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Solar Panels

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News and Opinion

Coverage of solar panels since March 23, 2021.

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Half-mile-long design institute to rise at the foot of Phoenix Mountain

"...While such a huge building can't really be considered sustainable in any meaningful sense, it will still feature some energy efficient design. The roof will be heavily landscaped, improving its overall insulation, says the designers, while also providing space for sports and other activities. Additionally, solar panels will provide power..."

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Massive mixed-use development to bring a rainbow of color to Paris

"...Influential French architect Jean Nouvel has been very busy lately. Following the unveiling of a hotel inserted into a desert mountain, then a greenery filled oasis, his firm now plans a mixed-use development in Paris, France, that will offer a pleasant, greenery filled place to live and work, while incorporating sustainable design such as solar power and passive ventilation. The development, named Jeuneville, is slated for an area near Paris' Olympic Village (the city is due to host the Summer Olympics in 2024) on the banks of the Seine river..."

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Does the Solar Industry Rely on Xinjiang Forced Labor?

"...In the wilderness of the Gobi Desert sit two factories that churn out vast quantities of polysilicon, the raw material in billions of solar panels all over the world..."

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Portable camping stove charges gadgets using propane power

"...We've seen a number of thermoelectric camping stove/charger products over the years, and they tend to rely on wood/biomass-fueled heat. The new Gen Stove from Korea's Viva Plus presents a thermoelectric charging solution that isn't tied to live fire, powering up electronics with waste heat produced by cooking with propane or butane. It provides an easier, more universal solution for cooking and charging simultaneously..."

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Guest post: How ‘high-resolution’ climate models will help Europe plan for extreme weather Carbon Brief

"...As a result, adaptation planning – regarding, for example, urban flood management, hail damage to solar panels and crops, and lightning impact on electricity networks – are often left to crude assumptions..."

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Carbon dots made from hair boost stability of perovskite solar cells

"...Over the past decade or so, gains in efficiency have seen perovskite solar cells become a highly promising technology in the realm of renewable energy, quickly coming to match or even outdo the performance of the monocrystalline silicon solar cells widely used today. Holding them back, however, are intrinsic instability issues and a vulnerability to the elements, which has prevented their mainstream adoption. Scientists in Australia believe they may have found a solution to these problems hiding in hair swept up from the floor of a local barbershop..."

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Electric vehicle owners feeling punished amid little investments in renewable energy

"...Josh Campbell, president of the Wascana Solar Co-op, feels the budget did not do enough for renewable energy. Campbell said Alberta introduced 156 megawatts of solar panel in January and February 2021, while SaskPower only plans to add a total of 60 megawatts of solar generating capacity this year..."

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Polarized photovoltaic properties emerge

"...For the first time, researchers have discovered a way to obtain polarity and photovoltaic behavior from certain nonphotovoltaic, atomically flat (2D) materials. The key lies in the special way in which the materials are arranged. The resulting effect is different from, and potentially superior to, the photovoltaic effect commonly found in solar cells..."

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Even without a brain, Penn Engineering's metal-eating robots can search for food

"...When it comes to powering mobile robots, batteries present a problematic paradox: the more energy they contain, the more they weigh, and thus the more energy the robot needs to move. Energy harvesters, like solar panels, might work for some applications, but they don't deliver power quickly or consistently enough for sustained travel..."

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Humble Motors presents a 1,020hp SUV with 80 square feet of solar roof

"...Another Californian EV startup has unveiled an electric concept SUV – but this time, it's built to do between 10-60 miles (16-96 km) per day on pure sunlight. The Humble One will rock more than 80 square feet of solar panels to self-charge even when unplugged. This thing really looks like more of a crossover, or even an oversized hot hatch, than an SUV – just a tad longer than a Corolla, it has only four seats, and no pretensions toward serious off-roading..."

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Jeep's trailhead chargers support electrified off-roading

"...Instant torque, zero tailpipe emissions, no engine noise – there are a lot of reasons to like the idea of adding more battery power to off-roading. But there's also one big question mark: How do you charge when you're traveling tens or hundreds of miles off-road, possibly jumping off from a remote base town that has little infrastructure. Jeep has addressed the question by growing its 4xe family with a new network of off-road-targeted charging stations, planning installations at trailheads and base towns near its Badge of Honor Trails..."

