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Water Tanks

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News and Opinion

Coverage of water tanks since August 14, 2021.

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Repairs set to start on Martin Exeter Hall

"...The 2020 flood marks the second time in recent years the building has been damaged by water. In 2017, a hot water tank leak that occurred during the wildfires caused $125,000 worth of repairs..."

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What’s the suspected culprit of Iqaluit’s water issues? | APTN News

"...The suspected culprit? A fuel tank that was buried next to one of the city's main water tanks..."

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‘We are right on the edge': Crews working to restore natural gas in Princeton

"...The town's sewer system is still a concern. However, over the last 24 hours, the situation has improved a little. “The sewer system is running; we have had a bit of a reprieve..."

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Mobile H2O generator pulls drinking water from air for off-grid nomads

"...Watergen has made a clear move in that direction with the new mobility lineup it showcased earlier this week at Israel's Smart Mobility Initiative. The most versatile member of the Watergen mobility family is the simply named Mobile Box. It looks something like a traditional portable generator, only instead of burning fuel to create electricity, it uses electricity to pull water from the air around it..."

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Iqaluit staff recommend full rebate for water customers due to emergency

"...Iqaluit's 8,000 residents haven't been able to consume tainted tap water for nearly two weeks after fuel was found in samples, and Bell has said the military is bringing in a mobile treatment plant similar to those used in disaster areas such as Haiti..."

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Canada approves Nunavut's request for military help with Iqaluit's water emergency

"...Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a tweet that the government will deploy the military to Iqaluit to co-ordinate and deliver clean drinking water..."

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Supertramp camper lets F-150 drivers burrow off grid in style

"...Supertramp includes a full electrical system in its standard features package, pairing a 100-Ah 12-V lithium battery with two 100-W solar panels, a shore power hookup, a DC-DC battery charger and a SmartShunt Bluetooth monitoring system. An extra 100-Ah battery and 100-W solar panel are available optionally, as is a 1,500-W inverter. In addition to the under-bench storage, Supertramp includes a large clothes storage compartment below the bed, kitchen cabinets and a 4-foot-long (1..."

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Fire discovered today near Apex Mountain takes off

"...BC Wildfire actions blaze with helicopters, water tankers and boots on the ground Andrea DeMeerSep. 3, 2021 3:00 p. m..."

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Timber tiny house designed for life on the road and off-the-grid

"...Portuguese woodworking studio Madeiguincho has some motorhome and camping enthusiasts in its ranks and was recently inspired to turn its hand to tiny house design. The latest result is the Ursa, which has a compact space-saving interior and runs off-the-grid with the help of solar panels and a rainwater capture system. The Ursa measures 7 m (23 ft) long and has a width of 2..."

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Letter: Gardening project a huge success in Red Deer

"...We would like to pass on our appreciation to the Bower Place Community Association for providing and organizing the garden plots this year. Also thanks to Enviro Containers & Recycling Solutions from Innisfail for providing the water tank and the City of Red Deer for continuously keeping the tank filled with water. It was a great summer to be out gardening and we consider the project a real success..."

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Local Sends Thanks to Community Fire Response

"...When Robert Perron's combine hit a rock, the spark started a blaze in the drought scorched field that could have easily spread had it not been for some quick community intervention..."

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Building green: Why the wait?

"...The enabling legislation to make such a move possible is in place. The Local Government Act (sec. 488) allows municipal councils to designate development permit areas in the OCP for the “establishment of objectives to promote energy conservation” and the “establishment of objectives to promote the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about water tanks.

Cork-clad home uses thermal wall & circular vents as free A/C

"...When Nancy and her husband found a lot at the edge of Catalonia’s Garraf forest, they wanted a home that would fit the environment so they wrapped their home in cork insulation and installed a “natural” swimming pool that uses wetlands instead of chlorine..."

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05. Earth Systems Analysis (Tank Experiment)

"...The greenhouse effect in the atmosphere is a mechanism for increasing the heat input from the sun in the overall heat budget of the Earth system. ..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about water tanks relevant to the latest news.

Water resource management in the context of a non-potable water reuse case study in arid climate

"...This study evaluates an existing non-potable water system serving outdoor services for a medical facility case study (MFCS) in Abu Dhabi (AD), United Arab Emirates, using mixed methods research to identify water demand and availability of non-potable water, and to optimize water reuse for reducing waste, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG)..."

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Intelligent Roof-Top Greenhouse Buildings

"...) IRTGs are harvesting the available renewable energy resources (geo-thermal, solar, wind, etc..."

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Integration of a semisubmersible floating wind turbine and wave energy converters: an experimental study on motion reduction

"...The integration of wave energy converters and a floating wind turbine has the potential to reduce the cost of energy, since they can share the mooring system and the infrastructure of the power grid..."

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Solar-powered desalination, a novel solar still directly connected to solar parabolic trough

"...This study showed feasible and viable results and verifies the importance of technologies that rely on renewable resources to achieve secure and sustainable management of the world’s water and energy needs..."

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Large-break LOCA analysis of CSR1000

"...The high feed water tank (HFT) provides enough coolant supply to give the low pressure injection system (LPSI) more response time..."

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The effect of phase change material balls on the thermal characteristics in hot water tanks: CFD research

"...Hot water storage tank is the crucial element in solar energy utilization systems..."

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Performance of heat pump water heater (HPWH) with and without liquid-separation: Detailed experimental comparisons

"...Serials of experiments are conducted based on the standard procedure and time-divided testing to reveal the system performance and behaviors of condenser coil and water tank..."

related research

Research on an improved bath cooling and lubrication method for diamond wire sawing

"...The silicon slicing efficiency and quality of silicon wafer seriously affect the cost of solar power generation and the development of photovoltaic energy industry..."

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Assessment of water and sanitation systems at Palestinian healthcare facilities: pre- and post-COVID-19

"...Once these cesspits are filled off, wastewater is randomly disposed into nearby valleys causing adverse environmental impacts on air, water, and land resources..."

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Reduction in on-off operations of an air source heat pump with active thermal storage and demand response: An experimental case

"...As an active energy storage device, the energy storage water tank can provide a stable shedding peak load of the power grid when participating in demand response (DR)..."

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