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Surface Water

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News and Opinion

Coverage of surface water since February 24, 2021.

TSB releases final report on June 2020 oil spill in Abbotsford

"...“From the point of release, the oil had followed a path into the pump station’s surface drainage system, through an oil-water separator, and into a culvert that discharges surface water into the south section of the property. ”..."

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New study: Thick sea-ice warms Greenland fjords

"...Summertime melt produces a warm freshwater layer floating atop saltier water in the fjord; here the sea-ice barrier trapped this meltwater inside the fjord. Because of the difference in salt content, the surface water became isolated also from the water below, allowing time for intense solar heating of the fresher surface water. Such warmer water temperatures can contribute to faster melting of the Ryder Glacier in Sherard Osborn Fjord, as well as changing the biogeochemistry in the fjord waters..."

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Deep diamonds contain evidence of deep-Earth recycling processes

"...IMAGE: This cartoon shows a subducting oceanic plate traveling like a conveyor belt from the surface down to the lower mantle. The white arrows show the comparatively well-established shallow recycling pathway..."

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'Bottom-up' approach needed to study freshwater blooms

"...Also known as blue-green algae, blooms of cyanobacteria are increasing in many freshwater systems worldwide, damaging the quality of lake water and affecting lake communities. The blooms also threaten human health through toxins that can damage organ systems..."

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CSRD could be fined $300K for Revelstoke landfill problems

"...In June 2019, an environmental protection officer, Blake Ross identified several areas of concern including groundwater management and excessive litter. Though the CSRD said they had addressed the issues, an inspection one year later, identified several of the same problems and the province issued a warning letter in December..."

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Atlantic ocean circulation system is slowing down, as accurately described in The New York Times article

"...SUMMARY The article published in The New York Times discusses findings from a study published in February 2021 that reconstructed the evolution of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC), an ocean circulation system that strongly influences Earth’s climate[1]. The AMOC redistributes heat on the planet as warm, surface water flows northward and cold, deep water flows southward. The article received more than 60,000 interactions on Facebook, according to the social media analytics tool CrowdTangle..."

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Bioaccumulation of phased-out fire retardants is slowly declining in bald eagles

"...Research published in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry shows that the presence of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in bald eagle populations is slowly declining. Bald eagles are apex predators that nest and, more importantly, feed along water bodies, making them excellent bioindicators of environmental contaminants that bioaccumulate up the aquatic food web. The findings are both good news for eagles and instructive for regulators tasked with managing surface water quality by setting protective levels for wildlife, as well as fish consumption advisories for humans..."

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Saskatchewan Updates Spring Runoff Report

"...Saskatchewan's Water Security Agency says the latest Spring Runoff Report for March 2021 shows a low risk of flooding in most areas of the province..."

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Spring Runoff Still Expected to be Well-Below Normal

"...The Water Security Agency released the spring runoff report for March Thursday morning, and the anticipated runoff for southeast Saskatchewan isn’t promising.   ..."

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Sea butterflies already struggle in acidifying Southern Ocean

"...Large numbers of sea butterflies inhabit the Southern Ocean and function as an important component of the food web where they are eaten by fish, seabirds and even whales. "It is important to gain a deeper understanding of the impacts of an increasingly acidifying ocean on the shell growth of sea butterflies", says Lisette Mekkes, PhD student at Naturalis Biodiversity Center and the University of Amsterdam. "Imagine that a highly abundant sea butterfly, Limacina retroversa, disappears from this region; that would have major implications for the rest of local sea life that depend on them for food, and for the calcium carbonate export from surface waters to the deep sea..."

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Humans control majority of freshwater ebb and flow on Earth, study finds

"...The researchers say the study provides a critical baseline for tracking the global hydrological cycle as climate change and population growth put new stresses on freshwater resources..."

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Gulf Stream System at its weakest in over a millennium

"..."The Gulf Stream System works like a giant conveyor belt, carrying warm surface water from the equator up north, and sending cold, low-salinity deep water back down south. It moves nearly 20 million cubic meters of water per second, almost a hundred times the Amazon flow," explains Stefan Rahmstorf from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research PIK, initiator of the study to be published in Nature Geoscience. Previous studies by Rahmstorf and colleagues showed a slowdown of the ocean current of about 15 percent since the mid-20th century, linking this to human-caused global warming, but a robust picture about its long-term development has up to now been missing: This is what the researchers provide with their review of results of proxy data studies..."

