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Coverage of sludge since March 20, 2023.

'Unimaginable excess': Bid to attract showy superyachts to Cape Breton under scrutiny CityNews Kitchener

"...Containing one million tonnes of oozing sewage and industrial sludge left behind after centuries of steelmaking the site has since been capped with concrete and transformed into a sprawling urban park that opened 10 years ago..."


Team effort needed to tackle Manitoba lake pollution, experts say

"...More and more blue-green sludge has washed up on the banks of Lake Winnipeg in recent years, threatening the health of both the lakes aquatic species population and the water supply. Lake Winnipegs watershed spans one million square kilometres with various sources polluting it, including contaminants from the Red River, the Saskatchewan River, the Dauphin River, municipal wastewater treatment plants, urban lawns and gardens, and agricultural runoff. Inoka Amarakoon, assistant professor in the department of soil science at the University of Manitoba, said better nutrient management is the only way to control and prevent increased blooms..."


Grand opening held at new Summerland organics processing facility

"...By working with communities across Canada such as the District of Summerland, we are reducing greenhouse gas emissions, building more resilient communities, and creating jobs. Investments like the new compost facility allow for better waste management by diverting organic waste from landfills and turning it into clean and useful compost, said Federal Environment and Climate Change Minister Steven Guilbeault in a release. The new organic processing facility is an example of the leadership from the Summerland community, and how local climate action gets us closer to reaching our national emissions reduction goal of net-zero emissions by 2050..."


Morocco and Libya: UN scales up support for disaster relief

"...Immediate deploymentAsked whether the UN was ready when disaster struck, Mr. Griffiths answered: unequivocally, yes. He told reporters that within 24 hours of the earthquake which shook Moroccos Atlas Mountain range last Friday, the UN deployed a disaster assessment and coordination (UNDAC) team of 15 people out of Geneva and key staff from the region..."


Village meeting

"...During the meeting, council discussed and decided Cut Point Fluid Management Ltd. will be awarded with the Lagoon Sludge Removal contract as part of the Sewage Treatment Facility Improvement project to remove sludge from the lagoons as the first step of improvements for one of the 2023 goals and objectives of the village..."


Local wildlife suffering after massive blaze at Etobicoke industrial site

"...The thick chemical sludge on parts of the creek is a risk to other wildlife in the area, Karvonen said. Muskrats, beavers and turtles could all be suffering from the chemical concoction. The oil poses a particular threat to birds because it damages their waterproofing, which can lead to hypothermia, even in the summer, according to Karvonen..."


Cache Creek receives $2 million wastewater infrastructure grant

"...Cache Creek will be receiving more than $2 million in federal infrastructure funding from the Canada Community Building Fund, for improvements to its wastewater treatment plant..."


District of Sparwood approves engineering budget for wastewater plant upgrades

"...Sparwood Council has authorized a budget of $788,014 for engineering consulting services for upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant..."


How nature can help cities survive

"...Given this explosive growth, one might expect another apocalyptic environment book foretelling the end of nature and naming cities as the culprit. What Wilson, a British historian and the author of five books, offers instead is more nuanced, and even guardedly optimistic. Urban areas are “ecosystems deserving of our protection and nurture,’’ he writes..."


No increase in gastrointestinal, waterborne illness for Hamiltonians after Chedoke Creek spill

"...There has been some good statistical news relating to the spill of sewage and untreated wastewater into Chedoke Creek..."


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Jobs in sludge

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Engineer in Training, Water Wastewater Hybrid

"...The position will be based out of the Kitchener, Ontario office, but the successful candidate may be provided the..."

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Project Engineer, Water Wastewater Hybrid

"...Assisting senior staff in conducting water and/or wastewater projects for a wide variety of municipal..."

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Charg de projets principal - Grand Travaux

"...materials management, centrifugal sludge dewatering, water treatment, mass excavation, and remote projects;..."

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Mechanical Project Engineer

"...Waste Management Role Summary/Purpose: Responsible for the detailed mechanical engineering scope of industrial and municipal water and wastewater systems as well as biological sludge incineration and..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about sludge.

Sludge videos are taking over TikTokand your mind

"...Sludge content is taking over TikTok..."


The world’s most polluted river | DW Documentary

"...What was once considered paradise is now a brown sludge of human waste and dangerous substances like nonylphenol, antimony and tributylphosphate..."


How the Krebs cycle powers life and death with Nick Lane

"...It connects the origin of life with the devastation of cancer, the first photosynthetic bacteria with our own mitochondria, sulfurous sludges with the emergence of consciousness, and the trivial differences between ourselves with the large-scale history of our planet..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about sludge relevant to the latest news.

A Multi-criteria Approach to Appropriate Treatment Technology Selection for Water Reclamation

"...Pollution prevention and experience from past applications play a determining role in the selection of wastewater treatment technologies (WWTTs)..."


Surfactants: combating the fate, impact, and aftermath of their release in the environment

"...The residual surfactants and their breakdown products are dispersed in the environment predominantly via the disposal of sewage and land application of sewage sludge..."


Sewage and faecal sludge management; revisiting discharge standards in India

"...Finally, the authors suggest nationwide capacity building for sewage and faceal sludge treatment, up-grading existing sewage treatment plants, and propose revised regulatory norms based on the type of receiving environment to maintain a harmony between the economics of pollution control and improvement in the quality of water bodies across the country..."


Microbiological aspects of dewatering sewage sludge by removing extracellular polymeric substances during the bioleaching proce

"...Conventional sewage treatment plants aim to minimize environmental impacts, but generate by-products, such as sludge, which also must be properly treated and dewatered..."


Carbon dioxide and water effluxes from soils affected by reclaimed wastewater and sludge from the wastewater treatment plant du

"...This study focused on the gradual effect of repeated applications of sewage sludge or composted sewage sludge, and continuous irrigation with reclaimed wastewater on the H2O and CO2 effluxes from soils over a 3-year period..."


Current trends and future directions of global research on wastewater to energy: a bibliometric analysis and review

"...The study highlights three main research themes in ?wastewater to energy?, which are biogas production through anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge, methane generation from microbial wastewater treatment, and hydrogen production from biomass..."


Bacterial community and filamentous population of industrial wastewater treatment plants in Belgium

"...The discharge of industrial water requires the removal of its pollutants, where biological wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) are the most used systems..."


Synergistic effects of adsorption and chemical reduction towards the effective Cr(VI) removal in the presence of the sulfur-dop

"...In this study, the anaerobic sludge withdrawn from thickener in a sewage treatment plant served as the precursor for sludge-based biochar fabrication, which was further modified via sulfur (S) heteroatom doping (i..."