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Coverage of water supply since January 31, 2024.

Activists build treehouses to protest Tesla's plans to expand its plant near Berlin

"...BERLIN (AP) Environmental activists are staging a protest in a forest near Berlin against plans to expand the grounds of electric carmaker Tesla's first plant in Europe and are vowing to stay in place for weeks..."


More than $51M invested in water, wastewater infrastructure improvements across Sask.

"...The Village of Craven is one of the communities that will receive funding for its water treatment facility, where two new water supply wells will be installed and two filters will be integrated into the existing facility. “This grant will play a pivotal role in enhancing our infrastructure in an affordable manner for our residents and ensuring that we are compliant with the Water Security Agency's quality standard on a go-forward basis,” Craven Mayor Dayna Anderson stated in a release..."


Mi'kmaw chiefs concerned about Lake Pisiquid emergency order, impact on fish passage

"...Fisheries and Oceans Canada told Global News that the federal department has been “communicating with the Province to better understand the provincial State of Emergency, clarify fish passage requirements under the Fisheries Act, and discuss potential alternatives that can support fish passage and water supply needs. ”Story continues below advertisement..."


After a warm winter, Canada may see more drought, wildfires in the spring

"...In Saskatchewan, their main water supply from Regina's Lake Diefenbaker is metres below average already for this time of year. In other places in Canada the groundwater is depleted, which means people have to pump water from farther down. Richardson said while many in Canadas biggest cities may not notice the drought right away with tap water still flowing, they might see some other effects..."


Firefighters needed so much water that a Minnesota town's people were asked to go without

"...HAWLEY, Minn. (AP) Firefighters needed so much water to battle a huge grain elevator blaze that they had to ask the whole town to go without even canceling school to conserve the water supply, officials said..."


Most of Sask. could have 'well-below normal' spring runoff conditions

"...Below-average snowfall and generally dry conditions last fall currently have the Water Security Agency (WSA) forecasting well-below normal runoff conditions for most of Saskatchewan this spring..."


Rejected: greenest mine of its kind wont be built in Manitoba The Narwhal

"...The Manitoba government has decided the environmental risks of Sio Silica's proposed silica sand mine touted by its proponent as crucial to renewable energy projects outweigh its economic potential..."


North Dakota takes federal government to trial over costs to police Dakota Access Pipeline protests

"...Thousands of people camped and demonstrated near the oil pipelines controversial Missouri River crossing upstream from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribes reservation. The tribe has long opposed the pipeline due to the threat of an oil spill polluting the tribes water supply..."


BC Hydro prepares for drop in water supply at biggest reservoirs

"...But the lack of new generating capacityhas also raised concerns among some experts. A 2022 study from researchers at the University of British Columbia warned that the province'sreservoirswon't be able tokeep upwith population growthandthe added load of a full-scale societal switch to electric vehicles and heating..."


'Very low' B.C. snowpack raises drought concerns

"...From a drought perspective, from a wildfire perspective, its certainly not good news..."


A look at atmospheric rivers, the long bands of water vapor that form over oceans and fuel storms

"...While traditional cold winter storms out of the north Pacific build the Sierra snowpack, atmospheric rivers tend to be warm. Snow may still fall at the highest elevations but rain usually falls on the snowpack at lower elevations. That can quickly prompt melting, runoff and flooding and decrease the snowpack needed for California's water supply..."


Drought-weary Alberta opens water-sharing talks with large users

"...There are currently 51 water shortage advisories in the province. River basins from north to south face critical water shortages from low precipitation. The Oldman River in the south is down to about a third of its normal flow..."


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Jobs in water supply

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Water Supply Operator II - City of Kelowna (Kelowna, BC)

"...   The ideal candidate will bring their hands-on knowledge of computer systems such as SCADA, MMS and Operational Data bases to compile and analyze various systems and equipment reports and documentation.  Candidates will require:..."

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Waterworks Operator (Level I or II) - Comox Valley Regional District (Courtenay, BC)

"...We appreciate all applications; however, only short-listed candidates will be contacted. The CVRD acknowledges the unceded, traditional territory of the Kâómoks First Nation on which we live, work and play..."

