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Coverage of solar farms since February 8, 2024.

Seeking carbon-free power, Virginia utility considers small nuclear reactors

"...Virginia's largest utility said Wednesday that it will explore the possibility of using small nuclear reactors to help meet growing electricity demands while reducing greenhouse gas emissions..."


Saint John Energy seeks developers for first-ever solar farm

"...The solar project would also help the utility company achieve its Zero30 Initiative to help reach carbon neutrality by 2030. Fillmore says there are three key pillars associated in succeeding in their goal, which includes understanding what the electricity demand over time will be, innovating with customers to help them achieve net zero if they choose to do so, as well as understanding what the potential mix of renewable energy generation would be..."


Corn, millet and ... rooftop solar? Farm familys newest crop shows Chinas solar ascendancy

"...The Shi family is on the leading edge of a solar boom in China, which has long dominated global solar manufacturing but didn't always install a lot of it at home. That's changing as the government focuses on the urgency of cutting its worst-in-the-world greenhouse gas emissions at the same time it grows its green economy. China wants one-fifth of its power to come from renewables by 2025, and it's offered a wide range of subsidies to local governments and businesses..."


First Nation solar farm in B.C. expected to save 1.1 million litres of diesel a year

"...The statement says BC Hydro will buy the solar energy and integrate it into power lines and a battery storage system to serve the community..."


Wind, solar operators urged to invest now to protect infrastructure from climate risk

"...Vittoria Bellissimo of the Canadian Renewable Energy Association says all types of power generation, including fossil fuel-fired production, is vulnerable to damage or outages in the event of natural disasters such as wildfire, flooding and severe storms..."


Solar project a threat to pronghorn migration: Alberta wildlife group

"...The Aira Solar Project, being built by Calgary-based Horizon New Energy, is located about 35 km southwest of the Alberta city. It was given approval by the Alberta Utilities Commission on March 21st, with a number of conditions. The Alberta Wilderness Association said the area is also an important international migratory corridor for pronghorn antelope, the worlds second fastest land mammal and an iconic species of Albertas grasslands..."


New Brunswick dairy farm offsets electric bill with solar power

"...The company is expanding to other parts of Canada, too, as more farms look to take advantage of green technology opportunities. Organizations like Dairy Farmers of Canada are aiming to be net zero by 2050. As for Mitham, he said he hopes it makes the farm more sustainable for future amid soaring energy costs and labour shortages..."


Gagetown military base getting $55M in upgrades

"...The project, which is scheduled to be done by 2026, is expected to create more than 200 jobs in the Oromocto area, reduce the bases energy consumption by 24 per cent, and cut down on greenhouse gas emissions by more than 8,700 tonnes per year..."


Impact of Alberta's renewable energy project pause to become evident in 2025: experts

"...Alberta led the way in renewable energy development in 2023 accounting for more than 92 per cent of Canada's overall growth, according to industry data released last month by the Canadian Renewable Energy Association (CanREA)..."


Town of Hanna councillors claim trust issues with solar company

"...Two members of the Town of Hanna council made comments at their Jan. 31 information meeting that a solar farm company looking to build in the area claimed to have completed public consultation in an official report when it apparently had not..."


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Recent episodes that mention solar farms.

Coal to Solar: Building Solar Farms in Appalachia - Adam Edelen

Duration: 1:02:07

"...Adam Edelen is the founder of Edelen Renewables..."


278. Solar + Oil - Reclaiming abandoned wells with Solar

Duration: 04:00

"...RenuWell the idea is to breathe new life into Alberta's thousands of abandoned oil wells by reusing well pads and roads and building 750-kilowatt solar farms..."


Conservation group files legal challenge against EPCORs river valley solar farm

Duration: 17:59

"...Kristine Kowalchuk, Chair, Edmonton River Valley Conservation Coalition..."


