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Coverage of smart grids since December 4, 2020.

Can AI terminate climate change...or is it an even greater threat? Corporate Knights

"...However, stories like Ramadori’s suggest that the AI narrative isn’t all dystopian news. There are a growing number of climate-focused AI applications, some of them relatively advanced and others more nascent. They can be found in domains as disparate as smart grids, manufacturing, transit, renewable energy, agriculture and biodiversity monitoring, as well as the forecasting techniques used in climate change models..."


ChatGPT talks climate change vs AI threat

"...* Agriculture: AI can improve agricultural practices by monitoring soil quality, optimizing irrigation and predicting crop yields, which can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from farming..."


The Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA) is pleased to announce Cratos Canada Inc. as a Start-up Member.

"...“We are delighted to announce the addition of Cratos Canada to the CHFCA community,” says Ivette Vera-Perez, President and CEO of the CHFCA. “Their expertise in hydrogen storage and smart grids will positively contribute to the implementation of hydrogen solutions in Canadian utilities and energy-intensive industries. We look forward to collaboration with the Cratos Canada team, as our association continues to advance Canada's hydrogen economy..."


EPCOR energizes solar farm at Edmonton river valley water treatment plant

"...With 30,350 solar panels, the kīsikāw pīsim solar farm in southwest Edmonton was officially energized by EPCOR on Tuesday morning. The 51-acre farm will provide the E. L..."


Federal Investment In Smart Energy To Decarbonize Electricity Grid

"...“Today’s investment in the Smart Energy Benchmarking Project will leverage the strength of the Smart Grid Innovation Network Canada to further enable the knowledge sharing around innovation required to decarbonize Canada’s utility sector,” says Ryan Mitchell, CEO of Saint John Energy..."


How Summerside — and Prince Edward Island — are leading the energy revolution in Canada

"...On a small island, and in an even smaller city, a major energy revolution is taking form — and it’s all because of a will by the people who live there to do things a little bit differently. From wind farms to giant solar parks, big things are happening in Summerside, PEI, a city on the East Coast of Canada with a can-do attitude, and a will to act as a case study for the rest of the country on how to unleash the renewable energy revolution. The community’s signature project is a $69-million, 80-acre solar project that will be going online later this year..."


The Essential Coase

"...Lynne Kiesling is a Research Professor in the School of Engineering, Design and Computing at the University of Colorado-Denver and the Co-Director of the Institute for Regulatory Law & Economics. Her focus is regulation, market design, and the economics of digitization and smart grid technologies in the electricity industry. Lynne also provides advisory and analytical services as the President of Knowledge Problem LLC, and is an Adjunct Professor in the Masters of Science in Energy and Sustainability program at Northwestern University..."


Saint John Energy Wins Global Award

"...The International Smart Grid Action Network declared Saint John Energy’s smart grid its top project choosing the local utility as the winner of the 7th ISGAN Award of Excellence. (Image submitted by SJE) Saint John Energy has won an international award for its Smart Grid network..."


1 of 695 Fast mitigation of power grids instability risks

"...Skoltech scientists in collaboration with researchers from the University of Arizona and the Los Alamos National Laboratory have developed an approach that allows power grids to return to stability fast after demand response perturbation. Their research at the crossroads of demand response, smart grids, and power grid control was published in the journal Applied Energy..."


Community Solar Farm Being Developed In Shediac

"...Brent Staeben, NB Power's director of Smart Grid Atlantic, says the solar farm will be directly connected to the power grid and provide green energy to the Shediac Multipurpose Centre and the Government of Canada Pension Centre..."


Where wind blows, water flows, sun shines and lithium sings

"...From July of 2019 until about March of this year, the Town of Berwick financed energy efficiency upgrades for 25 buildings within its borders, commercial and residential, through the Berwick Green Energy Program. This entailed the installation of heat pumps, solar water heating systems, additional insulation, smart thermostats, modern lighting, highly efficient Energy Star windows and doors, electric car charging stations and more, with all upfront costs borne by the town. The technical expertise for this venture, however, came from the private sector..."


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Recent episodes that mention smart grids.

