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Vertical Farms

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News and Opinion

Coverage of vertical farms since October 13, 2020.

Ag-tech company announces a vertical farm fresh produce hub for Lower Mainland

"...“The CubicFarm’s FreshHub becomes a true contender to break our reliance in long-chain food supply. It provides additional advantages like growing more nutritious produce in any climate without the challenges of drought or climate change,” he said..."

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Brothers bring UP Vertical Farms to Pitt Meadows

"...Agriculture faces many challenges – climate change, labour shortages, rising fuel costs, and health concerns around food contamination..."

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VIDEO: Annual ag tour in Chilliwack features vertical farming at Quanto

"...“We are going to be featuring vertical farming,” Ag Tour chair Steve Saccomanno, explained at the outset of the 2021 video from Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation, CEPCO..."

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Fresh from the city: The rise of urban farming

"...The global food sovereignty movement, which had been building momentum since its grassroots conception in the late ’90s, quickly gained traction with its focus on the rights of people everywhere to access healthy and sustainable food. One of the pillars of the movement lies in using local food systems to reduce the distance between producers and consumers. Three Canadian companies have successfully pioneered solutions aimed at bringing farms closer to home — and educating the next generation of agricultural innovators..."

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Can Vertical Farming Solve Import Problems in Russia?

"...When Covid-19 restrictions caused border closures with Russia, scientists in Moscow developed these LED-powered vertical farms to solve import problems..."

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Sustainable U: Urban farming and your local community garden

"...Famines, similar to wars and epidemics, are regular occurrences throughout history and range from a few months to a few years. Although severe and prolonged hunger in a substantial amount of the population is more likely for countries in the Global South, even westernized regions have their own urban poverty woes as evident by the consistent reliance on food banks. Small scale agriculture or “Sustainable Urban Agriculture” popularly touted as organic farming, motivates a reduction in GHG emissions, food waste, water and energy..."

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Urban agriculture can help, but not solve, city food security problems

"..."Urban agriculture is attractive because it uses land or rooftops not currently used for food production and could increase habitat and biodiversity, enhance stormwater management, and provide fruits and vegetables, resulting in positive nutritional outcomes," Costello said. "However, fruits and vegetables do not contain sufficient calories, protein or other critical nutrients, such as vitamin B12, to support the full range of human needs. "..."

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Farming Fish in the Sky Hakai Magazine

"...In doing so, the company hopes to become a major contributor to an ambitious plan to boost the food security of the small island city-state, which currently imports 90 percent of its food..."

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Company to set up Indoor Vertical Farm in Red Deer

"...“We also are assembling plans for additional innovative agriculture ventures that continue the theme of sustainability and local sourcing of food products for today’s consumers. The ability to establish our E-ROOTS vertical farm alongside our new manufacturing and assembly plant provides the opportunity to leapfrog our growth. ”..."

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Panic-Buying Top Food Story Of 2020

"..."We feel that that phenomena has had an impact on people's behavior, but also will have an impact on policy," he said. "You're seeing more provinces investing more on controlled environment agriculture. They're looking at greenhouses, vertical farms, hydroponics, aquaponics..."

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Innovative farming produces fresh Quebec strawberries during the winter months

"...Blinding bright lights imitate the sun and are on for an optimal 14 hours a day. All conditions within the facility are controlled and are meant to stimulate an increase in output. “The idea is not to go against nature but to really come closer to nature and have food production,” director of smart farming Kashif Riaz said..."

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Great Bear Scallops winners of B.C. Sustainability Award

"...Suspended shellfish operations, like Coastal Shellfish’s lantern nets submerged on the end of longlines, are universally regarded as the most ecologically friendly at-sea farming method available to food producers. It encourages a diversity of habitat within its footprint because the shellfish don’t require other animals for food, but instead clean the surrounding waters with their filter-feeding nature..."

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Recent episodes that mention vertical farms.

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“Vertical Farmers Never Have To Pray For Rain”

Duration: 29:00

"...Source: Sea Change Radio..."

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RealAg Radio, June 23: Seed amalgamations, canola oil advocates, and vertical farming

Duration: 54:55

"...Happy Tuesday! We hope you are having a great week, wherever you are..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about vertical farms. Tree planting, with Tali Orad

"...#climate #trees #trilliontrees #biodiversity #nature #treeplanting #trees #restoration #1treellion ..."

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From food waste to organic nutrients, with Tinia Pina

"...Tinia is a SWANA Certified Composting Systems Technical Associate and her experiences related to food waste, systems and policy have fueled her passion to increase our communities’ resilience, prosperity, and knowledge to help us live more conscious lives..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about vertical farms relevant to the latest news.

Vertical Farming: Under Climate Change Effect

"...Energy and water consumption, yield, and scalability criteria are examined for the vertical farming under climate effects..."

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Adaptive Design of Green Facades and Vertical Farm: Examples of Technological Integration of Microalgae for Energy Production i

"...After the first experiments with vertical, productive or just decorative greenery, we came to look for increasingly integrated solutions to produce food and energy..."

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Energy optimisation of plant factories and greenhouses for different climatic conditions

"...The option to ventilate a greenhouse (open vs closed) had the greatest positive effect on specific energy consumption in less extreme climates (from −36% in Massachusetts to −83% in Gauteng) but increased water consumption considerably (from an average of ~2 l/kg to 26 l/kg)..."

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Developments in Agriculture Technology Using Internet of Things

"...So, there will be a need to increase production and the quantity of food we now produce..."

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