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Coverage of watersheds since January 30, 2024.

Grand River Conservation Authority passes their 2024 budget

"...The GRCA board, which is made up of members from 26 different municipalities, approved the budget on Friday. In a news release, the GRCA will be investing in programs that that protect life and minimize property damage from flooding and erosion, improve the health of the Grand River watershed, and connect people to the environment through outdoor experiences. Story continues below advertisement..."


California's rainy season is here. What does it mean for water supply?

"...December downpours sent water racing through streets in coastal Ventura County and the city of Santa Barbara. Flash floods hit San Diego in late January, and back-to-back atmospheric river-fueled storms arrived earlier this month, causing wind damage in Northern California and hundreds of mudslides in Los Angeles. Yet another storm blew through over Presidents Day weekend..."


LTC urged to not reconsider kennel

"...Such an amendment or rezoning could potentially weaken regulations and watershed protection, said Drake, as climate change pointed toward heavier winter rainfall producing increasingly significant runoff.    ..."


‘Scary situation': Unprecedented snowpack lows raising B.C. drought concerns

"...Hill said he thinks provincial responses to drought management are improving, but a more aggressive approach is needed. He recommends implementing water restrictions for residents and businesses sooner — before the drought hits “crisis” levels — as well as increased support for First Nations, communities, farmers and landowners to improve the land's natural water retention and develop watershed resilience. He also suggested more wetland restoration projects, keeping forest cover intact, and cracking down on unlicensed water use..."


B.C. salmon affected by low snowpack

"...There are major concerns about how bad the drought will be this year in B. C. and what it will mean for salmon..."


B.C. snowpack about 40% below normal, as Eby worries of 'dramatic drought conditions'

"...Eby says he's “really worried” about the coming summer, and the only thing that “eclipses” his concern about drought is watching atmospheric rivers of rain sweep over California, causing landslides and flooding that have killed several people..."


Cambridge testing flood wall on Main Street Bridge 50 years after historic Galt flood

"...The flood wall was put in place following the 1974 Galt flood, which was one of the largest floods ever recorded in the Grand River watershed..."


BC Energy Regulator warns of potential water restrictions for oil, gas operators

"...The energy regulator says the drought during last summer and fall is impacting streamflows and groundwater levels on top of the lower-than-average snowpack..."


Redboine Watershed District has funds to help give away, and want landowners to know about it

"...The workshops cover many different activities related to anything from nitrogen management practices, rotational grazing practices, water retention projects, erosion mitigation, and shelterbelts, noted Hunnie.  ..."


New coal mine proposed for B.C. Rockies

"...advagg_mod_2_check();Steel production is responsible for an estimated 11 per cent of global CO2 emissions and under the International Energy Agency’s net-zero emissions scenario, the steel industry’s emissions intensity must fall by about a quarter by 2030. The public comment period is open for NWP Coal Canada's proposed project to mine coal in B. C..."


Contamination from old Alberta coal mines raises cleanup questions

"...The findings, by provincial government scientists who were not made available to speak to reporters, raise questions about who is responsible for cleaning up legacy industrial sites. “Our results reveal novel evidence that coal mining activities in the Crowsnest River watershed have been impacting ecosystems downstream for decades,” says the paper, published recently in the journal Environmental Pollution. Its three authors, all employed by Alberta Environment and Protected Areas when the research was conducted, studied the Grassy Mountain and Tent Mountain sites in southwestern Alberta..."


Contamination from old Alberta Rockies coal mines raises cleanup questions

"...“Our results reveal novel evidence that coal mining activities in the Crowsnest River watershed have been impacting ecosystems downstream for decades,” says the paper, published recently in the journal Environmental Pollution..."


Recommended Reading

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Urban Salmon

A Photographic Journey into the Metro Vancouver Watershed.

"...Underwater Photography book featuring Salmon in the Urban Environment in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada..."

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Jobs in watersheds

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Summer Research Assistant

"...crop production systems in the heavily leached soils and sensitive watersheds of the Atlantic Region, diversification from bioresources both regionally and nationally, and innovative in primary..."

related opportunities

STO-RE 30R - Section Head - Closing Date Extended

"...Mission: taking care of the land base through an integrated approach, in partnership with First Nations..."

related opportunities

LSO OTHR 4 - Licensed Section Head

"...Mission: taking care of the land base through an integrated approach, in partnership with First Nations..."

related opportunities

Intermediate Water Resource Engineer

"...hydroelectric related projects, specifically including Dam break and flood inundation studies and mapping, Erosion and scour estimates for watersheds and hydraulic structures, Intake structures for..."

