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News and Opinion

Coverage of wastewater since April 13, 2021.

COVID-19 found in Calgary wastewater on the rise: Experts

"...Wastewater is becoming a valuable source in identifying COVID-19 before the daily updates from the province..."

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Experts identify rise of COVID-19 in Calgary wastewater

"...“What we’re seeing across the board over time is increased levels of SARS CO-V-2 in our wastewater, in particular in wastewater treatment plants where we present our data in near real-time through the cummings school of medicine COVID tracker. ”..."

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Canada, Saskatchewan, Saskatoon invest $100 million in green infrastructure

"...A press release from Infrastructure Canada said that the green infrastructure projects include upgrades to drinking water and wastewater systems, improvements to solid waste management, sidewalk expansion and a new solar power plant..."

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$102M funding for green infrastructure, COVID-19 resilience projects in Saskatoon

"...“The Meewasin trail network is built with goals for the lowest possible environmental impact and highest standards for safety and accessibility,” said Meewasin board chair Colin Tennent. “The planned enhancements are invaluable outdoor spaces where community members and future visitors can stay active, learn about the environment, and experience nature that supports physical and mental wellbeing. ”New trails, benches, picnic tables and interpretative signage will be added, along with increased safety measures..."

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Canadian shipping company fined US$500K after dumping wastewater into Lake Ontario

"...According to a news release from the U. S. Department of Justice, employees of the St..."

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Funding awarded for Okanagan Falls wastewater plant

"...Each week, between four and six truckloads of sludge are removed from the Okanagan Falls site and are hauled to the Penticton Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant..."

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BLOG: Trudeau vs. Biden—transparency and budget honesty

"...As Canadians brace for the first federal budget in more than two years, there’s an interesting contrast to consider between President Biden’s approach to increasing government spending and the Trudeau Liberals. While both Trudeau and Biden are using a great deal of political marketing to sell their spending plans, particularly with respect to infrastructure, it’s clear the U. S..."

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Water purification system engineered from wood, with help from a microwave oven

"...Researchers in Sweden have developed a more eco-friendly way to remove heavy metals, dyes and other pollutants from water. The answer lies in filtering wastewater with a gel material taken from plant cellulose and spiked with small carbon dots produced in a microwave oven..."

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Alberta government's COVID-19 wastewater study ending

"...A province-wide study looking at whether wastewater could be used for COVID-19 surveillance is coming to an end. It started last year at 12 places across Alberta, including Epcor's Gold Bar plant in Edmonton, and wraps up next month..."

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Saskatoon lab predicted variant spike in sewage study

"...SASKATOON -- Researchers with the University of Saskatchewan can predict when spikes in COVID-19 and the variants of concern are going to occur by studying wastewater samples..."

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Alberta COVID-19 wastewater surveillance study wrapping up next month

"...A study of the presence of COVID-19 in Alberta’s wastewater will soon be coming to an end. Since last year, researchers from Alberta Health Services and Alberta Precision Laboratories have been studying samples taken from wastewater treatment plants around the province for the presence of COVID-19. READ MORE: COVID-19 wastewater surveillance pilot program may involve EdmontonDr..."

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Are chemical pollutants altering the behaviour of wildlife and humans?

"...A scientific forum of 30 experts formed a united agreement of concern about chemical pollutants and set up a roadmap to help protect the environment from behaviour altering chemicals. The conclusions of their work have been published today in a paper led by Professor Alex Ford, Professor of Biology at the University of Portsmouth, in Environmental Science and Technology. Until now the effect of chemical pollutants on wildlife has been studied and risk assessed in relation to species mortality, reproduction and growth..."

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Jobs in wastewater

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Senior Project Manager - Water / Wastewater treatment practice

"...Due to continued rapid growth and expansion of the water group into Eastern Canada, we are seeking a Senior Project Manager for a Water and Wastewater Treatment practice in our Montreal..."

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Senior Wastewater Project and Program Manager

"...Wastewater Project and Program Manager The responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to:..."

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Structural Engineer - Water & Wastewater

"...You will also have the opportunity to work collaboratively with other disciplines such as civil engineers, electrical engineers, and mechanical engineers..."

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Waste Water Treatment Operator

"...The Waste Water Treatment Operator provides wastewater treatment services for various Clean Harbors and third-party sites..."

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Recent episodes that mention wastewater.

Today's show: Universal health-care, Alberta parks battle, MP Michael Barrett, Andrew MacDougall & detecting COVID-19

Duration: 1:15:44

"...Guests: Bacchus Barua, Associate Director, Health Policy Studies, Fraser Institute..."

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Detecting COVID-19 in wastewater

Duration: 11:51

"...Guests: Martin Sellar Voll, Vice President, Operations, WTS Rentals..."

