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Sustainable Development

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News and Opinion

Coverage of sustainable development since October 18, 2021.

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Next Open Dialogue Live to explore sustainable food production systems and food insecurity

"...Zero Hunger, one of 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), aims to end hunger and achieve food security and improved nutrition by the year 2030 while promoting sustainable agriculture..."

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Federal Environment Commissioner Jerry DeMarco discusses his 2021 fall reports – November 25, 2021

"...The five reports include assessments of the federal government's emissions reduction fund, Canada's record on climate change, and departmental progress in implementing sustainable development strategies..."

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Putting out the fire: How to cleanly heat a cold country that’s hooked on natural gas Corporate Knights

"...Purcell and others believe one near-term fix is for governments to mandate that gas companies increase the use of renewable natural gas (RNG), created using methane emissions from water treatment plants, landfills or agricultural waste. In B. C..."

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Monthly River Checkups Help Guide RRCA Programs and Services

"...Levac compares it to observing a person’s vital signs. “By consistently keeping our finger on the pulse of the watershed, from surface and ground water quality to forest conditions, we are able to use science to inform our decisions when offering programs and services such as sustainable development support, drinking water source protection, and landowner stewardship partnership initiatives. ”..."

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CEO Coalition to COP26 leaders: Hydrogen to contribute over 20% of global carbon abatement by 2050– Strong public-private coll

"...Brussels, 3 November 2021 – As the UN Climate Change Conference convenes in Glasgow, the Hydrogen Council CEO coalition is calling on world leaders – public and private – to show concerted effort to materialise announced hydrogen plans around the globe to get the world on track with climate targets. Going hand in hand with electrification, the development of the hydrogen economy is vital to enable deep decarbonisation worldwide in a cost-effective and efficient manner, allowing countries to meet their climate goals, boost green growth and create sustainable jobs. To stimulate the bold action needed, the Hydrogen Council is putting forward new, comprehensive data on the carbon abatement potential of hydrogen, alongside a ready-to-deploy toolbox of instruments and measures to create enabling policy frameworks for renewable and low carbon hydrogen..."

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Laval's ban on plastic bags and single-use cutlery kicks in Thursday

"...Between 1. 4 and 2. 7 billion shopping bags, mainly plastic bags, are distributed each year in Quebec and barely 14 per cent of them are recovered, according to Laval officials..."

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Single-use plastic bags and cutlery to be banned in Laval

"...The main objectives of the bylaw are to reduce waste and promote reusable items, sustainable development, environmental protection and resource conservation..."

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Integrate water supplies and climate action, world leaders urge

"...2 November 2021Climate and EnvironmentWater and climate action must be integrated to ensure sufficient water supply in the face of a rising global population and environmental degradation, a coalition of world leaders said on Tuesday.  ..."

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The UN News COP26 climate quiz

"...6) They are all nature-based solutions to climate change, and significant “carbon sinks”: underwater kelp forests have the potential to remove vast quantities of harmful greenhouse gases from the atmosphere; reforestation programmes are reducing land degradation and soaking up carbon; and the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) calls mangroves a “super solution” to the climate crisis, citing their ability to store four times as much CO2 as rainforests..."

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Brazil to move up goal to end illegal deforestation of Amazon rainforest: vice president

"...Mourao said forest fires in the Amazon region had dropped significantly, by about 40 per cent this year, and that the Brazilian government will reaffirm its commitment to international environmental goals at the United Nations climate change conference in Glasgow that runs from Oct. 31 to Nov. 12..."

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Where Do We Go from the $100 Billion Goal? Procedural Options to Enhance Climate Finance Ambition at COP26

"...But what happens after 2025? Taking the $100 billion as a floor, countries also decided (decision 1/CP. 21, paragraph 53) to set a new collective quantified goal to succeed the existing target, considering the needs and priorities of developing countries. Further decisions were made in Katowice in 2018 as part of the Paris Rulebook..."

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Water will be a critical piece of Canada’s net-zero puzzle Corporate Knights

"...A recent analysis from Global Water Intelligence estimates that water and wastewater utilities may account for nearly 4% of global energy consumption. In Canada, studies have found that water and wastewater systems are municipal governments’ largest energy uses, accounting on average for 38% of energy consumption. By extension, these systems contribute 32% of reported municipal emissions, nearly half of that coming from sewage treatment..."

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Recommended Reading

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Jobs in sustainable development

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Climate Action Analyst - Internship - City of Kamloops (Kamloops, BC)

"...For new hires, and for those working in designated positions of trust, including those working directly with vulnerable persons, no formal offer of employment will be made until an applicant completes a police information check..."

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Climate Change Coordinator - Grey County (Owen Sound, ON)

"...Reporting to the Director of Planning and Development, our ideal candidate will have the combination of education, experience and strong consensus building skills to successfully lead a broad stakeholder group in realizing our goals Climate Change Action Plan goals..."

