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Water Treatment

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News and Opinion

Coverage of water treatment since April 11, 2021.

Experts identify rise of COVID-19 in Calgary wastewater

"...“What we’re seeing across the board over time is increased levels of SARS CO-V-2 in our wastewater, in particular in wastewater treatment plants where we present our data in near real-time through the cummings school of medicine COVID tracker. ”..."

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Funding awarded for Okanagan Falls wastewater plant

"...Each week, between four and six truckloads of sludge are removed from the Okanagan Falls site and are hauled to the Penticton Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant..."

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Maple Creek Mayor Gives Update on COVID Closures

"...The Director of Operations will be working from home, the Chief Administrative Officer and the Chief Executive Officer will begin rotating shifts from home to the office, and the Water Treatment Plant operators will begin rotating shifts at the Plant..."

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Process simultaneously removes toxic metals and salt to produce clean water

"..."Desalination or water treatment plants typically require a long series of high-cost, pre- and post-treatment systems that all the water has to go through, one by one," said Adam Uliana, a UC Berkeley graduate student who is first author of a paper describing the technology. "But here, we have the ability to do several of these steps all in one, which is a more efficient process. Basically, you could implement it in existing setups..."

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3D-printed graphene aerogel makes efficient, scalable water filter

"...Nanosheets of graphene have shown promise in water filtration in the past, but these are harder to produce at large scales. The team says that making graphene aerogels through this new technique makes them easier to scale up. They’re also reusable and apparently don’t leave residue in the water coming out the other side..."

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Alberta COVID-19 wastewater surveillance study wrapping up next month

"...A study of the presence of COVID-19 in Alberta’s wastewater will soon be coming to an end. Since last year, researchers from Alberta Health Services and Alberta Precision Laboratories have been studying samples taken from wastewater treatment plants around the province for the presence of COVID-19. READ MORE: COVID-19 wastewater surveillance pilot program may involve EdmontonDr..."

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Snow Helping Water Levels For Weyburn

"...One of those is Shabbir Sakrani, the superintendent of the Water Treatment Plant in Weyburn. He said the snow, which will lead to runoff that ends up in Nickle Lake, will have a number of benefits for the community when it comes to water.  The apparent one which most people will see right away is the increase of levels at Nickle Lake..."

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Bob Castle's Under The Glacier cartoon for April 14, 2021

"...Bob Castle’s Under The Glacier cartoon for April 14, 2021..."

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Finally, 3D-printed graphene aerogels for water treatment

"..."The goal is to safely remove contaminants from water without releasing any problematic chemical residue," says study co-author Nirupam Aich, PhD, assistant professor of environmental engineering at the UB School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. "The aerogels we've created hold their structure when put in water treatment systems, and they can be applied in diverse water treatment applications. " The study -- "3D printed graphene-biopolymer aerogels for water contaminant removal: a proof of concept" -- was published in the Emerging Investigator Series of the journal Environmental Science: Nano..."

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Council Votes On RFPs, Reinforces Recommendation of Administration

"...In the report presented to the councillors by the Water Treatment Plant, it was noted all tests and samples met the standards imposed by Saskatchewan Environment. It was also noted Nickle Lake gained less than two centimetres of depth and is 91. 1 centimetres from full level..."

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Council Meeting Set for Monday Evening

"...There will be a number of regular reports which will be before the council. These include reports from the water treatment plant, the public works department and the building department. There will also be a report to the council from the Police Commission..."

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Researchers looking for clues to the COVID-19 pandemic in city sewers

"...When Ottawa Public Health officials are trying to decide whether restrictions in the city need to tighten up, they look to the normal markers like positive tests, patients in hospital, and outbreaks. But they are also among the few in the country that take cues from the city's sewers. Using municipal wastewater to look for evidence of the virus behind COVID-19 is part of a rapidly expanding body of science..."

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Jobs in water treatment

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Water Supply Technician I, II or III - District of Summerland (Summerland, BC)

"...Our beautiful beaches, mountains and vineyards and our warm community spirit, help make Summerland a very desirable place to live and work..."

