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Coverage of small modular reactors since July 7, 2023.

SaskPower announces partnership to develop small modular nuclear reactors

"...“Today's announcement is about so much more than a partnership agreement,” said SaskPower CEO Rupen Pandya on Monday. “Not only does it mark another milestone for our small modular reactor development project, but it also marks the leading role our provinces are poised to play in nuclear power development in Canada and around the world. ”Dustin Duncan, the Saskatchewan minister responsible for SaskPower, said the “master services agreement” is a five-year plan and that all three partners are committing to building a clean energy future to help streamline small modular reactors (SMR) development in the province..."


N.B. premier's pitch to offset emissions globally rather than locally not new, researcher says

"...“When you shift to gas you have a benefit compared to coal but to what degree does that prevent jurisdictions from investing in other low-carbon alternatives such as biomass, such as wind and solar, or even newer technologies such as tidal or small modular reactors?”Higgs applauded the federal government's decision to pause the price of carbon on oil home heating fuel for three years, but says that it shows the entire system is flawed and should be scrapped. He argues that the impact on the economy and the cost of living is too great and the impact on emissions too small. Higgs has also joined the premiers of Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia in calling for a meeting with the federal government to discuss removing carbon pricing from all home heating sources..."


Braiding Knowledge for Clean Energy conference kicks off in Saskatoon

"...The Braiding Knowledge for Clean Energy conference runs from 8 a. m. to 5 p..."


Indigenous groups signs equity agreements with SMR developers

"...“It's about taking a collective step toward the future where clean energy powers our homes and businesses, it's about protecting our natural resources — the air, land and water — and it's about empowering people in communities while respecting traditional values,” said O'Sullivan..."


Indigenous group in N.B. signs deal with companies behind proposed nuclear reactor

"...The North Shore Mi’kmaq Tribal Council issued a joint statement today with Moltex Energy Canada Inc. and ARC Clean Technology Inc. , saying the council's seven First Nations are making financial investments in both Saint John-based companies..."


N.B. Conservation Council raises concerns about lack of costing for SMRs in NB Power plan

"...SMRs are new technology in the nuclear power sphere. A single small modular reactor is capable of producing 300 megawatts. Moe Qureshi, the CCNB’s manager of climate solutions, said the IRP focused heavily on SMRs despite their relative newness and left out a key component to using them in the future – the cost..."


Small modular reactors in Saskatchewan met with questions, concerns

"...Another issue is the levels of nuclear waste that are produced during the reaction process. SMRs utilize the same nuclear reactions as large-scale nuclear reactors. Uranium is the main ingredient for SMR fuel..."


Ontario’s clean power plan that’s ‘not really a plan’

"...After the Bruce Power announcement, the Saugeen Ojibway Nation, composed of the Saugeen First Nation and the Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation, said they will not support any new projects on their territory until there is a solution to storing Canada’s nuclear waste. The nuclear plant, which would be the province’s largest nuclear power project in more than 30 years, needs environmental approval from the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada, meaning even if it is approved, it won’t be opening any time soon. The Ontario government said large-scale nuclear power projects typically have a lead time "of a decade or more," which Brooks stresses is too far in the future to address the current climate crisis and the immediate need to reduce emissions..."


Natural resources minister contradicts Alberta Premier, saying net-zero grid is possible

"...As part of its sweeping climate goals, the federal government plans to soon release a draft of its promised clean electricity regulations, which will aim to ensure Canada's electricity grid is a net-zero emitter of greenhouse-gas emissions by 2035. Canada's current electricity grid is more than 80 per cent non-emitting, and in provinces with vast amounts of hydro-electric generating capacity, decarbonizing within the next decade is feasible. What people are reading Our political leaders need to smarten up By Max Fawcett | Opinion, Politics | July 10th 2023 But though Alberta has committed to achieving net-zero greenhouse-gas emissions by 2050, the province's lack of hydroelectricity and heavy reliance on natural gas for power generation means its grid faces steeper transition challenges than many other jurisdictions..."


