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Surface Runoff

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News and Opinion

Coverage of surface runoff since June 8, 2020.

Mapping extreme snowmelt and its potential dangers

"...Snowmelt - the surface runoff from melting snow - is an essential water resource for communities and ecosystems. But extreme snow melt, which occurs when snow melts too rapidly over a short amount of time, can be destructive and deadly, causing floods, landslides and dam failures..."

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Climate change increases extreme rainfall and the chance of floods

"...Their analysis also suggests that increases in daily extreme rainfall rates have been observed globally and on continental scales through the 20th and early 21st centuries, and that global warming is driving increases in short-duration rainfall extremes in some regions. The study shows that human activity has an impact on increases in extreme daily rainfall, increasing the likelihood of some significant events. The findings show that the risk of flash flooding on urban areas has likely increased in recent decades, due to the expanding impermeable landscape increasing surface runoff, and increased extreme rainfall, while increases are projected to continue..."

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Does cold wildfire smoke contribute to water repellent soils in burned areas?

"...Reno, Nev. (May 25, 2021) - After a wildfire, soils in burned areas often become water repellent, leading to increased erosion and flooding after rainfall events - a phenomenon that many scientists have attributed to smoke and heat-induced changes in soil chemistry. But this post-fire water repellency may also be caused by wildfire smoke in the absence of heat, according to a new paper from the Desert Research Institute (DRI) in Nevada..."

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New climate model helps researchers better predict water needs

"...The researchers used their method to examine the hydrological processes in Alabama's Upper Choctawhatchee River Watershed, which eventually flows into Florida and empties into the Choctawhatchee Bay. They integrated land use projections with future climate data to study the combined effects on the hydrological response of the watershed..."

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Grand Forks flood victims launch proposed lawsuit against province, timber companies

"...Victims of catastrophic flooding in Grand Forks, B. C. , in 2018 have launched a proposed class-action lawsuit against the B..."

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Devon council passes surface water drainage bylaw

"...The Devon council meeting on Aug. 10 included the approval of a surface water drainage bylaw. As agenda documents explained, the town did not have a bylaw regarding surface water drainage management on private property..."

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Runoff causing concern in Rideau Lakes

"...Residents on Murphy’s Bay on the Big Rideau are upset over surface water runoff from one property flowing into a township ditch and into Big Rideau Lake. “We paid very steep prices for our properties, and our taxes are exorbitant for the services we receive… My question to you is why are our taxes being used to solve a drainage problem for one neighbour that affects everyone else’s property on the Big Rideau?” said Michael McSweeney, property owner and Ottawa Riverkeeper director, in a delegation to Rideau Lakes council on July 13. The amount and origin of the runoff and debris are the main concern, as they appear to be changing the lakeshore, and not for the better..."

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Monitoring groundwater changes more precisely

"...Knowledge of underground water storage is of existential importance for agriculture as well as for the drinking water supply in many regions. These reservoirs are replenished by precipitation and seeping water, which in turn feeds rivers and lakes and allows rivers to flow in dry seasons. Measurements, however, are difficult because it is difficult to look into the earth, so one has to rely on either point values only - via boreholes and wells - or on calculations from precipitation and runoff data..."

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23 years of water quality data from crop-livestock systems

"...Long-term research is important to understand how land management impacts runoff and erosion, which pose serious threats to soil and water quality worldwide. To better understand these processes in agricultural landscapes of the southern Great Plains of the United States, eight 1. 6 -ha watersheds were established and instrumented in 1976 at the USDA-ARS Grazinglands Research Laboratory in El Reno, Oklahoma..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about surface runoff relevant to the latest news.

Delineating resource management domains of Yavatmal district using geospatial tools

"...A resource index was derived by overlaying the thematic layers of soil fertility, water holding capacity (WHC), land use land cover, water resources, and socio-economic parameters..."

related research

Using Earth Observations and GLDAS Model to Monitor Water Budgets for River Basin Management

"...Our research focuses on amounts of precipitation, evapotranspiration, storm surface runoff and change in terrestrial storage in the river basin for dry and wet seasons were calculated from remote sensing-based GPM IMERG, MODIS, and GRACE/GRACE-FO-derived GLDAS-CLSM model during the wet and dry seasons on 2004?2005, 2009?2010, 2014?2015, and 2018?2019 in Mahanadi river basin, India..."

related research

Hydrological Modeling of West Rapti River Basin of Nepal Using SWAT Model

"...precipitation, surface runoff, lateral flow, groundwater recharge, actual evapotranspiration and potential evapotranspiration, were studied..."

related research

Estimation of Surface Runoff Potential Using SCS-CN Method and GIS for Parts of Doddahalla3 Watershed in Krishna River Basin

"...Spatial data like raingauge station locations, land use and land cover, and soil texture for the study area was determined using Water Resources Information System (WRIS), Bhuvan, and Google Earth..."

related research

Building climate resilience in degraded agricultural landscapes through water management: A case study of Bundelkhand region, Ce

"...Innovations in soil and water management, especially in the drylands, are critical for meeting food security and water productivity targets of Agenda 2030..."

related research

Climate Change Impact Evaluation on the Water Balance of the Koro?ka Bela Area, NW Slovenia

"...Climate change is expected to affect the elements of the hydrological cycle, which are also related to the landslides and debris flows triggering mechanics..."

related research

Impacts of Climate and Land Use Change on Hydrological Response in Gumara Watershed, Ethiopia

"...Several studies have addressed the separate impacts of either land-use or climate change on the watershed hydrology, but few have explored the combined impacts..."

related research

Three-dimensional simulation of regional urban waterlogging based on high-precision DEM model

"...Finally, combined with the rainstorm intensity formula, the statistics of local area underlying surface, and Soil Conservation Service (SCS) model, the urban waterlogging disaster model is established..."

related research

Spatio-temporal effect of climate and land-use change on water balance of the Ganga river basin

"...The Regional Climate Models (RCMs) have been extensively employed to study the impact of climate change on various hydrologic components..."

related research

An improved IBIS model for simulating NPP dynamics in alpine mountain ecosystems: A case study in the eastern Qilian Mountains,

"...The Integrated Biosphere Simulator (IBIS) model is an effective means of simulating potential vegetation dynamics driven by climate change..."

related research

Runoff Volume Estimation by SCS-CN Method Through Arc-GIS Approach

"...Runoff in the watershed or catchment area affected by geomorphologic feature principally, land use change affects the surface runoff volume over and rate of runoff considerably..."

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Surface Water Resources

"...Because they vary significantly, surface water resources and the corresponding river basins are grouped in 4 zones: arid and semi-arid zone, central zone, southern zone and Patagonia..."

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