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Water Management

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News and Opinion

Coverage of water management since March 7, 2021.

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Brazil at high risk of dengue outbreaks after droughts because of temporary water storage

"...Increasing levels of severe droughts and flooding episodes due to climate change has led to interruptions in water supply networks in Brazil. The improvised water storage containers used to combat this have become breeding grounds for mosquitoes..."

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Flood watch cancelled for Otonabee Region watershed in Peterborough area

"...The result means a flood watch issued in late March is now cancelled. “Water levels and flows within the Ouse River, Indian River and Otonabee River watersheds have been dropping due to the warm and dry conditions,” said Neil MacFarlane, flood forecasting and warning duty officer. Story continues below advertisement..."

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Reclamation releases technical reports supporting the 2021 SECURE Water Act Report

"...The seven basin reports analyze climate change impacts to water resources within each basin. Each report also identifies Reclamation's collaborative actions to increase water and power delivery reliability since the last SECURE Water Act Report in 2016, including science and research, planning, infrastructure sustainability, efficient hydropower production and on-the-ground activities to meet irrigation needs and water needed for municipalities, power, Tribes and the environment. These basin reports also describe some of the innovative approaches underway locally to address vulnerabilities..."

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Urban agriculture can help, but not solve, city food security problems

"..."Urban agriculture is attractive because it uses land or rooftops not currently used for food production and could increase habitat and biodiversity, enhance stormwater management, and provide fruits and vegetables, resulting in positive nutritional outcomes," Costello said. "However, fruits and vegetables do not contain sufficient calories, protein or other critical nutrients, such as vitamin B12, to support the full range of human needs. "..."

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Nixon says no plans for water changes in southwestern Alberta

"...The presentation proposed combining the old industrial and agricultural classifications. It would reserve 20 per cent of the river's flow for fish habitat and river health and allocate whatever's left over. It suggested that would make water available for two coal mines while still providing for current agricultural needs..."

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Painting a clearer picture of spring runoff, impacts of climate change

"...“Snow in the Canadian Rockies accounts for 60 per cent of the flow of the South Saskatchewan River and three-quarters of the province relies on it for drinking water, for irrigation, for potash mining and other industries,” said John Pomeroy, Canada Research Chair in Water Resources and Climate Change and professor in the USask Department of Geography and Planning..."

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CSRD could be fined $300K for Revelstoke landfill problems

"...In June 2019, an environmental protection officer, Blake Ross identified several areas of concern including groundwater management and excessive litter. Though the CSRD said they had addressed the issues, an inspection one year later, identified several of the same problems and the province issued a warning letter in December..."

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Climate change influences river flow

"...Climate change is affecting the water balance of our planet: depending on the region and the time of year, this can influence the amount of water in rivers potentially resulting in more flooding or drought. River flow is an important indicator of water resources available to humans and the environment. The amount of available water also depends on further factors, such as direct interventions in the water cycle or land use change: if, for example, water is diverted for irrigation or regulated via reservoirs, or forests are cleared and monocultures grown in their place, this can have an impact on river flow..."

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Sask. adds $2M in funds for municipal water management

"...“Increased funding for water management in rural communities will not only help protect essential infrastructure but also help our producers grow Saskatchewan’s economy,” Moe said on Wednesday..."

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Water safety statement issued for Peterborough area but flooding not expected

"...“Under these conditions, all local rivers, creeks, ditches, and lakes should be considered extremely dangerous. Riverbanks are slippery, unsafe and could be undercut. Stream currents are strong, and temperatures dangerously cold..."

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Irrigation management key for bioenergy production to mitigate climate change

"..."According to existing scenarios, biomass plantations could increase by up to 6 million square kilometers if global warming is to be limited to 1. 5 degrees Celsius by the end of the century, the more ambitious of the two temperature targets of the Paris Agreement," says co-author Dieter Gerten from PIK. "We use these scenario inputs to run simulations in our high-resolution global vegetation and water balance model to explore the freshwater implications..."

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SARM Convention Kicks Off Tuesday

"...Some of the resolutions being presented include requesting further funding for the control and removal of beavers, the creation of a workable water management strategy with the Water Security Agency, lobbying for more money for the municipal bridge program, changing the local elections act to allow for a run-off vote in the case of a tie, and lobbying the federal government to review the Rural Municipal Tax Loss Compensation Fund.  ..."

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Jobs in water management

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Landscape Architect - Green Infrastructure - City of Vancouver (Vancouver, BC)

"...To be considered for this exciting and impactful career opportunity with a generous benefits package, please apply on our..."

