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Coverage of water management since August 23, 2023.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park at risk with reservoir option: Foundation CEO

"...Another option is decommissioning the existing Ghost Dam and relocating it. A third option would be to create a dam near Morley on the Stoney Nakoda First Nation. “The challenge we have with this project is it actually would offer the least value of the alternatives,” Farkas said..."


Climate change: Intensity of ongoing drought in Syria, Iraq and Iran ‘not rare anymore’

"...Large parts of Iraq, Iran and Syria have been gripped by an intense drought for years. Low rainfall and high temperatures have caused crops to fail and driven water shortages across the region, pushing millions of people into food insecurity..."


Fraser Valley septic waste disposal plants reach capacity

"...The City of Chilliwack says over the last two years it has handled a more than 40-per cent increase in trucked liquid waste causing operational disruptions, increased treatment costs and quality issues at the city's wastewater treatment plant. This comes after the treatment plant in Abbotsford stopped accepting waste from anywhere outside Abbotsford and Mission in 2021, leading to more being sent to Chilliwack. James Stiksma, owner of Canadian Septic and a board member of the Western Canadian On-Site Wastewater Management Association of B..."


First Person: Farmers running out of water in Punjab, India

"...Combining tradition with technologyVishvajeet Singh Jyani: Over the years, we have noticed that the rainfall and weather patterns have been quite erratic. The canal water and groundwater we depend upon has also become unreliable. At our family farm, the main motto is, “traditional wisdom with modern technology”..."


WMO: Global stocktake of water resources needed

"...StocktakeThough further research is needed, and more information from regions like Africa, the Middle East and Asia is required, the conclusions made based on data from 273 stations around the globe are straightforward, the Report authors believe. In the realm of river discharge and reservoir inflow, over 50 per cent of global catchment areas and reservoirs displayed deviations from normal conditions, of which a majority were drier than usual. There were anomalies in soil moisture and evapotranspiration (transfer of land water into the atmosphere, either by evaporation or through plants) registered throughout 2022..."


Province, feds earmark funds to help farmers adapt to climate change

"...Other initiatives already approved for funding through the program include $29,740 for the Irrigation Industry Association of BC to develop water management field days and workshops to prepare agricultural operators across B. C. for drought conditions and train provincial government employees on agricultural water management and $75,000 for livestock drought workshops in drought-affected regions in B..."


What Is Peat Subsidence and How Can Countries Prevent this Environmental Disaster?

"...Firefighters work to extinguish a peatland fire in Riau, Indonesia. Beyond the obvious destruction, peatland fires also trigger peat subsidence. Photo by Faiz Zulfikar/Getty Images/iStock..."


Walmart, trailer rental company fined $155K for diesel spill in Cobourg, Ont. in 2020

"...“A surface water scientist with the ministry concluded that approximately 200 to 300 litres of diesel fuel entered the pond causing adverse effects, including the death of four ducks, one cormorant, and one muskrat,” the ministry stated. The incident led to charges under the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) against both companies. TIP Fleet was convicted one of violation under the EPA and fined $35,000 plus a victim surcharge of $8,750 for having control of a pollutant that was spilled and failing to notify the ministry..."


Action Alert - Environment Ministry Proposes to Exempt Harmful Activities from Licensing Requirements

"...The proposal applies to:waste management systems that involve asbestos waste, biomedical waste, treated biomedical waste, hazardous waste, liquid industrial waste, and treated waste that can not be disposed of by land;stormwater management; andwater-taking for construction sites dewatering activities and foundation drains. Lack of Government Oversight and Public ScrutinyIf implemented, the specified changes mean there will no longer by an up-front, detailed review by Ministry staff to assess the potential environmental impacts from the specified operations. It also means that the public participation and appeal rights under the Environmental Bill of Rights, 1993 would no longer apply..."


Stream flows on the Bow River at a record low and historic glacial melt recorded in the Rockies

"...“A lot of the new routes that I’ve done over the decades no longer exist because the ice has disappeared, I find that quite sad,” said Elzinga who started a non-profit Guardians of The Ice to raise awareness about disappearing crucial landscapes. “These glaciers and ice faces are just becoming big pieces of rock,” he said. Dr..."


Hamilton to consider resisting Greenbelt facilitators after public meeting

"...The Ancaster session saw a majority of attendees and others joining virtually to urge councillors to fight the land removal, citing that some parcels are environmentally sensitive and could precipitate loss of species, food insecurity and negatively affect stormwater management. Phil Pothen, a delegate and counsel for Environmental Defence, went as far as to submit the lands have not been properly designated for development by the city and thus it is “illegal to destroy them. ” Story continues below advertisement..."


Don’t let wastewater opportunities flow down the drain

"...In its new report, Wastewater: Turning problem to solution, UNEP warned that only 11 per cent of treated wastewater is reused while around half of the world’s untreated wastewater still enters rivers, lakes and seas. Furthermore, CO2 emissions from wastewater are substantial, hovering slightly below those from the global aviation industry.  With the right policies in place, wastewater could provide alternative energy to half a billion people, supply over 10 times the water obtained through desalination processes and reduce the demand for synthetic fertilizers..."