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Jobs in surface water

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

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Engineering Technologist - Environmental Programs - Municipality of North Cowichan (Duncan, BC)

"...If you are self-motivated, looking to take on a new challenge where you can make a difference, enjoy both responsibility and accountability, and are ready to join one of British Columbia’s most inclusive and environmentally conscious municipalities, we look forward to receiving your application!..."

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Water Resources Planning Engineer - Township of Langley (Langley, BC)

"...A truly fun and beautiful place to work, the Township of Langley offers competitive salaries; excellent benefit packages; municipal pension plan; employee wellness programs; and, opportunities for professional development and career growth..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about surface water.

South Saskatchewan Region Surface Water Quality Management Framework 2021 Forum

"...On February 23, 2021, Alberta Environment and Parks held The South Saskatchewan Region Surface Water Quality Management Framework Forum..."

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10. Safe Drinking Water: Science and Law

"...Aging water infrastructure, pesticide and herbicide application, and surface water runoff all pose challenges in maintaining a clean drinking water supply..."

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Recharge Net Metering

"...Recharge Net Metering (ReNeM) is a novel incentive program that encourages individual efforts to use excess surface water to improve groundwater supply and quality..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about surface water relevant to the latest news.

Groundwater resource exploration & development – Focus on groundwater to support surface water supply in the lower Olifant

"...The 2016–2018 extreme drought experienced throughout the greater Lower Olifants River Water Management Area, was anticipated in prior years due to projected climate change patterns, and recently, the need for groundwater resource development called upon..."

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Impact of grain virtual water flow on surface water and groundwater in China

"...The results of the study can aid in improving the sustainability of surface water and groundwater management in the grain production process via identifying dominant areas..."

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Application of Chlorella pyrenoidosa embedded biochar beads for water treatment

"...Additionally, only limited work on embedding freshwater algae (common algae existing in surface water and having low ecological risks since they are native species) into biochar for the removal of water pollutants has been undertaken to-date..."

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The application of environmental isotopes to conceptualize groundwater recharge in a coastal aquifer system: Case study of the W

"...Knowledge of natural recharge mechanisms of the West Coast Aquifer is vital for the implementation of water resource management strategies, which would secure groundwater resources for the region..."

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Evaluation of Spatio-temporal Changes in Surface Water Quality and Their Suitability for Designated Uses, Mettur Reservoir, Ind

"...This study analyzed the spatio-temporal variation in surface water quality of the tropical reservoir Mettur, India, to determine whether its water is suitable for human consumption and aquatic ecosystem..."

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Estimating groundwater resource and understanding recharge processes in the rapidly urbanizing Dhaka City, Bangladesh

"...Researchers can use this relationship for quick assessment of the groundwater recharge from rainfall in Dhaka, based on hydrological models with varying meteorological and land cover scenarios, especially in the light of climate change and rapid urbanisation..."

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Groundwater hydrodynamics and sustainability of Addis Ababa city aquifer

"...Therefore, groundwater management should be practiced through reliable aquifer characterization, sustainable development, planning of conjunctive use of surface water and artificial recharge..."

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Survey of Bacterial Phylogenetic Diversity During the Glacier Melting Season in an Arctic Fjord

"...To understand bacterial biogeography in response to the hydrographic impact of climate change derived from the Arctic glacier melting, we surveyed bacterial diversity and community composition using bacterial 16S rRNA gene metabarcoding in the seawaters of Kongsfjorden, Svalbard, during summer 2016..."

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Assessing the ecological risk of active principles used currently by freshwater fish farms

"...Results revealed that 12 active ingredients showed a high risk (RQ ≥ 1), thus indicating that adverse effects could occur and further investigation with measured concentrations in the field are required to reduce exposure in surface waters..."

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The spatial impact of rural economic change on river water quality

"...Results indicate that the level of forestry, industrial activity, the intensity and type of agricultural activity and the type of wastewater treatment in an area are all critical factors affecting the quality of water resources..."

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The contribution of wetland flora to regional floristic diversity across a wide range of climatic conditions in southern Africa

"...The species pool concept was applied to wetland plants in South Africa and the kingdoms of Lesotho and ESwaitini, whereby the land surface was subdivided into 35 bioregions, and wetland plants were characterized either as facultative (occurring in wetlands but not restricted to them) and obligate (restricted to the wetland environment)..."

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Effects of riparian vegetation on evapotranspiration processes and water quality of small plain streams

"...Riparian vegetation provides a wide range of ecosystem services including water quality regulation, flooding avoidance, and the natural control of stream temperatures..."

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