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Water Harvesting

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News and Opinion

Coverage of water harvesting since September 1, 2020.

'Climbing droplets' could lead to more efficient water harvesting

"..."We cannot harvest a large amount of water unless we have a rapid harvesting process. The problem with other surfaces is that the small water droplets may evaporate before they can be harvested," Dai said. "Based on our experimental data, the coarsening surface enhanced the water harvesting rate 200% higher than its counterparts," said Zongqi Guo, a mechanical engineering doctoral student and co-lead author..."

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Islands Trust offices reopen in Victoria, Salt Spring and Gabriola

"...The Islands Trust Climate Change Speaker Series starts Sept. 29 with a webinar on rainwater harvesting..."

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Jobs in water harvesting

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Senior Policy and Process Engineer (Rainwater and Groundwater Management) - City of Vancouver (Vancouver, BC)

"...Works cross-functionally with other City departments, external agencies, developers and community stakeholders to develop and/or implement policies, processes, enabling programs and development requirements that support multiple objectives related to growth servicing, affordability, climate resilience, flood protection, water quality, water security, climate mitigation and adaptation urban design, green jobs, habitat and bio-diversity..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about water harvesting.

Increase Area Under Enhanced Stormwater Management

"...Stormwater management strategies include porous pavement, stream restorations, rainwater harvesting, green roofs, and rain gardens..."

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Growing a Sustainable Citrus Garden in a Northern Climate

"...Her subtropical fruit greenhouse uses renewable energy with a high efficiency wood gasifier furnace for heat..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about water harvesting relevant to the latest news.

Sea level rise undermines SDG2 and SDG6 in Pantai Acheh, Penang, Malaysia

"...For coastal communities living in low elevation Pantai Acheh of Penang, Malaysia, salinization of groundwater caused by sea level rise (SLR) could pose a daunting challenge to water supply and crop cultivation, thereby undermining local water security (SDG6) and food security (SDG2)..."

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Smart Rain Water Harvesting for Smart Cities

"...In the present book chapter, various components of the smart city, the importance of water sustainability in smart cities, the role of climate change, and smart water management for smart cities have been discussed..."

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Assessment of Farmers? Indigenous Technology Adoptions for Climate Change Adaptation in Nigeria

"...Six hundred farmers from the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria were surveyed and they all possess different indigenous adaptation strategies ranging from swamp farming (Oyo State), application of neem seed (Kaduna State), soil erosion control (Enugu State), rainwater harvesting (Taraba State), land improvement (Cross River State) to farmland management (Benue State)..."

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Usefulness of Surface Water Retention Reservoirs Inspired by ?Permaculture Design?: A Case Study in Southern Spain Using Bucket

"...Moreover, modelling-based scenario analyses can help better understand the dynamics and extent of its potential in establishing an effective and economically viable land restoration process for the region, taking into account climate change projections of increasing desertification in the Mediterranean basin, thereby contributing to the water-soil-food nexus, addressing sustainable development goals (SDGs) related to food (2), water (6), responsible consumption and production (12), climate action (13) and life on land (15)..."

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Perception of climate change and adaptation strategies in tea plantations of Assam, India

"...Adaptive measures executed to combat climate change included rainwater harvesting, irrigation, afforestation, biodiversity conservation, soil mulching and creation of wind barriers..."

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Psychological dimensions of climate change: perceptions, collective efficacy, and responses in Berehet District, north Shoa, Et

"...Persistent drought, limited surface and underground water, crop pests, and animal diseases were found to be the main impacts of climate change that harmed agricultural productivity..."

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Optimal and Fair Distribution of Water Under Water Scarcity Scenarios at a Macroscopic Level

"...This paper presents an optimization approach for designing water allocation systems at macroscopic level under water scarcity conditions..."

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Assessment of the potential of rainwater harvesting for maize production in the Lubombo plateau

"...Multi-layer merging of rainfall, slope, soil texture and land use layers was performed in GIS environment to locate potential rainwater harvesting sites..."

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A continental scale evaluation of rainwater harvesting in Australia

"...The findings of this study will be useful in sustainable water resource management in Australia using rainwater harvesting system..."

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Disaster vulnerability and mitigation of humanitarian issues in coastal Bangladesh: Local evidence and knowledge gaps

"...Furthermore, some advantageous mitigation measures such as water purification methods and rainwater harvesting techniques, floating agriculture, seed preservation techniques, increasing the plinth of the house, awareness campaign on health issues, etc..."

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Integrated Water Harvesting and Aquifer Recharge Evaluation Methodology Based on Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Sy

"...Water harvesting (WH) and aquifer recharge (AR) have been promoted in recent decades as solutions to the overexploitation of groundwater resources in many countries around the world..."

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Sustainable Soil Management for Food Security in South Asia

"...The extensive production of cereals and conventional soil management practices are increasing soil erosion; depleting soil organic matter, soil fertility, water resources, and increasing salinization..."

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