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Coverage of supercapacitors since August 23, 2021.

Todd Sayers: Why non-dilutive funding is revolutionizing B.C.’s cleantech sector

"...The diversity of these recipients is remarkable. Takachar, for instance, is making biomass-based chemicals and biofuels economically feasible by prototyping a small-scale, portable biomass conversion unit on tractors and pick-up trucks to process raw biomass on-site in remote communities. Invinity is accelerating the adoption of renewable energy by delivering vanadium flow battery storage for electrical grids worldwide, while HTEC is building hydrogen fueling stations that can withstand extreme weather conditions..."


Student research gets $8.6M boost from B.C. government

"...Supercapacitors are an alternative to batteries, and are electrochemical devices that rapidly charge and discharge energy, which makes them “ideal to support a renewable energy grid. ”..."


Students performing cutting-edge research, get internship support BC Gov News

"...Student researchers are seeking the newest innovations to make life better for British Columbians in fields such as clean technology and emergency management. Government encourages these efforts by supporting more than 1,700 research internships to help students prepare for and thrive in the high-demand jobs of tomorrow. “I know that students can be more successful when they have real-world opportunities to apply their learning..."


Clean energy start-up company building supercapacitor facility in Abbotsford

"...Atlas Power Technologies is set to launch a world first in renewable energy storage Feb. 10, 2022 11:10 a. m..."


Wafer-thin supercapacitor stays strong when bent out of shape

"...Scientists have developed a new type of supercapacitor with the kind of flexibility and durability needed to feature in footwear and clothing, along with other devices making up the Internet of Things. The advance stems from a novel manufacturing method that produces a wafer-thin energy storage device that can be bent and stretched out of shape, all the while maintaining its impressive performance. Supercapacitors have some unique abilities when it comes to energy storage..."


Renewable energy storage from coal

"...Supercapacitors can store larger amounts of electricity, and the folks at Atlas Power Technologies believe they could simultaneously solve the energy storage problem of renewable energy while also finding a new use for thermal coal with supercapacitors that use activated carbon made from coal or petroleum coke..."


Capacitor-packin' BCool digital thermometer has no need for a battery

"...Although digital body-temperature thermometers may be easier to read than their analog counterparts, there's always the chance that their battery will go flat between uses. That's where the BCool thermometer comes in, as you just give it a few shakes to power it up. Manufactured by Baracoda Daily Healthtech, the BCool features an integrated supercapacitor instead of a battery..."


Bike-mounted Air device monitors air quality along cyclists' routes

"...Users can also set the Air to work as stationary sensor at their home or workplace, when their bike isn't in motion. However it's being used, it will alert its user to changes in local air quality via an LED that changes colors accordingly. Power is not provided by a battery, but instead by a supercapacitor..."


Plants with electronic roots act as energy storage devices

"...An interesting new research project out of Sweden's Linköping University has demonstrated how plant roots can be used as energy storage devices. The scientists see the process, which requires the plants to be watered with a special solution to make their roots electrically conductive, as as proof-of-concept for a root-based supercapacitor, as well as for biohybrid systems that meld biological processes with electronic functionality. Carried out at the university's Laboratory of Organic Electronics, the breakthrough builds on previous research led by Dr Eleni Stavrinidou's Electronic Plants Group..."


Lithium-carbon battery lets electric mopeds recharge in 90 seconds

"...According to analysis carried out on a simulated fast food service with a 25-km (15-mile) radius, using a conventional 500-Wh battery would require electric mopeds to pull over mid-shift and spend 30 minutes recharging. For the sake of comparison, the team says its novel battery pack could recharge these vehicles in 90 seconds thanks to its ultra-fast charging rate. In addition, the team's lithium-carbon battery uses no rare-earth metals and is entirely recyclable, and is also claimed not to be susceptible to thermal runaway events that can cause batteries to overheat and be destroyed..."


Accordion-inspired supercapacitor blends flexibility and high capacity

"...Flexible electronics could open up some interesting possibilities in bendy displays, wearable devices or solar energy, but developing flexible energy storage devices to power them is another challenge entirely. Scientists in China have demonstrated a creative solution to this problem, designing a novel supercapacitor that maintains high capacity when stretched and twisted thanks to accordion-style wrinkles. While today's lithium batteries have a high energy density and can therefore store energy for long periods of time, they have a low power density, meaning they can only deliver small trickles of power and take a long time to charge up..."


