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Coverage of waste streams since November 7, 2022.

East Kootenays coal examined for rare earths

"...Extraction techniques (separation and concentration) were also tested, with density separation, flotation and hydrometallurgical leaching all showing promise for further study, Geoscience BC said. In addition, the nature of the host minerals suggests that coal processing waste streams offer the best feed source for REE extraction..."


Lots of new people introduced to Maple Ridges repair cafes

"...This toy ladybug got fixed at the Repair Cafe on Saturday. (Ridge Meadows Recycling Society/Special to The News)..."


PROGRESS 2023: Port Albernis INEO pairs enterprise with a social conscience

"...Recycle Matters supervisor Brent Martin leads a tour through INEO Employment Services mattress recycling facility, where foam pieces are piled up waiting to be processed. (SUSAN QUINN/ Alberni Valley News)Recycle Matters supervisor Brent Martin explains how foam mattress tops are compressed in a machine before they are set aside to await shipment to the Lower Mainland. (SUSAN QUINN/ Alberni Valley News)Terry Deakin, CEO of INEO Employment Services, talks about the successes of Recycle Matters during an open house in May 2023..."


Maple Ridge recycling pickup moves to Recycle BC

"...Recycle BC was formed in 2014 fulfil the provincial Extended Producer Responsibility Recycling Regulation. It is designed to shift responsibility for recycling materials from the consumer to the producer. Recycle BC is funded by businesses such as brand owners, manufacturers and retailers..."


One island communitys answer to climate change? Feed everyone

"...The pair, members of the Quadra Island Climate Action Team (I-CAN), are appraising their first haul for a new project to tackle climate change and food insecurity in their rural community. The group has teamed up with the island’s two grocery stores and a local health food business to launch the Quadra food recovery program, which aims to keep edible food from being sent to garbage dumps. What people are reading Canada’s oil and gas industry is its own worst enemy By Max Fawcett | Opinion, Politics | March 14th 2023 It’s a win-win situation all around, said Boyle..."


Almost half of what ends up in Vancouver Island landfill could've been diverted: CRD

"...Over the last three decades, the region has conducted snapshot-style studies to determine the source and composition of solid waste ending up at Hartland Landfill..."


'A second life': Here's how a Sask. researcher is working to create building material out of face masks

"...Denise Stilling, an associate professor of industrial systems engineering, says her research has focused on waste streams and repurposing materials to create value added, circular economies. ..."


Almost half of what ends up in Greater Victoria's landfill could've been diverted: CRD

"...The region has conducted a snapshot-style study about every five years over the last three decades to determine the sources and composition of solid waste ending up at Hartland Landfill..."


TIER, ERA announce $58 million to emissions reductions partnership programs

"...The Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) program will provide up to $58 million through the ERA and the provinces Circular Economy Challenge for emissions-focused projects. If successful, these projects have the potential to create about 1,800 jobs and cut emissions by up to four million tonnes by 2050 equal to offsetting emissions from about one million homes, the province said in a news release Monday..."


Plastics ban will have 'sizable effect' on Canada's ecosystems, expert says

"..."We have not pressed the industry that is the plastics industry or the retailing industry to deal with this," Diamond said. "Rather, we have forced the taxpayer to pay for this. We're paying for it by increasing landfills, we're increasing costs to manage all this plastic waste..."


Fraser Valley fights food waste — save your scraps from the landfill!

"...Food waste that finds its way to landfills does not decompose easily, and if we divert it to the proper facility we can turn those scraps into healthy soil. That’s why the Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD) passed Bylaw 1495, which requires that all recyclable materials and food waste be sorted out of garbage and delivered to appropriate waste processing or disposal facilities..."


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Jobs in waste streams

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Special Projects Coordinator - Solid Waste - Regional District of Nanaimo (Nanaimo, BC)

"...programs, preparing requests for quotations, proposals and tenders, and recommending award, liaising with RDN departments, other local governments, provincial and federal governments, and community agencies regarding issues related to Solid Waste programs, and performing other related duties, as required..."

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Recent episodes that mention waste streams.

Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about waste streams.

From food waste to organic nutrients, with Tinia Pina

"...Tinia is a SWANA Certified Composting Systems Technical Associate and her experiences related to food waste, systems and policy have fueled her passion to increase our communities resilience, prosperity, and knowledge to help us live more conscious lives..."


How Mushrooms Can Reduce Poverty & Malnutrition (Inc. Examples)

"...They're highly nutritious, use agricultural waste streams AND can generate good income..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about waste streams relevant to the latest news.

Breaking water carbon nexus by the natural biological system: ultimate solution for ESG challenges

"...The Natural Biological System (NBS) is a nature-based technology for sewage and waste stream treatment and management, rehabilitating affected water bodies, reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and rebalancing eco-systems..."


Chemical Recycling of Plastic Waste: Comparative Evaluation of Environmental and Economic Performances of Gasification- and Inc

"...To address this gap, this investigation utilizes an integrated approach comprising of life cycle assessment and techno-economic analysis to evaluate the environmental and economic performance of CR of lightweight packaging waste via waste gasification compared to direct and indirect incineration in Germany..."


The contribution of high-resolution GC separations in plastic recycling research

"...Nowadays, global plastic production has reached 367 million tons per year and because of their durable nature, their recycling is fundamental for the achievement of the circular economy objective..."


Wood-Based Waste Management?Important Resources for Construction of the Built Environment

"...The circular economy focuses on the utilisation of resources and the reutilisation of these resources and waste streams into value added products..."


Life cycle assessment (LCA) on waste management options for derelict fishing gear

"...Methods This study applies an attributional life cycle assessment (LCA) to four DFG waste treatment scenarios, namely a mechanical recycling, syngas production, energy recovery and landfill disposal..."


Treatment and Management of Hazardous Solid Waste Stream by Incineration

"...However, the technology will generate high amounts of toxic gases such as dioxin and nitrous oxide, requiring high energy and operational cost as well..."


"...To valorize agricultural waste (as a renewable energy source and as a supplementary cementitious material?SCM), the crucial steps in the integrated management system of the circular economy cycle are the establishment and maintenance of database on crop production, namely, on harvest residues amount and quantity and quality of available biomass ash..."


Valorisation of source-separated food waste to bioethanol: pilot-scale demonstration

"...To this end, in this paper, an holistic approach towards bioethanol production from source-separated food waste was studied as an effective strategy to cope with both issues..."


Microbial Production of Oleochemicals

"...Furthermore, some oleaginous microorganisms are able to accumulate high amounts of lipids from different carbon sources, including those present in waste streams which will be crucial in the transition toward a circular economy..."


Sustainable Valorization of Waste from Mango Processing Sector

"...Further, biowaste streams can be properly managed by using biorefinery for development of value added products such as bioenergy, biofuel, etc..."


Standards for Recycling Oriented Deconstruction and Classification of Waste

"...The Constuction and Demolition Waste Strategy for Malta supports the transition towards a more circular economy and closes the loop of construction products life cycle..."