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News and Opinion

Coverage of solar panels since September 8, 2023.

Controversy brewing over possible solar project proposal in East Kootenay

"...The Vancouver-based Enterprise Renewables wants to explore just under 5o square kilometres of land north of Cranbrook for the potential environmental impact of a solar facility. It's currently seeking an investigative license to do so, and receiving a flurry of concerns during the public feedback period associated with that. The BC Wildlife Federation is concerned the exploration could affect the winter habits of elk and deer, as well as species like the Lewis' woodpecker and long-billed curlew, which rely on the land for food and nesting..."


Solar, battery storage facility officially opens in Summerland, B.C.

"...“The solar panels you can see in the foreground there and in the background in the white containers is our BESS, battery energy storage system, and that's where we store the energy that we collect from sunlight. ”Summerland is one of five municipalities in B. C..."


Some homes are being built to stand up to hurricanes and cut emissions, too

"...A person’s home is one of the biggest ways they can reduce their individual carbon footprint. Buildings release about 38% of all energy-related greenhouse gas emissions each year. Some of the carbon pollution comes from powering things like lights and air conditioners and some of it from making the construction materials, like concrete and steel..."


Solar energy is booming. What happens when the panels die?

"...About 12 years ago, a woman named Annick Anctil was working at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York. She was researching the environmental impact of solar, and she became interested in making this renewable energy more sustainable..."


Rotary and Habitat partnering to power new homes in Guelph with solar energy

"...A new partnership will result in Habitat for Humanity homes in Guelph powered by solar energy..."


Lego says it hit a recycled plastic stumbling block. Do its claims stack up? Corporate Knights

"...To be sure, emissions from the plastic industry are a massive problem. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development says that plastics generated 1. 8 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions – or 3..."


Fernie residents invited to participate in climate-friendly home tours

"...The tour will include homes ranging from renovated properties to newly constructed residences, all designed to minimize the environmental impact related to running the home. Attendees will learn about the integration of heat pumps, high efficiency building envelopes and renewable energy sources, such as solar panels..."


Mounting pressure from customers making some miners switch to renewable energy

"...While the smelting creates heavy emissions of greenhouse gases, the power used is relatively clean. Such possible reductions in emissions come as demand for critical minerals like nickel and cobalt is surging as climate change hastens a transition to renewable energy..."


Solar panel array to be built in Saskatoon as part of SaskTel pilot project

"...222 solar panels will be set up in southwest Saskatoon as part of a SaskTel pilot project to test the long-term feasibility of solar energy..."


‘The goal is to get our emissions to zero': Winnipeg family part of Canada-wide climate challenge

"...They decided to focus on transportation, home efficiency and composting. “We wanted to do something together as a family,” DePape said. DePape, a longtime climate activist, then came across the Live Net Zero Challenge..."


Huge battery plant subsidies are price Canada pays for lagging in clean energy industry

"...Kyriazis echoed the Canadian government when she noted that Canada has to keep up to the United States, which is deeply committed to competing with China for leadership of the global clean energy economy. Over the past two years, the US government has committed over $1 trillion to clean energy and climate initiatives, led by the $500 billion Inflation Reduction Act. The policies have already led to $86 billion of private investment, 51 new or expanded plants for producing solar panels, 10 new battery factories, and over 100,000 clean-energy jobs, according to Bloomberg..."


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Jobs in solar panels

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

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Solar Panel and Racking Installer - miEnergy - Summerside, PE

"...Should you require accommodation during the recruitment process or otherwise, please contact us at hr@mienergy and we will work with you to meet your needs..."

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Recent episodes that mention solar panels.

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The Agronomists, Ep 115: Strategies for protecting the flag leaf, with Holly Derksen and Kelly Turkington

Duration: 1:00:28

"...Determining rust risk, telling tan spot from septoria, and identifying a bacterial infection are all key to keeping the cereal crop's solar panels (leaves!) clean and in top form..."


TIL about cleaning up clean tech

Duration: 10:59

"...Technologies like solar panels and batteries help us slow down climate change, but they’re not inherently perfect..."


E023: Let’s Get Excited About Autonomous Cars

Duration: 50:13

"...In this episode, my guest was Hang Yin, who is part of the Corporate Strategy team of NIO, and believes the future is in smart, electric and autonomous vehicles. ..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about solar panels.

Why This Accidental Battery Breakthrough Matters

"...Lithium sulfur batteries may be the holy grail of energy storage..."


How Old EV Batteries are Perfect for Energy Storage

"...Lithium battery recycling is improving, but it's still far from where it needs to be..."


The World's Largest Battery Isn't What You Think

"...When thinking about the biggest utility-scale energy storage installations, a huge cylindrical lithium ion battery powered light bulb may go off in your head..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about solar panels relevant to the latest news.

Cost Benefit Analysis of Adoption of Renewable Energy (Solar) in a Residential Building?A Case Study on Residential Apartment i

"...Going beyond a building?s functioning energy use and associated GHG emissions, one must consider a building?s entire life cycle to address climate change mitigation concerns..."


How do strategic mineral resources affect clean energy transition? Cross-sectional autoregressive distributed lag (CS-ARDL) app

"...The demand for the minerals required to create and install green energy technology, such as solar panels, wind turbines, electric vehicles, and energy storage, is rising along with it..."


Transient simulation of a solar-PV/battery-based electricity and cold supply for an off-grid restaurant under the climatic cond

"...The system uses solar energy as renewable energy and to store the surplus electricity; battery banks are considered for nights..."


Conjectured hybrid power with artificial intelligence and single-axis solar tracking wind turbine

"...Using a single-axis solar tracking system in conjunction with a solar panel is helping to boost the system's solar energy conversion efficiency..."


Performance investigation of novel semitransparent buildings with integrated photovoltaic windows based on fluid-thermal-electr

"...The integration of solar panels with semitransparent windows is used for electricity generation and sunlight penetration, leading to better energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption..."


"...Energy Harvesting from diverse renewable energy sources has experienced rapid growth due to the adverse environmental impacts of using fossil fuels..."


The relationship between CO2 emission, economic growth, energy consumption, and urbanization in the ECO member countries

"...The main aim of this paper is to investigate the relationship between CO2 emission, economic growth, energy consumption, and urbanization in the ECO member countries during 1990?2014..."


AI Optimized Solar Tracking System for Green and Intelligent Building Development in an Urban Environment

"...While the concept of green buildings has been focusing on the energy savings in the past, installation of solar panels onto the rooftops of buildings presents an opportunity to generate incomes as a viable economic upside incentive to scale up the utilization of solar panels among buildings in an urban environment..."


A newly designed BIPV system with enhanced passive cooling and ventilation

"...Nowadays, the application of renewable energies such as solar energy in the building sector has increased notably considering the adverse impacts of climate change on human life; hence many studies have focused on the application of photovoltaic panels in buildings..."


Design and implementation of an intelligent multi-input multi-output Sugeno fuzzy logic controller for managing energy resource

"...The current work concentrates on the conception, design, and implementation of an intelligent multi-input multi-output fuzzy logic controller for the energy management of a hybrid renewable energy system including solar power and storage battery in laboratory dimensions..."


The Effect of Dedicated Newly Designed Dual-Axis Solar Tracking System and Cooling System on the Performance of a Commercial PV

"...Huge potentiality in the nature and being eco-friendly, the efficient utilization of the sources of renewable energy is the primary concern of the researchers throughout the world..."


Detection of Solar Panel Farms Using Machine Learning

"...There has been an increase in the number of solar energy farms all over India in an effort to move toward more sustainable sources of energy..."