Dust-sized supercapacitor packs the same voltage as a AAA battery

"...By combining miniaturized electronics with some origami-inspired fabrication, scientists in Germany have developed what they say is the smallest microsupercapacitor in existence. Smaller than a speck of a dust but with a similar voltage to a AAA battery, the groundbreaking energy storage device is not only safe for use in the human body, but actually makes use of key ingredients in the blood to supercharge its performance. The scientists behind the new device were working within the realm of nano-supercapacitors (nBSC), which are conventional capacitors but scaled down to the sub-millimeter scale..."


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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about supercapacitors.

Scientists Develop Concrete Battery & Smartwatch Detects Parkinson's | WEF | Top Stories of the Week

"...0:15 Scientists develop concrete battery - It could one day be built into the foundations of homes or incorporated into a roadway so electric cars can charge contactlessly as they drive..."


Graphene SuperCapacitor Breakthrough Is FINALLY Here!

"...Whether it's renewable energy like wind and solar, or electric vehicles, energy storage is the key technology of the decade..."


Liquid Air Battery Explained - The End of Lithium Ion Batteries?

"...They power much of the world around us and in our pockets, but trying to scale the technology up for renewable energy grid battery storage is challenging..."


FINALLY! A Graphene Battery That Could Change Everything | Answers With Joe

"...But a new aluminum graphene battery design is coming out this year that could charge a phone in less than a minute, and it may be the future of energy storage..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about supercapacitors relevant to the latest news.

Transition Metal Oxide-Based Nanomaterials for Advanced Energy Storage

"...Due to distinctive configurations of d electron, the synergistic effect of multi-metal atoms, low cost, and outstanding electrochemical stability nature of TMO-based nanomaterials, the energy storage mechanism of electrochemical supercapacitors, batteries, and fuel cells can be enhanced significantly..."


Functionalized Carbon and Its Derivatives Dedicated to Supercapacitors in Industrial Applications

"...The rise in industrialization in all sectors of day-to-day life has drastically increased the demand for energy consumption, resulted in environmental pollution and depletion of natural fossil fuels..."


Environmental Applications of Carbon-Based Supercapacitors

"...In the modern world, energy storage devices have a key role due to the increasing need for sustainable energy..."


Assessing Control of Battery-Supercapacitor Hybrid Storage System in Photovoltaic Based DC Microgrid

"..., battery and supercapacitor (SC) have strong application in a DC microgrid to balance the power flow between renewable energy source i..."


Advanced Power Management and Control Using Fuzzy Backstepping Super-Twisting Controls Designed for Fuel Cell Supercapacitors H

"...The objective of this work was to discuss the energy management system (EMS) and control for hybrid energy storage systems (HESS) that include a fuel cell (FC) and a supercapacitor (SC)..."


Metal Oxide and Hydroxide-Based Functionalized Nanomaterials as Supercapacitors and Their Environmental Impact

"...Because of the widespread use of chemical and solar energy, energy storage and conversion for multiple uses has increased globally..."


rGO-ZnO Nanowire Deposited Filamentous Seaweed Nanofibrous Cellulose for Paper Supercapacitor

"...This marine resources based rGO-ZnO seaweed cellulose paper supercapacitor has application in various energy storage domains including electric vehicles and electronic industries as it is bio-degradable, cost-effective, thinnest, bearing high performance, and safe for getting used..."


Approach Toward Challenges of Nanofillers in the Energy Industry

"...This has attracted tremendous research, especially in the energy storage field, which led to the development of efficient solar cells, improved batteries and supercapacitors, and more durable fuel cells..."


3D Printing of Supercapacitor

"...As next-generation energy storage devices, supercapacitors find numerous applications in portable and wearable electronics and conformal other energy storage systems..."


Synthesis and Electrochemical Performance of MnO2 Nanowires/Polyaniline Composite as Supercapacitor Electrode Material

"...The constructed nanocomposites have great potential in the further development of high-performance electrochemical electrode materials for energy storage application..."


CeSe nanocube anchored on the nanosheet of reduced graphene oxide (rGO) as a binder free electrode for energy conversion system

"...There is a persistent imbalance between energy demand and supply since renewable energy sources are intermittent..."