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News and Opinion

Coverage of watersheds since June 20, 2024.

Community can give opinion on updated Drinking Water Source Protection Plan

"...The Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) is inviting the community to provide opinions before they update the Drinking Water Source Protection Plan for the Grand River watershed. It was prepared under the Clean Water Act, 2006 guidelines that aims to protect municipal drinking water sources to ensure they can be used in the future..."


Some Alaskan salmon fisheries lose Ocean Wise label amid concern for B.C.-bound stock

"...VANCOUVER Vancouver-based seafood sustainability group Ocean Wise has removed its recommended designation from southeast Alaskan salmon fisheries..."


The Regional Watersheds Advisory Board is gone. What’s next?

"...One of the key aspects that A Thousand Lakes will be looking at is how well the current system of watershed protection is being implemented, said Belford, a scientist and stormwater infrastructure designer, quoted in the press release. What are the existing policies and rules? Are they being followed? How well are they working? The public and decision-makers deserve to know..."


Environmentalists blast Glencores takeover deal of Teck coal mines

"...Teck is walking away from an unprecedented environmental disaster, with a windfall of billions of dollars, says Casey Brennan, conservation director with the B. C. environmental group Wildsight..."


Viewpoint: Lifting the watershed invisibility cloak

"...At this point, a Salt Spring Island Healthy Waters initiative is a potential project only, as some quite significant funding (about $45,000) is needed for successful execution. A key part of any possible Salt Spring Island Healthy Waters field program will be field work and sampling with Tracker to determine basic freshwater quality parameters while in the field, and relatively high-end, lab-based analysis to allow us to determine the extent of so-called invisible pollutants entering our watershed and ecosystems. The invisibles are chemicals and compounds that should not be present in a natural system and which are natural system disrupters for all life..."


Overall health of Chesapeake Bay gets C-plus grade in annual report by scientists

"...Last year, Pennsylvania planted about 340 miles (550 kilometers) of riparian buffers, which are strips of vegetation planted next to streams and waterways to help protect habitat, Dennison noted. The state also has focused on increasing the use of cover crops in agriculture to reduce erosion, improve soil conditions and protect waterways from runoff pollution..."


'Torrential downpours:' Toronto under rainfall warning due to Hurricane Beryl remnants

"...A rainfall warning has now been issued for the City of Toronto, with the remnants of Hurricane Beryl expected to result in torrential downpours overnight and into tomorrow. Environment Canada issued the warning on Tuesday afternoon. It replaces a special weather statement that was previously in effect..."


Support for nature conservation is unwavering across British Columbians, survey finds

"...BRITISH Columbians are sending an overwhelming message of support for nature conservation and environmental protections ahead of the upcoming 2024 BC election, according to a new survey. Among BC residents, 85 per cent support the goal of protecting 30 per cent of lands by 2030, with protecting species at risk, intact watersheds and wildlife corridors topping the charts..."


Power failure inside water facility leads to Halifax boil water advisory

"...A power failure inside a Halifax-area water treatment facility is being blamed for the boil water advisory affecting thousands of Halifax water customers..."


Canadas new greenwashing ban rattles fossil fuel industry

"...A coalition of environmental and health organizations celebrated the bill, describing it as a potential watershed moment in dealing with the systemic problem of making spurious environmental claims. False green claims, or greenwashing, not only deceive consumers but also contribute to pollution and environmental degradation, with serious implications for human health, said Leah Temper, with the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE), an organization that has been pushing to ban fossil fuel advertising altogether in Canada. In addition, "it skews the competitive landscape, impairs sustainable consumption decisions, harms consumer trust and undermines companies incentives to invest in green innovation," noted Tanya Jemec, a lawyer at Ecojustice..."



"...The latest season of the In Over My Head podcast is dedicated to Alberta's Oldman River Watershed. Host, Michael Bartz, learns all about the Oldman watershed, exploring how communities in Southern Alberta are impacted by concerns around water security related to climate change, and how they might adapt. Environmental historians will be particularly interested in Episode 5 of this season, which examines the history of the watershed..."


The Audacious Scheme to Reroute Indias Water Hakai Magazine

"...Similarthough less ambitiouswater transfers happen in other parts of the world. Chinas South-to-North Water Diversion Project will eventually carry 45 billion cubic meters of water each year across more than 1,000 kilometers. And in Sri Lanka, where water is diverted from the Mahaweli Ganga river basin, people have benefited from improved food security and higher incomes, says Upali Amarasinghe, a data scientist with the International Water Management Institute in Sri Lanka..."


Recommended Reading

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Urban Salmon

A Photographic Journey into the Metro Vancouver Watershed.

"...Underwater Photography book featuring Salmon in the Urban Environment in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada..."