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Wastewater Coordinator - Sunshine Coast Regional District (Sechelt, BC)

"...Under the general direction of the Utility Operations Superintendent or designate, the Wastewater Coordinator coordinates and performs routine operations, maintenance and monitoring tasks required at the SCRD Class II and III wastewater treatment facilities and Class I wastewater collection systems to meet the expectations of internal and external customers, and in accordance with all appropriate regulatory requirements..."

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Field Service Representative - Water Treatment Systems (Pickering, ON) - SUEZ - Pickering, ON

"...SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions is seeking thoughtful, dedicated professionals to join our 10,000-person team as we deliver leading water treatment solutions for clients across municipal and industrial markets, in locations on six continents..."

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Recent episodes that mention water treatment.

Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about water treatment.

How does Wastewater Treatment Work?

"...Take a closer look at how wastewater treatment plants work and how your waste gets turned back into clean water that you can drink..."

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The Future of Water || Discuss the Future with Gavin van Tonder

"...In place of this extraction process, NEOM will produce water using entirely renewable energy via a solar-powered desalination process with zero liquid discharge..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about water treatment relevant to the latest news.

Comparing ecotoxicological and physicochemical indicators of municipal wastewater effluent and river water quality in a Baltic S

"...In the period between June 2017 and July 2018, six sets of treated wastewater samples were taken from 17 municipal wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) of different sizes (small: < 2,000 people equivalent - p..."

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Recent trends and developments in Fenton processes for industrial wastewater treatment – A critical review

"...This study reviews the recent developments in the application of Fenton processes in real industrial wastewater treatment, focusing on heterogeneous catalysts and catalyst regeneration/reuse..."

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Retrospective non-target analysis to support regulatory water monitoring: from masses of interest to recommendations via in sil

"...Samples from 22 wastewater treatment plants obtained in 2018 and measured using liquid chromatography?high resolution mass spectrometry were retrospectively analysed by (i) performing peak-picking to identify masses of interest; (ii) prescreening and quality-controlling spectra, and (iii) tentatively identifying priority ?known unknown? pollutants by leveraging environmentally relevant chemical information provided by Swiss, Swedish, EU-wide, and American regulators..."

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Phosphate removal using thermally regenerated Al adsorbent from drinking water treatment sludge

"...Alum sludge (AS) is an abundant and ubiquitous residue generated from drinking water treatment plants..."

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Composite polydopamine-based TiO 2 coated mesh with restorable superhydrophobic surfaces for wastewater treatment

"...Various pollutants in wastewater including water-insoluble oils and water-soluble toxic organic pollutants, have been threatening ecosystems and human health, making wastewater purification difficult..."

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Antibiotic resistance in wastewater treatment plants: understanding the problem and future perspectives

"...The Urban Wastewater Treatment Plants (UWWTP) bring together AR, ARB, ARG, making the understanding of this peculiar environment fundamental for the investigation of technologies aimed at combating the spread of bacterial resistance..."

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Enhancement of simultaneous nitrogen and phosphorus removal using intermittent aeration mechanism

"...Successful intermittently aerated process with high capability of simple implementation to conventional systems by elemental retrofitting, is applicable for upgrading wastewater treatment plants..."

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Phycoremediation of tetracycline via bio-Fenton process using diatoms

"...As common wastewater treatment technologies are not effective in antibiotic removal from wastewaters, techniques such as ozonation, photo-Fenton process, and adsorption have been employed..."

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Status and needs for online control of tertiary ozone-based water treatment: use of surrogate correlation models for removal of

"...The number of studies dealing with tertiary ozonation to remove trace organic contaminants (TrOCs) in effluents originating from wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) is increasing due to the need for upgrading the WWTPs overall performance..."

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Influence of algal strain on microalgal-bacterial bioflocculation rate and floc characteristics

"...MaB flocs were created by inoculating activated sludge with several species of algae at different initial algal to bacterial biomass ratios (5:1, 2:1, 1:1, or 1:5 algae:activated sludge) to determine the effects on nutrient removal, lipid content, microalgal-bacterial bioflocculation rates, and settleability..."

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