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Coverage of water quality since January 4, 2024.

In Hawaii, coral is the foundation of life. What happened to it after the Lahaina wildfire?

"...Scientists say there has never been another instance of a large urban fire burning next to a coral reef anywhere in the world and they are using the Maui wildfire as a chance to study how chemicals and metals from burned plastics, lead paint and lithium-ion batteries might affect delicate reef ecosystems..."


The water gets hotter and the frog just sits there

"...We already know that the climate threat will largely express itself through the hydrological cycle. Canada needs greater federal leadership on water because adapting to climate change requires national water solutions that bring together provincial, local and Indigenous jurisdictions. The proposed Canada Water Agency is a start but we need much more..."


Montana Supreme Court rules in favor of major copper mine

"...Opponents say the waste material will threaten water quality and trout populations in the Smith River. A separate challenge of the mine's water permit is pending..."


Ontario groups alarmed by changes to Endangered Species Act

"...Conservationists say the changes prioritize development interests over the protection of at-risk plant and animal species. A letter signed by 68 provincial conservation organizations outlining those concerns was sent last week to Andrea Khanjin, Ontario's minister of environment, conservation and parks. Canada's National Observer reached out to the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) for details about the proposed amendments but did not receive comments in time for publication..."


Manitoba Chiefs react to sewage leak in Red River

"...As for the Province, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Tracy Schmidt says her department has launched an investigation with the environmental compliance and enforcement branch and will continue to observe water quality to help assess the impacts of the spill..."


Crown Mountain Coking Coal Public Comment Period B.C. Wildlife Federation

"...“The mine footprint is on and directly adjacent to bighorn sheep, mountain goat, grizzly bear, wolverine, lynx, elk, moose and mule deer habitat. The loss of this habitat is irreplaceable through mitigation. The Elk Valley is already faced with a massive water quality/selenium crisis and this will undoubtedly add to that..."


Contamination from old Alberta coal mines raises cleanup questions

"...The findings, by provincial government scientists who were not made available to speak to reporters, raise questions about who is responsible for cleaning up legacy industrial sites. “Our results reveal novel evidence that coal mining activities in the Crowsnest River watershed have been impacting ecosystems downstream for decades,” says the paper, published recently in the journal Environmental Pollution. Its three authors, all employed by Alberta Environment and Protected Areas when the research was conducted, studied the Grassy Mountain and Tent Mountain sites in southwestern Alberta..."


Memphis utility lifts boil water advisory after 5 days CityNews Kitchener

"...Memphis Light, Gas and Water said water quality tests have met state and federal standards, and home and business customers no longer will be asked to boil water for three minutes before drinking it or using it to brush their teeth and prepare food..."


$73 million in funding for projects to improve water quality in Manitoba waterway

"...The feds have announced a hefty $650 million freshwater action plan, with a portion set to flow to Manitoba and northwestern Ontario waterways. Manitoba MP Terry Duguid, who also serves as special advisor for water, made the announcement Monday at the Manitoba Museum on behalf of Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault. The ten-year project is aimed at protecting and restoring water quality and ecosystem health in five major watersheds across Canada..."


Federal government invests $650M to restore Canada's watersheds

"...The federal government is investing $650 million over the next 10 years into the Freshwater Action Plan to protect and restore water quality and ecosystem health in Canadas major watersheds..."


Alberta facing water restrictions,

"...The reservoirs are extremely low in the mountains and the irrigation districts, soil moisture reserves are depleted in the agricultural regions and groundwater is starting to drop down. So we don't have any reserves to fall back on if this drought continues. Environment and Climate Change Canada said last year was a dry year for Alberta, noting some areas received less than 45 per cent of normal precipitation..."


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Jobs in water quality

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Water Treatment Operator - Level IV - District of Peachland (Peachland, BC)

"...Complete water quality testing to ensure processes and finished water is in compliance with local, provincial and federal regulations..."

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Water Treatment Plant Operator - City of Parksville (Parksville, BC)

"...Work involves performing operational and maintenance duties in order to maintain water quality that meets or exceeds all compliance criteria outlined in the City's Operating Permit and Provincial and/or Canadian Drinking Water Legislation and Guidelines. REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS:..."

related opportunities

Senior Water Treatment Plant Operator - City of Parksville (Parksville, BC)

"...Five (5) yearsâ experience in commissioning, operating and troubleshooting a membrane plant including maintenance and repairs on large mechanical equipment; demonstrated experience with computer controlled monitoring systems; and demonstrated supervisory experience. OR an equivalent combination of training and experience..."

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Water and Wastewater Engineer - Urban Systems (Calgary, AB)

"...Applying practical knowledge related to civil and process facility design principles to provide workable solutions to engineering problems on a small scale and large multi- disciplinary projects..."

