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Tree Planting

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News and Opinion

Coverage of tree planting since August 29, 2021.

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B.C.'s sweeping forest changes pushed through over MLA objections

"...Amendments in October are to create 10-year forest landscape plans to replace the current “results-based” harvest system, giving the province control over where roads are built. That bill also give the Chief Forester authority to set tree planting standards for harvest areas and after large wildfires..."

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Halloween tree planting initiative in Barrie

"...Volunteers with Living Green Barrie gathered in Shalom Park for a Halloween-themed tree planting event. The participants took turns completing the work in shift, with the plants provided by the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority..."

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How Drones Are Branching Out to Fight Climate Change

"...Forests play a critical role in protecting against climate change, but we are rapidly losing trees to logging, agriculture, urban sprawl, wildfires, and more. Unfortunately, manual tree planting involves hard labour and potentially dangerous terrain..."

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B.C. begins forest management overhaul to increase Indigenous participation

"...The ministry is introducing 10-year landscape plans to allow the chief forester to set tree planting standards for harvest areas and after large wildfires, creating wild land buffer zones between communities and forests. The plans will be made public so communities can see what is coming..."

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How to Plant Trees in the City: It's Complicated

"...Arnold explains that the species to plant should be selected based on the sort of trees that are best adapted to the natural habitat of the environment, so that they can flourish. Furthermore, a city may not initially be suitable for planting trees. It may have poor soil quality, lack enough water, or contain pollutants, all of which should be considered early in the planning stages of a tree-planting effort..."

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Island professor produces film on 100-year-old Shelbourne tree memorial

"...On October 2nd, 1921, thousands of people gathered for a special tree planting memorial service on Shelbourne Street, honouring the region’s 600 lives lost in WWI..."

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The science and art of forestry

"...Our approach to tree planting is based on science, just like everything we do to manage forests in this province. B. C..."

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Belleville police celebrate grand opening of new $26 million headquarters

"...Speeches, a tree planting and a plaque ceremony were followed by tours of the upgraded facilities. The 67,000 square-foot building is on a nine-and-a-half-acre lot, making further expansion possible as the city and police force grows. Story continues below advertisement..."

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Belleville Police unveil new $26 million headquarters

"...The Belleville Police Service unveiled its new Police Headquarters in a grand opening ceremony that featured speeches, a tree planting and a plaque ceremony..."

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Plant trees to combat climate change The Oshawa Express

"...Erin MacDonald, active executive director of LEAF, says trees provide a multitude of benefits to individual property owners and the wider community by providing shade and privacy, help manage storm water, improve air quality and contribute to wildlife habitat..."

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Simple act of planting trees is part of the fight against climate change

"...The feds say the plan will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 12 megatonnes annually by 2050, and create up to 4,300 green jobs..."

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What if we could plant trees as quickly as we cut them down?

"...“Humans plant trees without any technology but shovels, and that hasn’t changed since the origin of tree planting,” he says. Yet the need for rapid reforestation has never been greater: last year, the CBC reported that B. C..."

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Jobs in tree planting

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

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Foreperson - Parks Forestry - City of Burnaby (Burnaby, BC)

"...Considerable knowledge of tree species, diseases, pests, identification of hazardous and diseased trees, mitigation and treatment practices involved; of the hazards and safety precautions related to the work..."

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Recent episodes that mention tree planting.

New research checks the math of large-scale tree planting

Duration: 31:07

"...Source: Carbon Removal Newsroom..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about tree planting. Tree planting, with Tali Orad

"...#climate #trees #trilliontrees #biodiversity #nature #treeplanting #trees #restoration #1treellion ..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about tree planting relevant to the latest news.

Survival and growth of Acacia senegal (L.) Wild. (Senegalia senegal (L.) Britton) provenances depend on the rainfall at the sit

"...Breeding programs and forest restoration projects should carefully select germplasm for optimal performance of this socioeconomically important tree species..."

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The angriest summer on record: Assessing canopy damage and economic costs of an extreme climatic event

"...This research highlights the importance of careful planning to ensure urban forest resilience and economic sustainability in the face of climate change..."

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Responses of intra-annual runoff to forest recovery patterns in subtropical China

"...Forest recovery plays a critical role in regulating eco-hydrological processes in forested watersheds..."

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Factors affecting climate change coping strategies used by smallholder farmers under root crop farming systems in derived savann

"...The key strategies the farmers applied in coping with climate change are buying food (45%), starting the use of sustainable land management practices (43%), planting of early maturing crops (36%), planting trees (32%), starting non-farm activity (30%), and eating less food (30%)..."

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How health and market access associate with agroforestry adoption decisions: evidence from Tabora, Tanzania

"...We also found that acres farmed, education, and extension services are significantly associated to the adoption of the full agroforestry package (adoption of pigeonpea and cassava intercropping)..."

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Effect of Tree Species on Outdoor Thermal Comfort

"...Tree planting is one of the veritable tools for combating urban heat island and improving thermal comfort in the wake of global warming and urbanisation..."

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