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Coverage of spent fuels since December 8, 2020.

SaskPower chooses areas around Estevan and Elbow as possible nuclear reactor sites

"...Opseth highlighted the Crown corporation's need to make swift and comprehensive changes in how it does business to account for the clean energy transition being felt around the world. Earlier this year SaskPower settled on what is known as small modular reactors as the nuclear technology of choice for the province. Their next step was to determine study areas that are well suited to support the construction and operation of SMRs..."


Ukrainian nuclear plant again faces shelling as Kyiv warns of Russian ‘scorched earth'

"...Rafael Grossi, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, has warned that the way the plant was being run under Russian forces and the fighting going on around it pose grave health and environmental risks. An expert in nuclear materials at Imperial College London, however, said the reactor at Zaporizhzhia is modern and housed inside a heavily reinforced steel and concrete building designed to protect against disasters. “As such I do not believe there would be a high probably of a breach of the containment building even if it was accidently struck by an explosive shell, and even less likely the reactor itself could be damaged by such,” said Mark Wenman at the college's Nuclear Energy Futures..."


N.B. looking to small modular reactors to help fulfill clean power needs but there are concerns

"...The plant's reliability has been an ongoing issue since coming back online after a costly refurbishment in 2012. Last year the plant had two unscheduled maintenance periods, part of the reason NB Power added $9 million to its net debt. “In the year, Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station fell short of performance goals with two unbudgeted outages..."


Nuclear risk 'nightmare': Details of Russia's takeover of Chornobyl

"...For more than a month, some Russian soldiers bunked in the earth within sight of the massive structure built to contain radiation from the damaged Chornobyl nuclear reactor. A close inspection of their trenches was impossible because even walking on the dirt is discouraged..."


Provinces agree on nuclear energy plan for small reactors to reduce emissions

"...On Monday, the provinces' energy ministers agreed to a proposal for small modular reactors. The first 300-megawatt plant is to be built in Darlington, Ont. , east of Toronto, by 2028..."


Spectroscopic sensors speed up recycling of spent nuclear fuel

"...To reduce high-level radioactive waste and make nuclear reactors more economical, researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) are working on ways to use real-time spectroscopic monitoring to improve the recycling of spent nuclear fuel. One of the big selling points of nuclear power is the tiny amount of fuel needed to power a reactor. A single nuclear fuel pellet weighing only 0..."


Ottawa invests $50.5M in Moltex Energy Canada to develop nuclear reactor technology

"...Ottawa is investing $50. 5 million in Moltex Energy Canada Inc. to help in the development of the company's stable salt nuclear reactor and spent fuel recycling technology..."


How dangerous is the Fukushima nuclear plant today?

"...This satellite image provided by Maxar Technologies shows Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant and burning reactor in Okuma, Fukushima prefecture, Japan on March 14, 2011. Japan will mark the 10th anniversary of the 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster, on Thursday, March 11, 2021. (Satellite image ©2021 Maxar Technologies via AP)..."


Bill Gates's next-gen nuclear plant packs in grid-scale energy storage

"...Natrium's demonstration plant will be fully operational and connected to the power grid in its as-yet-unknown location by the mid to late 2020s. Its fast-neutron reactor will use high-temperature liquid sodium as its reactor coolant instead of water. One of sodium's key advantages is the huge 785-Kelvin temperature range between its solid and gaseous states; water offers only a 100-Kelvin range, so it needs to be pressurized in order to handle higher amounts of heat energy..."


Feds’ Small Modular Reactor Action Plan is a dangerous distraction from climate change mitigation Corporate Knights

"...The governments of New Brunswick, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta, together with the federal government, advocate that small modular reactors (SMRs) are essential if Canada is to achieve a net-zero economy by 2050. According to the feds’ 2018 Call to Action report on the mini nuclear reactors, “SMRs are a reliable, clean, non-emitting source of energy, with costs that are predictable and competitive with other alternatives. ” ..."


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Jobs in spent fuels

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Truck and Coach Technician

"...Primary Duties Responsibilities:  Adjust, repair or replace parts and components of commercial transport truck systems including..."

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Senior Process Engineer

"...spent as a lead engineer, overseeing other engineers would be considered an asset your competencies..."

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Facilities Technician

"...Must understand basic blueprints and work from rough sketches; prepare rough sketches..."

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DZ Truck Driver - Sunderland Co-operative, Inc. - Sunderland, ON

"...Prepare customer orders, picking product, securing on the skid and banding and..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about spent fuels.

CNSC staff presented an overview of the 6th Review Meeting of the Joint Convention

"...On August 23, 2018, the Commission heard from CNSC staff who gave an overview of the 6th Review Meeting of the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about spent fuels relevant to the latest news.

Scenarios of nuclear energy for countries with different options of nuclear fuel cycle: Utilization and perspective

"...The results compare the resources needs, the economy of the nuclear fuel cycle options, the policy of each country and the future of the nuclear power plants to achieve the reduction of the greenhouse gases..."


Cross-Cutting Systems Issues: Economics, Nuclear Nonproliferation and Security

"...Also, due to the presence of special nuclear materials in spent nuclear fuel, the issues of nuclear nonproliferation and security must be addressed in nuclear waste management..."


Contribution of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre to the ?Metals Journey of India?

"...BARC is providing materials related support not only for Indian nuclear power reactors but also for heavy water plants, Indian Rare Earths Limited (IREL), Uranium Corporation of India Ltd (UCIL) and various other plants of Department of Atomic Energy (DAE)..."


Safety aspects of spent fuel management in nuclear power plants during transition to decommissioning

"...The main purpose of this paper is to introduce the system/equipment maintain experience of nuclear power plants entering to decommissioning during the post-operation transition phase (spent fuel wet storage)..."


A comparison of quality assurance standards: Correlation of the USA and Brazilian codes for the construction of an ISFSI

"...As the spent fuel pools of Angra 1 and Angra 2 nuclear power plants are near their capacity limits, Eletronuclear of Brazil has begun its plans to the first independent spent fuel storage installation in Brazil..."


Cadmium Zinc Telluride Detectors for Safeguards Applications

"...The latter include the characterization of spent nuclear fuel assemblies and spent fuel pin counting by means of passive gamma-ray emission tomography..."


Modelling uranium dioxide corrosion under repository conditions: A pore-scale study of the chemical and thermal processes

"...The highest corrosion rate of UO2 is calculated when the angle between the groundwater flow direction and the clad fracture reaches 180°..."


Theoretical analysis on vibration characteristic of a flexible tube under the interaction of seismic load and hydrodynamic force

"...The reliability of the spent fuel pool instrument is very important for the security of nuclear power plant, especially during the earthquake..."


Characteristics of Spent Fuel and Its Storage and Transportation

"...As the most significant type of nuclear waste in terms of risk to humans, the irradiated nuclear fuels discharged from nuclear reactor demand utmost care in their handling..."


Uranium recovery via melt separation of rare earth elements and chemical oxidation

"...Pyroprocessing of spent fuels, especially the recovery of U, improves the overall efficiency of nuclear recycling..."


Spent Fuel Reprocessing and Nuclear Waste Transmutation

"...Reprocessing allows better uranium resource utilization and the opportunity for nuclear waste transmutation at the expense of higher fuel cycle cost and increased nuclear security and nonproliferation concerns..."