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Coverage of sustainable products since December 19, 2022.

Hero: Volvo ditches diesel and revs up electric car sales Corporate Knights

"...Though just 3. 5% of Ford’s revenue came from manufacturing electric vehicles in 2022, it poured more than US$2. 1 billion into EV production last year and says it plans to invest US$50 billion by the end of 2026, with hopes of producing two million EVs a year..."


Sumitomo Metal bets on B.C. battery materials firm Nano One

"...The companies have also vowed to jointly develop a low-cost, low environmental impact production process for battery cathode materials, which are used in the making of electric vehicles (EVs)..."


Fuel mitigation funding announced for Kaslo, Harrop-Procter

"...“Their support of these transformative projects demonstrates their commitment to helping communities reduce their risk of catastrophic wildfire events and transforming waste wood into green energy and sustainable products. They are taking action on climate change while at the same time promoting job growth and community resiliency throughout our province. ”..."


What's the beef with livestock production?

"...Do we all need to give up eating meat? After all, how we produce and consume animal products has significant environmental consequences like deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions and excessive use of resources like land and water. David Mckie's guests on this episode of Hot Politics explain how we can keep eating meat while transitioning to more sustainable production..."


New B.C. program aims to help farmers adapt to climate change

"...On Sunday, the provincial government announced a new program to help farmers adapt to the changing conditions. The Perennial Crop Renewal program is set to revitalize hazelnut, grape, berry, and tree-fruit production and increase the competitiveness and resiliency of B. C..."


Victoria non-profit promotes composting options for all

"...Without a regional food scrap facility, all of the CRD’s kitchen waste is destined to be shipped outside its borders – something that Siefried noted takes a lot of energy. Whether people have access to a yard, a balcony or just some space under their kitchen sink, Siefried said there are home-based composting options for everyone..."


PROGRESS 2023: Rio Tinto completes Kemano hydropower project

"...“The completion of a second tunnel to supply water to the Kemano hydropower facility will ensure the long-term, sustainable production of low-carbon aluminium at our smelter in Kitimat,” noted Rio Tinto B. C. works director energy and watershed partnerships Andrew Czornohalan..."


Welcome to the new IncrEDIBLE Farmers Market

"...The IncrEDIBE Farmers Market will kick off with a special Easter market this Saturday April 8th, with the regular market season in full swing by May 20th. On May 6th and 7th, The Modern Living Show will host a two-day market at Waneta Plaza where you can learn about sustainable products and services, eco-friendly household cleaners, locally grown food and plants, renewable energy solutions, and enjoy a full lineup of inspiring talks by leading experts. For a full market schedule and vendor info, check out incrediblefarmersmarket..."


Meet the Alexandria, Ont. business turning cashews into cheese

"...Natural and sustainable food products have been growing in popularity, with one business southeast of Ottawa finding success making cheese thanks to trees. At Fauxmagerie Zengarry in Alexandra, a weeklong process is underway to turn tiny bits of cashews into a wheel of creamy cheese. "We use cashew-based milk instead of dairy-based milk so it's a similar kind of process with fermentation, aging, flavouring and packaging," said founder Lynda Turner..."


Port Hawkesbury Paper takes part in promotion of Nova Scotia’s bioeconomy

"...“We continue to be eager to explore potential co-location opportunities with biotech and bioresource firms to support sustainable innovation in the province,” he said in an email to The Reporter. “To that end, we have spoken to and/or hosted numerous site visits from interested parties in just the last couple of years. Working with businesses in the bioeconomy who can leverage the benefits of our industrial site to develop new sustainable products and technologies not only improves the circularity of our economy, but will create new jobs and opportunities in the region..."


Businesses and investors need to join the race to revive biodiversity

"...According to an OECD report, ecosystem services from biodiversity, such as crop pollination, water purification, flood protection and carbon sequestration, are worth an estimated US$125-140 trillion per year. About US$44 trillion per year of this global output is dependent on nature ..."


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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about sustainable products.

Why This Accidental Battery Breakthrough Matters

"...Lithium sulfur batteries may be the holy grail of energy storage..."


How Old EV Batteries are Perfect for Energy Storage

"...Lithium battery recycling is improving, but it's still far from where it needs to be..."


This is Game Changing Tech for Batteries - Lithium Mining Explained

"...With electric vehicle demand skyrocketing and the growing need for lithium battery energy storage for renewable energy, the lithium ion battery is one of the key technologies for our sustainable future..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about sustainable products relevant to the latest news.

Organic agriculture in a low-emission world: exploring combined measures to deliver sustainable food system in Sweden

"...In this study, we developed two scenarios to evaluate the role of organic farming in the broader context of Swedish food systems: (i) baseline trend scenario (Base), and (ii) sustainable food system scenario (Sust)..."


Role of microalgae in circular bioeconomy: from waste treatment to biofuel production

"...Hence, this review article highlights the application of microalgae to carry out waste treatment and produce biofuels and biofertilizers within the circular bioeconomy concept..."


Sustainable production of biofuels from the algae-derived biomass

"...The development of algae-based biofuel would not only change environmental pollution control but also benefit producers' economic and social advancement..."


Climate Change Impacts in India: Potential of Nature Based Solutions (NBSs) for Adaptation and Mitigation

"...Various studies indicate uncertainties of climate change with increasing temperature, varied rainfall and greenhouse gases continue to affect the environment by drought, flooding, sea level rise, reduced agricultural productivity, pollution and health risks..."


Functional and sequence-based metagenomics to uncover carbohydrate-degrading enzymes from composting samples

"...The renewable, abundant , and low-cost nature of lignocellulosic biomass can play an important role in the sustainable production of bioenergy and several added-value bioproducts, thus providing alternative solutions to counteract the global energetic and industrial demands..."


High-entropy alloys for accessing hydrogen economy via sustainable production of fuels and direct application in fuel cells

"...The success of future hydrogen economy strongly depends on the storage of renewable energy in hydrogen and hydrogen-rich chemicals through electrolyzers and conversion back to electricity via fuel cells..."


Sustainable production of lutein?an underexplored commercially relevant pigment from microalgae

"...In view of this knowledge, lutein could be anticipated as the next successful sustainable product from microalgae obtained at industrial scale for the circular economy..."


A Decision Support System Design Proposal for Agricultural Planning

"...Unconscious use of agricultural lands, climate changes, and the effect of increasing population, the problem of food needs increase the pressure on agriculture..."


Improvement of nutritional quality of food crops with fertilizer: a global meta-analysis

"...Providing the world?s population with sufficient and nutritious food through sustainable food systems is a major challenge of the twenty-first century..."


Exploring the impacts of economic policy uncertainty, natural resources, and energy structure on ecological footprints: evidenc

"...The role of energy and natural resources rent has been studied in the literature but very few research works investigated the impacts of economic policy uncertainty and energy structure on ecological footprints (EFs) in the group of ten G-10 countries..."


Climate change and marketing: a bibliometric analysis of research from 1992 to 2022

"...Climate change with adverse impacts on the environment, economy, and society requires marketing to change current attitudes and behaviors towards sustainable production and consumption, and thus climate change is interrelated to marketing..."