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Demand Side Management Coordinator - Regional District of North Okanagan (Coldstream, BC)

"...You have excellent computer, data analysis and forecasting skills supported by demonstrated abilities in demand side management best practices and strategies..."

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Water Supply Operator II - City of Kelowna (Kelowna, BC)

"...The ideal candidate will bring their hands-on knowledge of computer systems such as SCADA, MMS and Operational Data bases to compile and analyze various systems and equipment reports and documentation.  Candidates will require:..."

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Recent episodes that mention water supply.

RealAg Radio: Intercropping equipment, hiring in agriculture, and water supply trouble, Sept 19, 2023

Duration: 54:30

"...Thanks for tuning in to Tuesdays with Lyndsey on RealAg Radio..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about water supply.

World Food Day 2023 puts emphasis on water

"...Efforts to ensure food security across the globe starts by securing the world's water supply..."


10. Safe Drinking Water: Science and Law

"...Aging water infrastructure, pesticide and herbicide application, and surface water runoff all pose challenges in maintaining a clean drinking water supply..."


Learn to use Rivers.Alberta

"...The Alberta River Basins webpage at Rivers. Alberta. ca is your source of find information on stream flows, precipitation, snow pack data and flooding advisories..."


Our drinking water - Is the world drying up? | DW Documentary

"...Only 0. 3 percent of the Earth's total water supply is suitable for human consumption..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about water supply relevant to the latest news.

Aquifer depletion exacerbates agricultural drought losses in the US High Plains

"...Aquifer depletion poses a major threat to the ability of farmers, food supply chains and rural economies globally to use groundwater as a means of adapting to climate variability and change..."


Environmental impacts of a sprawling rural city on drinking water supply and quality in view of population growth prognostics a

"...In recent years, the water supply has become problematic given the rapid population growth, lower annual precipitation rates due to climate change, and mismanagement of the water supply?demand strategy for near and future perspectives..."


Challenges and countermeasures of urban water systems against climate change: a perspective from China

"...The positive mitigation strategy is to employ the systematic concept in planning and design and to adopt advanced applicable energy-saving technologies, processes, and management practices, aiming at reduction in flux of urban water systems, reinforcement in energy conservation and carbon reduction in both water supply systems and wastewater treatment systems, and thus a reduction of greenhouse gas emission from urban water systems..."


Simulation of the dynamics of water resources in the Hirmand watershed under economic and environmental scenarios

"...The results show that scenarios like increasing irrigation efficiency, reducing evaporation loss, reducing cultivation area, adopting an optimal cropping pattern, and Afghanistan?s adherence to Iran?s water rights increase water resources and reduce water shortage..."


Groundwater vulnerability mapping of hyper-humid urban aquifers for an improved water management in African megacities, opportu

"...The paper ends with clear recommendations to align land uses, landscape and groundwater protection in order to improve the quality of the drinking water supply for urban populations..."


Characterization and Propagation of Historical and Projected Droughts in the Umatilla River Basin, Oregon, USA

"...Climate change is expected to have long-term impacts on drought and wildfire risks in Oregon as summers continue to become warmer and drier..."


A Generalized Accelerated Failure Time Model to Predict Restoration Time from Power Outages

"...Major disasters such as wildfire, tornado, hurricane, tropical storm, and flooding cause disruptions in infrastructure systems such as power and water supply, wastewater management, telecommunication, and transportation facilities..."


Issues and Challenges of Small-Town Water Supply and Distribution: A Case Study of Leh Town in UT Ladakh

"...The annual tourist arrivals have ever increased in Leh town without appropriate and necessary urban infrastructure evolving such as water supply and sewage system..."


Inland Surface Waters Quantity Monitored from Remote Sensing

"...Most of the world's water demand relies on continental surface waters (rivers, lakes, wetlands and artificial reservoirs) while less on underground aquifers and seawater desalination..."


Assessing the change of water quality and quantity in the upper basin of Thac Ba reservoir under the impacts of future land-use

"...The Thac Ba reservoir watershed was chosen for examination because it is vital for agriculture, hydropower generation, and household water supply to communities living in the watershed?s proximity and downstream..."