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Jobs in watersheds

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Forest Worker II

"...Air Brake Endorsement, Class 1, 3 or 5 hours of work: 40 hours per week Monday..."

related opportunities

Spatial Analyst

"...They will lead the development of geospatial modelling frameworks to quantify the connectivity status of watersheds and..."

related opportunities

Summer Research Assistant

"...crop production systems in the heavily leached soils and sensitive watersheds of the Atlantic Region, diversification from bioresources both regionally and nationally, and innovative in primary..."

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STO-RE 30R - Section Head - Closing Date Extended

"...Mission: taking care of the land base through an integrated approach, in partnership with First Nations..."

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Recent episodes that mention watersheds.

Details released for climate action funding for Saskatchewan producers

Duration: 8:27

"...Farmers and ranchers interested in accessing funding through the Prairie Watershed Climate Program should get ready to submit their projects in early August, saysLynne Roszell, with the Saskatchewan Association of Watersheds..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about watersheds.

The Hickorynut Mussel and the Sturgeon: An Ottawa River Biodiversity Story

"...The Hickorynut mussel, endangered in Canada, is abundant in a unique section of the Ottawa River, a significant watershed that straddles Ontario and Quebec..."


Vital Sites Fred M. Packard Award 2021 - Online Ceremony

"...RAMBALDI (Brazil), for her work to establish the So Joo River Watershed Environmental Protection Area in Rio de Janeiro State, now designated as a federal protected area of 150,000 hectares, among a rich list of other achievements..."


Treating Soil as a Precious Resource | Davos 2024 | World Economic Forum

"...They are a critical lever to transform how we produce food and tackle the trilemma of food access and affordability, nutrition and health as well as nature and climate..."


Davos 2024: Treating Soil as a Precious Resource

"...They are a critical lever to transform how we produce food and tackle the trilemma of food access and affordability, nutrition and health as well as nature and climate..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about watersheds relevant to the latest news.

Quantitative assessment of the supply, demand and flows of ecosystem services in the Yangtze River Basin, China

"...This study attempted to quantitatively assess the supply and demand flows of ecosystem services in the Yangtze River Basin in 2000, 2010, and 2020; assess the evolution of the spatial patterns of ecosystem service flow at the provincial, watershed and urban agglomeration scales; and design a zoning standard for ecosystem service flow..."


Vulnerability assessment of urban waterbodies based on WRASTIC model

"...The vulnerability of the water resources system is directly impacted by various threats other than population expansion, such as changes in land use, socio-economic development, and climate change and their sustainability is often challenging..."


Enhancing Water Cycle Restoration through LID Practices Considering Climate Change: A Study on Permeable Pavement Planning by a

"...The optimal low impact development (LID) design for restoring the water cycle within watersheds considering climate change is crucial for adaptation to future climate change..."


Impact of groundwater nitrogen legacy on water quality

"...Sustainable watershed management requires long-term strategies that address the impacts of legacy N and promote sustainable agricultural practices aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals to balance agricultural productivity with water conservation..."


Multiple scenario land use simulation based on a coupled MOGA-PLUS model: a case of the Yellow River Basin

"...An analysis of the spatiotemporal evolution of land use changes in the YRB indicated that construction land expansion is the primary driver of landscape pattern and structure changes and ecological degradation, with climate change also contributing to the expansion of the watershed area..."


Urbanization of a Subtropical Island (Okinawa, Japan) Alters Physicochemical Characteristics and Disrupts Microbial Community D

"...Urbanization disrupts coastal ecosystems through several pathways?including the replacement of natural habitats with concrete structures that increase runoff pollution?but it remains difficult to isolate and characterize specific impacts of urbanization on marine ecosystems..."


Evaluation of urban flood susceptibility through integrated Bivariate statistics and Geospatial technology

"...The essential parameters considered for flood susceptibility zonation include geomorphology, soil, land use/land cover (LU/LC), rainfall, drainage, slope, aspect, Topographic Wetness Index (TWI), and Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)..."


Identifying Risk Components Using a Sewer-Road Integrated Urban Stormwater Model

"...While many studies have provided details of rainstorm-induced risks and efficient strategies for stormwater management, there is still a lack of attention to how the interactions between urban sewer systems and road networks during precipitation events affect sewer system performance and road inundation..."


How does payment for watershed ecosystem services alleviate farmer poverty in conservation intervention areas? Evidence from Ch

"...Payment for watershed ecosystem services (PES) has been applied to water conservation and poverty reduction in an increasing number of developing countries..."


Assessing alternative lake management actions for climate change adaptation

"...Using lake ecosystem models, we examined several management actions under climate change, including two alternatives of desalinated water introduction into the lake, hypolimnetic water withdrawal, watershed management changes and low versus high lake water level..."


A review on modeling nutrient dynamics and loadings in forest-dominated watersheds under cold climate conditions

"...Some watershed water quality models can estimate nutrient loadings from forests either with a simplified forest growth function or without a forest growth component..."