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Recent episodes that mention water quality.

RealAg Radio, May 30: Green-on-green, fusarium risk status, and a cool spring

Duration: 54:55

"...Its time to talk agronomy on RealAg Radio! On todays show, youll hear: Peter Wheat School on a number of topics, including alfalfa weevil, fusarium risk status, and more; and Tom Wolf of AgriMetrix on spray water quality, and green-on-green sprayer technology..."


Wheat School: The importance of knowing water quality and how to troubleshoot it

Duration: 6:54

"...Water quality plays an important role in the availability of pesticides and other chemical products applied to crops year after year..."


Wheat Pete's Word, Jan 19: How soil carbon and flight are linked, wireworm whoopsies, changes, and water quality

Duration: 18:05

"...Its always amazing to see how much can transpire in just one week..."


RealAg Radio, June 7: Negative synergy, hot products, and soybeans on Agronomic Monday

Duration: 55:00

"...Welcome to another Agronomic Monday here on RealAg Radio..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about water quality.

Satellites as Storytellers | Davos 2024 | World Economic Forum

"...Whether it is predicting poverty rates, processing extreme weather forecasts, or monitoring water quality, Earth observation (EO) data is increasingly being used by societies to better understand their ecosystem and by industries to make data-driven decisions..."


What are cumulative effects?

"...Pollutants from urban runoff, like oil and gas, that might have spilled or dripped on the road..."


Our Strange Plan to Fully Rewild This River

"...With us, you will restore nature and fight climate change every month ..."


Mr. Jay Watson: Advancing Regenerative Agriculture/Soil Health at General Mills

"...This is a critical mission for General Mills as they work with partners to address challenges of topsoil loss, biodiversity loss, declining farm profitability, and increasing greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about water quality relevant to the latest news.

IoT in Stormwater Management

"...With increasing urbanization, climate change, and aging infrastructure, there is a dire need of an effective water management and wastewater management in smart cities..."


Environmental impacts of a sprawling rural city on drinking water supply and quality in view of population growth prognostics a

"...In recent years, the water supply has become problematic given the rapid population growth, lower annual precipitation rates due to climate change, and mismanagement of the water supply?demand strategy for near and future perspectives..."


Hydrological processes and water quality in arid regions of Central Asia: insights from stable isotopes and hydrochemistry of p

"...Thus, by collecting published hydrogen and oxygen isotopic data for precipitation, river water, and groundwater in Central Asia, a comprehensive stable isotopic and hydrochemical database was created for the first time to clarify the isotopic signatures of water from different sources and the evolution processes of river water and groundwater..."


Future Changes in Indicators of Climate Hazard and Resource in the UK

"...River floods become more frequent in the north and west of the UK, but low river flows and droughts also become more frequent, and water quality in upland water sources declines..."


Hydrochemical assessment of groundwater using multivariate statistical methods and water quality indices (WQIs)

"...Groundwater quality assessment is crucial for the sustainable management of water resources in arid regions, where groundwater is the primary source of water supply and increasing demand raises concerns..."


Constructed wetlands as nature based solutions ? hands-on activities to highlight their potential to minimize ocean pollution

"...This work presents an engaging hands-on activity designed to teach school students about nature based solutions (NBS) and their role in achieving high-quality water systems within a sustainable circular economy..."


Stormwater ponds serve as variable quality habitat for diverse taxa

"...Stormwater ponds are primarily designed for flood control and water quality protection, but they often serve as habitats of differing quality for a variety of organisms..."


Analysis of Factors Influencing Plant Diversity in Urban Wetlands Based on a Structural Equation Model

"...The implementation of ecologically sound wetland design methods can foster their biodiversity while augmenting overall ecosystem services..."


Evaluating groundwater quality and salinity dynamics in the Western-west area of El Minya Governorate, Egypt, based on geochemi

"...This research not only advances our understanding of water quality and salinity dynamics in the region but also underscores the imperative for implementing sustainable water resource management strategies..."


Response of stream water quality to the vegetation patterns on arid slope: a case study of Huangshui River basin

"...Those results revealed the response of stream water quality to vegetation patterns on the slope with the consideration of precipitation, land use, and socio-economic factors for the regional water and land resource allocation..."


Comparative analysis of DRASTIC and GOD model for groundwater vulnerability assessment

"...Climate change has made effective groundwater resource management a pressing concern, particularly in regions where water is in great demand for industrial and agricultural activity..."


Development of a macroinvertebrate-based biotic index to assess water quality of rivers in Niger State, North Central Ecoregion

"...The increasing pollution of lotic ecosystems in sub-Saharan Africa, particularly in Nigeria, poses a threat to water quality, public health and biodiversity..."