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Tropical Forests

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News and Opinion

Coverage of tropical forests since March 9, 2021.

Scientists call for climate projections as part of more robust biodiversity conservation

"...Scientists have called for the use of climate projections in conservation planning, to ensure that areas most at risk from biodiversity loss and climate impacts are protected. Protected areas are often created in areas of low population density and remote locations, rather than because of their biodiversity conservation potential. Conservation planning in tropical forests especially tends to be less rigorous and climate rarely taken into account, they said..."

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Airborne laser scanning of gaps in Amazon rainforest helps explain tree mortality

"...The researchers concluded that water stress, soil fertility and human-induced forest degradation cause gaps in the world's largest tropical forest..."

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Origin of modern rainforests traced to end-Cretaceous asteroid impact

"...In an analysis of thousands of fossil pollen and leaves spanning the Cretaceous-Paleogene (K/Pg) boundary, researchers found that the cataclysmic asteroid impact that resulted in the destruction of nearly 75% of all terrestrial life on Earth drastically restructured tropical forests, setting the stage for the evolution of what has become one of the planet's most diverse ecosystems - the neotropical rainforest. While the end-Cretaceous impact nearly 66 million years ago was catastrophic for terrestrial ecosystems worldwide, its long-term effects on tropical forests have remained a mystery. This is largely due to the lack of palaeobotanical exploration in the region, which has only just begun to provide the data needed to evaluate these questions..."

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Coffee waste used to reclaim formerly farmed land

"...Restoring post-agricultural land to tropical forest can be challenging, as the pasture grasses tend to choke out the native trees. A new study, however, indicates that waste from the coffee industry gives those trees a fighting chance. The coffee beans that many of us know and love are contained within a larger fruit known as the coffee cherry..."

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Scientists calculate trade-related ‘deforestation footprint’ of rich countries Carbon Brief

"...Forests cover 31% of the global land surface and provide important services, such as sequestering carbon and protecting biodiversity. However, deforestation is now one of the largest sources of greenhouse-gas emissions on the planet. A report from the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation estimates that only around half of the world’s forests are still “relatively intact”..."

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Forests on caffeine: coffee waste can boost forest recovery

"...The researchers also found that after two years, nutrients including carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous were significantly elevated in the coffee pulp treated area compared to the control. This is a promising finding given former tropical agricultural land is often highly degraded and poor soil quality can delay forest succession for decades..."

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Paying to clear-cut the rain forests

"...In the last few years, as climate changes continues to become more severe, there has been a growing push for rich countries to pay poorer ones to preserve and protect rain forests and other tropical forests. However, according to a new study in Nature Ecology & Evolution, RIHN Associate Professor Keiichiro Kanemoto and Senior Researcher Nguyen Tien Hoang show that other financial motives, namely international trade, with these same rich countries have actually encouraged poorer countries to increase their annual deforestation levels from 2001 to 2015..."

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Forest restoration action must prioritize diversity over scale for cheaper, long-term success

"..."There are enormous risks for tropical forests with low genetic diversity," said Kettle. "They will also have low capacity to adapt to the impacts of climate change; less resilience to new pests and pathogens. They will produce less seeds or fruit, with negative impacts on community livelihoods and income-generation..."

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Destruction of the Amazon forest very likely contributes to global warming, as accurately described in The National Geographic a

"...The recent study explored how non-CO2 climate drivers respond to local changes (deforestation, dam construction, and cattle ranching) and global changes (warming and drying of soil, wetlands, and biomass). The authors concluded that current warming from non-CO2 drivers, especially methane and nitrogen oxide, in the Amazon Basin “largely offsets—and most likely exceeds—the climate service provided by atmospheric CO2 uptake”, as accurately described in the National Geographic article. The Amazon rainforest plays a key role in slowing the pace of global warming as it absorbs large quantities of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere..."

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Tropical island getaways to provide sustainable heat to Helsinki

"...An ambitious new project led by Carlo Ratti Associati (CRA) could provide Helsinki with a sustainable source of heat and double as an attractive location for Fins to escape the long harsh Nordic winter. Named Hot Heart, plans call for a series of manmade islands that will store thermal energy and use some of that heat to create a tropical paradise. Assuming it actually goes ahead, Hot Heart will be situated off the coast of Helsinki and consist of an archipelago of 10 manmade islands that can be thought of as huge water basins..."

