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Soil Fertility

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News and Opinion

Coverage of soil fertility since October 5, 2020.

Airborne laser scanning of gaps in Amazon rainforest helps explain tree mortality

"...The researchers concluded that water stress, soil fertility and human-induced forest degradation cause gaps in the world's largest tropical forest..."

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Functional consequences of global biodiversity loss guide future nature conservation

"...The research group also explored how much we can lose from the functional space if these one million threatened species do go extinct. Dr Carmona continues, "We wanted to explore how extinctions will affect the functioning of different groups of organisms. We found that large, long-lived, and low-fertility species are universally more likely to be threatened..."

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Report Highlight: Climate Security and the Strategic Energy Pathway in South Asia

"...Climate change also presents many domestic security challenges for South Asian countries. It threatens food and water security and magnifies natural disasters such as floods, compounded by sea level rise. The recent natural disaster in the Himalayas in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, which killed dozens and destroyed two hydropower plants, offered a tragic glimpse of what an increasingly devastating climate-influenced future looks like..."

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Mangrove forests store more carbon when they're more diverse

"...Researchers studying mangrove forests in Hainan Island, China, have found that species diversity in mangrove forests enhances both biomass production (the quantity of organic matter) and soil carbon storage. The findings highlight the impotence of conserving mangrove biodiversity as a nature-based solution to mitigate climate change..."

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Soil health is as environmentally important as air and water quality, say microbiologists

"...The UK is estimated to be 30 to 40 years away from "fundamental eradication of soil fertility", and the UN have warned that if current degradation rates are not reversed there may be less than 60 harvests left in the world's soil. The EU has raised soil health as one its top five priorities and many global initiatives are emerging in the area of soil protection. The UK should take advantage of this increased profile to consolidate active communities working together to improve the uptake and development of new sustainable land management practices..."

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Logging company proposes agroforestry project for Nelson area

"...The Selous in Bloom project envisions an agroforestry initiative on two hectares of Kalesnikoff’s timber tenure on forested land just south of Nelson. Agroforestry is the practice of growing trees in conjunction with food crops..."

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Farmers Facing Higher Fertilizer Prices

"...John Heard is as soil fertility specialist with Manitoba Agriculture..."

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Soil degradation costs U.S. corn farmers a half-billion dollars every year

"...But using fertilizer doesn't just cost farmers and governments money. It also comes at an environmental cost. A large portion of the global greenhouse gas emissions caused by agriculture--24% of global emissions in 2010 and 10% of U..."

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European colonization accelerated erosion tenfold

"...She added "What these findings mean is that anthropogenic activities have unprecedented impact on sediment dynamics. Unsustainable land use practices entail large societal costs in terms of soil fertility decline, flooding and stream degradation and direct costs for soil and watershed restoration. The study improves our ability to set benchmarks for erosion monitoring and control..."

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RUDN University Soil Scientist: Deforestation Affects the Bacterial Composition of the Soil

"..."The diversity of soil microorganisms doesn't necessarily reduce as a result of forest conversion. However, bacterial communities undergo massive transformations. The bacteria that used to dominate in forest soils can almost disappear after deforestation and planting of crops..."

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Fertilizer Ban In Effect November 10

"...Manitoba's Soil Fertility Specialist John Heard says the fertilizer already applied should be in good shape..."

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Farmers Cautioned About Applying Fertilizer Too Early

"...Manitoba Agriculture Soil Fertility Specialist John Heard says farmers are taking a risk if they apply fertilizer too early..."

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Jobs in soil fertility

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Precision Ag Specialist - FS PARTNERS - Alliston, Ontario

"...soil sampling, variable rate prescriptions, yield data and ROI analysis, spatial data, record keeping, crop scouting program, field trials and 4R Nutrient Stewardship..."

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"...soil and tissue tests and required, and be able to recommend best practices for soil fertility management for local customers..."

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Staff Agronomist

"...The ideal candidate will have a diploma/degree in agriculture, 2-5 years related agriculture experience; a farm background..."

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Customer Success Representative (North West SK)

"...To assist the Sales function by providing ongoing account management and support to..."

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Recent episodes that mention soil fertility.

The Agronomists, Ep 15 — John Heard and Steph Berlett on soil fertility strategies

Duration: 1:03:48

"...If you’re looking at the price of fertilizer and growing conditions and wondering if it’s the year to either pull rates back or put the hammer down, this episode of The Agronomists is for you..."

