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Water Supply

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News and Opinion

Coverage of water supply since April 6, 2021.

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: B.C. hasn't managed forests properly

"...Old-growth forests are worth more standing than when they are logged. While they have an immediate economic impact in terms of tourism, they are even more important in terms of the environment: protecting side-hills from erosion, providing habitat for other forms of life and helping to ensure a safe water supply. Old-growth forests are part of the heritage that has been passed on to us and that we must pass on to future generations..."

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Ducks Unlimited gives update on Upper Cache wetlands restoration plan

"...“The water is already there in most years, it just leaves as the summer progresses,” he added. “So the proposed project would retain that seasonal water which would otherwise pass through the farm and eventually drain down into the Peace. ”Harrison said the wetlands would improve habitat for amphibians and breeding birds, and provide a more secure water supply for cows that use the land for grazing..."

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Campbell River watershed third lowest of BC Hydro's hydroelectric watersheds in the province

"...The water supply forecast for the Campbell River watershed is the third lowest – the Puntledge River and Ash River watersheds on Vancouver Island are tied for the lowest at 82 per cent of normal – of BC Hydro’s hydroelectric watersheds across the province. A unique weather situation to the mid-Vancouver Island area..."

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Drought-induced mortality of conifers

"...The extreme summer drought of 2018 was a special situation for both nature and scientists. It was very hard on the forest. At the same time, it offered researchers from the Universities of Basel (Switzerland) and Würzburg (Germany) the opportunity to study the reaction of trees to this climatic phenomenon..."

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Halifax cancer researcher studies effects of radon gas and arsenic exposure

"...Recent studies have indicated that exposure to dangerous amounts of arsenic and radon contributes to 3,500 cases of lung cancer in Canada per year. Dellaire says he hopes his study will help elevate the public's knowledge of the potential dangers. “This is completely addressable,” Dellaire said..."

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Almond production remains stable in the long term, despite deficit irrigation

"...Over the last decade, however, the nut's surging prices havegiven rise to intensive almond tree plantations characterised bya high density of trees per hectare and the employment offertilisation and irrigation, yielding endless rows of white when the trees are in bloom. Knowing what the future of these plantations will be like in a country where the availability of water for irrigation is limited is one of the main tasks tackled by agronomic research. The recent establishment of this type of plantation makes it difficult to conduct long-term studies on them..."

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Research reveals household water consumption changes during lockdown

"...Halidu Abu-Bakar, PhD researcher in the Cranfield Centre for Competitive Creative Design, Cranfield University, said: "The COVID-19 lockdown has instigated significant changes in household behaviour across a variety of categories including water consumption, which in the south and east regions of England is at an all-time high. The impact of the extended time people stayed at home under the lockdown and the ensuing changes in behaviour arising from this led to an increase in household water demand, exacerbating existing pressure on network water supply..."

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Road salts and other human sources are threatening world's freshwater supplies

"...Previous studies by Kaushal and his team showed that added salts in the environment can interact with soils and infrastructure to release a cocktail of metals, dissolved solids and radioactive particles. Kaushal and his team named these cascading effects of introduced salts Freshwater Salinization Syndrome, and it can poison drinking water and cause negative effects on human health, agriculture, infrastructure, wildlife and the stability of ecosystems..."

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Province to finish funding for Oliver irrigation system repairs

"...“The canal pipeline has served a critical role in delivering irrigation water to over 5,000 acres of farmland in Oliver, surrounding Area C (rural Oliver), and the Osoyoos Indian Band lands for 100 years. The 2016 rockfall significantly threatened this crucial irrigation water supply,” said Oliver mayor Martin Johansen. “The $11-million rerouting project is currently underway along Gallagher Lake and this $5-million provincial contribution towards this project is gratefully received by many small and large farms, orchards, wineries and businesses in the agricultural sector..."

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Resilience against replay attacks in computer systems

"...From power grids and telecommunications to water supply and financial systems, digital data controls the infrastructure systems on which society relies. These complex, multi-tier systems depend on layered communications to accomplish their tasks - yet every point of contact becomes a potential target, every path of information a potential weak spot for malicious actors to attack..."

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Brazil at high risk of dengue outbreaks after droughts because of temporary water storage

"...Increasing levels of severe droughts and flooding episodes due to climate change has led to interruptions in water supply networks in Brazil. The improvised water storage containers used to combat this have become breeding grounds for mosquitoes..."

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Crack at Summerland dam will not affect water supply

"...Irrigation supply not expected to suffer as crews examine horizontal crack John ArendtApr. 6, 2021 2:56 p. m..."

