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Coverage of water quality assessment since August 4, 2020.

Shuswap Watershed Council releases 2022 water quality report

"...Provincial publications, including a recently published water quality assessment and objectives for Shuswap Lake and estimates of the economic impact of a zebra or quagga mussel infestation in B. C. , are also featured in the SWC report..."


Environmental antimicrobial resistance driven by poorly managed urban wastewater

"...Reducing the spread of AMR is a World Health Organization (WHO) top five priority, and guidance published by the WHO in 2020 provides a framework for countries to create their own national action plans that suit their own particular regional setting. The guidance included contributions from Professor David Graham, also from Newcastle University, and reflects growing evidence, including research by Professor Graham, which suggests that the spread of AMR will not be solved by prudent antibiotic use alone and that environmental factors may be of equal or greater importance. Professor Graham, who was also part of the team involved with this aquaculture study, said: "The only way we are going to win the fight against antibiotic resistance is to understand and act on all of the pathways that accelerate its spread..."


Cuts to environmental monitoring budget In Alberta's oilsands are viewed as reckless

"...The deal says no fieldwork will be done on the main branch of the Athabascan River, which means that there won’t be any funding towards monitoring downstream of the oilsands. There will also be no field studies on wetlands, fish or insects a project weighing the risks of tailings ponds has been stopped and water quality assessment in Wood Buffalo National Park is gone..."


Alberta, Ottawa sign deal that cuts major environmental monitoring of oilsands

"...A pilot project gauging the risks posed by tailings ponds has been dropped. Water quality assessment in Wood Buffalo National Park — part of a response to international concerns about environmental degradation at the UNESCO World Heritage Site — is gone. Under the deal, administrative costs have ballooned to more than $10 million from about $7 million last year..."


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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about water quality assessment relevant to the latest news.

Water quality assessment and pollution source apportionment using multivariate statistical and PMF receptor modeling techniques

"...Water quality assessment and quantitative identification of pollution sources are the primary prerequisites for improving water management and quality..."


Assessment of Water Quality of River Mutha for Onsite Treatment of Polluted River Water

"...Proper water quality assessment of such polluted rivers is the basic step before implementing any treatment system..."


Geochemical parameters and seawater quality assessments around Dar es Salaam harbour, Tanzania

"...Hierarchical cluster analysis (HCA) indicated that all geochemical parameters can be split into clusters based on bacteriological parameters while sampling stations can be split into clusters based on socio-economic activities including sewage and wastewater discharges..."


Stormwater Suspended Solids and Pollutant Concentrations in an Urban Stream

"...The relationships identified here enable the determination of stormwater pollutant loads from suspended solids concentrations for heavy metals and are useful for developing water quality assessments..."


Rainwater Harvesting for Potable Water Supply: Opportunities and Challenges

"...Rainwater harvesting systems are used worldwide for potable water supply, stormwater reduction, and groundwater recharge..."


Application of Geometric-Based SPR Sensors

"...These sensors find applications in diverse fields, including environmental monitoring, water quality assessment, ozone detection, and CO2 monitoring..."


Groundwater Quality Indexing Using Weight Overlay Analysis and GIS?A Case of Rel River Catchment

"...Ground water quality assessment is an important parameter for identification of water quality in watershed..."


Water Quality Assessment for Batu Pahat River Basin, Malaysia

"...In Malaysia, the sharp rise in the population and the expansion of urban developments across the country caused considerable pollution to the water bodies, especially to the rivers..."


Drinking water quality assessment based on statistical analysis and three water quality indices (MWQI, IWQI and EWQI): a case s

"...Numerous indicator models have been developed and utilized for the assessment of pollution levels in water resources..."


Water quality assessment of a river using deep learning Bi-LSTM methodology: forecasting and validation

"...Over the past few years, the water quality of rivers is adversely affected due to harmful wastes and pollutants..."