled with a commitment to leadership excellence and a resolute focus on serving the residents of the Comox Valley, help to create an organizational culture thatâs second to none..."

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Sewage Treatment Plant Operator (Level I, II or III) - Comox Valley Regional District (Courtenay, BC)

"...The Sewage Treatment Plant Operator is responsible for assisting in the operation, maintenance, repair and upkeep of the Comox Valley Water Pollution Control Centre, pump stations and other related equipment and facilities including the landfill gas collection system located at the Comox Valley Waste Management Centre..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about sewage treatment.

The secrets of sewage - What's in our wastewater? | DW Documentary

"...What exactly is in the wastewater? A group of researchers is on its way to Europe's largest wastewater treatment plant to find out..."


What Sewage Treatment and Brewing Have in Common

"...In both wastewater treatment and fermentation, humans co-opt microorganisms to convert a less desirable liquid into a better one..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about sewage treatment relevant to the latest news.

A Multi-criteria Approach to Appropriate Treatment Technology Selection for Water Reclamation

"...Pollution prevention and experience from past applications play a determining role in the selection of wastewater treatment technologies (WWTTs)..."


Constructed Wetlands as Alternative to Conventional Wastewater Treatment: The Case of Gimboki, Mutare

"...An expert interview was carried out with key informants from the Environmental Management Agency and Local Authority regarding the potential of constructed wetlands as an alternative treatment approach to the Gimboki Wastewater Treatment Plant, and this is discussed..."


Wastewater Treatment in India?A New Perspective

"...In the present scenario, scale of urbanization and industrial growth has generated unprecedented volume of wastewater, often dumped into the surface water resources..."


Lateral Distribution, Environmental Occurrence and Assessment of Organic Pollutants in Surface Sediments of the West and South

"...It is concluded that the wastewater treatment system needs to be upgraded, and there is a strong need to use LAB molecular markers to trace anthropogenic sewage contamination..."


Adverse health and environmental outcomes of sewage treatment plant on surrounding groundwater with emphasis on some mitigation

"...Based on the collection of 29 water samples, this study focused on the relationship between sewage treatment plant and groundwater system surrounding it using multidisciplinary approach that combines the characterization of groundwater system and its connection with surrounding canal and drains, using chemical and isotopic characterization revealing that there is a direct relation between the surface water system and surrounding groundwater system..."


Application of Fuzzy Decision in Wastewater Treatment Project: A Case Study of Taizhou Pharmaceutical Park in China

"...The environmental protection department must supervise the enterprises to choose the appropriate wastewater treatment process and strengthen the management of wastewater treatment at the organizational and operational level..."


Knowledge and data-driven hybrid system for modeling fuzzy wastewater treatment process

"...Moreover, the activated sludge model is employed to model the wastewater treatment process based on the perspective of knowledge..."


An overview on the prevalence and potential impact of antimicrobials and antimicrobial resistance in the aquatic environment of

"...The paper reviews the available published literature in India on the prevalence of antimicrobial residues and their dissemination pathways in wastewater of pharmaceutical industries, sewage treatment plants, hospitals, riverine, community pond water, and groundwater..."