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Jobs in water supply

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Water Supply Technician I, II or III - District of Summerland (Summerland, BC)

"...Our beautiful beaches, mountains and vineyards and our warm community spirit, help make Summerland a very desirable place to live and work..."

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Water Treatment Plant Operator III - City of Penticton (Penticton, BC)

"...Compiles data, prepares electronic reports, and completes logs detailing plant operation, ensuring accurate completion of operational, maintenance, lab, and other records necessary to ensure all approval and minimum plant process requirements are met..."

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Water Supply & Treatment Operator II - Regional District of North Okanagan (Coldstream, BC)

"...With its diverse landscapes and extraordinary recreational opportunities, our residents enjoy a comfortable balance of work-life activities..."

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Senior Project Engineer (Environmental Policy Engineer) - Metro Vancouver (Burnaby, BC)

"...Inter-departmental communication and coordination will be required, therefore, strong interpersonal skills and the ability to build and maintain respectful working relationships with internal and external contacts under circumstances that are considered complex and time-sensitive is essential..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about water supply.

Migration, vulnerable environments and vulnerable societies: connecting the dots

"...There is a clear connection between water scarcity, food insecurity and social instability, which in turn can trigger and intensify migration patterns throughout the world..."

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10. Safe Drinking Water: Science and Law

"...Aging water infrastructure, pesticide and herbicide application, and surface water runoff all pose challenges in maintaining a clean drinking water supply..."

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The Future of Water || Discuss the Future with Gavin van Tonder

"...In place of this extraction process, NEOM will produce water using entirely renewable energy via a solar-powered desalination process with zero liquid discharge..."

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Recharge Net Metering

"...Recharge Net Metering (ReNeM) is a novel incentive program that encourages individual efforts to use excess surface water to improve groundwater supply and quality..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about water supply relevant to the latest news.

Integrated valuation of semiarid Mediterranean agroecosystem services and disservices

"...The water supply for irrigation switches between AES and AEDS depending on its provision level, while groundwater pollution is conceived as one of the AEDS..."

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Assessing local impacts of water use on human health: evaluation of water footprint models in the Province Punjab, Pakistan

"...Results and discussion The cause-effect chains for the agricultural water deprivation include malnutrition due to reduced food availability and income loss as well as diseases resulting from the use of wastewater for irrigation, out of which only the first one is addressed by existing WF models..."

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Climate, drought and hydrology drive narrow-leaved ash growth dynamics in southern European riparian forests

"...These ecosystems are exposed to land-use changes threatening their reduced habitat and by global warming, which is already triggering aridification processes..."

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A Journey of Laser-Induced Graphene in Water Treatment

"...The demand for clean water is increasing due to the increasing population, water pollution, economic development, and climate change..."

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Quantifying economic-social-environmental trade-offs and synergies of water-supply constraints: An application to the capital re

"...A total of 120 industrial transition scenarios including nine major industries with high water-intensities and water consumption under current development pathways were developed to facilitate the trade-off and synergy analysis between economic loss, social goals (here, the number of jobs) and environmental protection (with grey water footprint representing water pollution) triggered by water conservation measures..."

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Groundwater resource exploration & development – Focus on groundwater to support surface water supply in the lower Olifant

"...The 2016–2018 extreme drought experienced throughout the greater Lower Olifants River Water Management Area, was anticipated in prior years due to projected climate change patterns, and recently, the need for groundwater resource development called upon..."

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Presence of microplastics in drinking water from freshwater sources: the investigation in Changsha, China

"...We investigated the abundance of microplastics in freshwater, treated water, and household tap water from the drinking water supply chain in Changsha, China..."

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Deficit irrigation strategies for subtropical mango farming. A review

"...) is broadly grown in tropical regions and can also be cultivated in irrigated subtropical semi-arid areas; however, water shortages are a serious problem in the latter region..."

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Hydrochemistry and quality assessment of qanat water compared to wells using laboratory studies and literature review (case stu

"...The results of soil samples showed that the lime percentage in qanat water-irrigated soil sample was higher than well water-irrigated soils, whereas there were no significant differences in other quality indexes between the irrigation with qanat and the deep well water..."

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Optimization of environmental impacts of construction projects: a time?cost?quality trade-off approach

"...The construction industry and the implementation of civil projects are considered to be one of the causes of environmental pollution..."

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Evolutionary overview of water resource management (1990–2019) based on a bibliometric analysis in Web of Science

"...The water resource management research themes have mainly focused on water supply, ecosystem services, policies, and simulations..."

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