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Planner I - Green Infrastructure Design and Delivery - City of Vancouver (Vancouver, BC)

"...Excellent Auto CAD skills to independently assemble construction documentation packages, including material plans, grading plans, planting plans, construction details, specifications and cost estimating with various level of details within a multi-disciplinary environment;..."

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Waste Water Treatment Plant Co-op Student - City of Penticton (Penticton, BC)

"...If you are seeking a challenging opportunity and possess the above mentioned qualifications, we would love to hear from you! We welcome your cover letter and resume by March 7, 2021..."

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Engineering Technologist - Environmental Programs - Municipality of North Cowichan (Duncan, BC)

"...If you are self-motivated, looking to take on a new challenge where you can make a difference, enjoy both responsibility and accountability, and are ready to join one of British Columbia’s most inclusive and environmentally conscious municipalities, we look forward to receiving your application!..."

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Recent episodes that mention water management.

CE 12. Water Management in the Oil Sands ft COSIA with John Brogly

Duration: 59:38

"...Episode 12 of Crownsmen Energy features Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance, also known as COSIA and their Director of Water, John Brogly..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about water management.

Biomimicry 3.8 Innovation from Nature with Mark Dorfman

"...Prior to Biomimicry 3. 8, Mark worked in the non-profit sector researching and writing case-studies on industrial chemical pollution prevention and wastewater management practices that ultimately influenced the creation of federal and state pollution prevention policies..."

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Mr. Bruce Knight: Catalyzing a National Ecosystem Services Market

"...Knight explains the history of the Ecosystem Services Market Consortium (ESMC) and details how ecosystem service markets can add incentives to motivate farmers and ranchers to improve soil health..."

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National Water Policy Panel: How can a Canada Water Agency Deliver Water Security for Canadians?

"...Panel guests:John Pomeroy, Global Water Futures ProgramMerrell-Ann Phare, Centre for Indigenous Environmental ResourcesShawn Marshall, Environment and Climate Change CanadaDimple Roy, International Institute for Sustainable DevelopmentJon O'Riordan, formerly BC Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management Sandra Cooke, Canadian Water Network..."

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Increase Area Under Enhanced Stormwater Management

"...Stormwater management strategies include porous pavement, stream restorations, rainwater harvesting, green roofs, and rain gardens..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about water management relevant to the latest news.

Constructed wetland management in urban catchments for mitigating floods

"...The outcomes of this study will assist the hydrologists and administrators in urban stormwater management and planning to mitigate the impact of floods in urban watersheds..."

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Groundwater resource exploration & development – Focus on groundwater to support surface water supply in the lower Olifant

"...The 2016–2018 extreme drought experienced throughout the greater Lower Olifants River Water Management Area, was anticipated in prior years due to projected climate change patterns, and recently, the need for groundwater resource development called upon..."

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Optimizing urban stormwater control strategies and assessing aquifer recharge through drywells in an urban watershed

"...This study compares the current rates of urban runoff and groundwater recharge (baseline scenario) with new stormwater management strategies, which were designed based on several levels of funding..."

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Farmers? adaptation to climate-smart agriculture (CSA) in NW Turkey

"...The targets of this approach included sustainable increase in agricultural production, resistance and adaptation to climate change and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions..."

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Impact of grain virtual water flow on surface water and groundwater in China

"...The results of the study can aid in improving the sustainability of surface water and groundwater management in the grain production process via identifying dominant areas..."

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Groundwater hydrodynamics and sustainability of Addis Ababa city aquifer

"...Therefore, groundwater management should be practiced through reliable aquifer characterization, sustainable development, planning of conjunctive use of surface water and artificial recharge..."

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Assessing Available Water Content of Sandy Soils to Support Drought Monitoring and Agricultural Water Management

"...In recent past decades, water already has become a significant limiting factor for the natural environment and many agro-economic sectors in the southern Carpathian Basin..."

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Quantifying economic-social-environmental trade-offs and synergies of water-supply constraints: An application to the capital re

"...A total of 120 industrial transition scenarios including nine major industries with high water-intensities and water consumption under current development pathways were developed to facilitate the trade-off and synergy analysis between economic loss, social goals (here, the number of jobs) and environmental protection (with grey water footprint representing water pollution) triggered by water conservation measures..."

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Soil erosion and sediment transport modelling using hydrological models and remote sensing techniques in Wadi Billi, Egypt

"...The results are crucial to design a suitable stormwater management system to protect the downstream urban area and to use flood water for groundwater recharge..."

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