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Jobs in water management

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Engineering Assistant I (Green Infrastructure Engineering Assistant) - City of Vancouver (Vancouver, BC)

"...The role will perform basic field data collection outdoors in all weather, assist with construction oversight, complete GIS data entry, and perform other tasks related to green infrastructure assets.  Key Contacts and Reporting Relationships..."

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Director, Water, Wastewater and Storm Water - City of London (London, ON)

"...Please be assured that any information shared with Legacy Partners will be treated with the strictest confidence and shared only with the client for the purposes of this search..."

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Intermediate Stormwater Engineer - Urban Systems Ltd. (Calgary) (Calgary, AB)

"...Honing your engineering/stormwater skills and developing an understanding of best practices, regulations, design criteria, and processes/equipment/technologies..."

related opportunities

Waste Water Treatment Plant Co-op Student - City of Penticton (Penticton, BC)

"...If you are seeking a challenging opportunity and possess the above mentioned qualifications, we would love to hear from you! We welcome your cover letter and resume by January 16, 2022..."

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Recent episodes that mention water management.

RealAg Radio, Apr 25: Grain movement during the strike, water management, and the challenges ahead for grain

Duration: 56:00

"...Thanks for tuning in to this Tuesday edition of RealAg Radio! On today’s show, guest host Lyndsey Smith is joined by Erin Gowriluk, president of the Canada Grains Council, to get her thoughts on the challenges ahead for the industry..."


CE 12. Water Management in the Oil Sands ft COSIA with John Brogly

Duration: 59:38

"...Episode 12 of Crownsmen Energy features Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance, also known as COSIA and their Director of Water, John Brogly..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about water management.

Germany's Wild Reservoirs | Free Documentary Nature

"...In recent summers, even greater challenges have emerged: the effects of climate change - from extreme drought to destructive floods..."


Biomimicry 3.8 Innovation from Nature with Mark Dorfman

"...Prior to Biomimicry 3. 8, Mark worked in the non-profit sector researching and writing case-studies on industrial chemical pollution prevention and wastewater management practices that ultimately influenced the creation of federal and state pollution prevention policies..."


How Nature Can Protect Cities from Floods & Droughts

"...By carefully managing rain and wastewater, it aims to fight water pollution, scarcity, and flooding..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about water management relevant to the latest news.

The Emirates at 2050: Balancing Development and Environmental Stewardship

"...To chart a more sustainable course for the Emirates by 2050, the paper proposes policy recommendations such as adopting a national strategy for sustainable development, strengthening environmental policies, investing in urban planning and design, promoting sustainable water management, encouraging use of nature-based solutions, addressing climate change, fostering environmental education, supporting research in environmental sciences, encouraging national and regional cooperation, promoting sustainable business practices in the private sector, and monitoring the progress of environmental policies..."


Willingness to Pay to Reduce the Ecological and Health Risks from Water Pollution in Emerging Urban Regions: The Case of the Re

"...Estimates from five latent classes reveal that one-half of entrepreneurs strongly value the provision of wastewater treatment services, and their decisions are mostly driven by preferences to reduce the risk of sickness caused by water pollution..."


Performance evaluation of three constructed wetland-microbial fuel cell systems: wastewater treatment efficiency and electricit

"...Constructed wetlands (CWs) have proven to be effective and environmentally friendly for removing pollutants, while microbial fuel cells (MFCs) offer the potential for electricity generation..."


Modeling mass removal and sediment deposition in stormwater ponds using floating treatment islands: a computational approach

"...Floating treatment islands (FTIs) offer effective solutions for stormwater management, providing flood attenuation and pollutant removal capabilities..."


Urban stormwater management using low-impact development control measures considering climate change

"...This work simulates rainfall using the GFDL-ESM2G large-scale model (from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change-Fifth Assessment Report (IPCC-AR5)) and the change-factor method to downscale rainfall under three emission scenarios: RCP 2..."


Nature-based solutions to manage particle-bound metals in urban stormwater runoff: current design practices and knowledge gaps

"...Benthic macroinvertebrate communities were less diverse and exhibited a more pollutant-tolerant assemblage near the inlet depositional area of the Warralily wetland, compared to the outlet area..."


Co-benefits of climate change mitigation from innovative agricultural water management: a case study of corn agroecosystem in e

"...Beneficial water management practices (BWMPs) have been identified to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in eastern Canada by retrofitting conventional tile drainage with controlled drainage and sub-irrigation..."


Identification and apportionment of groundwater nitrate sources in Chakari Plain (Afghanistan)

"...The findings provide useful insights for decision makers to verify groundwater pollution and develop a sustainable groundwater management strategy..."


Improving the management of agricultural water resources to provide Gavkhuni wetland ecological water right in Iran

"...These scenarios are modernization and upgrading the operation of agricultural water distribution systems (A), upgrading in-farm irrigation systems (B), optimizing the cultivation pattern (C) and reducing the utilization of groundwater resources (D), and combining these scenarios together as strategic scenarios to provide ecological water right..."