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Smart Buildings

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News and Opinion

Coverage of smart buildings since April 15, 2020.

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Open letter from business leaders calls for bold green recovery Corporate Knights

"...We have the opportunity to emerge from this moment with a resilient economy that creates prosperity for more Canadians. We will get there by working together with all the industries that have led us to where we are as a nation today — from natural resources to telecommunications, manufacturing and financial services. We must build on and reinforce that foundation to set us up to thrive in the future..."

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The time is ripe for an Indigenous Climate Fund Corporate Knights

"...Its first mandate would be to work with Indigenous peoples across Canada to build smart communities (appropriate, energy-efficient infrastructure in remote and urban communities that delivers smart buildings and amenities, clean energy, water and waste management alongside health, education, training, communication and social services). This endowment part of the fund would not be intended to generate standard financial returns; it would use Canadian clean technologies to amplify results of investments already made by federal and other governments..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about smart buildings.

Smart Buildings Saving the World | Visiting Sustainable Architecture

"...This video will show you how architecture and technology can combine to help save our planet and combat climate change..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about smart buildings relevant to the latest news.

A Review of V2-X Solutions by Investigating Different Vehicle Energy Storage Solutions for Nearly Zero Energy Buildings

"...Combining sustainable electric vehicle (EV) technologies with renewable energy sources in building and transportation sectors is an effective approach for reducing energy consumption, in order to meet nearly zero energy buildings (NZEBs) concepts..."

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Key performance indicators for Smart Campus and Microgrid

"...We divide these KPIs among 15 service areas consisting of smart microgrid, smart buildings, intelligent transportation, economic growth, smart governance, propagation model, pollution & waste management, climate resilience, water resource management, financial sustainability, entrepreneurial leadership, enhanced teaching and learning, security and privacy mechanisms, health care provision, and public participation..."

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Design and experiment of a sun-powered smart building envelope with automatic control

"...The energy is harvested by the attached thin-film photovoltaic cells, after which it is voltage-regulated for the permanent storage into a rechargeable battery with 55% energy efficiency..."

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One step forward toward smart city Utopia: Smart building energy management based on adaptive surrogate modelling

"...This study steps into the roadmap of agenda 2030 to mitigate the human footprint on an environment with the aim of management of energy consumption in residential/commercial buildings..."

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Dynamic economic dispatch of islanded water-energy microgrids with smart building thermal energy management system

"...Lowest daily costs and electricity demand can be achieved within the proposed integrated water-energy microgrid with optimal water demand and building thermal energy management..."

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A conditional value-at-risk-based dispatch approach for the energy management of smart buildings with HVAC systems

"...The urgent need for low-carbon societies calls for efficient energy management of smart buildings..."

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A Novel Strategy for Energy Optimal Designs of IoT and WSNs

"...Given a target period of survivability of IoT devices, we must design devices and sub-systems meeting the estimated energy consumption rate so as meet target lifetime..."

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A Methodological Framework for the Economic Assessment of ICT-Tools for Occupants? Engagement

"...An ambient-intelligent building is human-centric; new services and interfaces are provided to the buildings occupants to learn and set their preferences, with a positive impact on their comfort level and satisfaction with the indoor environmental quality..."

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Thermoelectric figure of merit enhancement in cement composites with graphene and transition metal oxides

"...The research findings provide an effective strategy to functionalize the cement based thermoelectric devices for the potential application in energy harvesting of smart buildings..."

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Fractional-order Time-sharing-control-based Wireless Power Supply for Multiple Appliances in Intelligent Building

"...The wired power transmission is usually adopted to supply power for the devices in the traditional buildings..."

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Transparent photovoltaic technologies: Current trends towards upscaling

"...The next step concerns the integration of these technologies in smart buildings, in order to maximize the active surface capable of producing electricity and to contain the costs of air conditioning without affecting the amount of light needed..."

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A fog-based hybrid intelligent system for energy saving in smart buildings

"...Following this direction, this paper proposes a hybrid intelligent system which exploits a fog-based architecture to achieve energy efficiency in smart buildings..."

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