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Recent episodes that mention watersheds.

Details released for climate action funding for Saskatchewan producers

Duration: 8:27

"...Farmers and ranchers interested in accessing funding through the Prairie Watershed Climate Program should get ready to submit their projects in early August, saysLynne Roszell, with the Saskatchewan Association of Watersheds..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about watersheds.

Will Ontario's Big Pipe Be Bad for the Great Lakes? | The Agenda

"...The Ford government's plans for development in York Region include upgrading wastewater infrastructure to move millions more litres of water out of the Lake Huron watershed, and eventually down to Lake Ontario every day..."


Vital Sites Fred M. Packard Award 2021 - Online Ceremony

"...RAMBALDI (Brazil), for her work to establish the So Joo River Watershed Environmental Protection Area in Rio de Janeiro State, now designated as a federal protected area of 150,000 hectares, among a rich list of other achievements..."


What Salt Concentrations in Surface Water Suggest about Frackings Environmental Impact

"...The discovery of hydraulic fracturing, better known as fracking, is considered by many to be the most important change in the energy sector since the introduction of nuclear-generated electricity more than 50 years ago..."


2020 Fish wheel operations at the Big Bar landslide response in British Columbia

"...While the nature-like fishway remains the primary method to move salmon over the Big Bar landslide, this supplementary technology supports radio tagging and emergency enhancement efforts and, if required, the collection of fish for trap and transport activities..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about watersheds relevant to the latest news.

Groundwater vulnerability mapping of hyper-humid urban aquifers for an improved water management in African megacities, opportu

"...The paper ends with clear recommendations to align land uses, landscape and groundwater protection in order to improve the quality of the drinking water supply for urban populations..."


Simulation of the dynamics of water resources in the Hirmand watershed under economic and environmental scenarios

"...The results show that scenarios like increasing irrigation efficiency, reducing evaporation loss, reducing cultivation area, adopting an optimal cropping pattern, and Afghanistan?s adherence to Iran?s water rights increase water resources and reduce water shortage..."


Identification of groundwater recharge and flow processes inferred from stable water isotopes and hydraulic data in Bilate Rive

"...This study investigates the groundwater recharge sources and groundwater flow paths using the stable water isotopes (?18O and ?2H) and measured groundwater levels in the Bilate River watershed, Ethiopia..."


Model-based assessment of interbasin groundwater flow in data scarce areas: the Gallocanta Lake endorheic watershed (Spain)

"...Monitoring the baseflow of the Piedra-Ortiz river and of the Caminreal Springs will allow to get information on the evolution of the groundwater resource availability in the Gallocanta watershed..."


Spatio-temporal evaluation of surface water quality of Tawi watershed in the Himalayan region of Jammu (J&K, UT) using

"...In the present work, an investigation was performed based on the genera and species stated in Palmer pollution index to show the extent of organic pollution in the surface water of the Tawi watershed in the Jammu province of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir using algal pollution indices..."


A Landscape-Scale Comparison of Wetlands Associated with Surface Coal Extraction and Naturally-Occurring Wetlands in the Centra

"...We inventoried naturally-occurring wetlands and wetlands associated with surface mining in the Guest River watershed in Wise County, Virginia, USA, one of the most heavily surface-mined watersheds in the Virginia coalfields..."


Response of stream water quality to the vegetation patterns on arid slope: a case study of Huangshui River basin

"...Those results revealed the response of stream water quality to vegetation patterns on the slope with the consideration of precipitation, land use, and socio-economic factors for the regional water and land resource allocation..."


Monitoring and Evaluating the Severity of Drought-flood Abrupt Alternation Events Using Daily Standardized Precipitation Index

"...A drought-flood abrupt alternation (DFAA) event is an extreme combination of an overlapping drought and flood resulting in adverse impacts on ecosystems and human society..."


Geospatial technology based morphometric analysis and watershed prioritization of lower Satluj basin in India for groundwater r

"...The decision-making authorities can utilise the findings to plan and carry out watershed management actions towards the better practices to establish new recharge structures to enhance the groundwater recharge potential in this region..."


Soil erosion modelling using GIS-integrated RUSLE of Urpash watershed in Lesser Himalayas

"...The Urpash watershed located in the Lesser Himalayas (India) has experienced substantial soil erosion challenges..."


Environmental Assessment of Admixtures and Stone Powder in Cement Concrete

"...The environmental impact of concrete mixtures was evaluated in terms of embodied energy, carbon footprint, and cost analysis of different concrete mixes and compared with the plain mix..."