E11 with Graham Allen - Power Forward Tech Challenge

Duration: 27:09

"...Join Jason as he interviews Graham Allen of NRCan and spokesperson for the Power Forward Tech Challenge..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about smart grids.

The Unsung Heroes of Electrification

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China's MILLION VOLT Energy Superhighway

"...Smart grids delivering renewable energy across continents will be a crucial advance, but they will also require extremely long electricity transmission distances..."


Impact Canada – Canada-UK Power Forward Challenge – Finalists

"...With the continued addition of new distributed energy resources (DERs) like electric vehicles, renewables, batteries, and smart devices, the demands placed on our electricity grids are becoming increasingly complex..."


Building Sault Ste. Marie's Smart Grid

"...The Ontario Energy Board just approved the construction of the Sault Smart Grid, the largest project of its kind in North America..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about smart grids relevant to the latest news.

An Overview of Bidirectional EV Chargers: Empowering Traction Grid-Powered Chargers

"...In this case, the battery of an electric car can store energy when there is excess generation (for example from renewable sources), and supply it to the grid when there is a lack of generation, realizing the functions of vehicle to grid (V2G)..."


Off-Grid Green Hydrogen Production Systems

"...The integration of green hydrogen produced by water electrolysis into a smart energy system ?or a smart grid?, is considered a promising solution to overcome the handicaps of the renewable electricity production and certain hard-to-decarbonize industrial sectors..."


Impact optical communication model in sustainable building construction over the carbon footprint detection using quantum netwo

"...Based on smart grid greenhouse gas emission and reinforcement learning, this study proposes a novel carbon footprint analysis method for sustainable building construction..."


A Cascade Fractional Type-II Fuzzy Control Approach for Enhancing Frequency Stability in a Smart Grid System with Diverse Energ

"...Hence, this paper presents a novel quasi-opposition arithmetic optimization algorithm (QOAOA) optimized cascade interval type-II fuzzy proportional?integral?derivative (IT2FPID)-fractional order PI controller with DR and HESS of super-capacitor and redox flow battery (RFB) for suppressing the variations of frequency and tie-line power in a two-area restructure smart grid system, where the proficiency of the new optimization algorithm (QOAOA) is confirmed by relating its figure of demerit with other present algorithms..."


AI Optimized Solar Tracking System for Green and Intelligent Building Development in an Urban Environment

"...While the concept of green buildings has been focusing on the energy savings in the past, installation of solar panels onto the rooftops of buildings presents an opportunity to generate incomes as a viable economic upside incentive to scale up the utilization of solar panels among buildings in an urban environment..."


An SOA-RBFNN approach for the system modelling of optimal energy management in grid-connected smart grid system

"...A hybrid method for energy management on grid-connected MG system is proposed under this manuscript..."


Cross-entropy boosted CRO-SL for optimal power flow in smart grids

"...We have modified this system by replacing three thermal generators with renewable source generators, in order to consider a smart grid approach with renewable energy production..."


Reliability Assessment of Cyber-Physical Generation System

"...The assessment technique incorporates cybersecurity issues in smart grids considering non-normal random variables with nonlinear dependencies..."


A Siamese CNN?+?KNN-Based Classification Framework for Non-intrusive Load Monitoring

"...In order to provide consumers information on their energy consumption, so that a modulation in consumption is possible, non-intrusive load monitoring has been introduced as an solution to this pattern recognition problem..."


Efficient Techniques for Residential Appliances Scheduling in Smart Homes for Energy Management Using Multiple Knapsack Problem

"...A home energy management system enhances the efficiency of the energy infrastructure of smart homes and provides an opportunity for residential users to optimize their energy consumption..."


Joint optimization of energy trading and consensus mechanism in blockchain-empowered smart grids: a reinforcement learning appr

"...Under the trend of green development, the traditional fossil fuel and centralized energy management models are no longer applicable, and distributed energy systems that can efficiently utilize clean energy have become the key to research in the energy field nowadays..."


Design of Sustainable Buildings with Renewables

"...The design uses the maximum efficiency of renewable energy of wind turbines and solar panel cells, where the basic solar panel cell efficiencies are 5?20% and optimized for higher performance using intelligent mechatronic system methods..."