Ontario to seek new wind, solar power to help ease coming electricity supply crunch

"...The last round of procurements Smith announced for electricity generation involved both natural gas and battery storage projects. The new planned procurement of green power, including wind, solar, hydroelectric and biogas, will pair well with recent energy storage procurements, Smith said, so that power generated by solar panels, for example, can be stored and injected into the system when needed..."


Ontario announces new long-term renewable green plan

"...Initiatives being run under the new plan include advancing nuclear energy and optimizing hydroelectric power generation to continue developments in affordable and reliable green energy..."


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Recent episodes that mention small modular reactors.

Small Modular Reactors – The Future of Nuclear Energy

Duration: 31:51

"...When it comes to nuclear energy, Canada has always been an innovator..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about small modular reactors.

Is Small, Fast, & Cheap the Future of Nuclear Energy?

"...But what if there was a way to build smaller, cheaper, and safer nuclear power plants sized for individual businesses or small communities? It might sound like an Atomic Age dream, but it’s already here..."


273. Nukes or No Nukes - What is the role of nuclear in getting to a low carbon economy?

"...Is nuclear power the only we we can reach net-zero emissions or is it a threat to civilization and a distraction from other low carbon sources of energy such as solar and wind? Green Energy Futures teams up with the Energy vs Climate Podcast..."


Can Nuclear Powered Ships Clean Up Shipping?

"...The U. S. , China, and South Korea are developing thorium molten salt reactors, as well as small modular reactors for ships, submarines, and offshore power plants, could nuclear energy be the answer? How does nuclear compare to diesel for transportation? Let’s explore nuclear power for shipping and when, or if, it can be the future of transportation & cargo shipping..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about small modular reactors relevant to the latest news.

Transport, constructability, and economic advantages of SMR modularization

"...This paper presents an offsite modular construction approach, subject to transport constraints, for nuclear power plants..."


Dialectic narratives, hostile actors, and Earth?s resources in Saskatchewan, Canada

"...While actants of renewables are strongly emerging, uranium currently mined on the Saskatchewan landscape is receiving strong support by government due to the possibility of small modular reactors (SMRs)..."


MELCOR simulation of the SBLOCA induced severe accident for the SMR in a floating nuclear power plant

"...A floating nuclear power plant (FNPP) is a kind of nuclear power plant on a barge moored specifically in an area of the sea..."


Seismic behaviour of flat connections between steel-plate composite (SC) walls and reinforced concrete (RC) walls

"...The steel-plate composite (SC) wall has been a competitive substitute for reinforced concrete (RC) wall in nuclear power plants and small modular reactors..."


CFD validation of condensation heat transfer in scaled-down small modular reactor applications, Part 1: Pure steam

"...The condensation was modeled using the condensation-seed parameter as a source term for mass, momentum, and energy conservation equations..."


The impact of gadolinium on the reactor production of 153Sm

"...In this, the nuclear reactor is the main source of β- - γ emitting isotopes, an example product being 153Sm used in the treatment of pain arising from bone metastases..."


Too small to be viable? The potential market for small modular reactors in mining and remote communities in Canada

"...Small modular reactors have been proposed as an alternative energy supply option for electrified processes in remote mining projects and communities in Canada, which currently have a high reliance on diesel fuel generators..."


Dynamic equivalent model of a SMART control rod drive mechanism for a seismic analysis

"...The SMART (System-integrated Modular Advanced ReacTor) is an integral-type small modular reactor developed by KAERI (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)..."


Modeling and simulation of an integrated regenerative transcritical cycle with a small modular reactor

"...With further system optimization, the regenerative transcritical cycle is expected to offer increased power output from the small modular light-water reactor as an alternative energy conversion system..."


Multicomponent gas mixture parametric CFD study of condensation heat transfer in small modular reactor system safety

"...The requirements for the safety margin for advanced small modular reactor (SMR) systems are targeted even higher than the conventional commercial large-scale nuclear reactors incorporating the passive and inherent safety systems..."


ALFRED reactor coolant system design

"...The goal is to construct a technology demonstrator which is also prototypic for a lead-cooled-based small modular reactor..."