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Wheat Pete's Word, Oct 21: Damp husks, variable rate lime, chopping stalks, and too much phos

Duration: 17:16

"...Corn in Ontario is finally drying down, just as the cold, wet, fall weather kicks into gear this week..."

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RealAg Radio, October 19: Winter temperatures, soil coring for the right results, and evaluating wheat emergence

Duration: 54:44

"...It’s Monday, and it’s time to talk agronomy! On today’s episode of RealAg Radio, you’ll hear: Dr..."

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Wheat Pete's Word, Sept 30: Stink bugs, pink corn, early wheat, and broadcast P

Duration: 16:45

"...It might be very dry in Ontario, but that means the crop can come off quickly, and that means we can get the 2021 wheat crop locked and loaded..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about soil fertility.

Soil Health Planning Principles: Healthy Soils for Sustainable Cotton Webinar Series, Episode 3

"...Soil function is related to the four ecosystem processes of carbon cycling, biocommunity cycling, water cycling and nutrient cycling, which are in every agroecosystem..."

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Linking Soil Biology to Soil Health: Healthy Soils for Sustainable Cotton Webinar Series, Episode 2

"...When these soil organism functional groups are in balance and working together, they contribute to ecosystem resiliency that allows the ecosystem to bounce back after a disturbance like a flood or drought as well as resist the negative impacts of these disturbances..."

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Farming with Native Plants to Bring Back the Bees

"...Incorporating natural habitat with sustainable farming brings many benefits: increased pollination, food productivity, soil fertility, natural pest management, protective microclimates for crops, native blossoms that beautify the landscape, and a diversity of bees! ..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about soil fertility relevant to the latest news.

A succinct review and analysis of drivers and impacts of agricultural land transformations in Asia

"...Intensive farming practices have put pressure on ecosystems leading to declining total factor productivity, land degradation, soil erosion, loss of soil fertility, and GHG emissions..."

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Sustainable Soil Management for Food Security in South Asia

"...The extensive production of cereals and conventional soil management practices are increasing soil erosion; depleting soil organic matter, soil fertility, water resources, and increasing salinization..."

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Composted biochar affects structural dynamics, function and co-occurrence network patterns of fungi community

"...A few researchers have reported enhancing soil physicochemical properties and reducing greenhouse gas emission using biochar-compost mixture as an alternative method to address soil fertility, soil degradation and climate change..."

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The impact of climate smart agriculture on household welfare in smallholder integrated crop?livestock farming systems: evidence

"...Results The study found several agricultural and socio-economic factors which affect adoption and food security..."

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Design of a Soil-based Climate-Smartness Index (SCSI) using the trend and variability of yields and soil organic carbon

"...Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) has had an increasing role in the agricultural policy arena, as it aims to address climate change mitigation, adaptation and food security goals in an integrated way..."

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Delineating resource management domains of Yavatmal district using geospatial tools

"...A resource index was derived by overlaying the thematic layers of soil fertility, water holding capacity (WHC), land use land cover, water resources, and socio-economic parameters..."

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Soil quality assessment using erosion-sensitive indices and fuzzy membership under different cropping systems on a Ferralsol in

"...Soil properties such as bulk density, micro-, macro- and total porosity, aggregates stability, laboratorial soil fertility properties, and soil organic matter content were selected as MDS of physical and chemical properties, being used to compute two soil quality indices: 1) Integrated Quality Index (IQI), and 2) Nemoro Quality Index (NQI)..."

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Differentiated mechanisms of biochar- and straw-induced greenhouse gas emissions in tobacco fields

"...Addition of biochar and straw has constituted an effective way to improve soil fertility in tobacco fields..."

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Species identities impact the responses of intensity and importance of competition to the soil fertility changes

"...krylovii) × soil fertility (low and high fertility) × competition treatment (4 treatments: two target species grown in monoculture and in mixture with each other, and in mixture with Leymus chinensis or Agropyron cristatum) microcosm experiment..."

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Biochar Application Rate: Improving Soil Fertility and Linum usitatissimum Growth on an Arsenic and Lead Contaminated Technosol

"...The remediation of metal(loid) contaminated sites often requires the application of an amendment, such as biochar..."

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Integrated fertilizer application improves soil properties and maize (Zea mays L.) yield on Nitisols in Northwestern Ethiopia

"...Plots amended with 10 t ha−1 compost and 100/100 kg ha−1 Urea/NPSB provided the highest maize dry biomass (18..."

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