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Tap Water

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News and Opinion

Coverage of tap water since December 1, 2020.

Black Mountain Irrigation District tap water safe despite smell, musty taste

"...The Black Mountain Irrigation District (BMID) has issued a taste and odour advisory after receiving complaints of musty tasting tap water with a more apparent than usual chlorine smell..."

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Regional approach needed to end province's boil water advisories, Municipalities N.L. says

"...For many people in Newfoundland and Labrador, drinking tap water is not an option. Municipal leaders are calling for a regional approach to address the 227 boil water advisories across the province. NTV's Leila Beaudoin reports..."

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Tap Water May Become Cloudy As City Upgrades Water Treatment

"...A city upgrade of the water treatment plant is taking place in Portage la Prairie, and you may notice some differences in your tap water that will not be too serious, but things you should be made aware of..."

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Coronach under drinking water advisory after break-in at the water treatment plant

"...REGINA -- Residents in Coronach are being warned to not use tap water after a break-in at the water treatment plant..."

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Pelosi Says Impacts of Winter Storm in Texas Are 'Heartbreaking'

"...Pelosi said Thursday that issues with the Texas infrastructure were in many ways "predictable in a long range of weatherizing the infrastructure of the energy in the state. " ..."

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Boil Water Advisory issued for Cedar Lane Water System

"...The CRD warns water quality may have been compromised as a result of a water system leak and subsequent repairs being performed. As a precaution, the advisory will be in effect until flushing and water samples indicate the water quality no longer poses a risk to public health. Residents in the impacted area should boil their drinking water until further notice..."

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Water main break snarls Montreal commute early Friday

"...A predawn water main break on De Lorimier Avenue in Montreal's Ville-Marie district caused major traffic delays Friday morning. Water flooded down De Lorimier between Ontario and Rouen Street. De Lorimier is a major artery into the city from the South Shore off of the Jacques Cartier bridge..."

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CRD warns of foul-smelling drinking water, but says it's still safe

"...Temporary adjustments to the disinfection process may lead to a stronger than usual chlorine smell and taste in some parts of Greater Victoria, the CRD’s Integrated Water Services said in a statement Tuesday. The safety of the drinking water is not affected, the CRD said. To mitigate any unpleasant smell or taste, residents could use regular tap filters or let the tap water stand for 30 minutes before drinking..."

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Strange smell? Greater Victoria residents may notice changes to drinking water taste

"...Changes to Greater Victoria's drinking water disinfection process are expected to be underway until mid-January: (File Photo)..."

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Ontario First Nation's next big challenge is building trust in its tap water

"...The chief of the Neskantaga First Nation, which has suffered through the country's longest continuous boil water advisory, is hopeful water coming out of the taps of homes will be safe to drink in early 2021. As David Akin reports, while families are returning home, the biggest challenge facing the community will be whether they can trust in the purity of the tap water..."

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Drinking water significant source of microplastics in human diet

"...Scott Coffin, Ph. D. , California State Water Resources Control Board, will present the world's first regulatory investigation of microplastics in drinking water..."

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Westside water quality advisory back on tap

"...The precautionary water quality advisory does not affect other properties in Westshore Estates. But for those affected, it will continue until testing confirms water turbidity is within acceptable Canadian drinking water guidelines..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about tap water relevant to the latest news.

Presence of microplastics in drinking water from freshwater sources: the investigation in Changsha, China

"...We investigated the abundance of microplastics in freshwater, treated water, and household tap water from the drinking water supply chain in Changsha, China..."

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A liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry method for determining 18 per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in source and tre

"...The method was applied to water samples from the influent and effluent of a drinking water treatment plant located in Catalonia (Spain), as well as in tap water and bottled water..."

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Household preferences for improved water services in the Galápagos Islands

"...Using split-sample scenarios that allow for scope and part-whole tests, we elicited household preferences for three improvements: 1) uninterrupted water supply, 2) drinkable tap water, and 3) combining both..."

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Synthesis and characterization of functionalized carbon nanofibers for efficient removal of highly water-soluble dextromethorpha

"...The carbon nanofibers exhibited significant potential in the removal of these pollutants from aqueous solutions and real environmental samples, especially at low temperatures..."

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Irrigation of radish (Raphanus sativus L.) with microcystin-enriched water holds low risk for plants and their associated rhizop

"...They reach soil and translocated to plants through irrigation of agricultural land with water from MC-impacted freshwater systems..."

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Evaluation of three different filters and two methods for recovering viruses from drinking water

"...45 µm) to recover norovirus and HAV from two different types of drinking water (bottled water and tap water) with the adsorption-elution method proposed by ISO (Anonymous, ISO 15216-1, 2017) (method A) and with direct viral extraction using filters (method B)..."

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Quantitative analysis of eco-economic benefits of reclaimed water for controlling urban dust

"...The method proposed in this paper can provide quantitative basis for the popularization of using reclaimed water to dust control in cities with serious air pollution and water resource shortage..."

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Prevalence of Antibiotic Resistance Genes, Heavy Metal Resistance Genes and the Class 1 Integron Gene in Well Water and Tap Wat

"...Overall, our data highlighted the health threat posed by ARGs in the drinking water supply and underscore the potential for the transfer of these genes between bacteria with the aid of intI1 under selective pressure associated with human activity and heavy metal stress..."

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Combined effects of seasonality and stagnation on tap water quality: Changes in chemical parameters, metabolic activity and co-e

"...In drinking water distribution pipeline systems, the tap water quality is regulated by several biotic and abiotic factors, which can threaten the health of consumers..."

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Interaction effect of Bacillus subtilis co-inoculation and mine water irrigation on cowpea's growth, physiology and nutritio

"...subtilis has ability to sequester heavy metals in soils polluted with mine water and also enhance the growth, nodulation and yield of an important economic crop..."

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Study on the efficacy of sterilization in tap water by electrocatalytic technique

"...coli can reach 100% under the continuous inflow of tap water and the voltage of 60 V for 1 min, which meets the conventional standard of drinking water (6 CFU/100ml)..."

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Rotavirus Surveillance in Tap Water, Recycled Water, and Sewage Sludge in Thailand: A Longitudinal Study, 2007?2018

"...The objective of this study was to describe the epidemiological and molecular surveillance of rotaviruses in tap water, recycled water, and sewage sludge in Thailand from 2007 to 2018..."

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