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Coverage of sustainable economies since February 23, 2023.

Hero: Volvo ditches diesel and revs up electric car sales Corporate Knights

"...Though just 3. 5% of Ford’s revenue came from manufacturing electric vehicles in 2022, it poured more than US$2. 1 billion into EV production last year and says it plans to invest US$50 billion by the end of 2026, with hopes of producing two million EVs a year..."


Northwest Food Systems Initiative: Lessons Learned

"...Based in Prince Rupert, the NWFSI set out with the aim to strengthen food systems through three interconnected activities — a demonstration urban farm (Kaien Island Urban Farm), regenerative ocean farming, and a regional food trade network (Northwest Food Network). By weaving on-the-ground urban agriculture, mariculture, and regional sea- and agri-food supply chain development, the NWFSI worked to demonstrate how localized food production and procurement can act as a driver for economic development and community well-being in the Northwest while informing policymakers of local and regional opportunities to alleviate food insecurity..."


Window to reach climate goals ‘rapidly closing’, UN report warns

"...Crucial momentThe report comes ahead of the “global stocktake” at the upcoming UN climate change conference COP28, which will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in November-December. At the stocktake delegates will assess if they are collectively making progress towards meeting the climate goals – and where they are not. Farhan Akhtar, one of the co-facilitators of the dialogue highlighted the “broad participation” of governments, experts and other key stakeholders..."


Vancouver, Indian law firms partner to help businesses navigate emerging South Asian market

"...B. C. 's Trade Diversification Strategy defines India as an emerging market that can “offer strong alignment with opportunities for sustainable economic growth in B..."


Hero: How journalists exposed cracks in global forestry certification

"...Best known for exposing the offshore holdings of scores of politicians and public officials via the Panama Papers, its latest investigations reveal the flaws in environmental auditing and certification programs (including the Forest Stewardship Council) supposedly designed to promote sustainable forestry and combat illegal logging. A team of 140 reporters from 27 countries uncovered forest failures from Canada to Taiwan, the U. S..."


North Cowichan resurrects economic development committee

"...Douglas said the committee will be guided by North Cowichan’s Official Community Plan, which was adopted last summer, and includes a wide range of policies for strengthening the local economy, with an emphasis on taking a regenerative approach that results in sustainable economic development and protection of the environment for future generations..."


Roberts Bank Terminal 2 opposition demands answers from governments on expansion: Environmentalists, communities, and unions sta

"...Charlotte Dawe, Conservation and Policy Campaigner of the Wilderness Committee: “The government’s reasoning for approving the project is based on false justifications and incomplete facts. The transition to a just, equitable and sustainable economy that allows future generations to survive in tandem with nature must start now. And it starts with cancelling Roberts Bank Terminal 2..."


The blue economy has to include freshwater

"...It is impossible to draw a clear dividing line between freshwater and ocean systems – two deeply interconnected elements of the global water cycle. Freshwater systems such as rivers, lakes and wetlands provide important nutrients and resources for coastal and marine habitats. Without these critical inputs, marine ecosystems would be unable to sustain the biodiversity and productivity that are necessary for their long-term sustainability..."


Companies that invest the most in green growth earn triple the returns Corporate Knights

"...Corporate Knights has been tracking the world’s largest companies and their commitment to sustainability for more than two decades. But only in the past five years have our researchers drilled down to calculate how much each company is actively investing in new, sustainable systems, such as renewable energy and green building materials.   ..."


The road to electric vehicle ownership

"...A recent survey by KPMG suggests that 70 per cent of Canadians plan on purchasing a new vehicle in the next decade, with 28 per cent of those say they would prefer a zero-emission vehicle (ZEV). However, 33 per cent of overall respondents say a combination of factors are making them reluctant to buy a clean energy vehicle – including cost, range anxiety and limited supply..."


B.C.'s 2023 budget not addressing the urgency of environmental issues: Furstenau

"...While the government promises close to $1. 4 billion toward a “clean and sustainable economy” over three years, only a portion of it flows toward programs promising to address climate change ..."