Proposed Edmonton river valley solar farm approved by a narrow 7-6 margin

Duration: 18:52

"...Sarah Hamilton, Edmonton City Councillor, Ward 5..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about solar farms.

Back to the Mines - Dialogue 2023

"...While most climate discussions acknowledge some need for new mining as solar farms, battery electric vehicles, ..."


Petrol Cars Dirtier, Tesla's Secret Battery & Indian Solar | Fully Charged

"...Could Solar Farms in the Sahara be a Renewable Energy dream or a global climate nightmare? Are things looking up for Texas with news that Tesla are plugging in a secret mega-battery to the grid? Will Electric Trucks be able to go long distance with a heavy load and replace diesel for good? ..."


$25k Tesla, Cobalt Conundrum & Siberian Solar | SUBSCRIBE & ENTER The Great EV GIVEAWAY

"...How big can a solar farm be in Siberia? Will Apple ever make an electric car? Are Denmark really building a renewable energy island? Could Toyota finally be launching their electric cars outside China? Where will the world's largest offshore wind plant be built? Are Tesla making a $25k compact Tesla? Oh, and how exactly did Robert attend a recent conference in Africa? ..."


Exploring the Power Grid of the Future

"...How do you get that energy distributed around the globe? Countries like India are pushing for a "one sun, one world, one grid" power grid concept..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about solar farms relevant to the latest news.

An Integrated GIS-Based ANP Analysis for Selecting Solar Farm Installation Locations: Case Study in Cumra Region, Turkey

"...With the depletion of traditional energy sources, which are defined as fossil fuels, the importance of renewable energy sources has increased even more..."


A Multi-criteria Decision-Making (MCDM) Approaches for Systematic Analysis and Ranking of Solar Power Plant Site Using ANN

"...Government of India (GOI) has also introduced various policies to promote diffusing of solar energy and has also invested a huge sum of money in the development of renewable energy..."


A hybrid model of CNN and LSTM autoencoder-based short-term PV power generation forecasting

"...Solar energy is one of the main renewable energies available to fulfill global clean energy targets..."


Hydro-thermal scheduling under RE uncertainties using an improved cheetah optimization

"...The test systems are incorporated with wind farms, solar farm, hydropower generators, and thermal power generators scheduled for 24-h, 1-h subintervals..."


Detection of Solar Panel Farms Using Machine Learning

"...There has been an increase in the number of solar energy farms all over India in an effort to move toward more sustainable sources of energy..."


Krabi's renewable energy transition towards sustainable energy: drivers, barriers, and challenges

"...In addition, new biomass power plants are public opposed due to emissions of solid biomass combustion pollutants..."


Enhancement of Static Voltage Stability Margin Using STATCOM in Grid-Connected Solar Farms

"...Hence, keeping in view, the current scenario of power system deregulation, it is intended to study the effects of incorporating renewable energy sources in power system network and the effectiveness of FACTS devices in improving the voltage stability margin..."


Site suitability analysis for solar farms using the geographic information system and multi-criteria decision analysis: the cas

"...In this context, it is crucial to identify suitable locations for solar farms in order to make maximum use of solar energy..."


Cloud-Computed Solar Tracking System

"...Nations in the contemporary world choose renewable energy sources since it is cheaper, cleaner, and more plentiful than fossil fuels..."


Automated Cleaning of PV Panels Using the Comparative Algorithm and Arduino

"...Out of these sources, the solar energy of the sun is one of the most promising sources as it is abundantly available..."


"...Then I will provide some insight on ongoing work concerning the use of this UGV and an UAV fleet to search for solar panel defects in large-area solar farms, where autonomy is an important step for future operation..."


Influence of the Separation Between Photovoltaic Modules Within an Array on the Wind Pressure Distribution

"...As has traditionally been considered, the gap between photovoltaic modules within the same array would be one of the key factors in the development of wind pressure on the tables of a solar farm and, therefore, in the resulting wind action on these surfaces..."