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Self-driving EV takes a slow, steady approach to solar-powered mobility

"...The curved roof is also kitted out with the Panlite glazing, along with a 330-W solar panel. Solar roofing has been a key focus for robotics company Applied Electric Vehicles, which last year received AUD$2 million (US$1. 5m) in government funding to continue development of an autonomous EV prototype that draws 60 percent of its energy needs from the Sun as it carries people and goods around urban areas..."

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Recent episodes that mention solar panels.

TIL about cleaning up clean tech

Duration: 10:59

"...Technologies like solar panels and batteries help us slow down climate change, but they’re not inherently perfect..."

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E023: Let’s Get Excited About Autonomous Cars

Duration: 50:13

"...In this episode, my guest was Hang Yin, who is part of the Corporate Strategy team of NIO, and believes the future is in smart, electric and autonomous vehicles. ..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about solar panels.

Hydrogen's Dirty Problem - Green Hydrogen Explained

"...What is green hydrogen and how does it stack up against other renewable options? And what if I told you there’s a solar cell that can make hydrogen directly from the air? Let’s explore green hydrogen’s booming potential..."

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Rewa Power Plant and India's March Towards A Solar Powered Grid

"...n this video we start by discussing the Rewa Power Plant, and try to extrapolate its numbers to see what it would take to power all of India with Solar Energy..."

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Get Solar Energy Without Solar Panels On Your Home - Community Solar Explained

"...Get Solar Energy Without Solar Panels On Your Home - Community Solar Explained..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about solar panels relevant to the latest news.

On the challenge of large energy storage by electrochemical devices

"...This paper reviews work that promotes the effective use of renewable energy sources (solar and wind) by developing technologies for large energy storage, concentrating on electrochemical devices..."

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Graphene-Based Wireless Power Transmission: Charge as You Drive

"...This paper intends to introduce a ?Charge as you drive??a newly evolved concept that can be used to overcome limitations of existing electric vehicles and aid in better battery management..."

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Investigation of life cycle CO2 emissions of the polycrystalline and cadmium telluride PV panels

"...Solar energy, which is an unlimited and clean energy source, is among the most popular renewable energy sources..."

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Techno-economic assessment of a hybrid system for energy supply in the affected areas by natural disasters: A case study

"...Accordingly, a stand-alone hybrid energy system, including solar panels, small wind turbines, fuel generators, and battery banks is taken into consideration..."

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Development of a Mathematical Model for Solar Power Estimation Using Regression Analysis

"...The growing energy demand and the need for clean energy source have created a major impact on the renewable energy sector..."

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Development of an off-grid solar energy powered reverse osmosis desalination system for continuous production of freshwater with

"...The inclusion of a battery unit will enable a constant rate of freshwater supply leading to minimisation of membrane fouling which often occurs in renewable energy powered membrane desalination units..."

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Assessment of Solar Power Potential Mapping in Telangana State Using GIS

"...Solar energy replacing conservative non-renewable energy is being witnessed in often around the world..."

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Optimal Integration of Renewable Distributed Generation Using the Whale Optimization Algorithm for Techno-Economic Analysis

"...A new method for optimal integration of renewable energy sources based on photovoltaic solar panels and wind turbines in the distribution network is presented with the objective of reducing the Active Power Loss (APL) index, to improve the Total Voltage Variation (TVV) index and the Total Operating Cost (TOC) index..."

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Integrating Adaptation and Mitigation in Irrigation Through Diffusion of Solar Energy Technology: A Case from the Northwest Ban

"...Although renewable energy in agriculture is yet to achieve a significant breakthrough in Bangladesh, BMDA-supported solar-powered irrigation has become a successful geoengineering for turning a drought-prone area to a regular cultivable land..."

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Planning of intensified production of solar grade silicon to yield solar panels involving behavior of population

"...Many countries have begun to take advantage of solar energy through the production of solar panels for electric power generation..."

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