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Coverage of sustainable construction since May 25, 2020.

Some homes are being built to stand up to hurricanes and cut emissions, too

"...A persons home is one of the biggest ways they can reduce their individual carbon footprint. Buildings release about 38% of all energy-related greenhouse gas emissions each year. Some of the carbon pollution comes from powering things like lights and air conditioners and some of it from making the construction materials, like concrete and steel..."


Construction finishes on a CLT pavilion designed by Rice Architecture students

"...Despite being centrally located in Houston, Rice University falls along a major bird migration route, making it one of the most biodiverse universities in the country, with one of the biggest bird species lists of any campus in North America. The Harris Gully Natural Area is a restored watershed within the Rice campus that includes several microhabitats for the migrating birds, including prairies, open woodland, and dense shrubland. The Mass Timber Pavilion, an observation deck immersed within the landscape, represents a small step toward the long-term management of this ecosystem..."


An office tower-studded vision is unveiled for Museum of London redevelopment site

"...As was the case with the now-scrapped London Centre for Music, the Museum of London, which was completed in 1976 as part of the Barbican Estate, would be razed to make way for London Wall West. Bastion House, a 1970s office building located above the museum building, would also be demolished as part of the still early-stages project. In unveiling London Wall West, the City of London noted that it plans on reusing what it can of the existing buildings with a target of recycling up to 90 percent of the site..."


First TECLA 3D-printed eco-home reaches completion

"...Italian 3D-printing company WASP and partner Mario Cucinella Architects have successfully completed the TECLA 3D-printed house. Located outside of Bologna, Italy, in a small town called Massa Lombarda, TECLA is the first eco-sustainable housing model to be constructed entirely from local raw earth materials using 3D-printing technology. The TECLA project is inspired by the 1972 novel titled Invisible Cities by Italian author Italo Calvino, which talks about a city in continuous construction..."


Langford eyed for facility to make green building alternative to concrete

"...The durable panels are fire, earthquake and water resistant, so “it’s going to be extremely resilient in terms of natural disasters,” Simpson said..."


Lifetime achievement for Victoria builder; CARE Awards showcase talents

"...Murray Frank of Building it Right won the Bill Wansbrough Memorial Award for leadership in research and education, and the Building Better Futures Community Award went to FortisBC for its investment and advocacy in renewable energy and carbon capture technology..."


Boreal partners with two companies on green construction

"...College Boreal is partnering with two builders to conduct applied research projects related to green construction.  Denis Ouimette, professor and coordinator of the Architectural Technician and Architectural Technology programs at the college, is leading the applied research projects in collaboration with two private-sector partners to develop new sustainable construction techniques.  “In partnership with Construction La Ray, my students and I will be studying the energy performance of insulated window shutters..."


Top Employer Impact Award Winner AET Group’s Project Evergreen Achieves ZCB-Performance v2 Certification Through the CaGBC

"...Since its inception, sustainability at AET has meant to survive and prosper, to create more value than we consume, to be innovative and adaptive to change, and to fulfill our present needs within the carrying capacity of our planet without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. This certification puts AET one step closer to becoming a Carbon Neutral business by 2030, and they are honoured to be among the group of businesses committed to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and working towards securing our climate future.  “We’re proud to receive the Canada Green Building Council ZCB-Performance v2 certification”, said Managing Director & CEO Scott Freiburger..."


First-of-its-kind mass timber project comes to the Mayfair District

"...A new urban condo development in the Mayfair area is embracing the future of building technology — wood and sustainable construction..."


Bricks made from plastic, organic waste

"...Cement is a finite resource and heavily polluting in its production, with concrete production estimated to contribute more than 8% of global greenhouse gases emissions, and the construction industry worldwide accounting for about 18%..."


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Jobs in sustainable construction

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Engineer, Research and Development, Research and Applications Directorate – Asset Management

"...In this role, you will provide technical and administrative support to managers and will receive and analyze studies, reports..."

related opportunities

Director, Construction Services

"...sustainable construction practices and the methods and materials relating to the construction, development, remediation and renovation of multi-unit wood frame and non-combustible residential..."

related opportunities

Guideway Design and Integration Designer

"...sustainable transport is growing substantially and SNC Lavalin wants to give students the opportunity to work with internationally renowned experts on some of the most exciting transit projects..."

related opportunities

Project Architect - Senior - Interiors

"...Demonstrated expertise in sustainable building practices and/or office leadership in sustainable building practices experience preferred..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about sustainable construction.

World's Most Sustainable Buildings | WWF HQ Living Planet Centre

"...The WWF Living Planet Centre UK is a fantastic example of green architecture and sustainable construction..."


How To Build in 2030

"...Source: The B1M..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about sustainable construction relevant to the latest news.

Sustainable development by carbon emission reduction and its quantification: an overview of current methods and best practices

"...This review paper examines a range of strategies and methodologies, including green building rating systems, sustainable materials and renewable energy, smart building management systems, carbon capture and storage, life cycle assessments, and greenhouse protocols, that can facilitate sustainable development by reducing and quantifying carbon emissions..."


A Bibliometric Analysis of Sustainable Construction Practices?Implication on Construction Productivity

"...The EKAs include: lean construction, procurement, energy, recycling, construction ecology, lifecycle costing, construction waste, and sustainable design..."


Combining Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Choosing by Advantages (CBA) to Optimally Select Sustainable Design-Construct

"...To accomplish this task, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and software in this ecosystem are not only used for modeling (3D), time simulation (4D), quantity measurement (5D) but also for energy consumption simulation..."


Efficient Recovery of Valuable Resources from Construction and Demolition Waste Towards Circular Economy in Construction Indust

"...Successful outputs of this study and their real-time demonstration will offer a fully sustainable construction system, including speed of construction/design flexibility/air purification/cost reduction/energy and material saving/avoidance of unwanted pollution-heavy demolition processes and make much larger audience to be influenced by the study?s results..."


A state-of-the-art review of the structure and properties of laterite-based sustainable geopolymer cement

"...Despite its importance, its production remains an energy-consuming and polluting operation..."


Evaluation of the Green Building Criteria in the Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence (BERDE) Guideline throu

"...As a crucial component of the sustainable construction delivery system, sustainable/green building rating tools play a crucial role in incorporating sustainable concepts into the construction sector..."


Can an Environmentally Sustainable Construction be Affordable?

"...The development strategy based on unlimited economic growth has been increasing extraction and consumption of natural resources and is responsible for pollutant emissions and wastes, on such a way that we risk of rapidly depleting planet earth..."


Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Borax-Treated Bambusa vulgaris (Sri Lankan Bamboo)

"...Bamboo has become increasingly popular as a sustainable construction material due to its low embodied energy and low carbon footprint in recent times..."


Future Generation Materials and Techniques for Sustainable Construction

"...Even though many claims to the benefits that sustainable construction can bring, sustainable materials still seem not mainstreamed in the construction industry..."


The Role of Contract in Advancing ESG in Construction: A Proposed Framework of ?Green? Standard Form of Contract for Use in Gre

"...In tandem with SDG 17?Partnerships for the Goals, a mechanism or an instrument must be in place to bring industry participants together to cultivate a sustainable construction ecosystem in both processes and the end result, i..."


Exploring Sustainable Manufacturing: A Comprehensive Review of Literature and Practices

"...The findings suggest that there are numerous opportunities for manufacturers to implement sustainable practices, such as reducing energy consumption, improving waste management, and implementing sustainable supply chain management practices..."