Letter: The NDP's carbon conundrum: LNG/gas or renewable energy

"...So ask your MLA to demand that the government make the right choice when they are confronted with this NDP carbon conundrum: they should not choose to pollute our atmospheric nest by exporting and burning fracked gas; and they should choose to decarbonize society by paying a fair price for clean renewable energy..."


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Recent episodes that mention sustainable economies.

250. Best COVID-19 recovery is climate capitalism

Duration: 4:00

"...Source: Green Energy Futures..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about sustainable economies.

Rebuilding Ontario's Economy

"...Ontario is facing challenges with rising food and energy costs, record-high inflation, housing affordability, and disrupted supply chains and shortages..."


Kenton R. Miller Award 2020 Winner - Nizar Youssef Hani

"...After being involved in the management and development of the Shouf Biosphere Reserve for twenty years, Mr Hani rose to become its manager in charge, and has overseen the realisation of a vision of the reserve as a model for restoration of nature, community development, resilience to climate change, sustainable economic development and the facilitation of peaceful reconciliation..."


The Club of Rome book Sustainable Action Overcoming the Barriers Futeranity Systems & Sustainability

"...Among others, he worked as Chief Sustainability Architect at SAP and led the task for Sustainable economic activity and growth within German Chancellor Merkel’s future dialogue..."


PODCAST 254a. Biomass role in future economy

"...What grows on trees and plants, is normally wasted and could form the cornerstone of a COVID-19 recovery effort that fights climate change and begins to build a new sustainable economy?..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about sustainable economies relevant to the latest news.

Impacts of digitalization on energy security: evidence from European countries

"...Notably, digitalization is beneficial for sustainable economic development, reflected by a rise in non-fossil and renewable energy consumption and a diminish in CO2 emission, especially in the long run..."


Sustainable Economic Development and Digital Progress of EU Countries

"...Global economic trends are shifting steadily in the direction of digital and sustainable economy, so countries throughout the world strive to achieve sustainable development along with digital change..."


Green Technological Progress Implications on Long-Run Sustainable Economic Growth

"...The study calculated labour and capital contributions to green total factor productivity growth via the inclusion of CO2 emissions as undesirable output or private unpriced input and energy consumption that proxies for unmeasured pollutant emissions..."


Beekeeping for Sustainable Economic Development of India: Challenges and Opportunities

"...Pollinators provide pollination services that are crucial for enhancing crop productivity and sustaining ecosystem services..."


Can bioenergy act as an entrepreneurial opportunity for the sustainable economic development of an emerging economy? A socio-te

"...This study aims to address this gap in the literature by investigating bioenergy as an entrepreneurial opportunity for the sustainable economic development of an emerging economy..."


How does digital finance affect sustainable economic growth? Evidence from China

"...In addition, with technological innovation and the development of renewable energy, there is a significant nonlinear relationship between digital finance and sustainable economic growth..."


Theory and Research Concerning the Circular Economy Model and Future Trend

"...The failure to solve problems such as climate change, loss of biodiversity, overpopulation, and resource scarcity in the current LE Model has shown that sustainable economy models can be a successful solution..."


Environmental principles for modern sustainable economic frameworks including the circular economy

"...A set of newly defined environmental principles can advance the sustainability performance of economic frameworks such as industrial ecology, cradle-to-cradle, and the circular economy..."


Simulation and prediction of the dynamic evolution characteristics of resource- and technology-driven economic development mode

"...Technological progress has become the most important driving force for sustainable economic development, especially the investment of technical personnel and technological capital..."


Paving the Way to Society/Industry 5.0: The SmartMe.IO Experience

"...This new digital transformation results in new resilient and sustainable environments permeated by a sustainable economy and the creation of products and services with low environmental impact and high social impact..."


Examining fuel choice patterns through household energy transition index: an alternative to traditional energy ladder and stack

"...The transition toward cleaner fuels is considered an essential component to achieve sustainable economic development due to its environmental and health-related implications..."