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Coordinator, Lands & Environmental Resource Management - Cook's Ferry Indian Band (Spences Bridge, BC)

"...The Cook’s Ferry Indian Band seeks a COORDINATOR, LANDS & ENVIRONMENT RESOURCE MANAGEMENT who understands and has knowledge around the political, cultural, and spiritual protocols with our First Nation community, and who will uphold the vision of community leadership..."

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Manager, Sustainable Development - Sunshine Coast Regional District (Sechelt, BC)

"...Minimum of five (5) years of progressive sustainable development-related experience, including two (2) years of supervising technical staff, and experience working with community groups, First Nations, and other stakeholders, preferably in local government..."

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Recent episodes that mention sustainable development.

Canadian agriculture groups working to ensure diverse voices weigh in on UN Food Systems goals

Duration: 11:51

"...The United Nations Food Systems Summit is coming up this fall, and is set up as a way to kickstart global agriculture systems in achieving sustainable development goals of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN..."

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But what about drugs?

Duration: 19:04

"...The Sustainable Development Goals aim to improve the most important things about life on Earth..."

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Inger Andersen

Duration: 16:06

"...Nature is our Best Prescription for an Integrated Health Insurance Policy..."

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Episode 69: Interview with Marc Ventresca and Michele Scataglini

Duration: 48:58

"...Solutions to many of the major problems in the world have been identified in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about sustainable development.

The Adaptation Principles: 6 Ways to Build Resilience to Climate Change

"...What can countries do to be more resilient to climate change? The report “The Adaptation Principles: A Guide for Designing Strategies for Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience” lays out 6 principles – as well as 26 actions, 12 toolboxes and 111 indicators – to help ministries of finance approach adaptation challenges..."

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Future Readiness of SMEs | Sustainable Development Summit 2021

"...Given their importance in the economy, how can SMEs drive widespread positive social, environmental and economic change? ..."

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Highlights 2021 Spring Meetings | Key Green Transitions: How Systems Are Changing for 👥 and 🌎

"...The event Key Green Transitions: How Systems Are Changing for People and Planet centered on the need to decarbonize key sectors of the economy that account for more than 90% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, including energy, transport and food systems..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about sustainable development relevant to the latest news.

A Framework for AI-Based Building Controls to Adapt Passive Measures for Optimum Thermal Comfort and Energy Efficiency in Tropi

"...A very effective way to decouple economic growth and urbanization with increasing carbon footprint of our building stock is through the integration of passive measures, which hold huge potential for climate zones characterized as hot and warm..."

related research

Carbon Neutral Communities: Model for Integrating Climate Action into Development Planning

"...The concept of ?carbon neutrality? puts forth the notions of zero carbon development, food and energy self-sufficiency at local government level and falls in line with the Sustainable Development Goals put forward by the UN..."

related research

Blockchain as a Service: A Holistic Approach to Traceability in the Circular Economy

"...The circular economy has been proposed as a key element in the transformation of production models in the context of European post?covid-19 recovery plans with particular reference to the Next Generation EU instrument..."

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Applications of Blockchain Technology for a Circular Economy with Focus on Singapore

"...CE aims to detect, recover, sustain or increase value by transitioning from a ?take, make and waste? approach of production system to an ecosystem economy, thus restraining the environmental effect and waste of resources throughout the product economy, providing profitability and flexibility and creating value of what is considered a waste..."

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Rethinking Monetary Policy in the Framework of Inclusive and Sustainable Growth

"...Nowadays, socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable economic growth is a central priority of public policy for most governments worldwide..."

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An Introduction to the Ponds of Indian Sundarbans?An Essential Socio-Ecological System

"...At present, these ponds remain neglected with no proper attempt of nurturing the potential ecosystem services that these aquatic ecosystems can offer..."

related research

Economic and Social Perspective of Climate-Smart Forestry: Incentives for Behavioral Change to Climate-Smart Practices in the L

"...In this volume, the concept of climate-smart forestry (CSF) has been introduced as adaptive forest management and governance to address climate change, fostering resilience and sustainable ecosystem service provision..."

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The World?s Mountains in the Anthropocene

"...We examine indicators of the mountain cryosphere and hydrosphere, of mountain biodiversity, and of land use and land cover patterns, and show that mountain environments in the Anthropocene are changing on all continents at an unprecedented rate..."

related research

Global Resource Flows in the Food System

"...The capability to project resource flows in food supply chains of great importance if the UN Sustainable Development Goals are to be realised and embedded into the global food system..."

related research

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Associated with Groundwater Over-Exploitation Vulnerability: Geographic Information System

"...This is the first study to delineate the sustainable development goals (SDGs) associated with groundwater management practices to minimize over-exploitation episodes..."

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Mechanism Studies on Biofuel Conversion Under Methane Environment

"...It should be noted that although no mature industry practice of methane-assisted biofuel conversion is currently reported, this economically and environmentally friendly process is expected to attract more and more attention for sustainable development..."

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Green Tribology for Sustainable Development Goals

"...It can be explained by the losses connected with friction and wear in machines estimated by significant portion of the gross national product and energy consumption, as well as great social significance of tribology in its ecological and medical aspects..."

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