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10/16/20 - DNR Trail Map; Drinking Water and Wastewater Plan

Duration: 03:30

"...The Michigan DNR has released a new interactive trail map..."

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UCalgary and Village Brewery produce Alberta’s first beer made with treated wastewater

Duration: 21:05

"...Guests Christine O’Grady, program coordinator at UCalgary’s Advancing Canadian Wastewater and Jackson Stuart, leads events and Marketing at Village Brewery..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about wastewater.

How does Wastewater Treatment Work?

"...Take a closer look at how wastewater treatment plants work and how your waste gets turned back into clean water that you can drink..."

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The world’s most polluted river | DW Documentary

"...What was once considered paradise is now a brown sludge of human waste and dangerous substances like nonylphenol, antimony and tributylphosphate..."

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Biomimicry 3.8 Innovation from Nature with Mark Dorfman

"...Prior to Biomimicry 3. 8, Mark worked in the non-profit sector researching and writing case-studies on industrial chemical pollution prevention and wastewater management practices that ultimately influenced the creation of federal and state pollution prevention policies..."

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What are the indicators of pollution in the Arctic? | Ask a Scientist

"...Magali Houde studies the effects of pollution on the aquatic ecosystem..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about wastewater relevant to the latest news.

Retrospective non-target analysis to support regulatory water monitoring: from masses of interest to recommendations via in sil

"...Samples from 22 wastewater treatment plants obtained in 2018 and measured using liquid chromatography?high resolution mass spectrometry were retrospectively analysed by (i) performing peak-picking to identify masses of interest; (ii) prescreening and quality-controlling spectra, and (iii) tentatively identifying priority ?known unknown? pollutants by leveraging environmentally relevant chemical information provided by Swiss, Swedish, EU-wide, and American regulators..."

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Phosphate removal using thermally regenerated Al adsorbent from drinking water treatment sludge

"...Alum sludge (AS) is an abundant and ubiquitous residue generated from drinking water treatment plants..."

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Full-scale vacuum degassing of activated sludge – A case study over 2-years of operation

"...The effect of vacuum degassing of activated sludge on biological wastewater treatment over a total period of 4 years was examined..."

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Assessing local impacts of water use on human health: evaluation of water footprint models in the Province Punjab, Pakistan

"...Results and discussion The cause-effect chains for the agricultural water deprivation include malnutrition due to reduced food availability and income loss as well as diseases resulting from the use of wastewater for irrigation, out of which only the first one is addressed by existing WF models..."

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Phycoremediation of tetracycline via bio-Fenton process using diatoms

"...As common wastewater treatment technologies are not effective in antibiotic removal from wastewaters, techniques such as ozonation, photo-Fenton process, and adsorption have been employed..."

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Enhancement of simultaneous nitrogen and phosphorus removal using intermittent aeration mechanism

"...Successful intermittently aerated process with high capability of simple implementation to conventional systems by elemental retrofitting, is applicable for upgrading wastewater treatment plants..."

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Enhancing anaerobic digestion process with addition of conductive materials

"...Results regarding activities of microorganisms and morphology and properties of sludge were described and commented, and future research needs were also proposed which included better understanding of the roles of DIET in each step of anaerobic digestion, mechanisms of metabolism of pollutants in DIET-established systems and inhibition of excessive dosage of conductive materials..."

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Recovery and purification of rare earth elements from wastewater and sludge using a porous magnetic composite of β-cyclodextrin

"...The recovery of REEs from secondary sources such as industrial wastewater and industrial sludge can reduce the radioactive wastes and greenhouse gases generated during their mining and processing, as well as numerous environmental pollutions from REEs commercial products..."

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Isolating and characterizing translationally active fraction of anammox microbiota using bioorthogonal non-canonical amino acid

"...Together, our BONCAT application offers new insight into the ecophysiology of anammox consortia and lays the foundation for expanding the approach into other biological wastewater treatment systems..."

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Enhanced photocatalytic performance of visible light driven TiO2/g-C3N4 for degradation of diclofenac in aqueous solution

"...Emerging contaminants such as diclofenac is frequently detected in wastewater treatment plants as they are not specifically designed for the removal of pharmaceutical effluents, which results in poor removal efficiency..."

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Status and needs for online control of tertiary ozone-based water treatment: use of surrogate correlation models for removal of

"...The number of studies dealing with tertiary ozonation to remove trace organic contaminants (TrOCs) in effluents originating from wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) is increasing due to the need for upgrading the WWTPs overall performance..."

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Comparing ecotoxicological and physicochemical indicators of municipal wastewater effluent and river water quality in a Baltic S

"...In the period between June 2017 and July 2018, six sets of treated wastewater samples were taken from 17 municipal wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) of different sizes (small: < 2,000 people equivalent - p..."

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