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Mitigating impact of artificial light at night in tropical forests

"...About the Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute The Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute leads the Smithsonian's global effort to save species, better understand ecosystems and train future generations of conservationists. As Washington, D. C..."

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In Panama, nitrogen-fixing trees unlock phosphorus and other scarce nutrients

"...IMAGE: Tropical forests in Panama are threatened due to agriculture, mining, development, and climate change. Reforestation is an important strategy to protect the tropical carbon sink. Nitrogen-fixing trees are known to..."

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Recent episodes that mention tropical forests.

062 | At What Temperature Do Forests Stop Absorbing Carbon?

Duration: 38:25

"...Today I speak with environmental scientist Jason Funk, who runs the Land Use and Climate Knowledge Initiative (LUCKI) about the important findings of a paper called "Long-term thermal sensitivity of earth's tropical forests," which looks at whether forests can continue to pull carbon from the atmosphere as temperatures rise..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about tropical forests.

This New AI Forensic Tool is Fighting Illegal Logging

"...At about $150 billion per year, the illegal logging trade is the most profitable environmental crime in the world..."

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Why Do Trees Lose their Leaves?

"...In tropical forests, trees lose their leaves when the dry season begins..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about tropical forests relevant to the latest news.

Effect of land use and seasonality on nematode faunal structure and ecosystem functions in the Caatinga dry forest

"...Seasonally dry tropical forests are strongly affected by anthropogenic disturbance and climate changes, which represent the main threats to soil biodiversity, affecting the activity and functional composition of soil communities that provide crucial ecosystem functions and services..."

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Tropical Biological Natural Resource Management Through Integrated Bio-Cycles Farming System

"...Information about agroecosystem, life cycle assessment, biowaste, bioenergy, bioeconomy on tropical natural resources would give valuable concepts for sustainable development of smart tropical agroecosystem management..."

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Disturbance and resilience in the Luquillo Experimental Forest

"...The Luquillo Experimental Forest (LEF) has a long history of research on tropical forestry, ecology, and conservation, dating as far back as the early 19th Century..."

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Forest cover and social relations are more important than economic factors in driving hunting and bushmeat consumption in post-f

"...Identifying the economic drivers of hunting and bushmeat consumption is crucial for understanding whether economic growth in tropical forest regions can foster poverty alleviation and biodiversity conservation..."

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Assessing Threats to Ungulates and Management Responses

"...Adverse human impacts have often been drivers of general biodiversity loss, and specifically decline of large ungulates in tropical forests, even within designated nature reserves..."

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Synergies Between Climate Change, Biodiversity, Ecosystem Function and Services, Indirect Drivers of Change and Human Well-Bein

"...We will focus on how the potential climate change impacts on forest biodiversity and structure will have a reflection on the ecosystem services provided by forests, and therefore on the capacity of these ecosystems to support the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations..."

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Tropical Wetland Persistence through the Anthropocene: Multiproxy reconstruction of environmental change in a Maya agroecosystem

"...We demonstrate the complexity and scale of human engineering and modification of soil and water resources, provide a new chronology for ancient wetland use, and present new evidence for the farming of economic plants as well as the succession of tropical wetlands after intensive anthropogenic manipulation ceased..."

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Aboveground biomass allometric equations and distribution of carbon stocks of the African oak ( Afzelia africana Sm.) in Burkin

"...The significant role of tropical forest ecosystems in the global carbon budget has increased the need for accurate estimates of tropical forest biomass..."

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Conversion of Land Use Land Cover and Its Impact on Ecosystem Services in a Tropical Forest

"...The tropical forest ecosystem provides society-wide range of ecosystem services, but increasing human activity changes the land use/land cover dynamics (LULC) with significant change of the ecosystem services values..."

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The truth about scats and dogs: Next-generation sequencing and spatial capture–recapture models offer opportunities for conser

"...Obtaining accurate population counts of endangered species is central to conservation biology, with implications for gaining ecological insights, informing management strategies, and judicial use of conservation funds..."

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Potential Restoration Approaches for Heavily Logged Tropical Forests in Solomon Islands

"...Poor logging practices in the Solomon Islands will imminently result in a collapse in timber resources, which will significantly affect the country?s economy..."

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