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Coverage of water tables since March 17, 2023.

Parks Canada more than halfway through creating wildfire safety barrier

"...There's a big logging operation underway just west of Lake Louise..."


What Is Peat Subsidence and How Can Countries Prevent this Environmental Disaster?

"...Firefighters work to extinguish a peatland fire in Riau, Indonesia. Beyond the obvious destruction, peatland fires also trigger peat subsidence. Photo byFaiz Zulfikar/Getty Images/iStock..."


Conservationists appeal gravel mine approval near Big Hill Springs outside Calgary

"...Some 250,000 visitors every year are drawn by the park's forested hikes, waterfalls and even a fish hatchery. What's more, it supplies clean freshwater to Big Hill Creek and the Bow River. “The Big Hill Springs is a cold-water mineral spring that runs year-round that provides a steady temperature and freshwater which is important aquatic habitat,” said Kennedy Halvorson, a conservation specialist with the Alberta Wilderness Association..."


Dress code for a happier planet

"...In 2021, I wanted a dress for a special occasion but disliked the idea of supporting fast fashion or paying hundreds of dollars for an outfit I knew I would wear only once. I realized there was a need for a peer-to-peer clothing rental company in Canada, like Airbnb but for clothes. After a year or so of research, I launched “rax” in December 2022..."


Busted beaver dam causes flash flood, property damage near Calabogie, Ont.

"...He tells CTV News he is not eligible for flood insurance due to the high water table living along the Madawaska River..."


With flooding possible, City of Chilliwack asks residents to have an emergency plan

"...Some low-lying areas may experience water entering basements due to rising groundwater table levels. For people in those areas, a sump pump is recommended along with moving items off the basement floor..."


Mandatory evacuation for Buffalo Narrows, Sask. goes out overnight

"...The community had an extended loss of power and had poor air quality due to wildfire smoke. Buses and vehicles were escorted out of the community overnight with the help of the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency due to roads being closed because of the wildfires, and more bus escorts are expected throughout the day. Hotel arrangements were made in Regina, according to a post by Buffalo Narrows Mayor Sandy Ericson..."


Constance Bay residents could be dealing with floodwaters for weeks

"...Tremblay lives streets away from the Ottawa River. She's experienced flooding before in 2017 and 2019. This spring, she built a berm in her basement to protect her furnace and hot water tank from flood damage..."


Ice breakup presents flooding risk near Dawson

"...Although the snow pack set to melt this spring pales in comparison to last year’s record or near-record levels observed across much of the territory, the April 1 snow survey suggests that the high groundwater tables left behind combined with this winter’s snowpack will have an impact on runoff territory-wide. The snow survey suggests runoff flowing through creeks and streams draining into the Yukon River and its tributaries will be slightly above average..."


Floodwaters receding in Kemptville, Ont. as basement tear-outs begin

"..."This is a low lying region with a high water table, so it's going to happen and I think the best way forward is to be prepared. "..."


Logging and forest loss may have awakened ancient B.C. landslides

"...A B. C. government web page attributes the "unprecedented slides and road washouts" in the Cariboo to wildfires and weather patterns linked to climate change, saying the historic slides were "reawakened" and "reactivated..."


As Thames Pool faces permanent closure another London, Ont. pool also at flood risk

"...An online campaign to save Thames Pool from permanent closure is gaining momentum, however, CTV News London has learned that another public pool near the river faces similar risks from fluctuating water levels. On Wednesday, city staff released a report recommending that Thames Pool on Ridout Street be decommissioned because of the annual cost to repair damage caused by flooding and a high water table. Coun..."


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Recent episodes that mention water tables.

The science of water

Duration: 45:18

"...Kate Zeigler is a geologist/hydrologist who works with farmers and ranchers in New Mexico and Colorado to provide scientific data about their wells and water tables. ..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about water tables.

Portugal's avocados: Green gold or ecological nightmare? | DW Documentary

"...Three deep wells have already been sunk - even though, as Matthew points out, locals are strictly forbidden from drilling new wells after many years of low rainfall and forest fires..."


Before & After Scans after 5 years.

"...Taken from one of the high points of the Al Baydha Project's demonstration site, this shows the growth of the project's agroforestry system..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about water tables relevant to the latest news.

Effects of Climate Change on Geotechnical Infrastructures ? state of the art

"...Some of the issues related to climate change on soils include increase in infiltration rate, high pore-water pressure, decrease in effective stress, soil liquefaction, seepage failures, frost heaving, changes in soil suction potential, swelling and shrinkage in fine-grained soils, differential settlement, and damage to vegetation cover and thereby causing slope failures, waterlogged conditions, floods, soil erosion and/or internal erosion of fines, damage to landfill liners and soil covers, desertification, desiccation cracks on the ground surface, and groundwater table pollution due to contaminant migration..."


Investigation of aquifer vulnerability and sensitivity analysis of modified drastic and sintacs models: a case study of Ovogovo

"...Statistical summary of DRASTICLu and SINTACSLu models identified high risk of aquifer contamination to originate from recharge and soil media, with a very low risk of contamination, emanating from nature of vadose zone, aquifer nature, topography and land use..."


Comparative analysis of DRASTIC and GOD model for groundwater vulnerability assessment

"...Climate change has made effective groundwater resource management a pressing concern, particularly in regions where water is in great demand for industrial and agricultural activity..."


Resetting the baseline: using machine learning to find lost meadows

"...This ?found? area greatly increased the potential area that could be subject to meadow restoration with benefits for biodiversity, wildfire management, carbon sequestration, and water storage..."


Evaluation of factors causing lateral migration of light non-aqueous phase liquids (LNAPLs) in onshore oil spill accidents

"...Contamination of groundwater by harmful substances poses significant risks to both drinking water sources and aquatic ecosystems, making it a critical environmental concern..."


Groundwater Exploitation and Illegal Behaviors in a Differential Game

"...This paper studies groundwater management through a leader?follower differential game between a water agency and farmers..."


High and diverse plastic responses to water availability in four desert woody species of South America

"...This would allow them to use increased rainfall predicted by climate change, but might challenge the drought resistance of irrigated nursery-produced plants for revegetation..."


Controlled drainage in the Nile River delta of Egypt: A promising approach for decreasing drainage off-site effects and enhanci

"...Site-specific soil salinity management practices will be required to avoid soil salinization due to the adoption of long-term shallow groundwater in Egypt and other similar agroecosystems..."


The role of microhabitat for bryophyte establishment in reclamation of boreal wetlands

"...However, in subsequent years increasing water tables with expanding Typha-dominating areas, high sedge productivity along with increasing vascular plant cover, and increasing sodicity have reduced the microhabitats available for bryophytes, with the result being a much-diminished set of peatland bryophyte species..."